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The Military Hardware Brokerage (MHB) is part of the Battletech-Mercenaries website and community. It is used as an integral part for the buying, selling and trading of Military Hardware for the registered mercenary units.

When the Department of Mercenary Management was born it was clear that a sub-department or another should be made responsible for the military hardware needs of the many units that had adhered to the rules and regulations of the DMM. As such the ComStar BattleMech Distribution (CBD) was delegated to the task.

When ComStar was fully integrated back into the Star League and ceased to exist officially as a separate entity it was necessary than CBD take another form and as such on 1st of August 3071 the CBD was disbanded and the Star League Military Hardware Brokerage under the DMM was born with the assistance of the SLDF Department of the Quartermaster (DQ).

From mid 3083 when the non-impartial DMM became a hot political issue a move was made the reinstate the MRBC and let the MHB go completely independent as a incorporated entity.

In time the MHB has formed dozens of depots spread around the Star League member nations, some of which are joint depots between ComStar, SLDF DQ, local forces and/or private interests. All the depots take their orders from the Broker Actual, Kristan Dagley on Outreach

From there, the Brokerage sends out requisitions, transfers etc. to acquire hardware for sales to mercenary units upon request, although not everything is possible, some items are always unavailable or the shipping distance is too great. For more information please visit the MHB rules, regulations, basics etc. in the menus above.

The MHB currently has: 1816 available out of 5284 total items