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This game is based on mercenary work and mercenary work comes from the desire to make fortunes. Well a mercenary will rarely find his fortunate in this business but he can come close to it.

Before me move to transcripts we will talk a little about what contracts contain. When accessing one you will notice pretty much self-explanatory fields.  Some, which might need extra details, would be:

Employer Contact
This is regularly an NPC which the unit is free to play as they see fit as long as it follows the interests of his employer. In the case of Ambassadors which have real persons behind them, you will need to contact the person and see how they like to proceed in this case.

Supplemental Contract
In case you reach the word count set for said contract you have the opportunity to accept a supplemental contract, which regularly is better paid than the original.

Bounty Per Word
Every contract within Battletech Mercenaries revolves around bounties. This is included as an incentive to you and your players, how this works is that at the end of a contract the Mercenary Unit Commanding Officer or Executive Officer will collate all posts into one 'Transcript' that will be submitted via a form to be reviewed. The unit will be paid C-Bills based on the word count of a valid Transcript. A unit will not receive any bounty if the minimum word count is not reached.

Minimum Bounty
The minimum word count of the submitted Transcript in order to collect ‘Bounty per word’.  If you exceed this target you will get paid for the full word count. So the pay does not stop at the minimum word count required. Achieving minimum bounty also states that your contract has been successful and the objectives have been met.

Bonus salvage bounty target
The number of words required in order to be awarded salvage at the end of the contract. For more information on salvage procedures, please visit the Salvage section.

Command Rights
This represents at what level of command will your unit situated during the contract. There are the following levels of command rights:

* Independent Command - grants a mercenary unit a large degree of autonomy, an almost total freedom in planning, execution and clean up of all objectives.
* Liaison Assigned Command - an observer is attached and tags along with the mercenary unit who gives some directives and guidance on how to complete and execute the objectives which are important to the employer, but the responsibility and exact details of the execution and completion of those objectives still fall to the MUCO.
* Faction Command - a house assigns the mercenary unit a house officer, noble, or other dignitary who acts as the operation authority over the mercenary unit. The faction command retained unit is then effectively under command of this house unit, though the mercenary unit may still operate with a small degree of independence in the field. This is also where the mercenary unit is seen and used like an arm of the employers forces, usually common with large-scale engagements where mercenary forces and employers forces need to work under one strategy.
* Integrated Command - the final level of command, it is where the mercenary unit becomes an integrated part of the employers forces and must work as if it was a part of the military, this level is common for mercenary units that have only ever worked for the one employer and only ever will. These commands find themselves in the direct chain of command of a larger factional operation force and are directly responsible to that chain of command to which they report.

The MUCO or MUXO needs to be keeping a single Transcript of all posts done on a contract. When the contract completion date has been reached the MUCO or MUXO needs to submit a Transcript via the MUCO Interface for review. The Transcript:

1. Can contain Scene and Signature tags
2. Must be in .txt Format
3. Title should be in this format: LA-GD-06-01

After a contract is bid upon and accepted, a unit has 15 days to begin posting for said contract or they will risk contract failure. This also applies at contract end. After the end date of the contract a unit has 15 days to submit the transcript in order for it to be processed.

A unit has the whole duration of a contract (Real-Time) to put together the Transcript, which, essentially, is the collection of the unit’s posts. Each members post put together will form this Transcript and using any automated tool out there (the MRBC uses the Office Suit word count), you will get a word count. This word count will be compared with the requirements of the contract (minimum bounty, BSBT) and will be awarded the payment and salvage (if applicable) if requirements are met.

If a unit reaches minimum bounty but does not reach BSBT (Bonus Salvage Bounty Target), it will be awarded payment, but of course no salvage, with few exception. (Consult the Salvage section for more details)

What happens when the Contract is finished
A MUCO or MUXO will need to collate the Transcript and submit it via a form for review, the contract payment for the word count bounty will not be released until this is done. Once it has been submitted the Director and/or Faction Ambassador will review it to see if the unit has completed or failed the contract requirements, in a nutshell: Word Count. The C-Bills will then be released to the units MHB Credit Account for use in buying and selling Military Hardware. (4 days wait is the norm, please make enquires if your submission takes longer to process)

Contract Failure
Sometimes a Mercenary Unit does not meet the minimum Transcript word count or fails to submit the Transcript within the timeframe given. When this happens the unit forfeits the contract and gets paid nothing, their positive reputation turns into negative reputation and they also keep any negative reputation. This might seem harsh but under the old Mercenary Review Board, Mercenary Units were actually fined for contractual failures.

Contract Release
Sometimes a Mercenary Unit regrets or mistakenly bids on a contract they do not want to do. So to obtain a contract release the Faction Ambassador or employer concerned has the option of suing for ($ per word x $ minimum transcript) of the contract or a forceful release leading to -2 reputation points with that employer.

Supplement Contracts
Some contracts may have one or two extra supplement contracts to extend your service with your current employer. You bid for them at the same time you submit your original contract transcript, there may be a delay before you start on the supplemental contract. Any and all supplemental contracts can be bided for no matter what your current reputation is with your current employer.