Temporary (Mercenary Unit) - Lion & Lion Limited: OOC

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Temporary (Mercenary Unit) - Lion & Lion Limited: OOC

Postby DNA » Wed Apr 29, 2020 5:40 am

MUCO CO: Quan Abbas
Callsign: Linebacker
Unit Name: Lion & Lion Limited
    DMM Union-class Ladrao
Aerospace Fighter:
    Vernichter VRN-10B
    Tonbo Superheavy Transport (x2)
    Amodon Hover APC (x4)
    Heavy Battlemech Recovery Vehicle
    Jifty Transportable FRU
    Heavy Hover APC (x2)
    Buffel Engineering Super Vehicle VII
Battle Armor:
    Werewolf (x4 BA Squads)
    Field Engineering Platoon (x2)
    HYN-4A Hyena SalvageMech (x2)
    URZ-B3 Ulfserker (x2)
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