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Battletech-Mercenaries community is centered on mercenary units and their players. In order for these units to function they need the universal constant, money. The first and foremost method of making money is contracts.

A contract is a legal and binding agreement between a Mercenary Unit and an Employer. It involves a combat mission that the Employer pays a Mercenary Unit for.

A contract is created by an employer who lists it on MERC-NET within the format set out by the SLDF Department of Mercenary Management. Then a Mercenary Unit under MRBC registration views the MERC-NET listing and chooses which contract they wish to do. On our current website, you can find the listed contracts under the Contract menu tab.

The contracts have a different timeframe than that of real time. Due to the fact that contracts can take up to 12 months in game time to complete, it is not practical to have the same amount of time pass in real time. So a timeframe change is used to calculate game time vs. real time. The system is quite simple: '2 Days GT = 1 Day RT'

Example: A 4 month contract for a Merc Unit will take 60 days in real time.

This is a simple method to keep things moving within the Mercenary Unit without having weeks of nothing happening. Simultaneously Mercenary Unit Commanding Officers won't get burned out trying to keep things moving on the same plot for extended times.

In order to receive money from a contract a unit must post in their desired play style (PbEM or PbF). The total word count for the whole contract will generate revenue for the unit.