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Omni Kits

Postby DeputyDirector » Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:08 pm

Good day all...

In a recent salvage event, rules for Omni Kit salvage were brought back to my attention and I realized that such salvage had not been awarded in some time to a unit. I then realized that perhaps, like myself, the MUCOs were not aware that Omni Kits could be part of salvage. Here are the rules for Omni Kits for salvage events.

1. One Omni Kit is awarded per 125 tons of salvage. Please note, if you are fighting an Inner Sphere only force, you would not be able to salvage Clan Omni Kit. Also if you are fighting a Periphery unit that does not even have an OmniMech in their force, you would not be able to salvage an Omni Kit. These are common sense rules, but I like to bring them up anyway.

2. If a unit can be awarded an Omni Kit, then two different Omni Kits should be submitted for salvage. Please do not duplicate the Omni Kit in your request... so don't request two Masakari Prime Omni Kits for the one Omni Kit the unit should be awarded. If two Omni Kits should be awarded and you wish to submit a Masakari Prime Omni Kit for each award, that's fine

3. Omni Kits will be awarded by the Deputy Director or MHB Broker randomly. Be certain to submit at least two different Omni Kits per awarded kit. So if your unit should be awarded four Omni Kits, then submit eight Omni Kits.

4. Omni Kits are not awarded automatically with salvage and must be requested by the MUCO/MUXO with their salvage wish list.

5. Requests for Omni Kits will be reviewed with the contract parameters and if the enemy force would not have OmniMechs or Omni Kits, then no Omni Kits would be awarded. This will be noted in the communications that are received by the MUCO/MUXO when the awarded salvage list is sent.

As always if there are any questions or concerns on this issue, please feel free to contact me by PM or at

Happy Hunting.
Raymond Freeman MacCreary
Deputy Director
Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission (MRBC)

“We abjure labels. We fight for money and an indefinable pride. The politics, the ethics, the moralities, are irrelevant.”
Croaker, The Black Company

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