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The Battletech-Mercenaries RPG Command Staff is divided into 3 sections, the first being the Mercenary Review & Bonding Commission (MRBC) and the second being the Faction Staff (FS) that represent their factions interests by submission of new contracts and various In Character (IC) plot lines. Finally the third section is the more general Purpose Storyline Writers. Storyline Writers exist to help bridge the gap between specific faction interests and the universe and player base as a whole.

Presidential-Senator: Vacant
Term: Indeterminate;

The Presidential-Senator will act as the superior to the Faction Ambassador and work in conjunction with the Deputy Director on plots that reach beyond the border of just one faction. They will be taking numerous rights and responsibilities previously held by Faction Ambassadors and the MRBC Staff and more information will be listed in the coming weeks.

The reason for this position is apparent to all current members of the org. The Fact Additionally the Director, whom this role usually defaults to, has chosen that an independent role should be created to not only free up his time for Admin and system development but also give the 'Presidential-Senator' the freedom not to be bogged down in MRBC duties.

Storyline Writer: Mrpig
Term: Indeterminate;

The Storyline Writer will act as the go between and in many cases primary story developer and checker for BTM. The Storyline Writer works closely in conjunction with the Deputy Director and (other staff as needed) on plots that reach beyond the border of just one faction. They will be absorbing numerous rights and responsibilities previously held exclusively by individual Faction Staff and focus closely on the universe as a whole, with an eye to bringing to light parts of the universe that at times may be neglected.

Storyline Writers are responsible for helping to weave together parts of the universe that individual Factional Leads may miss. While something like the position of Presidential-Senator, the position provides a bit more freedom to expand and change the universe without being tied to a specific faction like a Faction Ambassador is. The storyline writers work closely with the Director and Deputy Director to help create new story line ideas, and to better integrate stories with the expanding BTM timeline. The position ranks just below the Deputy on matters of canon and universe creation, and is not concerned with day to day administrative tasks normally.

When possible, multiple Storyline Writers may exist, with declared current 'projects' that they are working on so as to avoid conflict with other Staff members on universe developing events. It is expected that Storyline Writers may play a bigger role in the future of BTM, although currently, only one has been appointed. This role, unlike the Faction Staff is focused almost entirely on the backstory, timeline, and events of the Inner Sphere.