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Good Day to you and welcome to the Battletech-Mercenaries site.
If you are here then it means you are either new to this or you just want to brush off the rust and remember some details regarding our community. This section has been created specially for new players that want to know more about us and we also endorse this as it is the easiest way to adjust to our community. Take a look at our information and see what you need.

If you are new to Battletech as a whole then here is something for you.

If you want to get a short look at our community this is just right for you!

Not enough details? Have a go at this!

Want to join and you find it tricky! Here is a help file.

Get familiar with the rules and regs of the community

On top of the above you can find a lot more details about how we have things set up in the Database section. Raging from politics to terrain description you will find almost everything you need in order to enjoy the game to the full.