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Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Lieutenant General Colonel
Saori Arai Yang Zhi
Current Roster: 7 Players Overall Public Reputation: 10
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 15th of April, 3076
Unit Description
As of 3093 the Aura Wings are an understrength brigade formation known for their naval prowess currently rebuilding from a crushing defeat at the hands of Clan Snow Raven in the Land's End system and a subsequent civil war that caused them great upheaval.

Recently reborn from a faction of the Akki Tsubasa in 3090 from a low point in their volatile history, the Aura Wings currently consist of the 2nd Aura Wings constituting a 'Mech Regiment, an Armor Regiment, three infantry Regiments and the two Aeorospace Regiments that they are most known for.

The Aura Wings have served mostly in the employ of House Kurita and House Liao since their formation in 3076. They are now under the leadership of Saori Arai, a graduate of the University of Proserpina who never saw front-line duty with the DCMS. The daughter of a minor noble on Proserpina, she disgraced her family by resigning from the Proserpina University Cadre before deployment due to a dispute with her superiors and her father, whom had been intervening in her career to that point.

Arai quickly proved herself in the disastrous Land's End campaign of 3089 with the Akki Tsubasa mercenary command as a Lieutenant, and proved herself again during the unit's civil war on Galtor III. In this she was instrumental in the removal of Countess Petra Michalek and the repulse of Davion-loyalists and opportunists who attempted to seize the Galtor system while the ATMU was at it's weakest. When the dust had settled in the third quarter of 3090, Saori Arai was the Commanding Officer of the Aura Wings. She has since embarked on a campaign to deemphasize the command's Kuritan roots and prove that they are soldiers of fortune first and foremost.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Lieutenant General Colonel
Lance McRaven Alex Cain
Current Roster: 3 Players Overall Public Reputation: 39
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 25th of July, 3076
Unit Description
Rising from the ashes of the Red Star Legion mercenary command, the Black Talons Phoenixes are one of the fastest rising young units in the Inner Sphere. Founded by Capt. Alexander McKay after the destruction of his previous unit, the Black Talons Phoenixes have grown steadily, in both size and reputation.

Originally a single company of 3025-era Battle Mechs purchased with what little funds McKay and the other members of the unit could scrounge together, the unit has since grown to a Light Brigade's worth of combined arms might. Currently comprised of four Battalions of Mech forces, a Reconnaissance Company, a Strike company, 3 Wings of Aerospace fighters (36), and a separate company of Battle Armor troops, not to mention their space assets and two Star Lord Jump Ships, the Black Talons Phoenixes can provide a solution to any type of contract or problem you may have.

The Black Talons Phoenixes are currently under the command of Lieutenant General Lance McRaven, a veteran of numerous campaigns and contracts with Hansen's Roughriders, one of the premiere mercenary units the galaxy has ever known. The current executive officer, Colonel Bronagh "Banshee" Gallagher, who joined the Black Talons from the Shadow Lancers Mercenary Command. She even served as the BTP's Commander following a misjump of the jump ship General McRaven was traveling on.

Fresh from a contract with the Lyran Alliance, on Gan Singh, in the Tikonov System, the Black Talons Phoenixes are currently working to consolidate the unit once more on Caledonia, their landhold. General McRaven and his command company have just completed a successful campaign on Cavanaugh II, defeating the 12th Atrean Dragoons, Free Worlds League, in detail. The rest of the unit is continuing to repair and refit, so they will be ready for their next adventure. Need an army? We have one. :)

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Lieutenant General Lieutenant General
James Black Emilio Zapata
Current Roster: 3 Players Overall Public Reputation: 57
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 27th of November, 3079
Unit Description
A small group of dissatisfied Taurian Concordat soldiers Led by Captain James Black along with the remnants of a small ‘down-on-their-luck’ mercenary unit travelled to Outreach. On the 1st Nov 3079 The Black Wolf Rangers was born. Able to now forge their own destiny, for good or bad, the BWR set its course to head out and create their fortune.

Over two decades later the small group of mercenaries now has two World land holds, Cimeron located in the Dahar PDZ of the Draconis March and Warlock located in Warlock PDZ of the Capellan March. Each world is defended by indigenous formed regiments and are home to a combat Division against LIAO or KURITA incursions.

General combat units along with specialized training is conducted at the Cimeron Academy of Military Studies near the Units mountain stronghold ‘The Fang’. Multiple venues of military arts can be studied but concentrates on the mech warrior, Armour and infantry lines. Aerospace fighter studies as well as specialized avenues such as artillery and engineer training are conducted as well.

The Cimeron Guards, along with ancillary Peoples Regiments defend the planet. 1st Division of the BWR is based from here out of their long abandoned Star League Castle Brian. The ensuing years since being awarded the Planet, massive resources of work hours and materiel have been put into fortifying the planet as well as refurbishing the Star League facility.

Home to a one of Ceres Metals Industries production facilities, the incorporation of the facility as well as the Moon repair yards has bolstered the Capellan March as well as benefits the Mercenaries with repair facilities, limited runs on equipment as well as augments the R&D of BWR Corporate Military Companies

The Warlock Guards are comprised mostly of Soldiers from Cimeron and Draconis March worlds, but as Warlock and its people become accustomed to the Federated Suns ownership, the home guard will be drawn from local citizenry. Warlock is home to the 2nd Combat Division of the BWR.