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Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Colonel Captain
William Draka Norstrum Mark Gerhold
Current Roster: 3 Players Overall Public Reputation: 3
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 7th of November, 3089
Unit Description
The 7th Armored Legion is a reformed unit from 7th Cavalry of older veterans from the Federation Suns area. Comstar needed more units for it's Exploration Corp and thus the 7th Armored Legion was created and work from Hellespont system.(Rimward) The 7th was lucky that on being able to accrue Clan equipment at the beginning of their formation which has served well in getting new work and keeping pirates at bay. Already the unit is getting request to for contracts. A good sign for a new unit that gets to keep it's roots close to the Federated Suns.

The 7th being a combine arms unit and since most had their training from Comstar, has gone to the same unit formation but call units as per an armored cavalry unit.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Cade MacKenzie Aldus Vong
Current Roster: 8 Players Overall Public Reputation: 26
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 6th of June, 3087
Unit Description
Few units, Clan or Inner Sphere, have attained the level of recognition the 12th Bear Guards have in the past ten years.

Starting as an experiment by Kahn Sarah Vishio, the Growling Bears, initially only a Trinary in size, was meant to be a quick reaction force to deal with any threats along the Dominion's borders. Comprising both Trueborn and Freeborn warriors under the command of a young Ristar Star Captain named Cade, the unit also served as a rallying point to help unify Clan Ghost Bear and Rasalhague populations behind a single unit.

To call the experiment a success would be the equivalent of calling the the Succession Wars a mild altercation.

Since their inception, the Growling Bears have been on the cutting edge of the Dominions conflicts. They've fought Trials against Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon, dealt with the radical Frihet rebels, led the liberation of Rasalhague, and formed the spearhead of the Star Bridge War.

Today, Cade still commands the Growling Bears, now officially the 12th Bear Guards Cluster. Now a bloodnamed Star Colonel, Cade MacKenzie's Growling Bears is one of the best trained and best equipped units in the Rasalhague Dominion Touman.

The Guards make use of a highly mobile combined arms approach to combat. A number of stars deploy as Novas and Elementals train extensively with their Mechwarrior counterparts, both augmented and not.

The 173rd Battle Trinary and 181st Striker Trinary use predominantly Omnimechs. The 101st Assault Trinary makes use of a mix of Omni and standard designs.

Air cover is provided by the 17th Pursuit Binary in a mix of medium and heavy omnifighters.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Corporal Major
Micah Kerran Robert McClendon
Current Roster: 2 Players Overall Public Reputation: 43
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 9th of December, 3068
Unit Description
Founded in 3067, primarily from the remnants of the shattered mercenary company Matzura's Ronin, the Shadow Lancers Mercenary Command has grown from a single company of mismatched Mechs to a combined arms regiment. Created and lead by Micah Kerran, a former officer in both the Free Worlds League and later the Grey Death Legion, the Shadow Lancers have seen action all across the Inner Sphere as well as the Periphery against a variety of foes ranging from pirates to the Word of Blake to the Clans and completed their contracts with honor. The Shadow Lancers are one of the most honored units within the DMM and are listed as Heroes of the State with the Capellan Confederation, the Draconis Combine, and the Star League. In addition, they have recently won a landhold in the Capellan Confederation because of their continued service with House Liao.

The Shadow Lancers Mercenary Command is currently comprised of over 60 BattleMechs, three squadrons of Aerospace fighters, two companies of Battle Armor equipped infantry, a company of tracked artillery, with enough dropships to carry the entire unit, and a single recently acquired jumpship. While they are a unified force, the Shadow Lancers are actually made up of several mercenary units that have banded together, contractually and organizationally, to create a stronger single force. With a recent reorganization, the Shadow Lancers have now reformed the unit's Battlemechs into four companies and a single Trinary each under command of a senior Lancer officer. Each company has assigned transport, technical, and Aerospace support allowing them to operate independently of each other as needed.

Selected with speed, maneuverability, and endurance in the field as primary requirements, all of the Lancers' BattleMechs are jump capable and most are armed with primarily energy based weapons. These assets have been a large contribution to the success of the unit especially when combined with the skills of the warriors that used them and the hard hitting attitude of the unit as a whole. The Shadow Lancers prefer to follow a mobile combat doctrine and practice combined arms warfare to best utilize all of the assets at their disposal. Preferring hard hitting raids and offensive actions over defensive or garrison contracts, the Shadow Lancers do their best to live by their motto : "Strike First, Strike Fast, Strike Hard".