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Riders Of The Damned

Posted: Mon May 28, 2018 2:25 pm
by Remington von Wolffe
Unit: Riders Of The Damned
Registry: FS-ES-04-01
Time frame: From the 17th of October 3097 to 18th of February, 3098

Intelligence from multiple sources have identified a build up of Davion forces on the Confederated Magistry's St Ives Commonality border. It is expected that these forces will attempt to assault across the border at any time. The ConMag Mercenary Liaison, Mister Chen, cannot allow this to happen.

He contacted the Riders Of The Damned Mercenary Unit to identify the forces being gathered across this region. Given the intelligence apparatus that the Davions have on Beid, it is assumed that any intelligence that may be available can be found on one of the facilities located on the planet. In addition, they were to disrupt or destroy any targets of opportunity protected by the Fourth Illician Lancers; that they encountered without giving themselves away. Assaulting the planet's intelligence apparatus was secondary to gathering the needed information.

Riders Of The Damned made planet fall onto Bied VII against Espionage Contract # FS-ES-04-01 four months ago and have failed to transmit any data to one of the two JumpShips waiting for them. Per the original contract agreement, if the unit is compromised in any way, the ConMag has disavow all knowledge of their presence.