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Classic Battletech Canon is in Red
Date Range: Event:
20th of April, 3067 The FedCom civil war is over.
30th of April, 3067 Peter Steiner made Archon of the Lyran Alliance.
11th of May, 3067 Yvonne Davion made Regent of the newly reborn Federated Suns (Though most of the bureaucracy still functions as the Federated Commonwealth).
15th of October, 3067 Fighting breaks out on the Wolf's Dragoon's homeworld of Outreach. Ostentatiously caused by the discovery of a nuclear weapon being smuggled into the Dragoon's main defense facilities, and propelled by a preemptive Dragoon strike, the fighting lasts for over a week, ending with the utter destruction of Waco's Rangers, 51st Dark Panzer Jaegers, and other rogue mercenary units linked by WolfNet to the attempt.
5th of December, 3067 Christian Månsdotter steps down as First Lord of the Star League but hands he gave all non-military power to bureaucrats, who were restructured into a provisional Senate led by Arthur Walker, who becomes the interim Presidential Senator.
22nd of December, 3067 The SLDF DMM Department of Mercenary Management is created to replace Outreach's MRBC (Mercenary Review & Bonding Commission) and is based off Dieron and is commanded by Director General Dalton Cameron.
29th of December, 3067 Hohiro Kurita steps down as SLDF Commanding General.
4th of January, 3068 The SLDF Triumvirate is created by Victor Steiner-Davion, Hohiro Kurita, Santin West and the upper commanders of the ComGuards.
1st of February, 3068 The position of First Lord is abolished in favor of a Star League Congress with a Senate and a Ministry with an elected 'President of the Senate', although the 'President' has no executive powers so the position holds no military clout. The Senate is based on equal population zones throughout the member nations and avoids the politics between the great houses. Arthur Walker is voted as first Presidential Senator.
1st of February, 3068 Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion and Duke Tancred Sandoval wed on New Avalon.
24th of February, 3068 to the 8th of October, 3068 Instead of disbanding the Star League as a sham, it is further strengthened with the full inclusion of the Nova Cats and ComGuard into the SLDF. So as the renewed SLDF first order of business they launch a campaign to take back Terra from Word of Blake, pioneered by the newly formed SLDF Triumvirate: Victor Steiner-Davion, the ComGuard Lisa Koenigs-Cober and the Nova Cat Khan, Santin West. The Campaign is won before the end of the year and Terra is made the Star League capital once again.
5th of July, 3068 Beatrice McIntyre becomes President of the Circinus Federation.
11th of August, 3068 The Shadow Lancers mercenary unit takes the Taurian Concordat system of Laconis in the name of the Capellan Confederation.
15th of September, 3068 Demi-Precentor Jason Meridian assigned to the DMM staff as the Quartermaster General of the CBD (ComStar BattleMech Distribution).
5th of November, 3068 The Word of Blake Toyama faction is absorbed by other factions due to the failure of holding on to Terra. Precentor William Blane, Precentor Willima Willis and Precentor Curtis Byrd of the strongest 3 factions sign 'Triad Council Agreement' and form single WOB institution, internal wars havoc the WOB for the next few years.
19th of November, 3068 The DMM is transferred to Terra. Major General Thomas Hobbes is assigned as the Deputy Director.
14th of December, 3068 The advanced metropolis of Norfolk on the eastern seaboard of North America, once the Military Headquarters of the Terran Alliance (2086-2315) is decided to be home to the Star League Senate by popular vote.
1st of January, 3069 Harrison Sandoval-Davion is born to Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion and Tancred Sandoval. At his birth, he immediately becomes heir to the throne of the Federated Suns.
11th of February, 3069 Sharilar Mori is made Director of the Star League Ministry of Communication but is still seen as the 'Primus' by many.
7th of May, 3069 Colonel Leonardo Allen assigned to the DMM as the Public Relations Officer.
1st of January, 3070 Precentor Gabriel Knight is assigned to the DMM as the MRBC ComStar Overseer.
1st of February, 3070 Colonel Leonardo Allen resigns as Public Relations Officer of the DMM.
11th of February, 3070 Theodore Kurita dies, Hohiro Kurita becomes Coordinator of the Draconis Combine.
6th of March, 3070 Jade Davion born to SLDF Commanding General Victor Steiner-Davion and Isis Marik.
12th of May, 3070 Major General Thomas Hobbes resigns as Deputy Director of the DMM.
29th of August, 3070 Neomi Centrella becomes the Magistrix of the Magistracy of Canopus.
25th of January, 3071 Clan Jade Falcon incursions in the Lyran Alliance space.
1st of February, 3071 Arthur Walker's term as President of the Senate ends. Nehmat El harren is voted as the second Presidential Senator.
9th of June, 3071 Terran Security Act, approved by the Star League Senate and enacted by SLDF and Mercenary elements take the systems within one jump of Terra and fortify the jump points and planets to best of their ability.
15th of June, 3071 The last Lyran Alliance forces withdraw from the Roadside and Blue Hole systems.
15th of August, 3071 Sirius system forcefully taken by the Shadow Lancers mercenary unit and held by the SLDF's 4th Division under Major General Sharron Tang as a part of the Terran Security Act.
27th of August, 3071 Demi-Precentor Jason Meridian resigns and the CBD (ComStar BattleMech Distribution) is changed into the MHB (Military Hardware Brokerage)
29th of September, 3071 Lieutenant General Patrick Delaney is assigned to the DMM as the Military Hardware Broker.
2nd of November, 3071 Major General Tammiko Maudlin is assigned to the DMM as the Deputy Director.
3rd of January, 3072 Vincent Sandoval-Davion is born to Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion and Tancred Sandoval.
1st of April, 3072 to the 4th of December, 3072 Operation 'Hector's Arrow' is launched by Free Rasalhague Republic military and Mercenary forces; Crimson Legion and Shadow Lancers to take back the worlds of Lothan and Ramsau from Clan Wolf and are successful.
19th of July, 3072 Victor Steiner-Davion and Isis Marik have twin children.
2nd of August, 3072 Lieutenant General Patrick Delaney resigns from the MHB and DMM.
18th of October, 3072 In a move motivated by ensuring the allegiance of the troublesome Skye Province, Archon Peter Steiner-Davion marries Alexandria Aten, cousin to Duchess Hermione Aten of Skye.
26th of October, 3072 Lieutenant General Kristan Dagley is assigned to the DMM as the Military Hardware Broker.
8th of May, 3073 to the 11th of September, 3074 Jabuka system in Clan Jade Falcon held territory assaulted and eventually conquered by the Restless Souls mercenary unit under employ of the Lyran Alliance.
21st of May, 3073 Precentor Gabriel Knight resigns from the DMM as the MRBC ComStar Overseer.
26th of May, 3073 to the 19th of December, 3073 Lyran Alliance forces commences invasions of several Clan Jade Falcon worlds, the war continues for months ending is successes for the Lyran Alliance with the planets of Kooken's Pleasure Pit, Kikuyu and Pandora reclaimed.
28th of May, 3073 Crimson Legion mercenary unit is forced to retreat from the Najha system in the Draconis Combine after an attack by crusader elements of Clan Ghost Bear. The system is annexed to the Clan.
10th of December, 3073 Colonel James Griffin is assigned to the DMM as the new Public Relations Officer.
1st of January, 3074 Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion completes 5 years of military service and assumes the title of First Prince of the Federated Suns.
1st of February, 3074 Nehmat El harren's term as President of the Senate ends, Luis Ashcroft is voted as the third President of the Senate.
3rd of March, 3074 Kimberly Sandoval-Davion is born to Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion and Tancred Sandoval.
6th of March, 3074 A heir to the Lyran Alliance throne is born - Melissa Steiner-Davion.
1st of April, 3074 Ambassador Bruce Haas is assigned to the DMM from the Federated Suns.
3rd of April, 3074 Ambassador Michael Hobbs is assigned to the DMM from the Free Worlds League.
14th of April, 3074 Clan Wolf's capital on Tamar is destroyed by nuclear attack. The attack kills saKhan Marialla Radick, nearly destroys part of the Clan's Alpha Galaxy and damages the Clan's Genetic Repository.
2nd of June, 3074 Ambassador Benjamin Lee is assigned to the DMM from the Capellan Confederation.
2nd of October, 3074 Ingress system is re-occupied by Federated Suns forces.
7th of October, 3074 Free Rasalhague Republic and Clan Ghost Bear from an alliance.
14th of October, 3074 Ambassador Angus McCleod is assigned to the DMM from the Lyran Alliance.
23rd of November, 3074 Rasalhague Dominion is formed and Clan Ghost Bear forces begin to assault planetary systems held by the SLDF's 2nd Army in the FRR region.
11th of December, 3074 Adam Steiner marries Heather Fyhne, the heir to Arcturus Archonette, in by Lyran standards a relatively tiny wedding.
14th of December, 3074 The MRBC is dissolved as an organization and from this date all mercenaries and employers within the Star League member states have to negotiate their contracts through the DMM on Terra, although Outreach and Galatea are still used as a mustering sites for Mercenaries, especially the larger units, as the facilites at Alice Springs to house them is not as abundant.
1st of January, 3075 to the 9th of March, 3075 The Saiph Triumvirate is retaken by the Capellan Confederation's Ambermarle's Highlanders, Laurel's Legion, 5th Confederation Reserve Cavalry and the 2nd St. Ives Lancers.
18th of January, 3075 Ambassador Kohei Gaikoukan is assigned to the DMM from the Draconis Combine.
19th of January, 3075 The SLDF's 30th Division under Major General Alder Reed is destroyed on Ueda.
22nd of January, 3075 to the 30th of September, 3075 Karbala, Al Hillah and Grumium all fall to the Ghost Bear onslaught but SLDF forces are allowed Hegira after suffering losses.
15th of February, 3075 to the 17th of June, 3075 Tukayyid is defended successfully due to the SLDF's III Corps under General Alexander Cocus with the assistance of the mercenary unit Crimson Legion but surrenders the system peacefully to clan forces later.
10th of April, 3075 The SLDF's 28th Division on Dehgolan resists the initial assault by the Ghost Bears and calls of reinforcements.
22nd of April, 3075 to the 23rd of November, 3075 The Shraplen War begins with a surprise attack from the Taurian Concordat on Federated Suns systems and drags the Capellan Confederation into the conflict.
30th of April, 3075 Taurian Concordat forces invade multiple Federated Suns systems, but are only able to take and hold Verdigreis.
4th of June, 3075 Benjamin Lee resigns as Ambassador to the DMM from the Capellan Confederation.
10th of June, 3075 The SLDF orders a withdrawal from the FRR Military Region.
16th of June, 3075 to the 23rd of November, 3075 The Federated Suns launches Operation Matador, a counterattack into Taurian Concordat space, occupying several systems, and eventually withdrawing from all but Perdition, which is annexed.
12th of July, 3075 to the 30th of August, 3075 Kingston's VCR and Warrior House Imarra from the Capellan Confederation invade and conquer the Brisbane system of the Taurian Concordat.
28th of July, 3075 to the 30th of August, 3075 The Federated Suns system of Frazer is conquered by the 1st McCarron's Armored Cavalry of the Capellan Confederation.
1st of October, 3075 The Federated Suns retake Tikinov from the Capellan Confederation.
4th of October, 3075 Orestes, the second to last SLDF holdout in the FRR is assaulted by Clan Ghost Bear forces commanded by Khan Bjorn Jorgensson. The Khan is killed in battle against the SLDF's 11th Division, Wolf's Dragoons and Kell Hounds before the Star League can find a diplomatic end to the War.
5th of October, 3075 George Hasek, Duke of the Capellan March, Federated Suns is assassinated.
6th of October, 3075 Erik Martins-Calderon becomes Lord Protector of the Taurian Concordat.
22nd of October, 3075 Nathaniel Hasek named Duke of the Capellan March, Federated Suns.
8th of November, 3075 Ares, a Capellan Confederation system, is annexed by the Federated Suns in retaliation for strikes by the Confederation into the Capellan March.
18th of December, 3075 to the 17th of February, 3076 The Hellstorm Hussars mercenary unit reinforced the SLDF's 28th Division on Dehgolan just in time for another Ghost Bear offensive but after heavy combat over many weeks and a heavy Draconis Combine reinforcement they are able to hold the planet but are forced to surrender the system to the new Rasalhague Dominion under instruction from the Star League.
19th of January, 3076 The Rim Collection opens the resort safari world of Hunter's Paradise to the public after years of restoration.
2nd of February, 3076 Ambassador Terrance Xan Lee is assigned to the DMM from the Capellan Confederation.
25th of February, 3076 Clan Wolf strikes harder into the new Rasalhague Dominion after the bulk of their forces were poised against the SLDF coreward. After many months of scratchy intel. it becomes clear that the systems of Rasalhague, Leoben, Susquehanna and Holmsbu are now under Wolf control.
28th of February, 3076 Hellespont declares independence from the Taurian Concordat. The Concordat believes that the system is valueless and does not protest.
13th of March, 3076 Jolla and Vixen are officially colonized by the Magistracy of Canopus.
30th of April, 3076 To secure passage to Hunter's Paradise, the Rim Collection annexes the system of Hunts End and Hunts Jump.
1st of May, 3076 The Jarnfolk jump point data is released by the ComStar Explorer Corps to the general public and the Independent Systems of Outreach and Northwind agree to become systems under the Terran Security Act.
14th of May, 3076 to the 23rd of December, 3076 The mercenary unit Shadow Lancers conquers the planet Hall for the slowly growing power and pride of the Capellan Confederation
10th of June, 3076 Ballad II, Weistheimer, Crawford's Delight and Thraxa are claimed by the Magistracy of Canopus in the wake of sweeping military reforms by Neomi Centrella.
27th of June, 3076 to the 20th of January, 3078 Operation Lorelai begins; a dual effort by the SLDF and Lyran Alliance to retake Clan Jade Falcon occupied worlds.
1st of August, 3076 to the 26th of December, 3076 Raids and tests of the Falcon defenses begin on various worlds The Lyran Alliance Chahar Mellisia Theatre Militia, 14th Donegal Guards RCT & the SLDF 15th Division solidly conquer Chahar after a short four month campaign in the opening stages of Operation Lorelai.
4th of August, 3076 to the 27th of April, 3077 The SLDF XI Corps under General Charles Antonescu forces the 1st Falcon Jaegers to surrender on Antares or stave from the siege blockade, the General Senate debates the morallity of the tactic but Operation Lorelai continues.
24th of October, 3076 The Draconis Combine system of Marduk is eventually ceded to the Federated Suns after a meat grinding effort of both sides that also involved the Shadow Lancers and the Death's Guard mercenary units.
18th of December, 3076 Captain-General Thomas Marik of the Free Worlds League died at the age of 87 of natural causes.
19th of December, 3076 to the 25th of February, 3077 The Free Worlds League plunges into civil strife, with the parliment squabbling to support the candidate that would best suit their ambitions. After a couple of months it is clear that two strong sides were forming under Alys Rousset-Marik and Janos Marik II with opposing idealogy's. Alys being provincial and Janos being national.
24th of December, 3076 SLDF Triumvirate Commanding General and Khan of the Nova Cats, Santin West died in the circle of equals against Star Colonel Gregor Rosse.
1st of February, 3077 Luis Ashcroft's term as President of the Senate ends, Nicandrios Baynebridge is voted as the third President of the Senate.
27th of February, 3077 Clan Jade Falcon withdraws from Blair Atholl after false intel informed them that Koniz was under attack and needed reinforcement.
26th of April, 3077 The Draconis Combine world of Marduk is conquered by the Federated Suns.
30th of April, 3077 The Lyran Alliance system of New Earth is finnally under the Terran Security Act after diplomatic pressure for SLDF support of Operation Lorelai.
5th of May, 3077 Alys Rousset-Marik takes control of Ionus; a major shipyard near Atreus. With it, she now controls a significant amount of the Free Worlds League Navy.
1st of June, 3077 Draconis Combine forces eventually retreat from Quentin after a concentrated campaign by the Restless Souls Mercenary Unit for the Federated Suns.
1st of June, 3077 to the 19th of March, 3079 FWL Civil War in essentially a "Cold War" as both sides attempt to influence opinion of the populace and Parliament. Much maneuvering by both sides. Limited Capellan-supported MoC invasion of a FWL system under the guise of helping Alys restore order. Busy with her own affairs, this is ignored. Situation remains low intensity until war flares up in mid-3079.
7th of July, 3077 to the 27th of September, 3077 In the Free Worlds League, Janos Marik II conducts a major operation to subdue Andurien; primary supporters of Alys Rousset-Marik. A few planets manage to slip through.
10th of July, 3077 The periphery planet of Rockwellawan becomes a protectorate of the Star League.
21st of July, 3077 The Federated Suns worlds of Elgin and hsien annexed by the Capellan Confederation and after months of Federated Suns rhetoric, they cede the systems to the Capellans and withdrawal their forces.
25th of July, 3077 to the 20th of January, 3078 The final wave of Operation Lorelai under 6 Task Forces begin their plan to break the back of Clan Jade Falcon in the Inner Sphere, their target; Sudeten.
2nd of August, 3077 Kohei Gaikoukan resigns as the Ambassador to the DMM from the Draconis Combine.
8th of August, 3077 Task Force Warhammer quickly conquers Koniz with over 15 Regiments of various firepower from the Star League, Lyran Alliance and Capellan Confederation.
13th of August, 3077 Ambassador Mariko Takeda is assigned to the DMM from the Draconis Combine.
27th of August, 3077 In high level talks between the Federated Suns and the Star League the planets of Epsilon Indi, Sheratan and Fletcher are to run under Star League Administration.
3rd of September, 3077 to the 5th of January, 3078 Thorin FTM and the mercenary units; Restless Souls, Hellstorm Hussars and Royal Armored Lancers under General Archer Christofori in Task Force Thunder assault Dompaire as a diversionary raid and are successful in pulling elite units off Sudeten.
15th of September, 3077 Federated Suns contributions to Operation Lorelai are revealed, sparking protests on several worlds that saw heavy fighting in the FedCom Civil War. Other parties embrace the effort as a sign of healing wounds and the good that reformed Star League is still capable of.
1st of October, 3077 Rasalgethi is taken by 4 veteran Lyran Alliance units of Task Force Viking.
13th of October, 3077 Beginning of Clan Star Adder invasion of the Federated Suns with losing contact with the planet Mararn. Later in month also losing Sodertalje, Gillingham and Jaboatao to the then unknown forces.
28th of October, 3077 Major Timothy Maddox of the Hellstorm Hussars Mercenary Unit engaged and defeated Galaxy Commander Rard Hoyt of Clan Jade Falcon, crippling the Falcon units on Dompaire long enough for an ordered withdrawl before Falcon reinforcements could deploy.
24th of November, 3077 New attacks strike the Federated Suns systems of Skepptana, Lackland, Filtvet, Memphis, Ebro, and Sherwood. The attackers are positively identified as Clan Star Adder. Only Filtvet and Memphis hold against the initial attacks
3rd of December, 3077 Mariko Takeda resigns as Ambassador to the DMM from the Draconis Combine.
25th of December, 3077 Task Force Nighthawk, consisting of will consist of 3 LAAF RCT's, 2 LAAF BattleMech Regiments, SLDF's XI and XIII Corps (6 Divisions), 1 SLDF BattleMech Regiment, 2 Clan Wolf in Exile Galaxies converge on Sudeten and crush the garrisoning Jade Falcon forces completely.
27th of December, 3077 A nuclear device is detonated in a densley populated city on Asellus Australis, Free Worlds League. Cause is currently unknown.
29th of December, 3077 The Capellan Confederation and Magistracy of Canopus announce 5 new major colonies that are dual-run between their borders; Khitan, Abaoji Taizu, Cathay, Bengal and Parthia.
31st of December, 3077 The ComStar Explorer Corps publicly release further information on known systems toward the Kerensky Cluster and Hanseatic League, also announces the formal discovery of the Castilian Alliance.
21st of January, 3078 The effects of Operation Lorelai and Clan Wolf offensives have distabilized the Jade Falcons that are cut off in an area being dubbed the "Dompaire Reaches" and the region has fallen into chaos with LAAF and Clan Wolf probing proving to be too hazardous, so both sides have decided to wait it out for now.
22nd of January, 3078 The Federated Suns declares a state of emergency and assumes a full war footing.
2nd of February, 3078 General Archer Christofori is elevated to Triumvirate Commanding General of the SLDF in a heated vote in the General Senate of the 7 candidates chosen by Victor Steiner-Davion and Lisa Koenigs-Cober.
19th of February, 3078 The Headquarters for the Star League Defense Force is finally completed in Stuttgart, Germany on Earth. The grand facility is be home to the Triumvirate and the Department of Administration, with satellite offices for the other 10 Departments and facilities for Star League civilian officials.
27th of February, 3078 Enough AFFS forces reach the Davion Outback to repel the latest wave of Star Adder assaults.
9th of March, 3078 Gregor Rosse rises to the rank of saKhan of the Nova Cats with the support of a growing movement. The promotion ignores SLDF regulations and the 4th Army is sanctioned by the Triumvirate but little is done beyond tough words. Khan Kothinur Gritas is determined by SLDF policy critics to be a useless leader that has been corrupted by wealth and political power within the Draconis Combine.
14th of May, 3078 After rhetoric from both the Capellan Confederation and the Federated Suns about annexing the TerraCap Confederation, the Star League acts to stabilize the region by including the small nation under SLDF protection. Both the Capellan Confederation and the Federated Suns are pleased with the solution as it would prevent the other house from gaining.
15th of May, 3078 A renewed offensive by Clan Star Adder gains ground in the face of determined Davion resistance.
21st of June, 3078 Ambassador Tenkai Mitsuhide is assigned to the DMM from the Draconis Combine.
15th of September, 3078 to the 24th of September, 3078 As the AFFS attempts to withdraw from the Broken Wheel salient, Star Adder forces invade Moultrie. A massive battle in space will leave 8 warships total destroyed or captured before the Clan troops successfully make landfall. Three FedSuns RCTs will eventually hold Alpha Galaxy at bay, killing Galaxy Commander Hannibal Banacek, and leaving the invaders in an untenable position. With the Adders' withdrawal, momentum shifts back to the Federated Suns.
30th of September, 3078 The Outworlds Alliance and the Clan Snow Raven form closer ties with the 'Treay of Cerberus' which gives non-military caste clanners the right to live and work on Alliance worlds, enhancing both nations.
1st of October, 3078 Angus McCleod resigns as Ambassador to the DMM from the Lyran Alliance.
17th of October, 3078 to the 30th of May, 3079 Spurred on by the success at Moultrie, plus a smashing victory on Filtvet, AFFS forces go on the offensive. Adder defenders often surrender ground rather than suffer heavy losses, leaving the Davion attackers facing a strengthening defense. The loss of Olindo to an unexpected Adder counterattack, along with many of the forces marshaling there, helps to stall the advance across the entire front by the end of May, 3079.
25th of November, 3078 Ambassador Alister McKeon-Steiner is assigned to the DMM from the Lyran Alliance.
1st of January, 3079 The Star League General Senate voted to give the Periphery system Rockwellawan to the local inhabitants to administer, after a few years of SLDF garrisoning due to the discovery of a Cache, the Cache has been moved to a more secure location.
3rd of January, 3079 to the 8th of March, 3079 Clan Wolf takes the worlds of Blackstone, Bensinger, Apollo and Toland from the weakened Clan Jade Falcon.
20th of April, 3079 The 'Aston File' was leaked
22nd of April, 3079 Vakarel conquered from the Free Worlds League by the Magistracy of Canopus mercenaries, the Antarian Lancers
5th of May, 3079 Having stabilized various other sectors with the help of the Navy, Alys Rousset-Marik launches invasion of Andurien in order to free it from the grip of the Nationalist Legions. Freeing their worlds would leave the PMs able to vote for her, creating a majority. Janos takes Parliament hostage by placing them under house arrest.
6th of June, 3079 to the 28th of October, 3079 Tortuga Dominions are completely conquered by Clan Star Adder and Clan Cloud Cobra forces
21st of June, 3079 Clan Cloud Cobra invades the Federated Suns.
1st of July, 3079 Lieutenant General Erik Backstrom resigns from the MHB and DMM.
1st of July, 3079 Invasion of Atreus by Alys loyal forces in attempt to wrest control of the government. Alys moves forces around Atreus to intercept any reinforcements from reaching the capital. The conflict sees a combined total of seven mech regiments.
4th of July, 3079 Michael Hobbs resigns as Ambassador to the DMM from the Free Worlds League.
10th of July, 3079 Lieutenant General Jonah Blackwood is assigned to the DMM as the new Military Hardware Broker.
24th of July, 3079 With the Cloud Cobra invasion drawing away AFFS forces, Clan Star Adder launches their own push deeper into Davion territory.
22nd of August, 3079 Ambassador Bryan Halas is assigned to the DMM from the Free Worlds League.
1st of September, 3079 The Capellan Confederation Armed Forces and the Magistracy Armed Forces become one armed forces under the Capellan Magistracy Armed Forces (CMAF).
10th of September, 3079 It is discovered by the ComStar Explorer Corps that Clan Snow Raven have claimed the isolated deep periphery worlds of Maple, Cedar, Thur, Redwood and Hell's Gate and appear to be monitoring all space-faring traffic is the region.
9th of October, 3079 Tensions between the Star League and Draconis Combine worsen when skirmishes between opposing supporters begin to battle all over the world of Yorii after SL Ministry of Trade & Resources abuses are made public.
17th of November, 3079 The Rasalhague Dominion world of Toffen was conquered by the Akki Tsubasa Mercenary Unit under the the employ of the Draconis Combine
24th of November, 3079 Fall of Atreus City, Janos flees ahead of the conquering forces and escapes offplanet to Tamarind with a small group of loyal officers.
2nd of December, 3079 Wide spread starvations and deep rooted corruption on Altair provoke a strong response from the Star League Senate and force the hand of the Ministry of Health into offering various mercenary contracts to investigate and possibly apprehend the responsible parties. Many criticize the SLDF for not acting to take Altair as it is legally a SL Territory but many in the Draconis Combine become incensed at the idea of even mercenaries interferring.
15th of December, 3079 With Fuveau and Neosho marking their progress, the penetrations by Clan Cloud Cobra and Clan Star Adder into Federated Suns space reach their highwater mark. AFFS forces use a strategically shortened front to help bring the Clan attacks' progress to a halt, while the High Command still refuses to strip the Draconis or Capellan borders of the troops needed to retake many of the worlds lost to the invasion.
17th of December, 3079 Alys Rousset-Marik elected to the post of Captain-General by Parliament. Showing no signs of repealing her emergency powers, Janos II is outlawed and his supporters declared a rebel faction.
9th of January, 3080 Word of Blake forces are identified fighting against Clan Star Adder in the Davion Outback.
1st of February, 3080 Nicandrios Baynebridge's term as President of the Senate ends, Bae Ji-hyun is voted as the fourth President of the Senate.
7th of February, 3080 Federated Suns forces launch a massive offensive against Star Adder-held systems in the Outback.
8th of February, 3080 Precentor Avitue issues a Sphere-wide announcement that the Word of Blake is intervening in the Davion Outback, and will drive the Clan invaders back into the Periphery.
15th of May, 3080 AFFS troops push into multiple systems where Blake-Adder combat is taking place.
1st of June, 3080 The first known incident of a hostile exchange of fire between Blake and Davion troops takes place on Olindo.
5th of June, 3080 to the 28th of September, 3080 The 12th, 41st and 44th Star League Defence Force Division are destroyed in various pitched battles along the Star Adder front, with embarrassingly high ratio of casualties.
1st of July, 3080 Mitsuhide Tenkai resigns as Ambassador to the DMM from the Draconis Combine.
9th of July, 3080 Ambassador Hejito Momoguchi is assigned to the DMM from the Draconis Combine.
12th of July, 3080 The Star League General Senate heavily debates the validity of the membership of the Draconis Combine within the Star League and dozens of Senators use rhetoric that incites anti-Star League sentiment within Draconis Combine.
15th of July, 3080 Word of Blake forces turn to mass WMD use in order to subdue their enemies.
21st of July, 3080 Spurred on by orders protect innocent civilians, SLDF forces launch their own offensive to seize the systems around Broken Wheel where fighting is taking place. Five divisions participate, but due to inadequate preparations and confused orders at the army level, make little headway.
27th of July, 3080 Coordinator Hohiro Kurita's secret proposal for the SLDF to instigate an Operation Lorelai type campaign against the Rasalhague Dominion is leaked to the media and damages relations further between the Draconis Combine and the Star League.
1st of August, 3080 The Capellan Confederation and Magistracy of Canopus formally announce the Capellan-Canopian Union. For the purposes of foreign affairs, the Confederation and the Magistracy are now one nation (however, on the political map and internally, they are two distinct nations).
7th of August, 3080 Reacting violently to the presence of Star League troops, Blake Shadow Divisions turn their WMDs loose on all viable targets. This practice quickly spreads to systems without SLDF units present as well.
20th of August, 3080 The Star League dispatches the 2nd and 22nd divisions to act as peacekeepers on Marduk. This bid to end the Federated-Draconis fighting fails spectacularly as the two divisions choose sides, eventually leading to the annihilation of both. Davion forces take advantage of the confusion to re-secure their hold on the world.
25th of August, 3080 to the 30th of September, 3080 saKhan Gregor Rosse uses the recent Marduk Incident to call for the 4th Army to break away from the Star League and support Draconis Combine sovereignty. Khan Kothinur Gritas takes the 20th and 21st Divisions to Kanowit to confront Rosse's Nova Cat Lancers and destroy the defection. Once on planet the 21st Division defects to Rosse and they defeat the 20th Division and Khan Kothinur Gritas is slain in battle.
1st of September, 3080 Even in the midst of warfare, Sun-Tzu Liao and Naomi Centrella wed.
7th of September, 3080 Lyran Alliance intelligence is released that indicates that Khan Vlad Ward of Clan Wolf is trying to re-establish the Clan Grand Council in the Inner Sphere, the level of his success is yet to be determined but Clan Wolf is still believed to have little influence on Kerensky Cluster clans.
8th of October, 3080 to the 23rd of December, 3080 A massive Clan Cloud Cobra fleet engages the assembled Blakist units in and on Morven. With AFFS units launching their own attacks, the two groups finally succeed in wiping out the massive concentration of Word forces. By Christmas, the Blake presence in the Outback has been reduced to a few scattered holdouts.
8th of October, 3080 Bryan Halas resigns as Ambassador to the DMM from the Free Worlds League.
11th of October, 3080 Ambassador John Smith is assigned to the DMM from the Free Worlds League.
13th of October, 3080 After the Kanowit battle in the Draconis Combine, the SLDF Triumvirate notifies the General Senate and the Inner Sphere that the 4th Army is a rogue army and recommends that all loyal units leave Draconis Combine space and let the DCMS deal with the self-proclaimed Khan Gregor Rosse.
16th of October, 3080 Star League Defence Force 34th Division moved to off Vega, An Ting, Ozawa
15th of November, 3080 Leftenant General Bruce Haas retires from his position as the Federated Suns Ambassador to the DMM.
26th of November, 3080 The Draconis Combine decides to include the SLDF 4th Army composed of Clan Nova Cat units into the defense of the realm and expels all Star League personnel from the Draconis Combine and withdrawls most of their non-essential people from Terra in protest of the anti-DC bias held within the Star League.
29th of November, 3080 Ambassador Jackson Quinton Davion is assigned to the DMM from the Federated Suns.
2nd of December, 3080 The Star League Defence Force, Major General Joseph Calhoun died heroically in the counterattack against Star Adder forces, the "Battle for Broken Wheel", his legend of turning a mass loss into a strategic win with assistance of AFFS and Mercenary forces is told throughout the IS
10th of December, 3080 Yorii and Asta are abandoned by the Star League in appeasement to the Draconis Combine to avoid conflict and promote officials to return to the Star League Accords. Many other realms believe this is a weak dangerous stance and that the Draconis Combine is deserving of their isolation.
29th of December, 3080 Clan Star Adder completes its withdrawal from Davion space. A shell of their former glory, the Adders reportedly suffer even more losses when several depleted clusters break away as Clan Burrock.
1st of January, 3081 The Federated Suns starts the new year off with a major rezoning of its Marches. It has created a brand new March as a buffer region against its enemies from beyond known civilized space, The Periphery March.
3rd of January, 3081 A second heir to the throne of the Lyran Alliance is born - Marcus Steiner-Davion.
16th of January, 3081 Commanding General Julius Rostinberger, Star League Defence Force 5th Army has been dishonourably discharged for dozens of failures in the defence of Federated Suns systems against Clan forces, resulting in the destruction of 3 Star League Defence Force Divisions
12th of February, 3081 The Star League Defence Force, Major General Daryl Burns, Department of Intelligence & Strategy has been found guilty and sentenced to execution for his role in the nuclear weapons detonation on Dompaire and inciting rebellion on Yorii, his connection to the ISF could not be proven.
14th of February, 3081 Adam Steiner marries Rachel Spector after his former wife dies from skin cancer a month earlier.
12th of March, 3081 Ambitious projects followed with Baroness Nelson reaching beyond Offerman to surrounding worlds and forming not only economic but military ties in an effort to strengthen both her own landhold and the Federated Suns region. Eventually these overtures became widespread as many worlds signed and ratified the Outback Trade Pact and the Outback Mutual Defense Treaty of 3081.
3rd of April, 3081 The periphery world of Numeri has been conquered by the Marian Hegemony with the help of the Deuces Wild.
27th of May, 3081 Alister McKeon-Steiner resigns as Ambassador to the DMM from the Lyran Alliance.
18th of June, 3081 General Katrina Troth promoted due to successes on Broken Wheel, made Commander of the new Star League Defence Force 6th Army in the new Outback Military Region
1st of July, 3081 Within the Free Worlds League, Janos II has taken the planet of Tamarind as his home capital, then two days later invaded Promised Land, Epsilon and Nockatunga and warned the traitors who did not back him up would pay.
3rd of July, 3081 Ambassador Elise Bradford is assigned to the DMM from the Lyran Alliance.
5th of July, 3081 to the 27th of November, 3081 The Dompaire Reaches have been annexed equally by the Lyran Alliance and Clan Wolf during a blitz of concurrent invasions.
12th of August, 3081 Tenkai Mitsuhide resigns from his post as the Draconis Combine Ambassador
14th of September, 3081 to the 17th of September, 3081 The Lyran Alliance system of A place was lost to an assault by the 12th Talon Cluster of Clan Jade Falcon.
15th of September, 3081 Elements of Clan Jade Falcon's Iota Galaxy struck the defending 3rd Lyran Regulars RCT on the planet of Antares and annihilated the LAAF unit in a lightning attack within a single day. The Lyran Alliance planet of Antares was lost to the Jade Falcons within that single day.
1st of October, 3081 Federated Suns have repelled all Clan offensives against arrayed them. They report no Clans left in their secured territory. The Federated Suns government has reclaimed all of their systems save one, Kentwood. This system is being ceded to Clan Cloud Cobra.
9th of October, 3081 The Clan Jade Falcon worlds of Winfield and Trell I have fallen to Clan Wolf while Clan Jade Falcon forces fight along the Lyran Alliance border.
6th of November, 3081 The Draconis Combine have garrisoned the periphery world of Enif and restored order after riots.
9th of November, 3081 The system of Bengal has been taken in the name of the Capellan Confederation / Magistracy of Canopus Alliance.
20th of December, 3081 In a suprise move that spells the beginning of another major intergalactic war, ten systems of the Lyran Alliance and Federated Suns bordering the Draconis Combine have been conquered in well coordinated attacks between the traitorous SLDF 4th Army, the DCMS, Ghost Corps, Nationalist Militia's, the ISF and anti-Star League local sympathisers. So begins the next great war.
28th of February, 3082 During a televised ceremony at the Imperial Palace on Luthien in the Draconis Combine, Coordinator Hohiro Kurita II conveys the Order of the Ronin Star on two of its most distinguished mercenary unit commanders: Commander Marcus Naslund of the Akki-Tsubasa and Legatus Viktor-Agrippa Isidore Kreiger of the Legio Invictus.
7th of March, 3082 Commanding General George Wagoner, Star League Defence Force 1st Army, has been assassinated, investigations are underway.
17th of March, 3082 The Federated Suns Ambassador, Jackson Q Davion was tried and found guilty of treason in a 3 month long trial. He was executed for his crimes against the state on March 17th 3082.
29th of March, 3082 General Cynthia Byrd promoted to Commanding General of the Star League Defence Force 1st Army and 'First Protector' of Terra after George Wagoner's assassination.
27th of April, 3082 The 1st Republican Guard Regiment combined with Veens Irregulars Mercenary Unit recapture Emporia for the Federated Suns from the Draconis Combine.
10th of May, 3082 In yet a second wave ten more systems of the Lyran Alliance and Federated Suns bordering the Draconis Combine have been conquered between the traitorous SLDF 4th Army, the DCMS, Ghost Corps, Nationalist Militia's, the ISF and anti-Star League local sympathisers
11th of May, 3082 Randee Mishel Le roux was sworn into office as the Federated Suns Ambassador
9th of June, 3082 Ambassador Michael Keller is assigned to the DMM from the Lyran Alliance.
5th of July, 3082 Jyoji Kobayashi is sworn in to a post of the Draconis Combine Ambassador
27th of July, 3082 Kitsune Kurita, son of Victor Steiner-Davion and the late Omi Kurita, is formally admitted into the Sun Zhang Mechwarrior Academy. He is sponsored by his uncle, Coordinator Hohiro Kurita II.
31st of July, 3082 An heir to the Draconis Combine throne is born: Vincent Kurita. Lady Pearl Toshiro - Vincent's mother and wife to Coordinator Hohiro Kurita II - tragically dies during childbirth. A day of mourning is proclaimed throughout the realm.
12th of August, 3082 The Federated Suns Launch Counteroffensive dub Operation: 'Yellow Bird', at the Draconis Combine. The have simoultaneouesly targeted both salients through the Draconis March with four ground regiments and a WarShip squadron each.
5th of September, 3082 The Lyran Alliance launced Operation: Stalingrad aimed at their reconquest of worlds lost to the Draconis Combine in the first half of this year. They have launched simoultaneous Counter-Assaults at the Kuritan Forces on Marfik, Eagelsham, Phalan, and Accrington.
12th of September, 3082 A month to the day the Federated Suns have successfully liberated Mallory's World and Le Blanc from the Draconis Combine with attacks from 3rd Davion Guard RCT and the 7th Crucis Lancers RCT, respectively.
17th of September, 3082 Ambassador Hejito Momoguchi tendered his resignation as DMM Faction Ambassador for the Draconis Combine
21st of October, 3082 The Free Worlds League Ambassador, John Smith, has returned to active duty.
7th of November, 3082 The newly renamed Raven Legion has successfully liberated the former world of the Federated Suns Lucerne from the Draconis Combine.
14th of December, 3082 While in the employ of the Federated Suns, the Restless Souls Mercenary Brigade liberated a besieged Mara from the Draconis Combine
1st of January, 3083 While more than fifty worlds changed hands more than a score of them where within the borders of the Draconis Combine. And while the Dragon was being filleted it still did not stop the over all might of House Kurita, who still managed to aquire ten more world along the Davion and Steiner Borders. The War rages on.
21st of February, 3083 The Federated Suns 1st Capellan Dragoons RCT and the Deuces Wild mercenary unit invade and seize Ares from the Capellan Confederation.
23rd of February, 3083 The 7th Crucis Lancers Regimental Combat Team reinforced by the 4th Federated Suns Lancers and the Mercenary Unit, the Restless Souls, and attendant WarShip Fleet engaged and successfully liberated the besieged Federated Suns planet of Dobson from the Draconis Combine.
1st of March, 3083 Throughout the year, forces of Janos Marik II's faction clash with the Free Worlds League military on numerous worlds surrounding the Duchy of Tamarind as Janos tries to expand his influence. The clashes erode Janos's military strength and eventually pave the way for assaults into the Duchy.
22nd of March, 3083 Lucerne] - After months of combat operations, the Draconis Combine's forces on Lucerne were at long last pinned down in their mountain refuge and overrun by the Raven Legion Mercenary Unit in the employ of the Federated Suns. Lucerne is now firmly in the hands of House Davion.
31st of March, 3083 The first quarter of this year saw ruthless acts of violence committed by House Kurita. There has been sabotage and terror in the very heart of the realms targeted by the Draconis Combine. In unmitigated acts, neither sanctioned by the Star League nor the Ares convention, DEST teams have been sent to the capitol worlds of Tharkad of the Lyran Alliance, New Avalon of the Federated Suns, and Alshain of the Rasalhague Dominion with the express purpose of sabotaging Fusion Plants near the Realm’s capitol’s creating rather large nuclear explosion and blankets of radiation to slowly wipe out their enemies. These atrocities have de-moralize the victims and aided in blanketing each states 4C complexes with enough radiation so as to disable their HPGs preventing them from communicating with their forces constantly engaged on the front with their aggressor the Draconis Combine. It appears that other Special Forces are taking their lead from the Dragon and are taking advantage of these three Realm’s weaknesses by launching their own attacks all along their border worlds. They have included, although not limited, to assassinations, bombings, and the sabotaging of fusion power plants to explode. Worlds of note along the Rasalhague Dominion shard border are Radstadt, Trondheim, and Tukayyid. Along the Lyran Alliance - Skye, Bolan, Cavanaugh II, Timbuktu, Coventry, and Melissia. Along the Federated Suns borders it has been the worlds of Valexa, Alcyone, Sirdar, Bromhead, Brockway, and Perdition. This is truly the beginning of the Fifth Succession War as the Inner Sphere deteriorates into terror and chaos.
12th of May, 3083 The Department of Mercenary Management dissolves and the Mercenary Review & Bonding Commission comes back into existance. The The MRBC functions as a mercenary guild, brokering and arbitrating mercenary contracts in the endless wars in the Inner Sphere and also in the Periphery. If a mercenary unit is not registered with the MRBC then it is not usually considered to be a legitimate mercenary, and therefore not subject to POW rights, among other drawbacks. The MRBC also serves as a court of arbitration in contract disputes for both employers and mercenaries.
18th of May, 3083 the Lyran Alliance Ambassador, Michael Keller, submitted a request for a Leave of Abscence and walked off his post to never return. No one knows what, if anything, has happened to our esteemed Lytan Ambassador.
1st of June, 3083 The War between the Word of Blake and the FWL heat up to an all time high. Forces from the Circinus Federation come flooding in with the Black Warriors leading the way. The Black Warriors are at bridge strength and have Blake equipment.
5th of June, 3083 Presidential-Senator Ivan Vladimir has resigned his seat.
15th of July, 3083 to the 24th of July, 3083 15-24 July 3083 - Draconis Combine Admiralty recommissions captured Smoke Jaguar Warships (once believed mothballed or scrapped) with Clan Diamond Shark assistance. Fredasa-class corvettes Dragon's Triumph and Phoenix Flight complete stores and deploy to the Combine-Snow Raven border. Alkalurops, Accrington, Murchison and Galatia III fall to the Combine in its latest attack wave. The key factory world of Marduk is conquered with overwhelming Warship support.
22nd of July, 3083 The Draconis Combine continues to conquer worlds even with the entire weight of the collective Inner Sphere arrayed against it. House Kurita has captured three more worlds from the Federated Suns, Murchinson, Galatia III, Marduk. Two worlds from the Lyran Alliance Alkalurops and Accrington. And Rockland from the Rasalhague Dominion
3rd of August, 3083 The CMAF launches its strike into the Federated Suns beginning Operation Phoenix to take and hold Tikonov. This begins the first confrontations between the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns in the 5th Succession War.
20th of August, 3083 20 August 3083 - The Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery steps up operations, retaking Rockland from the Rasalhague Dominion.
20th of October, 3083 Free Worlds League Ambassador, John Smith, was last seen wandering the hallowed halls of the MRBC on Outreach. No one has seen or heard from him since.
25th of October, 3083 The Draconis Combine conquers the key Lyran system Alphecca.
2nd of December, 3083 Mysterious locked-room murder of Dr. Tomonaga Ijiro on Terra popularises Ijiro-Knight Report, which makes several controversial claims regarding the motives of the Draconis Combine leadership.
15th of December, 3083 A splinter group from the Word of Blake calling itself the Covenant forms in the Free Worlds League. The League adopts this organization as a Province of the League, with control of Enclaves of Covenant citizens on several League worlds and a contract to operate all HPGs in the realm. The Covenant is given Hanover City on Gibson as a capital and a seat on Parliament. The Covenant Militia, consisting of 9 Divisions and 4 warships, joins the FWLM as a Provincial force. The Word of Blake is declared an enemy of the realm, subject to arrest and prosecution on sight. The Word of Blake in turn declares the Covenant to be heretics and traitors.
26th of December, 3083 The Free Worlds League begins Operation Duchess Beacon, the plan to contain Janos Marik II in the Duchy of Tamarind and then liberate those worlds from his grasp.
26th of December, 3083 Mahendra Thapa becomes the new Ambassador of the Free Worlds League.
1st of January, 3084 Draconis Combine task groups attack Dehgolan and Grumium with overwhelming force, opposed fiercely by Dominion defenders comprising Ghost Bear Touman and Kungsarme troops. The fighting lasts months before Combine forces establish effective control over the two systems.
1st of January, 3084 The Knights Defensor were created by the Pope of the Federated Suns New Avalon Catholic Church on January 1, 3084. The Pope took this action after several of the Churches' missions, schools, and hospitals in the Outback were raided. Knowing that the AFFS was unable to protect the NACC's missions, the Pope looked back to the history of the Church and created the Holy Order of Knight Defenders based on the warrior orders once sponsored by the Church.
4th of April, 3084 Captain-General Alys Rousset-Marik announces the repeal of several key sections of Resolution 288, reducing her power over the military and political affairs of the realm and handing it back to Parliament and the individual provinces and worlds of the League. The action keeps a promise she made with her supporters in the FWL Civil War and is celebrated throughout the Free Worlds.
1st of May, 3084 Janos Marik II is reported killed during an assault in the Promised Land System. Although a few worlds hold out from rejoining the Free Worlds League, most of the worlds and many rebel units choose to stand down.
1st of June, 3084 Operation Trojan Heart is launched by the Federated Suns AFFS against the CMAF. Operation Trojan Heart is a massive endeavor, utilizing two Davion warship squadrons and 13 Regimental Combat Teams and 8 independent Regiments. Their mission: to strike at the heart of the Capellan worlds: Sian. The two pronged blitz goes through Sendalor and Purvo on its way towards Sian. Trojan Heart feints towards Grand Base, Claxton and Victoria.
7th of June, 3084 After realizing the size and scope of the Davion counter-attack, the CMAF launches Operation Neptune, named after the famed soviet offensive of Operation Uranus that trapped the German Sixth Army in Stalingrad. CMAF first respond forces take heavy causalities as they string out the Davion attack. By the end of the Davion counter-attack, the CMAF’s first responders in the fighting have to be pulled off the front-lines for over a year.
1st of July, 3084 Operation Trident, the supplemental to Operation Neptune, is launched. A three prong raiding force led by the 1st St. Ives Lancers, they launch from the Confederation to begin their long march across the Capellan March. Eventually meant to help draw the noose of Operation Neptune, Trident will first target the supply yards and depots that are supplying the Davion invasion force. Their targets include Sirdar, the homeworld of the Sirdar CMM.
24th of July, 3084 Loyal SLDF peacekeepers under the Deputy Director Constance Kavazashvili from the Department of Intelligence & Strategy are sent to the border region between the Federated Suns and Draconis Combine which causes a lull in the fighting as the DCMS can no longer pursue such an aggressive stance with new potentially hostile regiments in the region.
10th of August, 3084 The Mercenary Brigade, The Restless Souls have 'acquired' full fledge Mako-Class Corvette WarShip dubbed the Hyperion. It is unclear whether it is a reconstituted previously thought to be scuttled WarShip or fresh off the assembly lines WarShip from the Bolson Shipyards in the Lyran Alliance. It will be a welcomed addition to the Federated Suns arsenal in defense of the Restless Souls' LandHold Quentin on the Draconis Combine-Federated Suns Border.
13th of August, 3084 Following a series of raids by both sides which stall large-scale offensive actions, Phalan, Sakhalin and Eaglesham are annexed as Draconis Combine forces shift focus from the Federated Suns front to the Lyran Alliance border.
19th of August, 3084 8 19th 3084: The enemy was already engaged in ongoing operations to gain and secure territory so they did not have the time nor resources ready to mount any kind of orbital defense. It's also likely that due to enemy operations that were ongoing and focused on keeping the defenders on the ground that they weren't even aware of the Restless Souls taskforce until the Souls were already on top of them. The Restless Souls dropship, the Falcons Nest, jumpeds into the Ziliang System attached to a Merchant Class JumpShip. The Souls detach and made their in system burn to the planet under the ruse of an internal explosion and with a False IFF beacon and the pretemnse that they were a Jumbo-Class DropShip.
3rd of September, 3084 Davion forces land on Grand Base after rolling over CMAF units on Holloway. The 39th Avalon Hussars and 6th Crucis Lancers secure both the Earthwerks facilities and the CMAF Military Base on planet effectively conquering the planet and crippling the CMAF's war making capability by capturing their biggest 'Mech manufacturing facility. Using tactics reminiscent of the Andurien-Canopian War, CMAF units wage a hit and fade campaign until the right time to strike. Defending the world would be House Dai Da Chi, House Lu Sann, Vong’s Commandos, and the Green Mountain Boys.
20th of September, 3084 While fighting for Grand Base, Davion forces notice that Vong’s Commandos are not the same force that was fighting in the Chaos March 20 years ago. Small in number, and now well known for their perfect guerrilla and small unit tactics, the only thing Davion forces can compare the small battalion force to is an amalgamation of the Chancellor’s Death Commandos and the Manei Domini: elite, enhanced, and fanatically loyal to the Chancellor. House Davion counters with their own elite fanatics, the 'Rabid Foxes'.
1st of October, 3084 Davion forces on Grand Base engage a well prepared and ferocious CMAF defender. However, neither side has the upper hand. Finally, the 8th WoB Division, the turncoat division from the “War in the Reaches”, enters the fray on the side of the Capellan Confederation. Reequipped with much of their confiscated equipment from the War in the Reaches, the truncated Division hits the 6th Crucis Lancers in their southward flank. This causes a stalemate in the battle for Grand Base. Having achieved their objectives, the raiding of the Grand Base 'Mech factories, what's left of the 39th Avalon Hussars and 6th Crucis Lancers begin a tatical withdrawal.
2nd of October, 3084 The second phase of Operation Neptune begins. After a series of back and forth engagements with their Davion foe on their drives toward Grand Base, Claxton, Victoria and Sian, the CMAF attacks in a pincer move designed to separate the 13 RCTs, 8 Independents and their warship squadrons from the Federated Suns. Ziliang is the site of the largest counter-attack, but my no means was the only part. The enormity of the counter-attack could not be underestimated: the elite regiments of the 3rd Canopian Light Horse and the Hustaing Warriors lead the charge, supported by two battalions of the Chancellor’s Death Commandos and parts of the mercenary force Akki Tsubasa. Almost as an afterthought, the green St. Ives Cheaveau Legers are assigned to support. This entire force invades Ziliang, with the failed salient for Sian through Purvo, this bolstered the defenders to the 1st FedSuns Armored Cavalry, LCG 180th Dragoon Combat Group, Hellstorm Huasars Mercenary Brigade, 12th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT, 4th FedSuns Lancers RCT, 12th Vegan Rangers Delta Regiment left behind to defend the Federated Suns world.
9th of October, 3084 Looking to follow up on the successful and tenuous unofficial truce caused by the arrival of peacekeepers on the Federated Suns and Draconis Combine border, SLDF peacekeepers roll into camps along the Lyran Alliance and Draconis Combine front line with only initial success as cross-border raiding continues to take place by years end.
1st of November, 3084 After five months of exhaustive fighting on both sides, Operation Trojan Heart finally winds down. The drive towards Sian is stalled along the Purvo front, and on Grand Base, CMAF units claim victory. Their are untold casualties against both sides among the CMAF units of House Dai Da Chi and House Lu Sann and the AFFS 39th Avalon Hussars and 6th Crucis Lancers. Some of the ‘Mech facilities on Grand Base are heavily damaged, but most of the fighting left a larger percentage of Mech facilities unscaythed and simply raided. While Davion forces were withdrawing however, Task Force Victoria arrives. The CMAF task force establishes a cordon of Grand Base for three weeks before moving on to Ziliang to enforce the Capellan’s claim on the world. Several Davion DropShips breeched the cordon during those three weeks, and some were given no mercy. The remaining Davion defenders retreated from the planet during the second week. A mixed battalion of Davion forces goes underground in order to fight a guerrilla campaign. Vong’s Commandos are unleashed against them. No one knows what happened to those Davion guerrillas that didn’t join their brothern during their tatical retreat, but it is rumored that they gave as good as the got.
25th of November, 3084 to the 20th of January, 3085 The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command, after a short struggle with the pirate band known through out the area as Corey's Corsairs, drove the pirates off world. Having fulfilled the intent of the contract, protecting the citizen's of this Capellan Confederation world, the Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command's CO, Colonel Lance McRaven implemented the clause in his contract that allows him to summon another unit in to support his unit. Gael's Grinders were summoned, and immediately following the summons, the Black Talon Phoenix military drop ships lifted for the jump point, and jumped out. Speculation is high that the Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command is in pursuit of the remnants of this pirate band. Direct Comments from BTP Command elements: We have uncovered a major plot to destabilize the area, and we are doing all in our power to combat it. Be advised, while in pursuit of our current objectives, we have somehow lost contact with an entire battalion of 'mechs and equipment.
30th of November, 3084 The beginning preparatory work of the CMAF’s Tikonov invasion fleet commences as SLDF peacekeepers begin leaving their posts in the Star League Administered region bound for the border along the Federated Suns and Capellan Confederation. Brief lulls in the fighting still hold elsewhere in the Inner Sphere as the SLDF bids to cease these final hostilities from growing.
1st of December, 3084 The Black Stars "Jackal Squadron" and a marine detachment joined the Tharkad Battle Group at Pandora. Led by the infamous Tharkad-class battlecruiser Invincible, the Battle Group's warships, dropships and aerospace units trained together and patrolled the Pandora system as news reached them of the Clan Wolf offensive. The Battle Group received a war warning and braced themselves for combat deployment somewhere in Clan Wolf's path.
8th of December, 3084 The invasion of Tikonov begins. Task Force Liao, led by the CMAFNS Franco Martell, and over one hundred DropShips belonging to the invasion force of the CMAF enter the Tikonov system. The invasion force arrives at a pirate point 20 hours from the planet, and makes an immediate burn for the planet. The 4th Tau Ceti Rangers, 2nd Confederation Reserve Cavalry, Harloc Raiders, 2nd Liao Commonality Lancers, Renshield’s Dragoons, 1st Shin Legion, and the mercenary units Akki Tsubasa, 171st Armored Cavalry and King’s Lancers move to invade the planet.
8th of December, 3084 to the 31st of March, 3085 Comstar News Network- Zion The Black Wolf Ranger's wrapped up their training mission to Zion Today. Recent separatist movement attacks along with elements of the Garrison were unable to take the planet in a coup to install Col Kurst as the governor of Zion. The Black Wolf Ranger's will be staying in League space to continue bolstering the border defenses along the Capellan Confederation.
9th of December, 3084 At Tikonov, ten hours from the surface, the AFFS space borne defenses engage the CMAF invasion fleet. A ferocious hour-long battle ensues. In the end, the Federated Suns Melissa Davion Squadron is defeated above Tikonov, leading to the crippling of the Melissa Davion and the complete destruction of one of her Fox-class escorts. However, the engagement cost the CMAF the Xuan-feng class Heavenly Bird. Task Force Liao then creates of cordon of the Tikonov system.
12th of December, 3084 SLDF peacekeepers arrive in the Tikonov system, but retreat under the threat of destruction by the CMAF Navy’s cordon. The fate of Tikonov will be left to the forces on the ground. Elsewhere along the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns border SLDF peacekeepers arrive as fighting simmers down.
20th of December, 3084 With the loss of Tikonov to the Capellan Confederation, the Federated Suns disable the Tikonov recharge station and relocate their administration department for the region to Ruchbah and aptly rename the PDZ after their new administrative world.
24th of December, 3084 Operation Neptune finally runs out of steam in lieu of the ferocity of its Davion invaders. After successfully recapturing Grand Base, the CMAF draws the proverbial noose close on the forces of Trojan Heart. Realizing that the Federated Suns has proven their point and thrust a dagger very close to the Capellan 'HEART' of Sian, Davion forces begin a series of withdrawals. For the next three months, Davion forces retreat from world to world to be replaced by arriving SLDF peacekeepers. Some forces that are left behind in fighting withdrawals suffer causalities. A few Davion units, classified at this time, have been so thoroughly thrashed that their unit’s have been moved from the Capellan March to the interior Crucis March of the Federated Suns, until such a time when they can be brought back up to full strength.
1st of January, 3085 The Black Stars contingent to Dubhe arrived from Zortman in early 1. The Black Star forces appeared to take a security duty contract for the Wilder Corporation. The Wilder Corporation had been reporting a rash of thefts from their gem mining operations. Catherine Wilder in a press release announced “ I have had enough. This poaching is gonna stop! I have filed the paperwork. As of 1 1st I have declared “Open Season” on those that try and steal from me!” It appears that the Black Stars have been called in to deal with this problem. The Black Stars left late 2. Major Lockheart would not disclose where they were headed to next except to say that they were needed elsewhere.*The local news reported that Hellen Craddock, who had been kidnapped by the Dubhe Liberation Front and held for ransom, has escaped. She had been missing for over ten months. Negotiations concerning her release had been hampered weeks back by the Dubhe government declaring a “no negotiating with criminals” stance after what has been called “The Grennwich Massacre.” Details on her escape have not been released. She did immediately depart Dubhe after her escape. It is presumed she has returned to her home world of Callison. Investigation has learned that Hellen Craddock is related to Catherine Wilder head of Wilder Corporation. Inquiries placed to Catherine Wilder and the Black Stars regarding possible involvement have gone unanswered.
4th of January, 3085 Peter Steiner-Davion assassinated by Brotherhood of Cincinnatus.
7th of January, 3085 Triumvirate Commanding General Archer Christofori recalled to Lyran Alliance to serve as General of the Armies. He is replaced by Commanding General Rikardo Burketon of the 2nd Army.
11th of January, 3085 After suffering through small raids during the month of December by DCMS forces SLDF peacekeepers finally get pulled into the Lyran/Combine war as LAAF forces lash out at the Combine with the recent death of the late Archon Peter Steiner-Davion.
13th of January, 3085 Adam Steiner becomes Archon of Lyran Alliance and discovers the Brotherhood of Cincinnatus’s involvement in Peter Steiner-Davion’s death.
20th of January, 3085 to the 31st of March, 3085 Dateline Saffel - 4 10th - Reports confirm that units of the Black Stars Mercenary Collective have left Saffel after completing what amounted to a blitz search and destroy mission. Elements of the Sharp Shooters, Winter Hunters and the newly established 'Order of Kailen' took part in operations centering on hunting down the Tracer Trackers mercenary unit. The Trackers were accused by the Star League of defaulting on a contract and theft of military equipment.*The DCMS reports the fighting was costly for both sides. In a press release, they stated the Black Stars units touched down in dense Sambi Forests on Sophrati. They engaged the Trackers in the snowy forests and destroyed them in an elaborate ambush. Tracer Tracker commander Jared Kjorn, was confirmed killed in action this morning. Denise Wojick, the units Executive officer, is still listed as missing. Experts agree however, that after more than a week in the forests, her survival is unlikely.*Though initially content to sit out the fighting, DCMS spokesman Alan Kotuora stated that the "Situation had changed and the Black Stars became a threat to the safety of Saffel." Kotoura was unwilling to comment on rumors of Draconis Combine engagements with the Black Stars. They also refuse to comment on a supposed search and rescue mission performed by the Black Stars as the mercenaries began a sudden withdrawal, seemingly in the face of Draconis forces. The Black Stars have thus far been unavailable for comment.
23rd of January, 3085 to the 7th of October, 3085 The Black Stars after nearly a year long journey linked up with counterparts the covenant of Blake and Hanseatic League forces and proceeded to Santiago VI. The space battle at the jump point was fierce with high casualties on both sides. One of the Jade Falcon Carrier Class drop ships was able to disengage, after the destruction of the Noruff, and dock with the Comitatus Jumpship which left immediately after. The other Carrier drop ship is still hiding somewhere in the system. The coalition forces proceeded to send a contingent planet-side to attack key facilities. A smaller force led by the Legio Mortus Vitrix had staged their own attack on the partially completed Olympus class recharge station. The station was set on a slow uncontrollable tumble to the exact center of the system. The remaining coalition forces spent the rest of the time in system quickly repairing as many ships as possible. The Black Star's Pharos Station, a Snowden class, centered heavily in the repair efforts taking full advantage of the pressurized and un-pressurized repair bays on board as well as the over two dozen fighter hangers. No further details were available at the time of broadcast.
27th of January, 3085 to the 27th of March, 3085 News across the star league administrated zones reports that Epsilon Indi was recently infiltrated by Draconis Combine forces. The forces were supported by the mercenary unit the 8th Independent Hussars. The Hussars have been spotted in the Draconis Combine previously and should come as no surprise to see them allying themselves with the Draconis Combine forces. Star League officials were alerted to the arrival of the Dracs and their allies by an informant who the PR department refuse to name for so called legal reasons. Shortly after they discovered the infiltrators, war erupted across the capital city as the star league planetary defense force looked to tackle them before they could achieve whatever act of terrorism they intended to do. The battle ended up spreading into the nuclear waste of the planet and saw damage being done on either side. However reports are that the defense force in particular suffered crippling losses, with the Hussars having left the planet shortly after. No one knows what the hussars and Dracs have achieved in the nuclear wastelands but it has many an expert wondering.
19th of February, 3085 to the 17th of August, 3085 The 171rst Armored Cavalry fought insurgent forces on Niihau, intercepting insurgents using AA weapons against local cargo carriers. Ground engagements were limited until assaults on base towards the end of the contract. Actions were not reported on during the campaign as FWL is trying to keep any news of rebellion or opposition to the new regime at a minimum. The unit is rejoining with the rest of the 171rst on new contract to Betelgeuse
20th of February, 3085 The Federated Suns premier Mercenary Brigade, the Restless Souls, have complete a successful extraction of the Trojan Heart regiments trapped on Ziliang - the 1st FedSuns Armored Cavalry, the LCG 180th Dragoon Combat Group, the 12th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT, the 4th FedSuns Lancers RCT, and the 12th Vegan Rangers Delta Regiment. Per a statement from their Lieutenant General and Baron of Quentin, Xavier Steele, the Restless Souls will be taking time off from the business of war to rebuild and recuperate. When asked how long he simply said, "For starters, lets begin with 365 standard days and I'll let you know after then."
18th of March, 3085 Finally allowing SLDF peacekeepers into the Tikonov system as well as Federated Suns reinforcements, the remaining Davion forces begin their tactical withdrawal, under the watchful eye of the SLDF peacekeepers. Some of retreating Davion ‘Mechs, vehicles and equipment are left behind to the CMAF as spoils of war. The 1st Federated Freemen regiment and the Tikonov CMM are reduce to 40% during the fighting, and the Illician Lancers take a severe thrashing as well. The remaining strengths of both the CMAF and AFFS forces remain classified, but the SLDF begrudgingly acknowledges Tikonov as a Capellan holding, setting the stage for Tancred Sandoval’s repudiation of the Star League.
20th of March, 3085 A general ceasefire is called by the SLDF, freezing all troop movements along the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns border. Seeing this as a sign of “Davion weakness,” this fuels the fires of the Citizens for Davion Purity movement. The CMAF takes advantage of the surrenders of 1 or 2 Davion forces caught in the pincer move by Operation Neptune. They go about reequipping their forces with the captured war materials for the second half of the war they know is sure to come. Taking this as a sign from New Avalon in the Federated Suns, Nathaniel Hasek also goes about reequipping the Capellan March.
28th of April, 3085 to the 1st of June, 3085 CNN- 1 6 3085- The Black Wolf Ranger's on Benjamin!!! Escorting Duke Gregory Halas, the BWR has stepped onto the Dragon's territory in peace instead of war this time. A high profile security detail protecting the Leagues Trade negotiation Team has come to Benjamin to conduct high profile trade talks. How thing proceed will be interesting to say the least as the Dragon's enemy has come to the den.
2nd of May, 3085 The Citizens for Davion Purity movement spurred on by the success of the Brotherhood of Cincinnatus commences “Operation Grassy Knoll.” The Federated Suns Yvonne Steiner-Davion and Harrison Davion injured in an assassination attempt that takes Vincent Sandoval-Davion’s life (3072-3085). Tancred Sandoval-Davion assumes Regency of Federated Suns in place of his severely injured wife. Presidential-Senator Ivan Vladimir assassinated in plot to murder Triumvirate Commanding General Victor Steiner-Davion. Triumvirate Commanding General Lisa Koenings-Cober wounded during battle that claims Victor Steiner-Davion’s life.
4th of May, 3085 Elements of the 31st Division under Major General Harry J. Aldrin leave Fomalhaut and perform a lightning raid on Nirasaki disobeying orders from General Sonic Owens commander of IX Corps to stand down.
5th of May, 3085 After a JumpShip carrying reserve forces and supplies misses Athenry during a miss-jump from Telos IV it ends up in the Lipton system attracted by that stars gravity well. Mistaken for a vanguard in a Combine assault General Alexander Cocus, acting without orders prepares III Corps and a part of the SLDF Navy for an assault with the 8th Division under Major General Bryce McCaan and the 9th Division under Major General Carson Aston to hit Dieron and Altair. Major General Kristine Reardon of 7th Division refuses to lift off of Lipton to assail Asta without further authorization up the chain of command after realizing the in bound JumpShip is ill prepared for any possible invasion plan.
6th of May, 3085 An initial emergency meeting of the Star League Senate fails to elect a new Presidential-Senator with the Federated Suns representatives walking out on the summit due to the SLDF refusing to take further action against the Draconis Combine who many believe was behind the assassinations.
7th of May, 3085 A second Star League Senate meeting again fails to elect a new Presidential-Senator with senators from the Capellan Confederation unwilling to accept the news of Tancred Sandoval as the Regent for the young Harrison Steiner-Davion. Tancred demands the return of Tikonov to the Federated Suns and the removal of all remaining SLDF peacekeeping forces from his nation’s border with the Confederation. Capellan senators walk out on the proceedings. They are joined by the senators from the Skye Province who believe Archon Adam Steiner’s new troop deployments have left them greatly undefended. In truth these reserve units are being re-shifted to the Clan front to deal with increasing Clan Wolf hostilities while upholding an earlier promise to the SLDF high command that was an attempt to ease tensions in the region by swapping them for more SLDF peacekeeping units.
9th of May, 3085 A daring break in at SLDF headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany during daylight hours takes place by MIIO agents; one is captured briefly before committing suicide.
10th of May, 3085 The assassination of SLDF Commanding General George Wagoner, formerly of the 1st Army, in 3082 is revealed to be a DEST attack by Senator Paul Jefferson from Kentares IV during a third emergency meeting of the Star League Senate. Tancred Sandoval threatens to withdraw the Federated Suns from the Star League if immediate action isn’t taken against the Combine by the League. This evidence leads more senators and the general public to believe the Combine was responsible for the Steiner-Davion assassinations believing that Presidential-Senator Ivan Vladimir was an intended target as well. Senator Mandrissa Elisha Silverburg of the Capellan world of Ingresoll wins the vote and is sworn in as Presidential-Senator.
11th of May, 3085 In a possible manipulation by Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao a motion to remove the SLDF peacekeepers from the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns border by Tancred Sandoval fails with the new Presidential-Senator instead pledging to send the 2nd Division as further support. A subsequent bid for more peacekeepers from the Clan front to aid the peacekeeping mission along the Draconis Combine and Federated Suns border by Tancred is likewise shot down by similar political maneuvering. As a result Tancred Sandoval formally withdraws the Federated Suns from the Star League. Parts of the 6th Army defect to the Federated Suns two weeks later.
1st of June, 3085 to the 5th of July, 3085 CNN- Comstar News Network- CNN Benjamin Localized fighting outside of the capital has been discounted by the DCMS command. War games were carried out between the DCMS and the Black Wolf Rangers in conclusion of the successful trade negotiations between House Marik and our great Nation. In a surprise outcome, Lead negotiator for the Free World's League, Duke Gregory Halas proposed and married Planetary Governor Timothy Yechido's daughter Jasmine. The bond between the Halas and Yechido families will surely bring prosperity to both families and nations.
3rd of June, 3085 to the 4th of August, 3085 CNN - Suzano. Arriving on Suzano in early 6, the Black Wolf Ranger's quickly took up station to begin recon missions to locate locally operating Pirates that were reported as utilizing the Nuclear devastated are of the Coljma region struck during the 1st succession war. Stumbling into a Genovese ambush, the BWR has engaged and located the centuries old movement that has been trying to get autonomous rule of the Stewart Commonality.
14th of June, 3085 to the 25th of October, 3085 According to our sources, King's Lancers were deployed to world of Homestead on behalf of the Confederated Magistracy. As to the nature of their work, both the Lancers and the Capellan Ambassador declined to comment. Homestead is currently occupied by forces from the Magistracy, Suns and the Star League. The addition of a Capellan mercenary unit does not bode well for peace.
15th of June, 3085 Isis Marik and Andrew Redburn agreed to lead a relocation of the Star League Senate and some bureaucratic structures. Isis, who up to this point had been credited with very little in her life, executed a brilliantly choreographed relocation of the Star League Senate to the seats of Liberty’s now infamous Baku Opera Complex on Quantico Island. Isis broadcasted a message that was disseminated to nearly every former Star League citizen, soldier and bureaucrat. She invited them to come to the worlds of Liberty, New Home and Procyon. The message was powerful in its brevity but seemed to speak to the core needs of many who read it. Those who were touched by her message and the many more that followed, flocked to Liberty like Pilgrims, with two hopeful words on their lips: Liberty Holds.
4th of July, 3085 to the 3rd of September, 3085 The 171st Armored Cavalry performed a garrison contract on the planet of Betelgeuse for the Confederated Magistracy, the primary responsibility being the guarding of a weapons manufacturing facility. No serious enemy contact was made but there was one local separatist group that performed a raid on the facility but were stopped almost single-handedly by a battle armor trooper. No other incident were reported.
25th of September, 3085 Jyoji Kobayashi officially tenders his resignation from the MRBC position of Draconis Combine Ambassador
6th of October, 3085 Leaving Abaoji Taizu, The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command are once again approached by the Capellan Confederation to investigate suspected pirate raids against the planet Lyreton. From the first enemy activity, the Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command recognizes a certain quality about the raiders, which leads them back to their old nemesis, the Word of Blake! The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command was surprised to find a Taurian Defense Force unit operating on the wrong side of the border. More to follow...
25th of November, 3085 Sent to the Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) planet of Lyreton, to investigate the disappearance of the village of Black Rock, the Black Talon Phoenix mercenary command unearths evidence that the Word of Blake was conducting experiments in cybernetic research on the unwilling residents. Signs existed to support that a nuclear weapon had been used to cleanse the site. Also, a Taurian unit had started demonstrating on the planet, in an attempt to annex it for the Taurian Concordat. The Black Talon Phoenix mercenary command was able to uncover, and defeat all actions being prosecuted against Lyreton and its ruling house. Sterope Legion proved to be a veteran unit of the Taurian Concordat. Word of Blake still operating in the area
4th of January, 3086 It was one year ago that Peter Steiner-Davion and his children Melissa and Marcus, fell to an assassin in the Throne Room on Tharkad. For nearly a year the people of the Lyran Alliance have grieved with his widow, Duchess Hermione Aten of Skye. A nation in the mourning has just begun to collect itself. Adam Steiner’s ascension to the Tharkad throne soothed many who saw him as the right man at the right time, and reduced fears of some kind of internal strife or even Civil War. At the same time, the hunt for the architects of the tragedy is on-going. Although numerous experts have pointed fingers at the Draconis Combine, more recent accumulated evidence has pointed at the Brotherhood of Cincinnatus. LOKI and other LIC organizations have begun to target the organization with a sense of grim determination. Anyone found to be explicitly aware of the intended assassination, or taken part in it has become a target of an ongoing and lethal manhunt. Much of that activity has centered around Gacrux, a stronghold of the Brotherhood, and led to extensive purges of the Gacrux Freedom Theatre Militia. For much of the year, Duchess Hermione Aten remained on Tharkad, often appearing with Adam Steiner at public events and memorials. We have recently learned that after a year of mourning, she will return to her homeworld of Skye. The move appears timed with a growing sense that Skye is free from the threat of any imminent Draconis Combine invasion. The beloved Duchess’s return comes at a time of discontent in the Isle of Skye. The Duchess’s marriage and children were long perceived within the Isle of Skye as the fulfillment of Skye’s destiny to rise up and lead the Lyran Alliance. With that dream crushed and many worlds in the Isle of Skye suffering from devastation in the recent fighting with the Draconis Combine, many people in the Isle of Skye have reassumed their more rebellious spirit, finding fault with Archon Adam Steiner’s decisions at every turn and being openly critical of recent events (and the Alliance’s handling of them). As a direct result of this, LIC presence within the Isle of Skye has been intensified to levels not seen since before the FedCom Civil War.
1st of February, 3086 Angus McCleod, the Ambassador to the Lyran Alliance is ill and can no longer perform his duties. He has tendered his intent to resign from his MRBC office.
10th of February, 3086 The esteemed Elias Konrad Ritter has been sworn in as the new Lyran Alliance Ambassador
10th of February, 3086 The former Lyran Ambassador Angus McCleod has step down from his post and has been replaced by Elias Konrad Ritter.
16th of February, 3086 The Federated Suns House Davion has a new Pressurized ShipYard facility and an Orbital Factory. The Restless Souls have invested vast amounts of revenue and resources into the Regina Enterprises Shipyard and attendant Orbital Factory at their Landhold System, Quentin. They were separate entities however they were both close affiliates. Construction on both started roughly a year ago at the behest of Regent Tancred Sandoval who had hinted to the Restless Souls Lieutenant General that he intended to grant the Mercenary Brigade a Block I – Class Destroyer for their exemplary service to the Federated Suns. That the Restless Souls build and maintain a ShipYard had not been a prerequisite however it had strongly suggested at the time. True to his Word, the Regent granted the Restless Souls Brigade the Destroyer class Warship and Xavier Steele dubbed it 'Zeus'.
8th of March, 3086 Since the cesstation of hostilities remenant of the 5th Succession War have all but ceased, it will allow the Federated Suns to focus its energies elsewhere from the front of its to age old enemies. While the Regent implements measures to stabilize the war economy and to rebuild his borders the High Council has thrown their support behind Sandoval in involving the Federated Suns into a conflict that they can win. Operation Retribution. In lieu of the Outworld’s Alliance’s violation of the Treaty of Cerberus with the taking of Kennard the intial forces of this Periphery War Operation began landing in the early part of 3086 in the Kennard theater and Valasha theater.
1st of April, 3086 The Free Worlds League launches an invasion of the Lyran Alliance, targeting the key worlds of Hesperus II and Bolan. The former invasion fails miserably, though the Free Worlds League succeeds in seizing several Lyran worlds. The Lyran Alliance counterattacks into the Free Worlds League, attacking several key worlds such as Dieudonne and Connaught. The mixed success of the campaign becomes a source of embarrassment for Captain-General Alys Rousset-Marik, even as hawks within the FWL advocate continuing hostilities.
1st of April, 3086 to the 1st of June, 3086 The Mandarin of St Ives, William Overton requested that his son be extracted from the Davion held world of Shoreham. The Restless Souls, after reading there Landhold stipulations to the letter of the law, dispatched a mixed battalion under the command of Colonel Jack ËœNight Fury" Ian, dubbed the Shoreham Expeditionary Command. The Mandarin's youngest son, Ian, had always been headstrong, and wanted to be a MechWarrior. Mandarin Overton used all of his contacts to keep Ian out of the CMAF and most major Mercenary units, but he managed to find one that would take him, the Blindsides Mercenary Unit. That unit was contracted by the government on Shoreham to help put down a rebellious element within the local militia, and has not been seen or heard from since.*Presently the planet is divided by a Civil War. The Planetary Governor, Count Lucius Benedict Fenner, is trying to impose Sun Tzu's rule with the aid of a Lyran armchair General named Sir Henry Simmerson. The head of the local Capellan 3 Militia, Colonel Chloe LaFollett has rebelled and has led the bulk of her forces to a Star League era fortification known locally as the Blasted Redoubt. They've been held out there for several months, controlling most of the countryside, while Count Fenner and his hired paramilitary forces, known affectionately as the Black Shirts, hold all the cities and major towns. The rebel government has to leave the CMM alone because they control the capital city and surrounding areas main water treatment plant and electricity sub-station.*After several weeks following up dead end leads Colonel Ian finally locates and secures the Mandarin's heir and in a stunning turn of events Ian Overton rallies the CMM forces in a decisive victory over the rebel regime. And much to the chagrin of the senior Overton, young Ian signs on with the Restless Souls.
20th of May, 3086 The Free Worlds League launched Operation Holy Grail, a 2 pronged assault on the Lyran Alliance. The operation was organized with great secrecy. Two High profile targets, Bolan and Hesperus II, were attacked first in surprise assaults, their respective assault forces having jumped through uninhabited systems to reach their targets. The Free Worlds League followed up by assaults on the border worlds in two cordons that connected FWL territory to their high profile target objectives.
27th of May, 3086 to the 30th of July, 3086 The Black Stars have sent a detachment to Lordinax in the Marian Hegemony consisting of the Mortuus Legio Victrix and the Canis Diablous Inc. The public relations office would only disclose that they were performing cadre duty with a newly formed cohort. Given the Black Star's reputation it is highly likely that the Marian Hegemony plans on creating a highly skilled pirate hunting unit. The Black Star's public Relations officer would neither confirm or deny this and only responded to this inquiry and others by referring all further inquiries to the Hegemony's Public Relations office.
1st of July, 3086 to the 1st of September, 3086 The Federated Suns had a high ranking dignitary get trapped behind within the Chaos 3. The Federated Suns Ambassador, Randee Mishel Le'roux. The Restless Souls traveled inside the Chaos 3 and discovered her whereabouts aboard a rebel control Warship in the Bryant Solar System, neutralized the enemy fleet and escorted the Ambassador back to the their Land Hold in the Federated Suns, Quentin. The Souls latest intelligence reports speculate that she would be moving soon to either Epsilon Indi system or Epsilon Eridani System. That's when the Rebel Fleet was intercepted, engaged and was involved a climatic Naval battle against the Restless Souls Davion Block I Class Destroyer, Zeus. It was determined that the Ambassador was retrieved before she revealed any damaging state secretes.
17th of July, 3086 The Federated Suns launched Operation Retribution. In response to the Outworlds Alliances violation of the Treaty of Cerberus with the taking of Kennard
20th of August, 3086 to the 23rd of November, 3086 This news agency has learned that the Black Stars have recently finished their contract with the Hegemony. Their contract appeared to be assisting with pirate hunting in the Lordinax Sector specifically against the Order of the Faithful. Rumors claim that while they did not encounter the pirate band they did assist the locals with several groups of bandits. A hegemony representative, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that while the pirate band was not caught the exercise further bolstered their recent pirate hunting training. Official Hegemony sources would only say that the Blacks Stars fulfilled their contract obligations. Black Star public relations only referred the questions to Hegemony officials.
1st of October, 3086 The Heir-Apparent to the Captain-Generalship of the Free Worlds League, Calvin Marik, nephew of Captain-General Alys Rousset-Marik, marries Tanya Korcinksi, the sister of the Duke of Camlann in a large and highly publicized wedding on Atreus. The bride becomes Tanya Marik.
1st of October, 3086 to the 25th of November, 3087 Froness Isabella Humphreys from the old Magistry of Canopus, upset over her loss of power & prestige after the merger of the Canopians & the Capellans is seeking a way to weaken the newly combined realm with the ultimate hope that the Canopians would leave the union and set out on their own. It was easy enough for her then to find various disgruntled folks on both the Marik and Liao sides of the new accord that wanted to go back to the way things were. These member states she merged into a working no named alliance of sorts with the aim of causing paranoia in both realms and trying to break the peace. With their combined resources she was able to pull together a division of BattleMechs as well as some intelligence assets and propaganda corps. They began a series of raids on either side of the border, switching their paint schemes and falsifying their IFF beacons to the opposing side's colors for each attack. Using their spies they chose their targets carefully to allow for the commission of news worthy atrocities and then used their press agents to stir the pot. It wasn't long before the common citizens of both sides were screaming for blood and even the house lords, who knew that no such attacks had been sanctioned, were having to take notice of the diplomatic disaster this was turning into. Neither side of the Vakarel Peace Accord completely trusted the other one though nor do they trust their respective intelligence agencies. It was common knowledge that the Maskirovka and SAFE did not work too well together. Both houses, Marik and Liao, were in a bind as they had to take action but overtly working together would raise the public outcry to levels that rivaled the Marik Civil War. They would have to be subtle about this and work through third parties. Dignitaries from both Houses Marik and Liao decided to hire mercenaries to try and investigate and then take out whoever was behind the attacks. So that they wouldn't be seen to be working together they put up the money to let the nobles of Andurien, under the pseudo Red Guard, hire the Restless Souls, who was the only merc unit large enough and available at the right moment. There in lies another problem, House Liao did not particularly trusts the Restless Souls so the Chancellor had them shadowed with an 'observer' from the Maskirovka. And as soon as that juicy bit of intel was leaked The Captain-General followed suit and sent his own SAFE 'representative'. One of the two Interstellar intelligence agencies covertly slipped the Restless Souls data they had collected, including a lead that the Marik world of Conquista was to be attacked next. The Restless Souls were only allowed to take one JumpShip and one DropShip through Capellan Space and into Marik Space on their way from Quentin to Conquista. Although they were allowed to take the Galax however the other two docking collars were occupied by each one of their covert watch dogs under the guise of a tramp freighters and a merchant marine transport. The Souls arrive on world and encounter the FWL Legionnaires. They Souls land a reinforced battalion on world and succinctly are engaged by a full regiment of the Legionnaire's who are 'safeguarding' the Trade shipment. Souls intel has it that they are skimming off the top and torturing the shipment's liaison. The Souls were winning a battle of outmaneuvering and attrition against the numerically superior Legionnaires when three CMAF Hussar Regiments pop into system. In retrospect, the Souls would later uncover that these were, in fact, the Raiders that the Souls Command Staff was slipped intel on. The Hussars show up at the JumpPoint and start making high speed burns towards the planet. In light of the size of this new variable, the Souls and the Legionnaires put their difference aside and join forces. They both know that if the Hussars are hostile that neither of them stand a chance. Legionnaires approach the Souls with the proposal since it's a Marik world and as payment the Souls request the shipment and the liaisons release. The Souls were scheduled to be on world in time to be a surprise for the Raiders. But the Raiders surprised the Restless Souls by landing a full division on Conquista. The CMAF Hussars come in with an overwhelming aerospace element and in addition their ground forces committing "News Worthy" atrocities against the civilian population of Conquista. They outnumber the hybrid Legionnaires/Souls forces 3 to 1. The hybrid force manages to stay one step ahead of the raiders helped in part by a raging super cell sandstorm. The Restless Souls stumble upon a two sinister discovery. First, they have Capellan born Major Alex McCray who swears that these aren't the CMAF Hussars. Secondly, the Raiders are piloting walking "nuke" bombs, battlemechs rigged to release their fusion power plant at imminent failure. The Restless Souls discovery becomes the Raiders folly as the Raiders lose several companies of ËœMechs prematurely as a result of Souls machinations. But in the end it is not enough. In the face of overwhelming odds, heavy Souls losses, dwindling supplies, low consumables, limited aerospace fighter support nor any WarShip support, Steele sacrifices the remaining 'Mech forces in a classic last stand to allow his conventional forces to escape aboard their Colossus-Class DropShip. The Souls ËœMechs are joined in their Climatic standoff by a battalion of Battlearmor led by Colonel Jack Ian. Before the Restless Souls Command is wiped out, the Restless Souls Sledgehammer Cluster arrives in the proverbial nick of time to save the day. The real CMAF Hussars make planet fall, overtly interested in the where and the who are the fake "CMAF Hussars" masquerading as them. The Real Hussars unit has the ghost among its ranks that the Restless Souls Major Alex McCray was looking for. As payment for rescuing the shipment's liaison officers, the officers make the shipment of two Battalions worth of Battlemechs simply 'go away'. Hereby achieving the sole objective of the contract. During their time on world the Restless Souls figure out that its the same forces doing all the raids the Freeman Juggernauts led by Steele's arch nemesis, Rick McCann.
12th of January, 3087 The collapse of the Star League depressed the regiments of the famous Northwind Highlanders. Their leaders believed that they could simply go back to the way things were and resume life as mercenaries. But some, civilian and military alike, believe the Northwind Highlanders should seize Terra and resurrect something akin to the old Terran Hegemony….or die trying. They hide their ambition under the veil of being humanitarians, stating that they can stop the infighting that grips the Chaos March. Those that stand against them believe that such a move will only bring war and death to Northwind itself once the Great Houses react to the threat that they would become. In the political arenas of Northwind, a battle of words is being fought and all sides are gathering forces to them….some in preparation for conquest…some in preparation to stop them.
7th of February, 3087 Lyran Alliance officials have confirmed that the Lyran Alliance is embarking on a massive civilian infrastructure and military reconstruction and build-up within the traditional boundaries of the Isle of Skye. The move comes after months of increasing hostility in Skye toward the Alliance government after many Skye worlds fell to the Draconis Combine and many others were ravaged in raids. The offensives put Skye itself within grabbing reach of the Combine, which sent the people of Skye into an uproar over the perceived failures of the Alliance government.
10th of February, 3087 to the 5th of April, 3087 After spending 2 years with a black mark on the Hussar name, They are hired by an old ally, to defend the planet of Schuyler against an Invasion from Clan Ghost Bear, who are looking to stop the Draconis Combine developing HarJel technology. But as the Hussars fight the enemies from without, enemies within the Draconis combine are perhaps an even bigger threat to the success of their mission, the return of the black dragon society is not something to be taken lightly.
3rd of March, 3087 ComStar's Explorer Corps discovers a new massive shipyard complex over the Clan Snow Raven world of Valhalla. The amount of space traffic and energy signatures suggest that the Clan is using Valhalla as an important staging area and that a new, possibly subterranean colony has been built on the planet surface.
10th of March, 3087 Today a senior officer in the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces confirmed reports that three new BattleMech regiments and a number of supporting units have been activated. The Tenth and Twelfth Donegal Guard RCTs and the 1st Lyran Regulars have officially returned to active duty. All three units were destroyed in the 3050 Clan Invasion prior to the Battle of Tukayyid The restoration of these units appears to be part of a large build-up and rebuilding of the LAAF following years of war on the Draconis Combine front, as well as on and off hostilities on the Clan front. Most recently, the Free Worlds League has launched a new offensive that the LAAF was hard-pressed to counter. The simultaneous unveiling of all three units, which had been formed and training in secret, came as little shock to many LAAF observers both inside the Lyran Alliance and beyond.
4th of April, 3087 Coordinator Hohiro Kurita has shocked the Inner Sphere by revealing that he has a family. The Coordinator presented his family to an assemblage of cultural and political leaders, including the Keeper of House Honor, Miyako Kurita, and Lady Mara Selencia, Abbess of the Order of Five Pillars. We now know that Hohiro was married to Lady Fiona Kurita in 3057 and that Fiona and Omi, Hohiro’s sister, were good friends. Hohiro has also revealed that he has two sons, Shinjiro and Vincent. Hohiro’s sons Shinjiro and Vincent had been using a cover surname, that of a prominent Samurai family their entire lives and with the secret permission of that family. Shinjiro Kurita, age 30 is a mechwarrior in the 1st Sword of Light and is not married. Vincent Kurita, age 25, married Lady Ramiko Nishimura on Kirei Na Niwa on the 12th of May, 3081. Vincent remains in the DCMS but in more recent years has served primarily in non-combat Staff positions. The news has been met with celebration across the Draconis Combine.
1st of May, 3087 to the 10th of September, 3089 All questions concerning operation CC-GW-06-02 have been forwarded to the MRBC Public Relations office. There were no comments at the time of press. Speculations have been varied. The only thing that has been confirmed is the local military industrial complex is in the midst of bidding on a new WiGE prototype vehicle that local sources say made quite an impression in the last few months.
10th of May, 3087 In retaliation for Free Worlds League assaults in Lyran Alliance space, including the loss of Bolan, the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces dusted off and activate a contingency plan called Operation Switchblade. The objective of Operation Switchblade was to detour further adventurism by the Free Worlds League by seizing several worlds and destroying several units. The threat presented by a deep strike would then force the Free Worlds League to adopt a defensive posture. The Lyran Alliance sought to keep whatever it gained, but stemming any momentum of the Free Worlds League Military was the primary objective. The worlds of Shiloh, Wing and Dubhe were the Wave One assaults. Dieudonne, Bordon, Connaught and Van Diemen IV were assaulted in Wave Two. The LAAF took those worlds and held them long enough to achieve the Operation’s strategic directive. The loss of Dieudonne in particular, headquarters for the FWLM’s entire Dieudonne Military District, served as a shock factor to the FWLM. In addition, these assaults put worlds like Irian, Marik and Augustine under the potential threat of an attack.
1st of June, 3087 In an unusual campaign, the Alpha and Epsilon Regiments of Wolf’s Dragoons have conducted a series of raids on worlds controlled by Clans Star Adder and Cloud Cobra. In total 33 raids were launched in a fairly short amount of time. Some of these raids were no larger than lance-size engagements and none larger than a battle involving a mixed battalion of the Dragoons against a comparable Clan Star Adder force. The news coming out of the Federated Suns Department of Military Intelligence indicates that these raids were conducted in a manner akin to Clan-style “Trials of Possession”, over targets ranging from dropships to food shipments to even the official banner belonging to the Clan Cloud Cobra’s Alpha Galaxy. Wolf’s Dragoons won slightly more than fifty percent of the raids. Neither Clan has since made any overtures of aggression toward the Federated Suns. The AFFS units near the border have similarly remained surprisingly unfazed.
3rd of June, 3087 to the 24th of September, 3087 On the Taurian Concordat World of Pinnard, a transcontinental, 300 kilometer MagLev Line was destroyed by unknown forces while it was still under construction. Sources indicated that is was contracted to be protected by the Dracs 7th Cavalry Mercenary Unit.
12th of June, 3087 After intense fighting on the planet between the Free Worlds League and the Lyran Alliance and in space that lasted several months, the part of Holy Grail assault on Hesperus II failed, which included the destruction of the Thera-class Supercarrier Thomas Marik in space and the destruction of the Haematite Guard regiment on the surface, the remaining FWL forces withdrew from Hesperus II. The Bolan thrust will succeed, leading to the FWL conquest of Cavannaugh II, Bolan, Dixie and Loric. The assault on Giausar failed. The Hesperus II thrust was suspended after the failure to seize Hesperus II. By the time news of the failure got out, the worlds of Rahne and New Kyoto were already seized, assaults on Solaris VII and Algorab (then in-progress) were aborted and the Hesperus II thrust was cancelled. The Bolan assault was successful. Though now the world is exposed to counterattack.
16th of June, 3087 to the 24th of August, 3087 Date line 8 30 3087 Press Release - ComStar has announced that their newly created 394th division The White Lions has recently finished training and is due to be rotated out to the Draconis Combine sector. Their training covered multiple areas of focus tailored to their deployment zone, specifically including pirate hunting. To achieve the level of training needed under the truncated time table the Black Stars sub unit The Bloody Marauders were brought in. Their level of knowledge and experience were an important part of the selection process. Their extremely aggressive training schedule and more importantly their ability to maintain that schedule and meet all of the key deliverables was what made this training a success.
3rd of July, 3087 to the 5th of September, 3087 The Black Stars MU successfully completed a clandestine raid for the Marian Hegemony to locate the Marcadia Brothers hidden base on Clayborne.
12th of July, 3087 to the 18th of October, 3087 After fighting a large Pro-Cappelan force on Fletcher, Major Veens took the Veens Irregulars to Terra Firma, While on planet he attended a handful of dinner party's hosted by leaders of both the Federated Suns and the Free Worlds League. Before hinting an out post before leaving the world. The Major is still as unpredictable as ever, some think he was working for one house or another well others think he only really hit the out post to keep his troops sharp or just because it was run by House Liao.
20th of July, 3087 Under heavy political pressure from throughout the federal and provincial governments, Alys Rousset-Marik reaches a deal to step down and go into exile along with her nephew Calvin Marik and his wife Tanya. On the 21st Captain-General Agatha Rousset-Marik was instated. Fears of an impending civil war quickly fall apart as the Free Worlds League, including many former supporters of Janos Marik II and supporters of the Covenant, rally to the new Captain-General. The new exiles disappear from sight.
10th of August, 3087 The Lyran Alliance hired Mercenary Unit, Ingersoll's Armored Cavalry, failed to hold Sudeten from an unknown attacker.
5th of September, 3087 The Black Stars MU successfully completed a clandestine raid for the Marian Hegemony to locate the Marcadia Brothers hidden base
10th of September, 3087 All questions concerning the mission have been forwarded to the Public Relations office. There were no comments at the time of press. Speculations have been varied. The only thing that has been confirmed is the Capellan Confederation's local Herotitus military industrial complex is in the midst of bidding on a new WiGE prototype vehicle that local sources say made quite an impression in the last few months.
24th of September, 3087 On the Taurian Concordat World of Pinnard, a transcontinental, 300 kilometer MagLev Line was destroyed by unknown forces while it was still under construction. Sources indicated that is was contracted to be protected by the Dracs 7th Cavalry Mercenary Unit
15th of January, 3088 The fall of the Star League had an impact on the Draconis Combine that the Coordinator did not expect. Many former Star League warriors of Combine origin are returning home. They bring with them an entire generation’s ideals, fighting experience, and a lack of fanatical loyalty to the Coordinator. Their skills, quickly prized by a DCMS desperate to rebuild, are turned on the Dragon when a large swath of the Benjamin Military District, including the District capital and its leadership, attempt to secede from the Combine…with the assistance of many former Star League personnel, some DCMS units and several respected mercenary commands ‘loaned’ from other Great Houses that enjoy seeing the Dragon wounded from within. Bringing the errant District to heel will pit Samurai against Samurai, brother against brother, and test the true measure of loyalty for many in what is quickly dubbed the “War of Benjamin”.
22nd of January, 3088 Major William Veen was granted his second Planetary Land hold on the Federated Suns planet Valexa, bestowed with a noble title of Baron, and promoted to the Executive Officer of the Valexa PDZ.
22nd of January, 3088 The Federated Suns launched an intel raid on the ComMag world of Styx, something that hadn't happened in a long time, followed quickly by a dropship that picked up the a group of Veen's Irregulars, no real fighting other then a raid on a mercenary camp. ties believed to be between the two but so far nothing has been figured out.
22nd of January, 3088 There was a raid on a bank raid on Cappellan soil, something that hadn't happened in a long time, followed quickly by a dropship that picked up the robbers, no real fighting other then a raid on a mercenary camp. ties believed to be between the two but so far nothing has been figured out.
23rd of January, 3088 If the rumors are to be believed, the former Commandant of the Black Jack School of Conflict General Norman Bates and Commodore Miles Kylisearn of the Thorin Flight Academy have been recalled to the Tharkad and will assume command of all Lyran Alliance units shortly.
23rd of January, 3088 to the 3rd of February, 3088 The Rasalhague Dominion forces of the 2nd Kavalleri and the Growing Bears Trinary, despite a costly initial landing, seized control of the W-9 production facility, winning one years supply of mechs from the factory there. The Rasalhague forces lost a dropship and the unit commander of the 2nd Kav, however the 13th Wolves have all but ceased to exist as a combat force.
31st of January, 3088 Comstar News Network: Brought in to bring aide and training to the Tannis Protection Force on the Chaos March world of Sheraton, The Black Wolf Rangers detached a small cadre training unit from the Storm Wolves Regiment on its way back from the Lyran / Jade Falcon border on their return back to Davion Space and back to Cimeron. Successful in all their objectives the Training Cadre is now en route back to Cimeron for much needed Refit and rest.
3rd of February, 3088 The Rasalhague Dominion forces of the 2nd Kavalleri and the Growing Bears Trinary, despite a costly initial landing, seized control of the W-9 production facility, winning one years supply of mechs from the factory there. The Rasalhague forces lost a dropship and the unit commander of the 2nd Kav, however the 13th Wolves have all but ceased to exist as a combat force.
14th of March, 3088 Today’s announcement from the office of the Archon of the Lryan Alliance has led to this, great hopes and joy have engulfed all of Skye due to the Archons decision to resurrect the 1st Skye Jäger and to place special emphasis on strengthening the 22nd Skye. The arrival of the 15th Lyran Regulars, the 24th and 26th Lyran Guards and the 13th Donegal Guards, all at full strength seem to herald a new age for Skye.
12th of April, 3088 When two local raider companies in the Clan Zone, trapped on the planet Enif since before Clan Snow Raven took control of the world, organized and hit the main city of Enif Central in force to raid the Palladium warehouses that stored shipments destined for the Shipbuilding yards at Valhala, the local Garrison proved to be ineffective at being able to stop them causing Snow Raven Warrior Council to send two forces to recover the shipments. The first unit for the assignment was the 15th Raven Battle Cluster, one of two Clusters assigned to Front Line status in Gamma Galaxy, the other was an independant Second Line Trinary attached to Epsilon Galaxy that goes by "Jared's Jackdaws," after their Commander Jared Siegel. The Jackdaws had not yet been assigned to a Cluster and were the only unit available to immediately redeploy to Enif after their refit on Farstar. So successful were the Jackdaws that by the time the 15th reported they had mobilized and did their first Double Jump towards Enif, the Trinary of Jackdaw warriors had landed, defeated both companies of Raiders and recovered the Palladium shipments. Upon hearing of the incredible success that his independent trinary achieved, Epsilon Galaxy Commander Jensen Crow announced that "Jared's Jackdaws," would continue to be used on special assignments as a quick reaction force and that he would ensure their codices reflected the proper merit of their deeds.
12th of April, 3088 When two local raider companies, trapped on the planet Enif since before Clan Snow Raven took control of the world, organized and hit the main city of Enif Central in force to raid the Palladium warehouses that stored shipments destined for the Shipbuilding yards at Valhala, the local Garrison proved to be ineffective at being able to stop them causing Snow Raven Warrior Council to send two forces to recover the shipments. The first unit for the assignment was the 15th Raven Battle Cluster, one of two Clusters assigned to Front Line status in Gamma Galaxy, the other was an independent Second Line Trinary attached to Epsilon Galaxy that goes by "Jared's Jackdaws," after their Commander Jared Siegel. The Jackdaws had not yet been assigned to a Cluster and were the only unit available to immediately redeploy to Enif after their refit on Farstar. So successful were the Jackdaws that by the time the 15th reported they had mobilized and did their first Double Jump towards Enif, the Trinary of Jackdaw warriors had landed, defeated both companies of Raiders and recovered the Palladium shipments. Upon hearing of the incredible success that his independent trinary achieved, Epsilon Galaxy Commander Jensen Crow announced that "Jared's Jackdaws," would continue to be used on special assignments as a quick reaction force and that he would ensure their codices reflected the proper merit of their deeds.
18th of June, 3088 Having dispatched the Dark Caste presence from the Clan Snow Raven world of Enif, the Jackdaws began familiarizing themselves with the world and oversaw the production of a new Enclave on Enif's one sub-arctic continent. When the 15th Raven Battle Cluster did arrive, they found the Jackdaws had robbed them of their chance at combat so their commander issued a Trial of Grievance against the Jackdaws, who had been ordered to monitor the Bandits, not engage them. Despite the reason for the trail, the 15th's bid was not enough to get the best of the Jackdaws. With their victory over a Front Line unit, Jared's Jackdaws earned a new Legitimacy that would be reflected in their codices.
21st of August, 3088 Unrest and incidents of Civil Disorder have skyrocketed in recent months in the Periphery March as citizens have come out in protest over what they consider unfair taxation, a lack of representation with the government on New Avalon and an alleged crackdown on civil liberties. What began as a few street protests appears to be swelling into a grass roots movement aiming at either reform or rebellion. On Shawnee a protest turned violent when supporters of House Davion and protestors clashed in the planetary capital. Eleven were killed and almost twice that number were seriously injured in what has to date been the worst case of violence in recent memory. The office of Field Marshall Carrie Zetso put out a statement denouncing the violence and called for groups with grievances to air them in a peaceful manner.
28th of August, 3088 On the Federated Suns Periphery March Capitol World of Broken Wheel Forty Seven students killed in riot as Security Forces engage peaceful protest
1st of September, 3088 The Periphery March Duchess, Carrie Zetso, enacts the Emergency Powers Clause per the Outback Mutual Defense Act of 3081. These powers were to grant the Federated Suns government of the worlds in crisis the ability to ensure security.
7th of September, 3088 The Federated Suns Duchess Carrie Zetso's execution by rebels was broadcasted live via Federated News Network. A 'Rebellion' erupted on Broken Wheel and spread like wild fire to 35 other periphery march worlds. Duchess Offerman, Ravenna Nelson-Black, has agreed to step in as the brevetted Field Marshall over the March in lieu of her assassinated predeccossor and aid the Federated Suns in keeping the political wheels turning and to use her Raven Legion to quell the fires before they spread to even more worlds. The Restless Souls Baron von Quentin, Xavier Steele has agreed to an appointment of brevetted Field Marshall as an aid to Field Marshall Nelson-Black and her second in command focused on subjugating the rebellion at its root on Broken
15th of September, 3088 With Reports of an enemy unit exaggerated as a splinter group of the Veens Irregulars desert and call them selves the Irregulars. Count Veens has taken the rest of the unit and trained them to be a tougher unit that is closer and more like a family rather then a group of grumpy money hungry mercenairys. a clip with a reporter. "Count Veens with reports of some of your troops leaving where does that leave you," "Well Sara, it leaves me better off, as those that left had just started, and taken some with them who do not have the same feel of family as the rest of us that understand people get busy, or bad things happen and we as a unit need to be their for each other or we will fail alone. and that is what will happen to a unit that thinks they are one person army's and cant work together,"
30th of September, 3088 FEDNET ASTRO-REPORT, Hugh Morely - (Bharat; 30 SEP 88) - Lawyers and scientists alike are scratching their heads over this high-eye mystery, folks. A mercenary unit of undisclosed affiliation caused some tension for Baron-Major William Veens and the Valexa PDZ this week when tens of millions of sterling in damages were done to the visiting crews, materiel, escorts, and four transit vessels during an apparent freak comet strike upon the unnamed band. Tensions remain high on the peaceful world while accusations of sneak attack and planetary invasion fly, but the mysterious comet strike is as odd as it was fortuitous. Planetologists will continue to examine the debris, but at this point, even the experts are baffled.
1st of October, 3088 Duchess Offerman, Ravenna Nelson-Black, has agreed to step in as the brevetted Field Marshall over the March in lieu of her assassinated predecessor and aid the Federated Suns in keeping the political wheels turning and to use her Raven Legion to quell the fires before they spread to even more worlds. The Restless Souls Baron von Quentin, Xavier Steele has agreed to an appointment of brevetted Field Marshall as an aid to Field Marshall Nelson-Black and her second in command focused on subjugating the rebellion at its root on Broken Wheel
20th of October, 3088 The Growling Bears Trinary and 12th PGC successfully held the Rasalhague Dominion world of Last Frontier in the face of an invasion by the 8th Sword of Light and supporting regiments from the Draconis Combiner. After a month and a half of fighting, the 19th Phalanx arrived to reinforce the 12th and Growling Bears, prompting the 8th to withdraw. Fighting was very intense and scattered across the world. The capital city of Arlington has been partially destroyed by Combine Artillery. The Watch estimates suggest the Combine forces took fifty percent losses in machines and forty-two percent losses in personnel. The Growling Bears will be staying on world in the immediate future to assist in rebuilding.
27th of November, 3088 Somewhere near the Government Plaza, Tecumseh. Location: Shawnee, Federated Suns (Contested) “Ali hai! Ali hai! ALI HAI!” chanted the soldier whose hands were gripping the handles of the support machine-gun that bucked and rattled as 12.7mm rounds were fed into the weapon by a linked belt. Every fifth round was a glowing phosphorescent tracer that aided in aiming but the two men manning it were laying down a wild barrage at anything that moved and burning through ammunition at a prodigious rate as evidenced by the smoking barrel that was so hot as to degrade accuracy. The machine-gun punched holes in ferrocrete and the scattered civilian vehicles which provided little to no actual cover even behind the engine blocks from a weapon designed to present a threat to light mech armor. When the belt ran out, the men began to work on loading another confident that they would keep the invading infantry from advancing any further. What they heard as opposed to return fire was the telltale impact tremors of a battlemech's approach... a big one... The few intact windows began to rattle as from around the corner stepped the one hundred ton incarnation of death on the modern battlefield appeared. Painted in desert digital camouflage and sporting both the livery of House Nelson-Black and the Federated Suns, the Marauder II sporting Clan technology was both rare and distinct not just in this particular theater of operations but in the Inner Sphere as a whole. The machine-gun crew frantically began to unleash fire from their pickup truck mounted weapon the rounds striking the thick armor with little effect except to scratch the paint and lightly pit the surface armor of the massive behemoth that seemed to be looking right at them without pity. The pilot of the Marauder paused for a moment admiring their determination and pitying them for the fate about to befall them. Throttling up, the one hundred ton machine strode forward smashing flat the abandoned and wrecked civilian vehicles and did not stop even as the massive armored foot came down smashing the men and leaving a wet spot the color of blood where once they had been. Marshal Ravenna Black approached the final line of enemy defense, escorting her were the warriors who made up her personal bodyguard unit “Morrigan's Chosen.” An elite cadre of men and women who had sworn themselves to her side and had proven their mettle time and time again. Piloting the cutting edge of Inner Sphere and Clan Technology Morrigan's Chosen had built their reputation at the tip of the 1st Periphery Guards RCT but more commonly known as the Raven Legion by the public at large. Infantry troopers wearing powered armor moved forward sweeping the flanks of the Chosen as they approached the government center of Shawnee's planetary capitol Tecumseh where battlemech sized barriers and a warren of fortifications had been thrown up for a final stand. The battle up to this point had been desperate, but the conclusion seemed to have been decided long before this point. Striding forward, Ravenna didn't allow the barricade to stop her smashing through the flimsy construct even as a few brave souls launched man-portable short ranged missiles at her. Barely registering the impacts she waded through the twisted steel and ferrocrete she came to a stop in the square sweeping left to right with her arm mounted particle projection cannons searching for targets. What she saw were dozens of men and women who were throwing down their arms and raising their hands above their heads. Tank and vehicle crews likewise threw open their hatches knowing from battles on worlds like Neosho and Okefenokee that those who attempted a final stand against Marshal Ravenna Black's forces were often slaughtered to a man. The holo-cameras were rolling for the entire thing as reporters from the Federated News Service were given unprecedented access to the Marshal's command. As prisoners were taken and marched away from the square under the watch of the Regimental Combat Team's infantry troopers a caption began to fill the screen as a woman's voice could be heard. “As you can see here separatist rebel troops taken into custody as the combined assault forces led by Marshal Ravenna Black have utterly crushed resistance on Shawnee after months of bloody combat raging across a dozen worlds in what is known as the Offerman Combat Theater of the war that began with the murder of Marshal Carrie Zetso, the Duchess of Broken Wheel and her family.” “No word as yet of where the Marshal will send this force of battle hardened professional soldiers, but standing here among the ruins of rebellion rumors are that the rebels will soon sue for peace or court total destruction at the hands of loyalist forces. Marshal Black, when asked had this to say...” The image shifted to that of a somewhat candid shot of Marshal Ravenna Black, dressed in a simple field officer's uniform and surrounded by her planning staff and seemingly interrupted by the camera. “Marshal, why have you been crushing pockets of enemy holdouts? Don't you feel that it's a bit brutal?” the reporter asked. Ravenna shook her head softly, looking tired but still young and really fairly vibrant despite the personal toll command had taken on her. “What you have to understand is that these people have been given every chance to surrender, and when they surrender per the Ares Conventions are accorded every respect due to them. However, when you have individuals or groups who simply refuse to surrender and would rather fight to the last man, it's best to simply oblige them and hope that others learn from their mistake. Now, if you will please excuse us we have a battle to plan.” said the Marshal whose image disappeared replaced by the image of the reporter standing in the same battle torn square but during the early morning with the fires and smoke mostly cleared. “This is Dan Heston reporting for the Federated News Service from Shawnee in the Periphery March.”
3rd of December, 3088 The Appointment of Lyran Ambassador Baron Bennedict Steiner-Arnold
12th of December, 3088 Jeannie Sherwood, Goddard Press (AFP) - [Terra] - The Draconis Combine's House Kurita loses a JumpShip - Reports are still filtering in about the disappearance of DCS Suzaku, a Chimeisho-class JumpShip under the command of Dai-i Shichiro Tanaka, which was due to arrive at the Small World AFFS recharge station while flying a flag of neutrality for the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission, based on Outreach. Details as they develop.
12th of December, 3088 Jeannie Sherwood, Goddard Press (AFP) DEVELOPING STORY - [Terra] - This reporter has just learned from informed sources at the Sol Nadir Jump Point Tracking Station that Union class DropShip DCS Misery engaged in a dangerous high-speed maneuver to connect with now-missing Chimeisho class JumpShip DCS Suzaku. The Misery has been identified by our Lyran Alliance sources as a DCMS military vessel on temporary loan to the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission, based on Outreach. General Näslund of the Akki Tsubasa Mercenary Company has yet to comment on the conduct of his troops aboard Mago Barca, or aboard Misery.
12th of December, 3088 FED-NET ASTRO-REPORT Affiliate Goddard Press (AFP); Jeannie Sherwood reporting - [Terra] - Draconic Incompetence Leads to Loss of Major Vessel - Dai-i Shichiro Tanaka, veteran of the Battle of [REDACTED] and thirty year veteran of the deep black, has disappeared this evening. His vessel, the DCS Suzaku, was constructed in 3084 and is considered one of the most stable of her class, the Chimeisho. Suzaku was loaded with a cargo of two MRBC dropships bound for the Clan Front, as well as vital medical supplies and a full crew of thirty. The loss will certainly be a blow for House Kurita in the coming months and a boon for the Federated Suns.
12th of December, 3088 Sovereign Wisdom, the Voice of Mars; Jeannie Sherwood reporting - [Terra] - Mercenaries for Peace? - A highly placed source at the Fleet Yards in Elysium in the Free Worlds League indicates that at least one of the DropShips being transferred aboard Chimeisho class JumpShip DCS Suzaku was Condor class DropShip Mago Barca. A vessel belonging to the Akki Tsubasa Mercenary Company based out of Galtor III, Mago Barca had recently been in for a refit and recertification before allegedly being transferred to active duty on the Clan Front. This reporter chooses not to speculate as to the destination of the Mago Barca or Akki Tsubasa's present employers, considering the nature of the vessel she was transporting under.
12th of December, 3088 ***CNN BREAKING NEWS*** The Comstar News Network is re-broadcasting the following news item without cost to the subscriber as a service to the public interest: Jeannie Sherwood, Goddard Press (AFP) - [Terra] – Piracy in the Sol System! – DCS Misery, believed to be under the command of Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission rated unit Akki Tsubasa, has been confirmed to have engaged the docking collar of Chimeisho class JumpShip DCS Suzaku moments before their mutual jump to the Small World system. This reporter has learned from sources on the scene that DCS Suzaku traded her place in the jump lane with the immediately following vessel, FWLS Attila after recently attached DCS Misery activated her aft weapons systems and commandeered the JumpShip! The whereabouts of DCS Suzaku, Mago Barca, and Misery are still unknown at this Time.
12th of December, 3088 Personal journal of MCPO Castle Black, Captain of DCS Misery, The Irregulars Mercenary Company, Dated 12 DEC 3088: “Dylan, my brother, I was well-passed tired of it. I looked that old man right in the eye and told him how he could do his job, and that if he did not like it, I knew about sixty people that would be only too happy to shoot him after the stunt the Dragons pulled on poor Ham. I do not know how long afterwards it was that Steele finally caught wind of what was going on, but Ben and I had Fire Lance and a team of Medics aboard Suzaku before they could even radio for help. The butcher’s bill was twenty-five incapacitated with stunners and thirteen injured. You should have been there. It was the first time I’ve ever seen a JumpShip under a prize crew.”
13th of December, 3088 Mystery Solved, ‘All a misunderstanding’, claims respected naval officer – IBS – All the Truth you Need – [Graham IV] – “I felt my heart leap into my throat,” says 38-year JumpShip veteran Draconis Combine Dai-I Tanaka, commanding officer of the DCS Suzaku. “Of course, I knew that not even a dirty mercenary would try something as mad as to attack a vessel they were attached to in one of the most populous areas of known space, no less! It was simply Captain Castle’s way of letting me know that the convoy’s destination had unexpectedly changed. Despite what people say, no one was hurt and no damage was done – how could there have been? No one ‘activated weapons’ or even as much as reached for one!” Dai-I Tanaka has communicated his desire to transfer to the quartermaster command, where he may spend more time with his family, and the DCS Suzaku has been dispatched to Proserpina for re-certification and retrofit.
13th of December, 3088 Dawn Malloy, Hall Military Press - [Graham IV System] – “The oft-misunderstood free company, The Irregulars an off-shoot off a loyal Federated Suns unit - Veen's Irregulars - , in a move that will doubtlessly be viewed as glory-seeking adventurism has today arrived in the Graham IV system to relieve the beleaguered survivors of the Succession Wars that cling to life there. Despite being under strength for the operation, The Irregulars’ II Company has diverted from planned operations on the Clan Front to defend the citizens of the Caradan settlement from marauders.”
21st of December, 3088 Tomoe Katsuie is 'officially' sworn into the office of Draconis Combine Ambassador for the MRBC; however, with her predecessor having vacated the office almost four years ago, she does not pick up the reigns until the 22nd of February, 3089.
1st of January, 3089 After the Akki Tsubasa suffered significant losses to equipment and personnel during the DCMS' otherwise successful invasion of Rigil Kantaurus in 3086, the Wings have licked their wounds in the Galtor System for the past two years. Today however, Commander Näslund has informed their potential employers of their combat readiness. Though still not at full strength, the troops find themselves anxious to see work other than training drills and agricultural work in the fields of Eire.
1st of January, 3089 Ambassador General Terrance Xan submitted his resignation from the USI post of Military Hardware Broker
2nd of January, 3089 FED-NET BREAKING NEWS, Richard Bright - (Rio Metroplex, Johnsondale; 03 JAN 89) - The scene here in the Mélancolie Nord section of the city is one of devastation as Mother Nature once again points out the folly of man. Despite the timely warnings of GaiaTech Corporation specialists, the Valiant Systems corporation chose to ignore the dangers of continuing to produce explosives atop the dormant site of an ancient volcano. Once Valiant Systems technicians began using technical equipment to search for and perhaps mitigate the source of the danger, bright plumes of smoke and streams of molten rock flowed into the factory floor of production facility SFR-7. a major provider of guided missile systems to the armies of the First Prince. In what might be described as a massive game of dominoes, six other explosives storage warehouses then detonated in a grim series. Despite the fact that billions of pounds of damage were done today, and the guided armament production capacity of Valiant Systems reduced bay half here on Johnsondale, the quick thinking of GaiaTech personnel allowed our local garrison to evacuate all civilians and nonessential personnel from the Mélancolie Nord section of the metroplex.
9th of January, 3089 With the incoming New Year the following changes have occurred around the Inner Sphere. The recognition of the Official Holdings of Clan Rift Tiger and Clan Diamond Shark. The Draconis Combine gained Sabik, Dalkeit, and Skondia from the Lyran Alliance The Confederated Magistry gained Bell, Safe Port, and Hadnall from the Federated Suns. The Free Worlds League gained Connaught, Bordon, Dieudonne, and Dubhe from the Lyran Alliance The Lyran Alliance gained Marfik, Ryde, Alphecca, and Lyons from the Draconis Combine. Wyatt, Rahne, and New Kyoto from the Free Worlds League The Federated Suns gained Woodstock and Yangtze from the Confederated Magistry. Hazelhurst, Inner End, Sevon, and Mitchella from the Outworlds Alliance. The Taurian Concordant gained Caldwell from the Federated Suns
11th of January, 3089 United Sphere Inc named its new incumbent Broker General Sam Carter
11th of January, 3089 The preliminary hearing pending trial of AFFC officer Leftenant Hamilton Lennox of the Capellan March Militia (Valexa PDZ) begins on this day on Mars in the Terra system. Lennox answers charges of Mutiny and Grand Theft Starcraft at the pleasure of Baron-Major William Veens of the nominally mercenary unit "Veens' Irregulars". As this is a dispute between a mercenary unit and a House Davion officer, the MRBC's Department of Contractual Affairs will be administrating the hearing. Due to the sensitive nature of the hearing, the proceedings have been closed to the media.
15th of January, 3089 Etran Local has learned today that Commanding Officer Marcus Naslund of the Akki-Tsubasa, known locally on Galtor III as Count Naslund, was killed in action in the Land's End system. The majority of the Count's command was deployed to that system in defense against forces of Clan Snow Raven, who repelled by the combined mercenary and DCMS forces in system. However, it was a Pyrrhic victory for the Combine as the 7th Pesht Regulars suffered more than fifty-percent losses of personnel and equipment. The Akki-Tsubasa, long regarded as one of the premier mercenary commands employed by the Combine for the better part of two decades, fared no better than their DCMS counterparts. The Commander was lost along with the unit's flagship Vengeance-class vessel, the Hiryu, along with almost her entire crew, seven other aerospace pilots and a number of aerospace fighters that were still aboard the ship. The future seems uncertain for the Wings as internal strife has intensified in the wake of this severe loss. The Etran has few details but will update the story as information becomes available from the Land's End system.
3rd of February, 3089 Elements of the Akki Tsubasa infiltrated the Federated Suns held world of Colia in the employ of the Draconis Combine to escort in a shipment of supplies and weapons to a group of roughly 120 DCMS guerrilla fighters who have been behind enemy lines since the tail end of the Fifth Succession War. They have taken refuge in some of the highest mountains on Colia, a region known as the Gortho Mountain Range.
12th of February, 3089 ALLIANCE-NET NETFACES – The Social Network! – Who’s that girl? (Melody Harris, AFP) – When the Lyran Alliance Dame Emily-Deanna Allard, mercenary ‘nobility’ by Kell Hounds extraction, disappeared during her East Coast excursion on Terra several months ago, no one batted an eye, as Mark Allard’s rebellious daughter was well known for slipping the gaze of her guards and shipping off to somewhere more fun in her not-so-distant youth. Lately, however, we have to wonder about the company she’s keeping! Mercenary AeroJock Randall Steele (yes, faithful viewers, the Runaway Groom from our June broadcast), known for a lackluster career in the Gargoyles mercenary company before his family called it quits, has recently been involved with The Irregulars, a rag-tag bunch of deserters made good whose exploits have been very hush-hush. Oddly enough, Dame Allard’s disappearance coincided with Mr. Steele’s arrival visit to New York! Not soon afterwards, this woman, ‘Sergeant Harris’, a technician of The Irregulars appeared out of nowhere, and formed of sea foam and whole cloth. Do you think she bears a resemblance to our missing Lady? You know I do!
13th of February, 3089 Coming out of Clan Snow Raven space out of obscurity, the Royal Corvax Trinary was contacted through back channels to assist Liberty Holds with their Shark problems. Timing was great for Liberty Holds to send in the Royal Corvax to attack the Diamond Sharks on Lipton. The Royal Corvax caught the Diamond Sharks with their pants down, hitting their security forces and dealing quick defeats to their Trinary, and capturing, for the most part, an entire cluster of clan equipment. The losses on the Corvax side was minor and well within tolerable levels. Civilian casualties were few and minor and damage to civilian property was nearly non-existent. A successful campaign.
13th of February, 3089 On the Draconis Combine world of Misery, the Akki Tsubasa have engage in training exercises to help the Ryuken-ni indoctrinate their new members and as well Participated in ceremonies to honor the Battle of Misery. After the cermonies were concluded the mercenary unit Assisted in expeditions to recover the bodies of the fallen and relics from that battle.
14th of February, 3089 MERC-NET Transmission; Pirate at your own risk! "The Wings have not and would not take an action which would conceivably result in a loss of an ally's of the Capellan Confederations (Magistry) materiel or personnel. The insinuation recently made in the press that Akki Tsubasa would contribute in a material way to the loss of a friendly vessel is frankly ludicrous. The idea that we would do so while in a vessel named after a historical world where elements of the regiment are currently deployed is worse than bad taste, it's disrespectful to the dead." Captain Kyle McLaren; CO, Strike Group Seven (ATMU) - From the Field
24th of February, 3089 MERC-NET Dispatch; Item #2345346 [24 FEB 89] From: CAPT J. Reese, MUCO, TIMU To: All MRBC Rated Commands CC: TIMU Staff; ATMU Staff; Draconis Combine Mustard Soldiery [REDACTED]; Office of [REDACTED] "Begin transmission. By order of the mercenary unit commanding officer, as of 0800 GMT; 24 February 3089, Lieutenant (Senior Grade) Randal Steele is to stand relieved of his position as executive officer of The Irregulars Mercenary Unit. Mr. Steele shall at this time retain his rank and time in grade until such time as a full investigation of the activities of II Company can be mounted. He may retain command authority within the field until such time as the current contract his unit is engaged upon (CM-DC-06-03, Operation Autumn Blur), has concluded. At no time is Mr. Steele to conduct the affairs of The Irregulars in a strategic fashion until he has answered for and been cleared of the charge of dereliction of duty. End transmission."
1st of March, 3089 Karyn Minnick, Reporting for Outreach Outlook's Evening Edition. "While most attention was focused on the confusion over the missing DCS Suzako, and all the rumor, counter rumor, and still unclear accounts that have filtered through in recent weeks. One bit of news that seemingly flew under the radar, was the reactivation of Lt. General Timothy Joshua Reid to the post of Deputy Director. Lt. General Reid had been appointed to the post some time ago, but after barely a year serving in the office, the General suddenly 'disappeared' from service. The official word had been, that the Deputy Director had retired for undisclosed personal reasons. The Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission had been expected to appoint another officer to that post, but in stead the position stood vacant until the MRBC quietly announced they had filled the post with Timothy Joshua Reid, who had been reactivated out of semi-retirement. When asked, where the Deputy Director had been for so many months, the response was simply that Deputy Director Reid had left to take care of undisclosed personal issues. Further detail had not been provided. Now while this may have seemed a very honest answer to some the question remains, what were these personal issues? Scuttlebutt around Harlech has ranged far and wide. One speculation was that the Deputy Director had left to take care of health issue involving secret surgery at a facility in Liberty Holds. Another was speculation that he had been sent to the Free Worlds League to act as part of an MRBC commission evaluating charges against one of the lesser known merc units involved in the recent fighting with the Lyran Alliance on New Kyoto. As you can see some of these speculations range from the highly plausible, to some really far fetched whoppers. One DropShip Captain speculated that the Deputy had been on a secret scouting mission in the Chaos March with actions investigating the involvement of Clan Diamond Shark JumpShips in the vicinity of Lipton. One rather salty technician recently retired from 12th Vegan Rangers suggested that the Deputy Director Reid had disappeared into the Davion Outback to adjudicate a dispute between another mercenary command and the Dechavilier Enclave. One things for sure, whatever the truth may be, Deputy Director Reid has only re-resumed some of his former duties, most importantly, the current logistical bottleneck of dispositioning salvage for the various Commands as they report in on their contract statuses. Time will tell whether the Deputy Director's duties will continue to be limited to this role, or if he may begin to reassert the responsibilities that have previously been exerted by his office.
7th of March, 3089 The Taurian Concordat has begun to transfer a lot of its traditional Davion paranoia to their new Clan neighbors. Setting their sights on Clans Cloud Cobra and Star Adder, the Taurians launch attacks on both Clans aimed at small but achievable gains. Normally the Clans might be deemed the side with an advantage, but these Clans, new to the Inner Sphere, are still recovering their strength, and the Taurians rarely fight fair. Furthermore other neighbors may take advantage of the situation.
7th of March, 3089 FED-NET CULTURE and HISTORY, Lu Grieg - (Avalon City, New Avalon; 07 MAR 89) A new generation has grown up in the wake of the Clan War but thirty years later here in Avalon City, the people of the Federated Suns remember the unity and courage represented by the forces of Operation Bulldog. Impromptu celebrations have sprung up all over the city with the arrival of hundreds of thousands of thank you notes, small gifts, and recordings of truly raucous celebrations in the former Clan Jade Falcon occupation zone. The outpouring of gratitude arrived earlier today from the Combine worlds of Asgard, Avon, Chupadero, Cyrenaica, Hyner, Irece, Jeanette, Kanowit, Kiamba, Port Arthur, Sawyer, Tarazed, and Teniente - all part of the first wave liberated by Star League forces, which then included the famed First Davion Guards.
11th of April, 3089 At the behest the USI MHB Lieutenant General Samuel Carter in the employ of ComStar, Veens Irregulars went through out the entire time in Draconis Combine space to the planet of Benjamin, the Major Kept his people on a short leash making sure no one did anything sketchy on any planet. Delivering the goods and heading home well gathering information on several planets of some of his old contacts. Making sure to meet new friends.
26th of April, 3089 The Federated Suns Periphery March erupted in civil unrest. The Black Wolf Rangers sent to Woodbine landed and began securing the drop port and gained air superiority to allow the 2nd Avalon Hussars to land and regain control of the Planet from separatist forces. Combined efforts brought the remaining rebel forces to surrender, ceding the planet to loyalist control.
1st of May, 3089 Baron of Broken Wheel, Alfonso Vargas, shortly after the signing of the Outback Mutual Defense Treaty. in 3081, has exploited the loopholes in the Treaty and has been secretly skimming off funds, hording supplies, swindling out Military hardware and recruiting personnel from House Davion's Broken Wheel Periphery 3 Militia. He has been waiting for an opportunity just like this rebellion to hide his true intentions. He intendeds to elevate himself to the Duke of Broken Wheel in the aftermath of the rebellion however he is a mere puppet for the Rand-Davion faction. Not only is the ambitious Baron in over his head with the Rand-Davion's but he has invite his own viper to the snake pit in the form of a Clan Cobra Galaxy Commander Abbey with her full clan Galaxy and ambitions of her own. In the recent absence of the assassinated Duke Carrie Zetso, he has assumed leadership of the planetary capital and is 'quelling the rambunctious populace' in the name of House Davion. In the chaos of the rebellion he hires several mercenary units to achieve his clandestine goals of subjugation of Broken Wheel and his rise to the throne. We are hired by Baron von Vargas along with a Regiment of the Marikov Hussars, commanded by Peter Marikov, a Battalion of the Triple Nickels commanded by Katrina Caprice, and a Battalion of Royal Armored Lancers commanded by Hayashi Killian to fight against the nation states of Alvarez County and the Laurent Commonwealth in there ongoing feud. The enemy will be equipped with Regiments of light and medium \'Mechs, all four classes of vehicles, aerospace fighters and infantry. They will have the upper hand due to years of fighting among themselves in guerrilla style tactics on their own home planet. After some inconclusive fights where we can't pin them down it's decided to start using similar tactics to theirs and Vargas' combined Mercenaries start taking out things like communications centers, supply depots, enemy installations, etc. House Davion Loyalists forces are losing a war of attrition. In a brilliant raid, several of the combined command elements of each mercenary unit are captured by the rebels. In a shrewd Diplomatic Coup the Alvarez County Leaders present evidence that Alfonso Vargas is a genocidal maniac. Each Mercenary command is treated well within the bounds of the Ares Convention and in an uncharacteristic display of diplomacy each unit is offered separate counter contracts . A few of the units accept. Field Marshall Steele's unit is among those that accepts, and he does so without consulting his command staff. Now determined to intervene and save an entire planet's 77 million innocent civilians from extermination....The Restless Souls and the Triple Nickels join forces with Rebels in an attempt to bring our former employer to a Military Tribunal to answer for his war crimes. Dying seems to good for him. In a fitting bit of poetic justice the Mercenary 'Turncoats' are now forced to rely on the very supply chain that they had sought to destroying. Now outgunned, under supplied, and out maneuvered the Rebels have to hold on to try to win this civil-war. Unable to call in orbital bombardment on a 'Friendly' planet, the Restless Souls lead a daring charge to free their Fleet of DropShips that were attempted to be used by Vargas for blackmail and as bargaining chips. After the Restless Souls free their transports from a potential hostage situation, their New Rebel employer still feels they\'ll need more help defeating Vargas and wishes to petition the Klein Federation, a neutral nation, to join forces with them. The Restless Souls Infantry was assigned to guard the Alvarez County\'s diplomatic envoys. En-route to the Klein Federation meeting the envoys get attacked by a kill squad sent from Vargas. This knowledge will be the smoking gun that ultimately causes the Klein Federation to enter the war against the Vargas faction. After a climatic battle, inside the the capital city proper, with our clanners facing off against Clan Cloud Cobra's, right on the government house steps, the Souls finally get word out about previous employers misdeeds & the 17th Avalon Hussars Regimental Combat Team arrives on world. The Souls are battered and bruised once again, but remain a family intact despite of their differences, and their victory on Broken Wheel spark farther victories through out the Periphery 3 and just 5 have been the pivotal battle that saved the Federated Suns from splintering.
3rd of May, 3089 The Duke of the Federated Suns world of Cimeron, Lieutenant General James Black, has made commitments to have a fully operation Bastion-class Space Station up and running later this year and also three Factory Complexes will be coming on line, one in each trimester.
7th of May, 3089 On the Free Worlds League’s planet of Pollux there are discrepancies on the successful completion of a Security Duty Operation undertaken by the Akki Tsubasa. The primary objective called for the safety of Kallisto Brett-Marik, grand-daughter of Photon Brett-Marik and daughter of Samantha Brett-Marik, during her two month long rite of transudation. It’s been alleged that although her physical well being is intact, she has suffered severe psychological and emotional trauma while on the Akki Tsubasa watch. It is rumored to be a devious ploy to discredit the Silver Knights’ Sir Marcellus Antonius LeFleur. The case is currently under arbitration by the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission review board.
17th of June, 3089 DCMS Units On High Alert Amid Rumors of Clan Activity. The Draconis Combine Internal Security Force sources have indicated that several Kuritan Regiments in the Benjamin and Pesht military districts stationed near the mutual border with the Rasalhague Dominion have been put on high alert amidst reports of escalated communications and JumpShip activity in that realm and the nearby Clan Wolf occupation zone. Some of the rumors suggest the possibility of an offensive by Clan Wolf into Dominion territory, though one ISF official suggested this may be a ploy by Clan Watch operatives. "The Clans have become more savvy of late in the art of deception" the ISF official, who will remain anonymous, told us. "We believe they have learned from their interactions with Inner Sphere society of the past several decades, and this could be a lure for the Dragon. We are very wary." Tai-shu Petroff was unavailable for comment, but his office did confirm that DCMS assets in the districts are being put on alert and watching for any moves by the Dragon's Clan neighbors.
15th of July, 3089 In the summer of 3089, Osis Antropovs, the former head of the ULTRA Demichev District that bordered the Federated Suns, enjoyed the support of Tikonov Nationalist Movement (TNM), launched a successful coup against the Free Republic Revolutionaries (FRR)led by Colonel Dambis Vodopals.
15th of August, 3089 The Bloody Marauders of the Black Stars spent months conducting exercises with the University of Proserpina cadets using a new training program conducted by Sho-sa Varus. The Marauders acted as secondary instructors and participated in the various exercises. The UoP had asked for only a company strength unit but the Marauders presented the dismal experience not only to Mechwarriors but to pilots, battle armor troopers, infantrymen, and vehicles as well. The tactics ranged from SLDF, ComStar, Free World League, and various Clans. Sho-sa Varus was disappointed with the training and the performances during exercises. The Bloody Marauders failed both primary objectives.
29th of August, 3089 The newly minted Bad Karma Mercenary Company has met with their untimely demise on the very first mission. They inserted onto the Periphery planet in the Outworlds Alliance on Tellman IV system. They were discovered by clan Snow Raven's 5th Raven Wing and summarily out flanked by the scouting arm of the Alliance Borders, Second Battalion who had rotated on planet and was composed of fast, medium and light, vehicles. The Restless Souls Warship Armada was on station at Hazelhurst. They jumpedin and provided covering fire for the Bad Karma extraction however the Souls were simply too little too late to preserve the integrity of the Bad Karma command.
12th of September, 3089 ULTRA's General Mikhail Chigorin launch Operation Oppenheimer aimed at the conquest of the entire Chaos March worlds with the exception of Northwind and Terra, some Confederated Magistry Worlds: Slocum, Azha, Alrescha, and Tikonov and Federated Suns Worlds: Yangtze, Hamal, Bharat, and Nopah.
19th of September, 3089 A week after the launch of Operation Oppenheimer by United Leadership of the Tikonov Republican Army (ULTRA), four Chaos March worlds have been subdued, Epsilon Eridani, Terra Firma, Sheraton, and Fletcher
23rd of September, 3089 In a surprise move, the Rasalhague Dominion launched an attack on Clan Wolf. The First Rasalhague Bears, aided by the Growling Bears, issued a batchall for control of Rasalhague. The 4th Wolf Lancers, led by Star Colonel Robert Kerensky, defended, choosing the polar continent of the world for the Trial. Using an unexpected strategy and superior mobility, the Growling Bears set down a full day ahead of the rest of the Dominion forces. In a series of sharp engagements, Nova Captain Cade and his Supernova Trinary inflicted telling losses, drawing the attention of the 4th Lancers and maneuvering them out of position. As the rest of the Rasalhague forces arrived, the Wolves were pressed from both sides. Eventually forced back toward the 20 kilometer border around an industrial complex, Clan Wolf had to concede, having been cut off from their supply bases and lost command of the air. Star Colonel Osa Hall of the 1st Rasalhague Bears, granted the 4th Lancers Hegira, though forty percent of the Clan Wolf cluster were casualties.
26th of September, 3089 ULTRA's campaign of conquest is continuing to progress with the advent of them establishing military control over Bryant, Epsilon Indi, Keid, and Ross 248.
3rd of October, 3089 CNN: On the Capellan Confederation held world of Kansu, House Davion launched Operation 'Rapid Denial' undertaken by the Black Wolf Rangers. The mercenaries strike again using a new Rapid Expeditionary Force. It was a lightning raid to not only deny the use of the old base Davion had abandoned on Kansu, but also to steal the dropship load of supply that the Capellans were shipping in to make the base operational and to supply the garrison. The 1st REF deployed to Kansu to destroy supplies for a secret base. Secretly landing and engaging forces on the Capellan world the BWR light regiment struck hard and was able to do so without alerting the main garrison to the destruction of the military facility. The BWR stole the supplies and made like they were blasting off with their droppers plus the one that the BWR stole from the Confederated Magistry. However, the BWR had offloaded the supplies from thier droppers into cache. The dropships lifted off empty. The 1st REF force in question, pulling this off was designed for such operations and is augmented by special forces. Standby Davion Forces were not required.
19th of October, 3089 Alshain Rasalhague Dominion - Major developments have been noted across the Rasalhague Dominion. Sources inside the Dominion report that several clusters have shifted duty stations and intense training exercises have been conducted on Alshain, Kempten and Spittal. Lead experts on the Dominion point to the recent attack by the Draconis Combine as the likely cause of these moves. "Never forget that the Rasalhague people only have so much say in their government," Doctor Joshua Martinez, Professor of Political Science, Tharkad University, stated. "The Ghost Bears still control the military in the region. The Combine has clearly not yet learned to leave sleeping bears lie. These moves are indicative of a retaliatory strike. Time will tell how serious the threat is." Though most analysts agree with Martinez, there is another viewpoint. "We get so caught up on the Clans as a threat to ourselves, we forget sometimes that they like to fight each other too," Dr. Vanessa Wren, Sanglamore University, said. "And the hatred between the Wolves and Bears is a thing of legend."
31st of October, 3089 The Royal Corvax on Lipton repelled a Diamond Shark invasion. The main fighting seemed to center around the Space Port but the Space Port remained open and unaffected by the Diamond Shark invasion. The Royal Corvax force minimized collateral damages and no Lipton citizen was injured. During the Diamond Shark invasion, the Lipton planetary government send a message to the Lyran Alliance asking to re-join and asked for defensive forces in case the Diamond Sharks tried again. The Lyran Alliance sent a diplomatic entourage and military forces.
1st of November, 3089 The Irregulars were ill equipped to help Defend the Settlement of Caradan on Graham IV, a Chaos March world, from any aggressors. The settlement had sprung up in 3075. They were hired to assist the Settlement of Caradan in fortifying itself against future attacks however, they were not prepared for the wilderness nor the demands of mental fortitude that it would take for their meager group to assist this budding settlement. In hindsight, The Irregulars will be closing up shop while they go through a re-org.
2nd of November, 3089 The Black Stars sub-units on the Free Worlds League of Mosiro were contracted by Precentor Mohammad Golzar to slow the two Shadow Level IIIs down giving SAFE time to extract critical items from the cache. The sub-units possessing mechs were deployed outside the city of Al-Ilb and attempted to slow down the Shadow forces. Multiple hit and runs against the Shadow forces did cause them to be slowed down. The sub-units suffered some causualties and numerous disable mechs. The Shadow forces reached Al-Ilb and progressed toward the Grand Mosque. Black Stars infantry and battle armor troopers engaged the Shadow forces in hit and run tactics, plus extensively used boobytraps. The Shadow forces reached the cache and plundered specific items. The Shadow forces then withdrew without further harrassment. Mosiro Police were assisted by the Black Stars in identifying the murders of the Yadmin and Zameraev. The murders were killed during a raid on their hideout. The Black Stars were unable to identify the person or person that provided the Mosque/Cache access codes.
19th of November, 3089 The 7th Armored Legion is a reformed unit from 7th Cavalry of older veterans from the Federated Suns area. Comstar needed more units for it's Exploration Corp and thus the 7th Armored Legion was created and work from Hellespont system.(Rimward) The 7th was lucky that on being able to accrue Clan equipment at the beginning of their formation which has served well in getting new work and keeping pirates at bay. Already the unit is getting request to for contracts. A good sign for a new unit that gets to keep it's roots close to the Federated Suns. The 7th being a combine arms unit and since most had their training from Comstar, has gone to the same unit formation but call units as per an armored cavalry unit.
17th of December, 3089 Captain-General Agatha Rousset-Marik grants refuge to the leadership of a little-known organization called the Tikonov Nationalist Movement, their mission statement is the recreation of an independent Tikonov Free Republic but to date they have been little more than a propaganda and lobbyist entity. Under Agatha’s sponsorship, the TNM evolves into the Unified Leadership of the Tikonov Republican Army, or ULTRA, with the FWL’s support and funding, manned primarily by peoples native to the Tikonov region, independent of the FWLM but supported by it, the militant arm of a proposed Tikonov Free Republic “government-in-exile” that Agatha helps prop up and gives some legitimacy. Agatha and her advisers see the creation of an independent Tikonov Free Republic as a win for them, as it could serve as the host for a spread of the Covenant, and could serve as an indirect way to weaken the other Great Houses and deny them key worlds and the support of people in that region, particularly Tikonov nationalists who have traditionally been loyal to the Capellans or Davions. ULTRA has built up its own army right under the eyes of the unbeknownst other four houses, largely paid for by the FWL and operating alongside the FWLM (but it is not part of the FWLM) and have claimed a swath of worlds from each house and the entire Chaos March in the process. (Deputy Thapa)
17th of December, 3089 The Free Worlds League Ambassador, John Smith, has been called to office
18th of December, 3089 The Lyran Alliance Ambassador, Baron Bennedict Steiner-Arnold, has gone missing since May 3089. House Steiner has conducted massive searches for his whereabouts in the region he was last seen in. Today they have inducted his replacement Damad Sandaker
20th of December, 3089 General, the Federated Suns Regent seems unnaturally obsessed with the total subjugation of this mere Periphery state and the success of his brain child, 'Operation Retribution'. Federated Suns has already taken a salient deep into the heart of the Outworlds Alliance earlier this year with the capture of Crestoblus and Dormandaine. Regent Tancred Sandoval is calling for their heart as well. The Federated Suns is gathering an assault force of three more RCT's in lieu of the success or failure of your mission. I must remind you, however; Failure is not an option here. You must take an hold Mitchella until the assault force arrives. There is a vehicle plant, United Outworlders Corporation, that manufactures Hunter Light Support Tanks, Vedette Medium Tanks, and Light SRM Carriers. It would behoove you to put that plant out of business oe else your rear area will be harassed constantly. That's not the worst part. There is also a DropShip repair and maintenance facility on world. It belongs to Clan Snow Raven. Our worst fear is that if you attack the Snow Raven's DropShip facility you may awaken a sleeping giant if in fact the Alliance has not already invoked their mutual defense agreements with the Ravens and are already bringing in backup as we speak. I fear that I may be sending a lamb to the slaughter.
1st of January, 3090 As we begin a new year please take note of the following changes around the Inner Sphere. Lyran Alliance Gained from the old Chaos March Lipton. Gained from Free Worlds League: New Kyoto, Rahne, Wyatt. Loss to Free Worlds League: Connaught, Bordon, Dieudonne, Dubhe. Loss to ULTRA Zollikofen, Denebola. Draconis Combine Loss to ULTRA Rigil Kentarus, Fomalhaut, Yorii. Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) Loss to ULTRA Acamar, Slocum, Azha, Alrescha, Tikonov. Federated Suns Loss to ULTRA Woodstock, Yangtze, Hamal, Bharat, Nopah, Kawich, Ruchbah, Ingress. Loss to Outworlds Alliance Mitchella, Sevon. Gained from the Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) New Hessen.
1st of January, 3090 Six months after their successful liberation of Federsuns World of Broken Wheel, the Restless Souls Mercenary Division's Executive Officer, Galaxy Commander Anakin, ask for a transfer to a Clan Mercenary unit. His request leaves Field Marshal Xavier Steele in a conundrum over which general to promote to fill the power void. In the bid for the Planetary Assault of Hazelhurst, the Field Marshal is not in favor of proceeding with the MIIO and Duchess Ravenna Nelson-Black's drawn up attack waves and planning for a 'Standard Assault' to the main Topeka SpacePort. He voices his 'New' Plan to his High Command Staff. The Restless Souls adopt the New Assault plan and move to implement it. In line in keeping within the guidelines of the primary contracts objective, the Field Marshal, the Major General, & Brigadier General stop in to inform the Defacto-Leader of the Anti-Spinward Combat Theater / Hoyleton Operations Area, Lieutenant General James Black of their change in Attack Strategy. Their plan receives some push back from the Lieutenant General, There is some back and forth, however, in the end, the Restless Souls continues with their new plan. The Restless Souls Command Staff decides to have the Dirty Delta Infantry Regiment penetrate the Outworlds Alliance's defenses and to proceed the RSMD's main drop into the alternate Travis Spaceport as opposed to the Planet's Main Topeka Spaceport. As the RSMD will need control of a spaceport to take the planet, Spec Ops & Halo paratroopers from Dirty Delta's primary mission objective is to disable the Travis SpacePort's air & space defenses to avoid subjecting the RSMD's 'Mech haulers and vehicle transports to Hazelhust's defensive emplacements. Dirty Delta's paratroopers are denied the Travis SpacePort by a tenacious dug in Outworld's Alliance Mechanized Corps and fall back to their alternate LZ at Lollen which will serve as their ongoing facility for staging and supply. In their primary assault Field Marshal Xavier Steel has his 'Mech shot out from beneath him. No communication, no water, no rations. He contracts a native virus, making him delirious, before he's captured. While in captivity and suffering from delirium he uncovers a serious plot of a body double of the Duchess Ravenna Nelson-Black that will undermine the fragile peace established with the denizens off the Periphery March and the rest of the Federated Suns. Colonel Ian and the RS SWAT Team stage a successfully rescue operation of their commander and chief. After the Soul's successful subjugate Hazelhurst, The Duchess Ravenna Nelson-Black orders the the Field Marshal to the NAIS on New Avalon for mental evaluation and for treatment of the foreign virus. Once their, Doctors and Yvonne Steiner-Davion ascertain Xavier's mental stability and subsequently release him for return to active duty. The Restless Souls traveled back to Offerman for repair and refit before proceeding to take Inner End and it is due to his meritorious service in the face of upheaval that Brigadier General Alex McCray is handed the reins of the Executive Officer's position vacated by Galaxy Commander Anakin. The Restless Souls High Command Officer corp return to Broken Wheel to reveal the plot to Duchess Ravenna Nelson-Black and in the midst of attempting to convince the Duchess that the threat is real the enemy trap is sprung and Xavier AND Ravenna both wind up imprisoned. After a another successful rescue, with the use of BattleMechs, and extensive DNA testing, the true Duchess is returned to her throne and the enemy plot is unfoiled. The Restless Souls Infantry Regiment is called upon to escort evacuees back to their homes on Hazelhurst and Inner End. On Inner End, the retreating Outworlds Alliance Mechanized Corps, employed scorched earth tactics causing the Federated Suns Delacambre Regional Ministry Population Authority Office to relocate the Evacuees to a previously uncharted continent that once was the site of environmental experiments. After several hazardous days on Inner End, engaged with hostile indigenous native plant life, a race of Neanderthal and abandon Outworlds Alliance Mechanized Corpmen, the Restless Souls Infantry Colonel, Jack Ian, deactivates the biosphere, neutralize the Neanderthals, and eliminates the AMC Corpmen and gets the evacuees set up and started on their new lives.
23rd of January, 3090 The glory years of the Akki Tsubasa are still out of their reach. Since their return to the Mercenary hiring halls they continue to fail to achieve their mission objectives. Both projects planned by the Draconis Combine on Land's End have failed, The first was the construction of six surface to orbit capital missile launch sites. The second was the construction of Supply Depot Fifty Eight. Clan Snow Raven’s Watch Operatives must have compromise the ISF communication network because the Snow Ravens destroyed the clandestine Vengeance-class dropship with a supporting squadron of attack dropships while Snow Raven aerospace fighters continue to bomb and strafe both construction projects in light of the Akki Tsubasa as if they were not even present. It is a sad day on Outreach.
24th of January, 3090 In a reversal of fortune the Snow Raven Jareds Jackdaws (C) Trinary has been reduced to twenty percent of there fighting integrity in their attempt to hold the Outworlds Alliance world of Mitchella. Their objectives were to establish a secure and safe LZ for a Snow Raven Front Line Galaxy, to defend Clan Snow Raven’s DropShip repair and maintenance facility, and to provide protection for United Outworlders Corporation's vehicle production plant. The Federated Suns two Regimental Combat Teams waded through them like ball bearings through wet tissue paper. The Snow Raven Front Line Galaxy was repulsed by a hot LZ, their DropShip repair and maintenance facility sustained minor damage while United Outworlders Corporation's vehicle production plant will be offline for at least a year or more while it undergoes repairs. The Outworlds Alliance has sued for a peaceful resolution from the House Davion Ruler, Tancred Sandoval. To foster good will he even saw fit to secede the world of Mitchella back to them.
14th of February, 3090 The Bloody Marauders Battalion sub-unit of the Black Stars had been on a recon raid into Clan Wolf space on Dompaire for the Lyran Alliance. It is reported that they have completed their assigned objectives. The Marauders have determined what Clan Wolf force is on planet and what military targets are also established on Dompaire. The Marauders sneaked onto the planet and have established a temporary base. With their mission complete, the battalion now waits to find out whether they will extract or continue with future mission. The Marauders also have not created any casualties nor inflicted any damage to the Dompaire infrastructure.
22nd of February, 3090 In lieu of the harrowing plot to supplant her on the seat of Duchess of the Periphery March, Ravenna Nelson-Black, was so shaken she has decided to step down as the brevetted Field Marshall over the March in lieu of her March assistant the Restless Souls Baron von Quentin, Xavier Steele. Ravenna, however, will still be at the forefront of Federated Suns politics as she holds two duchys, as Duchess Offerman and Duchess Cimeron. Xavier Steele will has accepted a full House Davion Dukedom of Broken Wheel and over the Federated Suns beleaguered Periphery March.
24th of February, 3090 "An aging Taurian Concordat or Magistracy of Canopus navy WarShip, that was once used to patrol Periphery space lanes as a task force command ship, was spotted hobknobbing with the Restless Souls WarShip Armada, Lethal Obsidian, as they make their way back to the interior of the Federated Suns Crucis March Coreward Combat Theater's Markesan Operations Area. From its radar signature and emergences waves it appears to be a Concordant-Class Frigate. What is still unknown is whether it is spoils of war from an encounter in the Outworlds Alliance in the Tellman IV system last August when the Restless Souls jump in to provide orbital covering fire for, a hence defunct mercenary unit, Bad Karma or if the Concordat Frigate was salvaged from some other source. Visual ID has it named Soverign Justice with a logo of Terra implaed on a House Davion broadsword. Duke Broken Wheel, Xavier Steele himself, could not be reached for comment. Now back to you Bob." -Katie Curry Federated News Service Correspondant
1st of March, 3090 The 7th Armored Legion has completed its ComStar training on the Periphery world of Hellespont and is now reported to be certified as an active unit. The 7th Armored is now listed at full battalion strength and ready for it\'s next mission. The 7th is organized as a ComGuard force but with different tactics for operation cost.
9th of March, 3090 Maxwell Commonwealth News reporting: Hello to all of you and welcome to this special report. Several hours ago, Legions from the Marian Hegemony invaded several words on the backside of the Free World League. This is what we know at this hour. The Second Lego has attacked both Hazeldean and San Nicolas and fighting is still going on. The Fourth and Sixth Legions have attacked Landfall, Huntington and Kendall where heavy fighting is still reported. Though no word has come from the Captain-General Agatha Marik, troops from Hammer are preparing to jump to San Nicolas to help stop the invasion. We will bring more news and updates as soon as we can. Our Prayers are with the mean and women defending these planets. Please stay tune for further news.
10th of March, 3090 With the Draconis Combine's invasion of Last Frontier currently in progress, the Warlord has taken steps to be prepared for any backlashes from Clan Ghost Bear that may occur. The important world of Schuyler is currently being garrisoned by the 6th Pesht Regulars, 6th An Ting Legion, and the Black Outlaws have already been hired to supplement these forces. However, the Warlord is still seeking additional troops to supplement these forces and additional mercenaries will be hired. A command with a resume that includes combat experience and can field at minimum a company of BattleMechs is required. Completion of the duration of the contract will likely lead to further employment opportunities. Eligible MRBC-sponsored mercenary units are encourage to contact the Kuritan Ambasssador's office for inquiries or contract bids.
15th of March, 3090 The Bloody Marauders Battalion of the Black Stars has successfully returned the planet of Dompaire back to the Lyran Alliance by defeating the Clan Wolf defenders. The Bloody Marauders eliminated the Clan Wolf garrison force plus captured many of the Wolf facilities intact. During the planetary assault, the Bloody Marauders went to extraordinary lengths not to create any civilian casualties and not damaging the planet infrastructure. So far, Clan Wolf has not retaliated. We have news that the newly formed 19th Lyran Guards RCT is now garrisoning Dompaire.
6th of April, 3090 The Royal Corvax had lost the Liberty Hold's supply cache dropship but they tracked down the Diamond Shark force that had taken the cache. The Diamond Shark force had conquered the Chaos March world of Chara with token resistance. The Royal Corvax assaulted Chara and recovered the cache and making sure that the cache reached Liberty Holds. The Royal Corvax forced the Diamond Sharks to withdraw and placed the Chara Militia back in charge. The Corvax loaded salvage onto the dropships and departed Chara. The Royal Corvax spent a week on Lipton repairing, refitting, and bringing the Diamond Shark Bondsman personnel up to speed to replace their losses. Mission acceptance was contingent upon precise request for specific Military Hardware Transports. During mission planning, the command staff arrived at the same conclusion that it would be best to dispatch a battle armor troop transport prior to their main assault group. The battle armor unit's goal was a rapid strike at Chara's Farhaven SpacePort on the northern continent of Azula to disable the SpacePort's Defense Grid and it's DeSTRA. The Defense Grid so the Royal Corvax could land unopposed. The DeSTRA so that the Corvax could make it to Chara's surface undetected. Their mission was only partially successful. They thwarted the Diamond Sharks ability to utilize the Deep Space Tracking Array at Farhaven but a dug in Diamond Shark Infantry Galaxy foiled the Royal Corvax Battle Armor from destroying their Defense Grid at the nearby Starpad Military Complex forcing the Royal Corvax main assault group to an alternate LZ. The Royal Corvax two Unions had to fight their way in through screening fighters but were assisted by two Wings of Liberty Holds Defense Force Aerospace Fighters. After establishing a Field Bivouac and setting up a security perimeter at their alternate LZ, the Royal Corvax extracted their remaining Battle Armor units. The Royal Corvax first order of business was obtaining enough reaction mass so that their DropShips could take off again. After a successful recon by the Royal Corvax, their Ares Nova staged a raid against the Diamond Shark held Farhaven SpacePort to obtain the required DropShip reaction mass and to finish the job left in the wake of Dauntless Star's Battle Armor retreat, and disabled the SpacePorts automated defenses. Intel gained from the Ares recon also held vital information on the composition of the Diamond Shark defenders as well as the exact location of the Military Hardware Cache. Nova Captain Phoenix Magnus led the charge against the Diamond Sharks before the Sharks can finish preparations to jump to the next solar system. After subduing the Sharks the Royal Corvax encountered a few desultory counter attacks while waiting for their employer to make the necessary arrangements to confiscate the Military Hardware Cache. After the Cache was safely off world, the Royal Corvax departed.
1st of May, 3090 The Black Stars continued their operations on the ConMag periphery world of Huanghuadian. The operation had two purposes: first to continue the survey of the planet, and two to determine the size, disposition and possible foreign allegiance of the pirates operating on the planet. Initially designed to protect the survey team, the Black Stars were assaulted by a large and organized force that may have ties to a foreign government. The world itself seemed depopulated, yet during their initial reconnaissance found lone and technologically backwards settlements speaking a splinter dialect of Hanyu. Despite their best efforts, it was understood that the mercenaries were unable to root out and destroy the pirates and smugglers. Beset by a larger and more supplied force, the Black Star operation was considerably limited. The main body of Black Stars remained in Ticalunas (the capital) while smaller teams were sent to survey the countryside to complete the mission of the Capellan Science Foundation. When the severity of the security situation in Ticalunas escalating beyond original parameters, the reconnaissance teams sent from the main body were order to expect no assistance from the rest of their forces. The main body was continually besieged and not only suffered casualties due to the enemy, but also the very planet itself. The very humid environment of Ticalunas corroded, rusted, and played havoc with much of their equipment. A virulent plague associated with the jungle was also taking a heavy toll on the Black Stars' personnel, leaving them constantly understrength. Eventually, the main body had to evacuate the city. Splitting into several groups, the Black Stars began solidify outposts away from the 'hot zones'. The Celestial Legionnaires began fortifying outposts, while the faster and more mobile Sharpshooters ranged from these defended locations to strike at the pirate operations as much as possible. Two groups of Black Stars were currently unaccounted for: the first was the team left to help survey the planet Untran, while the second was lost in the east of the largest continent, playfully called, "The Big One." In the interim, the Capellans collected a supply run with reinforcements once communication was also lost. As part of the reinforcements, a small team of ComStar engineers were sent to rebuild the local HyperPulse Generator in the capital. The arrival of reinforcements would be a considerable boon to the Black Stars operating on Huanghuadian. But first, the reinforcements would have to locate them. Scattered across the world and with their communication satellites targeted by formerly unseen pirate aerospace fighters, the Black Stars were under siege. The reinforcements though, prepared themselves for an invasion. Though smaller in number, they met one of the Black Stars DropShips in orbit, and prepared for a ground assault.
16th of June, 3090 Davion MIIO got wind of a meeting which occurred sometime October ‘87 on Shawnee and a lot of the malcontents from the Periphery March traveled there. My aide, Major General Cory Copeland, was among them. Now the entire Hoyleton Operations Area is embroiled in a vicious civil war. Hell the whole damn March is involved in this friggin Civil War. Brother against brother. Father against son. Its ludicrous, really. Hence, as the Combat Theater's Commanding Officer, my offer to you to take up the cause of House Davion. We need the might of BattleMechs to quell this civil war quickly before we lose too many more lives. First things first. We need to clean up our own backyard. In the Hoyleton Polymorphous Defense Zone We have lost all but one planet to this rebellion, Offerman. This will be your staging world and/or your base of operations. Your Primary objective we be the Combat Theater and PDZ Capitol world, Hoyleton itself. The remaining worlds of the PDZ, Symsonia, Des Arc, Mementau, Humansville, Neosho, and Vibrunum are all be viable hotspots of rebellion that needs quelling too. The AFFS is 'officially' neutral except in self-defense and a policing action. According to the ComStar News Network, Davion has relocated 10 Regimental Combat Teams and two WarShip Squadrons from its other two Marches in an Operation called Antipodes. House Davion, of course, will provide support to the loyal coalition but not act directly except to maybe make it hard for trade goods and other war materials to get in or out. You will have Wolf's Dragoons Spider Regiment on station in Hoyleton's Orbit. The Rebels have a most of our Periphery March Militia Regimental Combat Team . At least one full strength BattleMech Regiment, two Regiments of armored vehicles. We split the four regiment of infantry down the middle.They won't be push overs, They're all Veterans from the Clan Cloud Cobra conflict. If they get wind that I am bringing in Mercenaries they may augment their forces with some possible outside aid flowing in from the Outworlds Alliance. I figure that they will not have D-Bills to hire mercenaries since the loyalist still control the Hoyleton Recharge Station and thus the Combat Theaters’s purse strings. But that’s our only advantage . . . we can hire mercenaries. The Recharge Station is being held by the loyal naval forces WarShip Squadron, The Melissa Davion. It consist of an Avalon-Class WarShip (The Melissa Davion), two Davion III-Class WarShips (the Valkyrie and the Chippewa), six Assault-Class Dropships, and four Fightercarrier DropShips. You will be permitted to pull off a Davion III for escort duty for transit from world to world. In the chaos of this rebellion I am seeking to hire a crack mercenary unit to reinforce our loyal forces in my endeavor to subjugate the rebellion in the Anti-Spinward Combat Theater. Thje mercenary Unit neutralize the rebel forces on Hoyleton and reinstated the Davion Regime. They neutralize the rebel forces on Symsonia, Des Arc, Mementau, Humansville, Neosho, and Vibrunum. Major General Cory Copeland was capture Alive. And they were able to avoid extensive damage to each world's planetary Infrastructure
30th of June, 3090 Having arrived on the Confederated Magistry's (Capellan Confederation) world of Kansu in late 3088 the Black Wolf Ranger's 1st Rapid Expeditionary Force quickly landed and deployed to observe and gather intelligence on the Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) supply depot located deep in the glacier fields on the northern continent. Destroying the depot and gathering critical intelligence from the database of the depot for the Federated Suns AFFS the 1st REF began training loyal Davion loyalists to rise up and engage the Capellan forces on world.
3rd of July, 3090 The Confederated Magistracy (Capellan Confederation) has hired a sub unit from the Black Stars Mercenary Collective to provide additional support to our efforts to colonize the periphery. Your job is to help us locate and secure worlds for possible settlement. You may also be called upon to ferret out local bandits and pirates and deal with them to protect possible settlements. In addition, you may be required to provide scouting services for various Capellan Science Foundation missions and scout systems for viable planets. Since we are armed with former Blakists astrogational maps, we've been able to find worlds we haven't seen since the end of the 1st and 2nd Succession Wars. Recently, a scout team ventured into the periphery and has not returned. It's mission took it from Herotitus to parts unknown. We do know that the team stopped off at the world of Untran before contact was lost. The Black Stars were unable to find this team nor complete its mission.
15th of July, 3090 In the face of insurrection against a brutal enemy, the 12th Bear Guards, the Growling Bears, rallied allied forces for a counter attack. After checking the Frihet advance at the Ursa Minor Training Facility, the Growling Bears launched a daring strike at the capital and HPG complex. Temporarily taking back the HPG, they sent word to Dominion command of the situation, then pulled back to the capital, where they succeeded in freeing a number of hostages taken by the Frihet. In brutal fighting, much of the city was destroyed as the Frihet pushed the Growling Bears back...but the arrival of reinforcements broke the back of the insurrection. As of the 15th of July, Orestes is fully back in the hands of the Rasalhague Dominion.
28th of July, 3090 Comstar News Network CNN Rumors have placed The Black Wolf Rangers near the Clan Jade Falcon occupation Zone. The Storm Wolf regiment has been sent to the Lyran Alliance for joint maneuvers and possibly to reinforce the Military corridor against the Falcons. We all know that the Rangers excel at reconnaissance and being near the planet of Blue Hole could lead us to surmise that possible elements are already in the Clan Zone.
30th of July, 3090 Fighting still continues to rage across the Liao Commonality, the Chaos March, and other worlds near Terra. The terrorist group ULTRA, the United Leadership of the Tikonov Republican Armies, continues to kill and imprison whoever stands in there way in a bid to take control of the region. Recently, ULTRA forces attacked a local school on Fletcher, a world formerly controlled by the Federated Suns, and killed at least 40 children. On Woodstock, fighting is fierce as the major cities are burning after a large scale aerial bombardment unleashed by ULTRA's Thera Battle Groups. The Battle Groups are ostensibly "on-loan" from the Free Worlds League. This has drawn strong condemnation from the other states of the Inner Sphere. Chancellor Sun-tzu Liao had this to say, Quote QuoteEven if you don't pull the trigger, if you know someone is a murderer and you hand him a gun, when he kills someone, you are an accessory to that murder. The fact that Agatha has yet to recall the Thera Battle Groups to League space is a sign of her complicity in these acts. She continues to allow death to take place. This blood is on her hands. Her hands and ULTRA's. As of now, the Confederated Magistracy's forces are fighting on Azha, Slocum, Alrescha and Tikonov. We will update you as soon as more news arrives.
1st of August, 3090 The 7th Armored Legion was successful in helping the Lyran Alliance's Lipton's military get back into operational shape with the finishing of a new base. The Mayor opens the base with a festival and two days of food and fun for everyone. Mean while, Comstar thanks the 7th Armored for their hard work in helping keeping Ultra recon raids out of the system and would like to extend their contract to help the planet build a new cadre able to fight any future forces. The newly formed 13th Donegal Guard RCT arrived in system to take over any combat operations in the area. The 7th Armored hands over the new built base and head back out to their camp in the old 143 camp. In other news, a sad note is that Precentor Mark Levins who worked with the 7th Armored died from sudden heart attack after jumping from Lipton
15th of August, 3090 Tikonov is in an odd bind since the arrival of the United Leadership of the Tikonov Republican Army (ULTRA). The heavily industrialized world was already under contestation between the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns (AFFS) and Confederated Magistracy (Capellan Confederation) Armed Forces (CMAF). Before the arrival of ULTRA, the AFFS made another assault on Tikonov in order to wrest control of the world away from the Confederated Magistracy. The two sides were engaged in heavy fighting before the arrival of ULTRA in late 3089. Since then, the conflict has devolved into a stalemate with no side being able to gain an upper hand. Tikonov August 3090.jpg The Skies Above The skies above Tikonov belong to no one. Currently, the CMAF holds the Nadir Jump Point with what appears to be Strike Group Bright Star. ULTRA holds the Zenith Jump Point with the Corinth Battle Group. In system is the Richard Davion Squadron, the smallest of the three. Right now it does not approach the planet for fear of the Capellan's superior local fighter cover, but can interdict any intersystem transport that isn’t protected by one of the two larger naval forces. Strike Group Bright Star can take on one, but not both naval enemies. Destroying one would leave them vulnerable to the other. Cornith Battle Group could probably destroy both enemy forces by itself, but they would lose most of their striking power in the process: their aerospace fighters. This would leave them unable to fulfill their role to either A) interdict incoming enemy fighters or B.) wrest control of the atmosphere due to the sizable organic aerospace contingents of local CMAF ground forces. The Richard Davion Squadron is outclassed in number of ships and tonnage per ship against both forces, and would almost certainly lose any engagement. However, its mere presence in the system is acting as a massive spoiler for control of the planet. The Ground Below The continent of Kazan, home to the capital city of Tikograd, once again is the main battle ground for this world. The planet is currently divided into four: ULTRA holds the southern part of the continent Krasnodar and is headquartered in Bulun; the CMAF holds the continent Ufa and is centered around New Moscow, and the AFFS holds Pskov and commands from Ulan. The three sides continue to awkwardly fight across the world. The seas of Tikonov prevent large scale maneuvers from the other continents, so bringing reinforcements to Kazan has been hardest on ULTRA, since no major port exists save for Rostov (CMAF controlled) in the north and and Penza in the south (AFFS controlled). The CMAF maintains the closet sea transportation line to Kazan via the Vorguta-Rostov line. Though the roads can be tough in times, especially during the winter, AFFS forces have had time enough to repair and maintain the roads through the mountains and forests toward Tikograd, giving them to the best access to land supply routes. However, the ULTRA forces rely heavily on smaller infantry based forces that require less freight weight to move, and so are able to utilize the many smaller coastal cities that dominate Kazan, as opposed to the more top-heavy (BattleMech oriented) forces of the CMAF or AFFS. This supply issue is further complicated by the possible arrival of the Richard Davion Squadron. Though the smallest of the three, it still maintains enough of a force to seriously hamper large scale redeployment of forces by the CMAF and ULTRA. The AFFS does maintain the largest BattleMech force on the planet, while the CMAF maintains the highest concentration of Aerospace forces. ULTRA, however, can call upon infantry companies and tank regiments that revolted when ULTRA finally gave the world (including their off-world brethren that are already on planet). Local Tikonov defenders split off in droves when ULTRA declared itself: the 119th and 120th Tikonov Home Guard Regiments just walked off the field during the fight between the AFFS and CMAF in January of 3090. The 21st Tikonov Liberators, a small brigade of tanks and infantry made up of mostly exiles that came with the AFFS invasion force, also joined the nascent ULTRA forces. The New Moscow Ceres Metal factories give the CMAF access to new equipment, but the threat of naval support from the Richard Davion Squadron poses serious concerns for any major CMAF push. Also, without some of the raw materials from Krasnodar and Kazan, production has slowed by 50%. ULTRA, on the other hand, has been able to maintain enough black-water naval superiority in the system that they are able to trickle in more forces by moving in the Corinth Battle Group. The local dockyards at Karaganda, however, give the Davions a large force of local defense ships that can protect the already unassailable continent of Pskov while the BattleMech heavy force makes its slow, inexorable march towards Tikograd. Stalemate The balance of power on the planet is maintained mostly by the continued balance of power in space. Strike Group Bright Star and Corinth Battle Group would both become vulnerable to the Richard Davion Squadron if the two larger groups committed to action against each other. But the Richard Davion squadron is just strong enough that any effort to remove it would result in enough losses that it would make it vulnerable to the other Battle Group. Until then, the battle on Tikonov will continue to claim lives in the thousands. The arrival of any force would need to be large enough to aid in the space battle as well as defeat the large conventional forces of the two enemy ground forces. Since no side seems willing to risk assets, it may yet come down to the arrival of a third party, probably in the form of mercenaries, to break the stalemate.
16th of August, 3090 Hello and welcome to another report from INI, Today's top stories from around the Free Worlds League. Coming from the Duchy of Andurien, Duchess Humpreys has announced that they will no longer support the Captain-General and has recalled all units homeward. This comes just after rumors that the the Duchy has created several brigades Andurien Rangers. To make matters worse is the peace summit being held on Andurien with the Magistracy of Canopus. Andurien AeroTech announced that it was separating from their parent company, Free Worlds Defense Industries and begin selling it's products to outside vendors. Here from Irian Technologies, the CEO announced that a new battle mech was in testing. The Project is being called the Prefect and will soon plan on showing the new mech by years end. In other news, ULTRA has made several gains and stress with other nations is starting to cause concern among the other Houses as even Terra is harder to get to and from without ULTRA interfering. Ambassador John Smith was quoted saying "What was a offering to help a few worlds has gone beyond and is a great concern even though the Captain-General seems to be aloft about it all and has removed herself from the public eye." Could this events be the reason why the Duchy of Andurien has removed itself from parliament and could succeed from the League?
25th of August, 3090 to the 25th of November, 3090 Havoc Troop of the 7th Armored Legion returns to Terra after escort duties to Comstar's Diplomatic Delegation on New Home. While the Delegation was successful, sad news as the local Precentor on New Home was assassinated during the delegations stay. Havoc Troop was successful of tracking down the assassin but took his own life before being captured. Investigation found clues that the assassin could be part of Colonel Viktoriya Zakhara's Khariton Division, Ultra is either getting braver or their commander is just stupid enough to try anything for a fight.
30th of September, 3090 Razan’s Ronins had Advanced undercover Recon elements deployed ahead of their main force to make contact with Chara's planetside allies, a Mixed Battalion from the Liberty Holds 1st Royal BattleMech Regiment (Morgan’s Lions), 5th Jump Infantry Company (The Minutemen), Star League SAS Blackhearts Special Forces. The Tai-i received a mysterious communique aboard the Black Ronin from, at the time unbeknownst to her, a Mu/Delta ROM Agent. Razan’s Ronins landed on world as a Royal Corvax supply convey and use that as their cover story for a planetary approach. The four DropShips, which includes two Liberty Holds Conquistadors made an unchallenged approach to planet. Razan’s Ronins then arrived in orbit and began pre-operational prep while the mission planning cell began collecting intelligence on enemy assets and targets. Aerospace assets combined with the two Conquistadors quickly established Air Superiority. For security reasons, the Ronins hot dropped a lance into the SpacePort to ensure that their LZ was not contested. After securing the SpacePort, the remaining Ronins landed and debark. Upon leaving the DropShip the Tai-i made contact with the planetary Marquees and made arrangements to begin administering relief efforts (food, water, shelter, medicines, etc) to Chara civilians affected by ULTRA’s biological/nuclear warfare. Meanwhile, Razan’s Ronins used their Shadow infantry/battle armor platoons and uncovered a lead on Neisieen Khazaal movements from a Mildred Carson. During a routine recon patrol by Dragon’s Claw Lance, Razan’s Ronins encountered the bulk of ULTRA’s on planet 'Mech force in an ambush. The Command Lance, Dragon’s Fire, scrambled to relieve them, Heavy combat ensued and the Ronins were forced to retreat. ULTRA forces went back into hiding. The Ronins, now frustrated, increased their intel scope. The Shadow platoon Leader encountered a local partisan, Peter Starns, who had a map location of the ULTRA sea/ocean floor Stronghold. The Tai-i meets with the still unknown ComStar ROM Agent and obtained the data on a Cataclysmic Planetary Crust Shift’ from planting a tactical nuke in a fault line in the ice from the South Pole that would cause the planet’s orbit to alter. The Ronins’ advanced undercover recon elements stumbled across a white slave ring. All three crimes against humanity culminated at the same spot in the South Pole. A joint infantry operation, Shadow Platoon, 5th Jump Infantry Company, SAS Blackhearts Special Forces, and Captain Carter Nasution’s Chara Garrison’s Tornado PA-L platoon were assembled to thwart them. The BattleMechs of Morgan’s Lions and Chara Garrison were on ready standby as well as the Liberty Holds Conquistadors and Razan’s Ronins VTOLs and Aerospace fighters. The Ronins’ command staff and Chara’s Planetary Leaders coordinated these crucial attacks from the War Room in Farhaven. The cataclysm was stopped as well as the slave ring broken up but the ULTRA military hardware was not located. It was suspected to be back on the mainland somewhere. Neisieen Khazaal manages to escape to half a world away to a training facility outside of Farhaven. The Ronins use their C3 equipped Suzakus VTOL for overhead surveillance in conjunction with the Tai-i’s dual Command/Control/Communications computers and satellite uplink to tracking the the target but Chu-i Reece Kimura innocently steps in the way, sparing Khazaal’s life. Now knowing that he was the target, Khazaal led Razan’s Ronins on a wild chase through the city and surrounding countryside. The SAS Blackhearts Special Forces even take a crack at him and they fail. The Ronins track Neisieen Khazaal to a hidden training facility. They gather their entire on planet resources to capture him. Through a fluid battle he escapes yet again and his last plot to use the Teppo against civilians is foiled. Neisieen Khazaal winds up getting assassinated by a car bomb from an unconfirmed source. That source had all the earmarks of being a Razan’s Ronins DEST agent, none other than the Platoon Leader, Chu-i Kintaro 'Iceman' Tanaka himself
5th of October, 3090 Comstar News Network War games on the Lyran border rimward of Blue Hole with Clan Jade Falcon are ongoing with Lyran RCT's conducting engagements with the OPFOR the Black Wolf Ranger's. Speculation is leading to a multitude of scenarios as the Lyrans and BWR drill in anti clan tactics. Will the Lyran Alliance dive into conflict with the Falcons?
31st of October, 3090 The Restless Souls were persuaded to cut their contract of subjugating Hazelhurst short by the Federated Suns Intelligence Leader, Field Marshal Jon Davion. He requested the Restless Souls six regiments from the Periphery March clear on the opposite side of the realm, eight weeks distant, to aid Duke Nathaniel Hasek in assaulting an enemy in the Capellan March, the Unified Leadership of the Tikonov Republican Army. These urgent deployment orders to Northwind came in on the heels of Field Marshal Xavier Steele’s newest responsibility appointed to him by First Princess Yvonne Steiner-Davion as Duke of Broken Wheel and the overall ruler of a quarter of the Federated Suns Realm â€" the Periphery March. In a shrewd move, Xavier appointed Regent Tancred Sandoval's and First Princess Yvonne’s heir, Harrison Davion, as his proxy while he and his Restless Souls are providing relief to the four Northwind regiments embroiled with ULTRA. Harrison just celebrated his 21st birthday bringing him to his majority age. All ten Regimental Combat teams deployed to the Periphery March under Operation Antipodes are being recalled to rendezvous at Markesan, the Coreward Combat Theaters Capital world, as well, to participate in Operation Hornet's Nest. The Restless Souls and their WarShip fleet has the longest journey. The other nine RCTs will arrive in the region a full month before the Restless Souls Division and will subsequently be deployed long before the Restless Souls Six Regiments can get boots on the ground. The Souls Division will be deployed as the last line of defense against ULTRA for the Addicks PDZ. The Restless Souls High Command Staff, the Duke and his two Generals, will travel planetside to get an update on the state of conflict from Regent Tancred Sandoval who has relocated to Markesan to be closer to the front. It will be determined that in order to stem ULTRA’s momentum the Souls’ goal will be to keep three factory complex up and operating at full capacity. In order to achieve their triple objectives the Souls will divide Spectre Brigade up, sending Diablo regiment to Small World, Eagle Eye to Quentin, and Black Angel to Errai. Shadow Spear Brigade's 3 Regiments, their WarShip Armada and the command battalion will go on through to Northwind to attempt a relief effort of the four Northwind Highlanders Regiments, the Stirling's Fusiliers, Northwind Hussars, MacLeod's Regiment, and 1st Kearny Highlanders. When the Restless Souls Shadow Spear Brigade arrives in the Northwind system the situation is grim. The Restless Souls WarShips engage and punch through a Thera-Class Carrier, two Zechetinu-Class Corvettes and an ULTRA wall of four aerospace regiments. The Highlanders Regiments are outnumbered both in ‘Mechs, vehicles, and aerospace fighters as well. The Highlanders have fallen back to fortified positions and cities to try and regroup. It seems that there is a spy somewhere on Northwind who is funneling info back to the ULTRA Division with disastrous results for Northwind. The information leaked to ULTRA’s Khariton Division command also includes the arrival of the Souls. Shadow Spear Brigade is hit with a massive wave of aerospace fighters enroute to the planet. Through heroic efforts put forth by the Restless Souls own Aerospace Colonel, Kelli Kelly, the Colossus- Pocket Warship Class pilot Major George Anthony, accompanying assault-class DropShips and the two WarShip Drones, Shadow Spear Brigade forces their way through; however, the Brigade’s DropShips do sustain heavy damage. Fortunately that is enough to even up the air superiority battle but still leaves Northwind a little short in air power due to ULTRA's supply lines and their ability to call up reinforcements. ULTRA reinforcements are hampered by Duke Steele who remains in orbit aboard his orbital command post, a Conquistador-Class DropShip, and utilized it and its compliment of 18 AeroSpace Fighters, for their intended role with ruthless efficiency - A command post for planet-wide operations. Shadow Spear Brigade is forced to land near to Corsara Weaponries instead of their planned landing zone. Brigadier General McCray makes contact with the factories management and launches a second front to draw some of ULTRA's forces towards his Souls and away from the Highlanders to grant them a respite to regroup. The Brigadier links up with his sister who is a member of the Northwind Highlanders leading a scouting mission to Shadow Spear‘s LZ with news that their codes and combat frequencies are compromised. Due to this breach, Corsola give the Souls a very frosty reception. While in orbit above Errai, Black Angel Regiment receives a distress call from Maltex Corporation. A Rogue Bear point from Black Angel's Audacious Alpha Infantry Battalion is dispatch to investigate. They arrive too late to save the factories personnel. They have all been slain. However, the point encounters the ULTRA sabotage team in a secret underground facility. Before they can determine the purpose of the facility, charges placed by ULTRA detonate, demolishing the building and obliterating the identities of all personnel. The Duke's niece, Randi Steele is an AFFS officer stationed at the Maltex Corporation. She was AWOL from the site when ULTRA arrived and when she hears about the destruction of the research complex she flees to her estranged father back on Quentin, retired FS Rear Admiral, Vincent Steele. Distracted by a heartbreaking divorce from her husband Frank Castinelli, Xavier gives Major General Tatiana Donatella some time off and she travels to the heart of the now ULTRA held worlds, Outreach. There on the ‘Mercenaries Star’ Tatiana is called in for a clandestine debriefing of her Black Angel Regiment with the Presidential Senator in the circumstances surrounding the destruction of Maltex Corporation. She is assigned the task of covertly locating Randi Steele. After being told it was a Top Secret Research Facility performing experiments into Artificial Intelligence in direct violation of the Star League Charter which is upheld by Liberty Holds. Tatiana and Duke Steele are made acutely aware of the grievous impact it could have on the Federated Suns if this information leaked out. Xiao Hsieh is the ULTRA affiliate behind the destruction of Maltex Corporation in collusion with an AFFS Dr. Shu Qian the Inner Sphere’s foremost authority on Artificial Intelligence. Xiao Hsieh hires a Diamond Shark Elemental, turned Bounty Hunter, named Skarr, to a hunt Randi Steele down and eliminate her. A Mu/Delta ROM Agent assigned to the old Chaos March, Mika Rysanek, will catch wind of Maltex Corporation being destroyed and take an interest in it and Skarr and conduct her own investigation. Tatiana, Mika, and Skarr will all have a confrontation on Quentin and allegiances will be formed and lines drawn in the sand. The strength of these alliances will be tested when Randi is captured by Skarr and Xiao The Highlanders, reinforced by the Souls three regiments, start to win victories on the battlefield due to their greater knowledge of the landscape and the Duke’s Tactician’s acumen. The souls counterinsurgency unit discovers that it was the manager of Corsola who was spying for ULTRA. Brigadier McCray fed ULTRA some faulty intel through their spy and the combined defenders slowly turn the tide until the Highlanders defeats the General of the ULTRA Khariton Division in a final battle near the capital. The Highlanders also take control of the factory and promise Corsola Weaponries’ support in producing their Crab and Black Watch Battlemechs, and their Schiltron Omni Tank to aid in the Federated Suns war effort for the aid the Restless Souls provided in saving Northwind. Throughout the investigation into the destruction of Maltex Corporation, all the players will be uncovered and all the dots will be connected. The previous Federated Suns Ambassador elevated to the Presidential Senator, will accept full responsibility on behalf of House Davion for its role in the AI research. As the House Davion spokes person she will submit her House to the Liberty Holds sanctions, albeit not lying down. There is a reason that she was 'elected' Presidential Senator, the most powerful 'Ambassador'. It will culminate in the destruction of Earthwerks Incorporated on Tikonov with the successful rescue of Randi Steele, the deaths of Skarr and Xiao, and the revelation of a 2301 Terran Hegemony Artifact the TAS Dreadnaught a Dreadnaught-Class WarShip.
15th of November, 3090 The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command was successful in distracting the Clan Jade Falcon Forces on Antares, by harassment and interdiction of their command and control assets. The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command traveled from the Lyran Alliance's world of Solaris VII to Antares, in the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. Upon arrival, the Black Talon Phoenix separate companies participated in a series of lightning raids, designed to draw the Jade Falcon Cluster out, and cause them to spend their combat assets to counter act the attacks taking place on planet, in an attempt to keep Clan Jade Falcon from crossing the Clan Truce line, and exploit the border worlds, in reaction to ULTRA's attacks on the Inner Sphere.
26th of November, 3090 For ComStar, the 7th Armored today was able at last to catch the ULTRA recon unit on New Earth. The results while great for the Armored Legion, the findings was anything other than good news. The Ultra unit was piloting old Word of Blake 'Mechs from a missing unit out of Liao space. Even worse was the lance commander was a partial rebuilt cyborg. The question is where is Ultra getting WOB equipment or is there a darker side here. Could the Word do something even more sinister. They didn't just disappear but evolved, why be the enemy when there are people revolting and wanting to fight. Could we all just have missed the curve ball and Blake is sitting back laughing at the whole inner sphere as the puppets do there work? If that is the case, is the FWL still with them or are they being played as well. Either way, Ultra could very well be digging in and fighting them to retake worlds could be the next great war for Terra for all sides involved. Though one thing is for sure, the 7th will be on the front lines giving them hell all the way back to where they came from.
11th of December, 3090 Despite the Confederated Magistry's (Capellan Confederation) admonishment, the Taurian Concordat’s Concordat Commandos still managed to somehow thwart the ConMag’s Operation "Long Strider". It was as if the Black Talon Phoenixes had a spy in their midst during their Diversionary Raid of MacLeod's Land. Try as they might, the Black Talon Phoenixes could not predict where nor prevent the enemy from striking behind their front lines wreaking havoc on the Phoenixes vulnerable supplies, repair depots and other staging areas, but more than that the Concordat Commandos hamstrung the Phoenixes ability to wage any kind of an offensive war. They were kept in a defensive reactionary stance threw out the six month long campaign. Never once getting within 50 kilometers of their targeted objective, Pinard Protectorates Limited Facilities. It was all their supporting allies, the Black Wings and the Wings attendant DropShips and JumpShips, could do to cover the Black Talon Phoenixes tactical withdrawal from the theater. The Phoenixes suffered such extensive losses that they ceased to be a fighting force. The Mercenary Unit will mothball its remaining military hardware and close its doors until such a time where Lieutenant General Lance McRaven can sell off some salvage, rebuild his unit, and come back streamlined and much leaner and meaner.
31st of December, 3090 A small group of freedom fighters fought on Fletcher against ULTRA troops. They took a particularly hard view on some of the ULTRA forces that had attacked Civilian targets. The Veens Irregulars unit was reported to be at or around the Planet of Fletcher although they had left as the fighting has become a lot worse since The Irregulars had left. It was also farther reported that Veen's Irregulars may or may not have been in the employ of the Federated Suns before leaving planet.
15th of January, 3091 The Bloody Marauders Battalion of the Black Stars has successfully nullified the pirate menace in the Timbuktu sector and along the periphery border with the Rim Collective on the planet of Wiltshire in the Lyran Alliance. The Marauders had divided its units in the hunt for the pirates and the unknown location of their base. The Marauders' various lances scoured the areas of space. The Marauders had located the pirates and neutralized their base of operation. The Marauders maintained constant contact with the Lyran Alliance Task Force in the sector. The Marauders fulfilled the contract objectives successfully proving that the Black Stars are superb pirate hunting force in the Inner Sphere.
15th of January, 3091 +++ Maskirovka Report 4506.4412.442D +++ Date: 25th February 3091 Planetary Operations: Huanghuadian SitRep: Black Stars sub-unit had eliminated over 97.8% of enemy forces. Remaining unaccounted for are strongly suspected to be remaining leadership of the pirates. 99.95% chance that these were the same who incited the Herotitus uprising. ComStar survey team and HPG restoration units were allowed to continue their work under our supervision. Necessary precautions have been put in place if their removal is required. (Refer to Contingency Option HHD/574833.567) Minimal Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) forces distributed across the planet will be monitored. Recommendation: While threat level posed by remnants of pirates are negligible, it is also an undisputed fact that according to the words of their contract, the Black Stars have failed in one of their primary objectives despite the surprising completion of all other stated ones. We have ascertained that the Black Stars have their own agendas to pursue for picking up CC-PA-08-03. Further engaging with the mercenary command might be detrimental to our own objectives. Recommend immediate Red Flagging of Black Stars. +++ Report End +++
16th of February, 3091 Back in the Free Worlds League After a lengthy time away from contracts with the Free Worlds League, the Black Wolf Rangers once again ventured into contract with House Marik on Pollux. Reputation lapse has caused the BWR to start almost from the bottom rung with a garrison contract. Deploying the 2nd REF (Rapid Expeditionary Unit) the BWR has successfully completed another contract.
15th of March, 3091 The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command, after having a successful rebirth on the Planet Antares, against Clan Jade Falcon, had been contracted to proceed to the Free Worlds League, there to raid Talitha, with the intent of extracting several VIP Prisoners of War, for the Lyran Alliance. A quick early morning raid, and the unit achieved their mission, linking up with a Lyran task force, and turning over the liberated Lyran military personnel.
15th of March, 3091 The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command, now at regimental strength, continues to move forward, their rebirth appearing to be complete, as they rack up one victory after another. They are quickly adding on to their reputation, and are once again sought after for missions requiring speial handling. The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command, after having a successful rebirth on the Planet Antares, against Clan Jade Falcon, had been contracted to proceed to the Free Worlds League, there to raid Talitha, with the intent of extracting several VIP Prisoners of War, for the Lyran Alliance. A quick early morning raid, and the unit achieved their mission, linking up with a Lyran task force, and turning over the liberated Lyran military personnel.
21st of March, 3091 ====MERC-NET==== ====MRBC Notice: Unit Promotion==== Unit: Veens Irregulars MUCO: William Veens Unit Promoted from: Battalion to Regiment MUCO Promoted from: Major to Colonel Congratulations to William Veens and the players of Veens Irregulars for this acheivement. General Randee Mishel Le roux Presidential Senator Mercenary Review & Bonding Commission
16th of April, 3091 Veen's Irregulars - With Colonel Veens attempting to start an academy. His adopted son takes the newly formed alpha company first battalion out on its mission. Captain Lance learns a little about command and how its not all fun and games. Paper work is every officers nightmare. But with his first one under his belt trouble stirs.
26th of April, 3091 The LAAF Office of Mercenary Troops Liaison had sent out a call for any mercenary units capable of relieving and assisting their beleaguered 6th Donegal Guard Regimental Combat Team on Summer. They were accepting any reasonable bid from all units no matter how big or how small, from company size to division size and anything in between. Lyran Ambassador Damad Sandaker could find no takers among the MRBC sponsored units so had to divert an integrated Merc Command of the LAAF, the Crimson Crusaders, to the front to take up this mission. The LAAF High Command has declared that the ULTRA threat must be stopped and pushed back from Lyran space at all cost. ULTRA Thera-Class Carrier Fleets had control of the Nadir and Zenith jump points and had effectively put the entire planet under blockade. To circumvent the ULTRA siege, Fleet Admiral Lynn Hood, of the LAAF Navy, provide pirate jump points to the Crimson Crusaders. The Sixth employed a broad spectrum of tactics, but excelled defensively, however; combat efficiency for the 6th was down to 75%. They had completely lost the fighting integrity of both their AeroSpace Fighter Wings due to an overwhelming ULTRA fighter presences. The unit has learned to be broken down into smaller formations in order to disrupt and isolate elements of the enemy force. They were, at the time of this mission, entrenched on three of the four continents in three equal forces, a battalion of BattleMechs, a regiment of armor, and two regiments of Infantry. The LAAF last intel report had been six weeks prior to dispatching the Crimson Crusaders, and had a force commanded by Leutnant-General Uma Mangelsdorf in the Balise Mountains on southern continent of Wessler. A second force led by her aide Colonel Frederick Degenhardt on the Lestrade continent. The third force was being used as a mobile reserve and was somewhere between the last two continents. The 6th had lost all ten active spaceports so the Crimson Crusaders planned out their own landing zones. Their 'Mechs were prepped for a sweltering climate because the planet had a close orbital path to is M-Class Sun and an ever-decreasing ozone layer. The 6th Donegal Guard went by the call sign of, ‘White Hawks’ and at the start of the campaigned possessed a Regiment of 'Mechs but by the time the Crimson Crusaders arrived on world, it was considerable less due to attrition. The 6th's 1st Battalion was Assault class 'Mechs. Second and 3rd Battalions were rated as Heavy 'Mech Battalions. The armor Brigade was mixed from medium to assault vehicles. The infantry Brigade is composed of two Heavy SRM equipped foot infantry Regiments, a Saxon APC Light Infantry regiment, the 17th Donegal Military Police Regiment and a Mechanized infantry fighting vehicle regiment for support. The Crimson Crusaders surprised the onworld ULTRA forces via their pirate point entry into the Summer system and was able to establish a landing zone and temporary base and contact, link up with, and provide the 6th Donegal Guard RCT with assistance in repelling the ULTRA force. As it stands, the onworld LAAF forces have regained access to and control two of the Starport and will be recieving follow on forces.
1st of May, 3091 Two Kuritan Patricians have been kidnapped by members of the Yakuza, the House Kurita criminal underworld. They are being used as leverage against mining conglomerate Shinjo Omoto to supply the Yakuza with minerals and ore. Razan's Ronins have been hired to infiltrate the planet, locate the two ladies, and return them to their homeworlds. Upon arrival to Rigil Kentarus system the Ronins have a JumpShip malfunction. All personnel hotdrop on world with the Battle Armor going in first pulling three g's to disable the Reagan system control center space defense network. The Ronin's DropShips ground at a meteorite impact crater. For the next three weeks we engage in skirmishes with the Yakuza 'Mechs and conventional forces until we finally establish a base. Dragon Sword successfully defends the base from being over run aided by Ronin's conventional forces. We free the patrician just as we get ambushed by an overwhelming ULTRA force at our base and in the field. We are dispersed and separated from ground combat forces and our DropShips in the midst of a global sandstorm. ULTRA razes a city named St Ivans. We linkup with the remnants of our ground combat forces and establish a makeshift base in a cave. We uncover information about a Star League era Castle Brian Depot from a SAFE Agent and the reason behind blind loyalty to ULTRA is a self destruct system. The Ronins mount up to make a mad dash through the raging sand storm to the meteorite impact crater and their grounded DropShips and encounter thousands of evacuees from the capitol. The Ronin's Technical Staff uncovers a way to use the ULTRA self destruct sequence in their favor. During their trek to their DropShips they run into an enemy Battalion in a climatic battle. After defeating the enemy ULTRA battalion, the Ronins encounter the remaining division. The Ronins use their Ace-in-the-Hole and cause a Regiment worth of 'Mechs to all self destruct. The remaining Ronin Battalion is beset by jump capable ULTRA 'Mechs. Razan's Ronins scramble to make it to the cover of their DropShip guns. The Ronin's vehicle's make it back to their DropShips but their 'Mechs do not. The 'Mechs stand and deliver against insurmountable odds. Their Battle armor exit a boosting DropShip to joined them. The Ronin's command is saved by an unlikely ally, Tai-shu (Warlord) Isoroku Kurita, just before all the remaining ULTRA 'Mechs self destruct.
26th of June, 3091 The Bloody Marauders Battalion of the Black Stars has successfully completed its Guerrilla Warfare contract with the Corporate Sector on Ruchbah. The Ruchbah system was under the control of the Unified Leadership of Tikonov Republican Army (ULTRA). Hired secretly by the Mitchell Heavy Industries to aid their 'Rogue' Freedom fighters and Ruchbah Militia. The Bloody Marauders successfully landed with no notice by the ULTRA garrison. After joining up with the Freedom fighters, the Bloody Marauders greatly assisted in making the ULTRA garrison pay heavily for their unwanted presence. In the end, the Bloody Marauders assistance forced the UTLRA garrison force to depart and the ULTRA reinforcements were forced to turn back. The MHI CEO is greatly satisfied that the primary objectives have been completed by the Bloody Marauders. The CEO also declared the contract a success.
14th of August, 3091 NR- Comstar News Network. The Black Wolf Rangers failed to complete a diversionary contract on Blue Hole for the Lyran Alliance against the Jade Falcons. Conducting a year long Diversionary raid the Mercenary unit acquitted itself poorly, creating minimal havoc amongst the Clan defenders. However, neutralizing clan air fields , communication facilities and Head quarters the BWR kept the Falcons guessing for the year they were on planet amongst the Clan defenders.
15th of November, 3091 The Bloody Marauders Battalion of the Black Stars has successfully completed the Cadre Duty contract on the Lyran Alliance world of Algorab. The Bloody Marauders completed the contract objectives but went beyond the expectations of the contract. Both the Militia Commander and the Planetary Council of Algorab provided the Bloody Marauders high marks in their professionalism and duties.
26th of December, 3091 Storm's Armored Cavalry executed a garrison contract on Halifax. Near the end of the contract period, a hostile force of superior strength landed and attacked with the aid of local militia and nobility. SAC has been forced from its encampment and presently is operating in restrictive terrain as a guerrilla force with both Comstar and loyalist Lyran forces. Storm's Armored Cavalry lands on the Lyran Alliance world of Halifax. Setups up a security perimeter around the SpacePort. Establish an off base bivouac complete with fortifications and scatterable low power, long range, high speed data communications system that emit light or smoke, or both, using a pyrotechnic to provide the flare and smoke to generate Phantom Signals and misrouted commands. The SAC will have some friends to make, hearts and minds to win. The first quarter of our contract we will be in negotiations with Baron Jacobi Horowitz, Hauptmann-Kommandant Mandel Lombroso, and the Explorer Corp. After several surveys of other sights, we will make a bid on the Lyran Alliance's behalf to acquire the Explorer Corp mothballed base. By the end of the quarter, after some back and forth, the Explorer Corp and SAC will reach an agreement that leaves the Corp with a twenty percent stake in their base, for running the HPG and other minor operations should the decide to return. While negotiations are ongoing the SAC will be assessing the preparedness and needs of the local militia forces. The second quarter will be devoted towards getting the base up and operational, with consumables, repairs, supplies, personnel, etc and preparing a presentation to convince the Archon of the need for funding. The SAC and Militia will undergo and AeroSpace Fighter strafing attack causing significant damage. After completing a thorough threat assessment the SAC will reach the conclusion that the sortie was launched from Halifax and not from orbit nor a jumppoint. At about this time the SAC will learn of the possibility of a military cache and a production facility on Halifax from a data dump from the Explorer Corp Servers to our DropShips memory core. In the third quarter the first of the updated militia equipment will begin arriving and the SAC's Coleman's Rough Riders will start training the Halifax Militia anti-mech tactic, and Chameleon will train them in spec-ops tactics while the SAC performs a recruiting drive. Delving further into the memory core data the SAC will be made aware of the following planets possibly being able to sustain life again: Wingzar, Parvan, Sidon, Janina, Rosetta, and Seven Lands. SAC and then the newly trained Milita encounter raids in lance strength who hop in to probe their defenses. They hit us where we are most vulnerable. It screams, 'MOLE'. The SAC has reason to believe that their intel has been compromised and that the enemy has found out we are here in force, and they are attacking us with more than we have to garrison Halifax. In the fourth quarter some of our Militia trainees have been baptize by fire and are moving into some leadership roles. We have the Explorer Corp Base's defenses up and functional. The SAC counter-insurgency arm of Chameleon is in full mole hunt mode to catch the Rim Collection spy. The SAC is left to fend for themselves for months while the LAAF exploits the commitment of enemy power. We are forced out of the Explorer Corp Base and our Bivouac is routed. We retreat to the jungles and conduct a holding action. We hold on by our fingernails with the locals until the LAAF can arrive to re-take Halifax.
1st of January, 3092 Captain-General Agatha Rousset-Marik and her advisors saw the creation of an independent Tikonov Free Republic as a win for them, as it would serve as the host for a spread of the Covenant, and would serve as an indirect way to weaken the other Great Houses and deny them key worlds and the support of people in that region, particularly Tikonov nationalists who have traditionally been loyal to the Capellans or Davions. Eventually ULTRA built up its own army, largely paid for by the FWL and operating alongside the FWLM but it was not part of the FWLM. ULTRA was also the primary outlet for Agatha’s ambitions for a while, using ULTRA as a pretext for overt and covert military operations. It resulted in a military campaign in which the Inner Sphere began to see what kind of leader Agatha was, the aggressive dangerous kind, full of revolutionary ideas in her head, she wasn’t content with the status quo. The very existence of ULTRA and Agatha’s support for it has become a source of political fodder between the Great Houses. This created lots of political angles to act/react to and at least a few mercenary contracts. In the final days of 3089 evidence started to pile up that ULRA existed, what it is, and that it was building a military with the Free Worlds League’s help. The Great Houses started to take stock of the situation, trying to gather intelligence and make plans. This set off alarm bells across the Inner Sphere as the former Tikonov Free Republic worlds include Chaos March worlds, Confederated Magistracy worlds, Lyran Alliance Worlds, Draconis Combine Worlds and even Federated Suns worlds. ULTRA made appearances in several merc contracts in the Old Chaos March/New ULTRA region. During the Fifth Succession War old-fashioned hatreds were reignited as traditional Great House enemies smacked each other around much like they had done for hundreds of years. There is another new militant faction in the heart of the Inner Sphere, ULTRA. The Liberty Holds government is a "Good guy" faction, white knights, inheritors of the Star League's idealism. By comparison ULTRA sought to be a power player on the Inner Sphere stage, one that was backed by an aggressive leader and all her resources. Its very existence has shaken up the dynamics of the Inner Sphere. Agatha Rousset-Marik is a villain. In the course of her career and life, she has been our Napoleon. She has gone after everybody, no one is safe. All the Great Houses find themselves a target of her ambitions, and she in turn is vilified by all and eventually attracted the wrath of all. In the shorter term, ULTRA was the first big move that she made, the first evidence that Agatha may be a big threat to the Inner Sphere. Agatha Marik is a modern day Napoleon. She is a revolutionary at heart, someone who wants to upset the status quo and not play the normal game. She is the cause of one or more wars, some small, some eventually very big. The first one of note involved ULTRA. She continues to pushes on with her agenda. For her ULTRA, and other pretexts for conquest are exactly that, a pretext, an excuse to attack while maintaining the appearance of being a good leader to her own people. The Age of Agatha is upon us.
24th of January, 3092 On an Offensive Campaign on the world of Summer under the employ of the Lyran Alliance, the Black Stars SUCCESSFUL Destroy the ULTRA 101st RCT, Secure the Starport, and capture an ULTRA Supply Depot and fortifications.
1st of February, 3092 In retaliation for last years uprisings on Orestes, sponsored by the Lyran Alliance, the 12th Bear Guards, the Growling Bears, landed on the world of Apostica. Acting on intelligence gathered from rebels captured on Orestes, the 12th moved against the two rebel training centers on the world, destroying both after savage fighting. En route back to their dropships, the Dominion forces were engaged by the Apostica planetary militia. In a short, pitched battle, the Militia fought bravely but were quickly routed with heavy loss of life. Wether this incident has shattered the fragile peace between the Lyran and Rasalhague states remains to be seen.
26th of March, 3092 The Lyran Alliance's Hauptman Mari Laurenson hired Storms Armored Cavalry to undertake MRBC registered contract LA-GW-12-01 a Guerrilla Warfare Campaign on their world of Halifax against the 3rd Battalion of the 4th Rim Worlds Dragoons. The SAC SUCCESSFULLY liberate their POWs and performed Reconnaissance operations, small-scale ambushes and general harassment of enemy forces complete with Sabotage and Assassinations.
28th of April, 3092 Soldiers aligned with Dambis Vodopals’ “FRR” faction assaulted the Osis Antropovs' family palace, where troops executed Antropovs and his family. In the following days Vodopals became the leader of the Demichev District and in an attempt to end the TNM’s divisions, Zarina Rudzutaka became his Deputy Minister.
16th of June, 3092 The 13th Donegal Guards were extracted from Lipton. Under Blockade for several months, the 13th Donegal Guards were stuck on Lipton and facing stiff opposition with the Marik 5th Dragoons. A successful break of the blockade allowed the extraction force to land on Lipton and move the 13th off world. The RCT is now heading into a new theater of operations to keep the pressure of the Lyran Alliance.
17th of August, 3092 The Lyran Alliance's Katherine Steiner brought back to justice, Khan Ward Dead In a daring extraction raid to bring Katherine Steiner to justice, Khan Ward of the Wolf Clan has been killed in fighting against the Black Wolf Rangers. Having landed on Zoetermeer to retrieve the Ex-Archon elements of the Mercenary command conducted recon operations which culminated with intense combat operations against the clan Garrison and the Visiting leader of the Wolves. In a pitched battle Lupus Primus Black killed Khan Ward in hand to hand combat after both of their mechs were ruined in combat with one another.
17th of August, 3092 The Lyran Alliance High Command has sought out the Black Wolf Rangers to assist them in a Diversionary Raid, # LA-DR-12-01 on Cor Caroli against the 57th ULTRA Dragoons in which the BWR SUCCESSFULLY broke the blockade, destroy ULTRA supply depots, and relieved beleaguered Lyran forces on planet
25th of August, 3092 Back in the Rasalhague Dominion on Tukayyid at the behest of Khan Sarah Vishio the Growling Bears (C) SUCCESSFULLY fended off Clan Diamond Shark in a Trial of Possession (Defensive Campaign) for sibkos. RD-DC-04-02
1st of November, 3092 The Razan's Ronins employed in the Corporate Sector by Hejito Momoguchi, CEO of Mitsuhide Holdings of the Draconis Combine, who represents a Triumvirate, SUCCESSFULLY complete a Planetary Assault in which the Ronins eliminate Free World League Demichev Division resistance on Saffel, Yorii, Asta, and Altair.
24th of November, 3092 On Diversionary Raid #DC-DR-06-01 for the Draconis Combine on Styx against ULTRA and/or Free Worlds League Military the Aura Wings FAILED to fool the enemy into thinking that the invasion was real and only caused minimal damage. DCPS Liaison Tomoe Katsuie was disappointed with their performance.
25th of November, 3092 Reports from the Lyran world of Halifax reveal a year long struggle by Steiner loyalists and Storm's Armored Cavalry mercenary unit have restored the planet to Lyran rule decimating the occupying Rim Worlds Dragoons. Additionally, unconfirmed reports that the Dragoons were equipped with FWL weapons and equipment leave questions about a connection to Atreus and the sudden buildup of Rim Collection military forces. The Command Staff is scattered and Missing in Action somewhere in the Sundry Mountain Range on Halifax�s secondary Agricultural continent La Loutre. The Sundry Mountains are located in the country of Mustelid�s, that encompasses the center portion of the continent. Commander Ciara Storm, Captain Teso River, and Second Lieutenant Luke Shanahan. Command of the Storm�s Armored Cavalry fell to First Lieutenant Ellison Reed. The three Command Staff members went missing in an attempt to save the SAC Mercenary Unit from complete annihilation and to cover their retreating non-combatants. At a critical point after Teso River had his Purifier Suit shot up and Ciara Storm punched out of her Warhammer the weather turned extremely foul. A category four storm cell hit, with heavy rain accompanied by high winds and lightning. The torrential downpour was abundant and had a fast on-set and lasted for a long period. Longer than any previous storm cell according to the Halifax Weather Service.. Hazards associated with torrential rains included flash floods, stream flooding and landslides. It rained over the Sundry Mountains for an extended period of time causing secondary damages as the ground became saturated with precipitation. It caused problems in watersheds and building stability. In addition, the temperature dropped so low, it caused problems in the freeze-thaw cycles for other structures including roadways. Lieutenant Shanahan escaped in his captured Griffin to a cave complex and stayed held up there for two weeks before linking back up with the unit. Captain Rivers was found eighteen days later by Apollo, the SAC Search and Rescue Team, dehydrated and delirious, afflicted with some native infection. It is believed that he spent the first 72 hours, amidst the worst part of the storm, scouring the mountains for Commander Storm. He insists that Ciara Storm is still alive and he will not rest until he finds her or proof of otherwise. The SAC along with the remnants of the Halifax Garrison are hold up in a cave complex in the Sundry Mountainous region, pretty elaborate set-up for a cave. Thanks to Dread Squad, the SAC�s Combat Engineer Platoon. The enemy forces have taken up occupation on Halifax and left a garrison. They have some popular support from the locals on the main continent of Annapolis but it is not widespread beyond the planetary capital of Corpernicus. Captain River agreed to sit in as Ciara�s Proxy in negotiating their next contract only because he was the only one that the MRBC would recognize as officially having the power to conduct such transactions. Other than that, he is leaving the day-to-day operations to Lieutenant Reed. He is too obsessed with locating Ciara to be effective at anything else. He goes out and searches for her every evening for at least 10 hours sometimes 16 in a quadruped Shedu Recon Battle Armor, recovered from the secret Military Cache on Halifax. Their Employer, Hauptman Mari Laurenson, is being very sympathetic to Teso plight. She has graciously written into the contract a rescue operation objective aimed at liberating the internment camp where SAC members are being held along with Lyran loyalists. This will increase the morale of the rank and file SAC troopers tenfold. Commander Storm miraculously returns to Command with a harrowing tale of evasion and escape. There will be Recon operations to learn as much as we can about the enemy. We need to obtain hard data as to who they are, where did they come from, and why they are targeting Halifax. We have every reason to believe that the enemy is searching for the Star League Cache and production facility. The primary goal of the Recon Ops will be to set up an opportunity to �Snatch & Grab� an enemy Officer to interrogate him. There will be multiple small-scale ambushes, strategically orchestrated to favor the SAC, against isolated enemy Supply Convoys and Patrols as a means of rebuilding units and obtaining spare replacement parts and procuring expendables as well as interdicting operations of the enemy. The SAC will be refitting from the Star League Cache also. It's location is still hidden from the Lyran Alliance Government thus far, however, with the presence of Loki on world the SAC Command is almost certain that this gig is almost up. If LAAF didn't know, they will find out soon. Sabotage and Assassination operations against high value enemy targets to reduce enemy�s overall effectiveness and capabilities. Assassinations are to only be carried out against documented military personnel. All others insurgents shall be detained. The general harassment of enemy forces, the occasional pot shot or artillery shell, the use of IED, preparation of ambush sites, pre-registering targets, and the laying of mines to set up anti-�Mech leg attacks. Without access to the HPG we have no intelligence about the wider situation off world but our employer has graciously offered to provide us with intel via a manual courier, clandestine delivery, albeit it will be geared towards a Lyran Alliance spin. Our current Intel has a new unit being dropped onto the planet to bolster the Buccaneers Storm. It is predicting an 86% probability that the unit will be the 3rd Battalion of the 4th Rim Worlds Dragoons. It is a mechanized infantry force supported by both armor and rotary wing aviation. Intelligence Reports suggest that they have been formally trained to House standards, but have yet to see actual combat. Their equipment is overwhelmingly Free World's League designs and seemingly 3085 or newer.
11th of February, 3093 James Spencer, the Federated Suns Ambassador to the Department of Mercenary Management was kidnapped and slain at the hands of ULTRA TNM dissidents.
15th of February, 3093 In a stunning reversal of events the Draconis Combine's Tai-sho Prudencio Kulmala employed the Aura Wings, who SUCCESSFULLY secured the Marduk system in a Planetary Assault, # FS-PA-06-05, forcing the 5th Crucis Lancers Militia into retreat while destroy targets of opportunity with the exception of Norse BattleMech Works.
1st of March, 3093 Clan Snow Raven completed an expansion of their Valhalla Shipyard, allowing for the construction of new Lola III Destroyers. The Ravens' first customers were Clan Diamond Shark, which immediately ordered six hulls for their war with the Free Worlds League. The success of this expansion carried with it the probability that Clan Snow Raven would continue expanding their warship construction capabilities in the future in an effort to reassert their dominance over Clan naval construction.
29th of March, 3093 In a Kurultai (war council) on Tukayyid. Clan Diamond Shark votes to go to war with the Free Worlds League after being forced to abandon Alula Australis, Graham IV and Sirius under the threat of a nuclear attack by an armada of League warships.
11th of May, 3093 Rasalhague Dominion's Star Colonel Kato Kabrinski has authorized the Growling Bears (C) to travel to Antares and SUCCESSFULLY reported on the strength of Jade Falcon defenses in their Clan Zone and challenge the 124th Striker Cluster (the Blue Demons) for production runs and spare parts for the Turkina, Black Lanner, Cougar, Fire Falcon omnimechs, and the Scytha Omnifighter. (Offensive Campaign CZ-OC-04-02
12th of May, 3093 The Lyran Alliance grants the recently formerly lost world of Erdvynn as a landhold to the Black Star's Mercenary Unit commander Zhao Zi Long. In addition the Archon has bestowed the title of Baron upon the Black Stars Colonel in honor of their service to the successor state. This move serves as a counter to a recent uptick in Pirate activity in the anti-spinward reaches after the Black Stars succeeded in locating and destroying a Pirate stronghold on the former Rim Worlds Republic provincial capitol of Erdvynn.
11th of June, 3093 The Draconis Combine Professional Soldiery Liaison Officer, Sho-sa Emanuel Parker, hired the Razan's Ronins to ensure the 15th Dieron Regulars and 24th Dieron Regulars do not get involved in the uprising on Skondia of the 'Free Skondia Mutineers' on MRBC Riot Duty contract # DC-RD-06-02 while SUCCESSFULLY crushing the resistance and pacifying Skondia's population and capturing the resistance leaders, to be turned over to local law enforcement.
20th of June, 3093 The Black Stars SUCCESSFULLY completed contract #LA-PH-02-02 a Pirate Hunting operation by destroying the Pirate units that were raiding Althastan 1 in the Lyran Alliance.
28th of June, 3093 ComStar has requested the 7th Armored Legion participate in MRBC Registered Contract #UL-OC-04-01, an Offensive Campaign on the ULTRA held world, Epsilon Eridani, against the Covenant Militia 4th Division (Blake's Conscience IV-Lambda) Level III where the 7th SUCCESSFULLY drove off the Covenant Militia from the HPG and defend it while ComStar personnel regained control.
25th of July, 3093 Clan Diamond Shark attempted their first offensive action in their war against the Free Worlds League at Summer. But the Free Worlds League's SAFE and Covenant managed to penetrate the Chatterweb and learned of the assault. They had enough advance warning to put a naval force in position and to stiffen the ground defenses. In July 3093 Beta Galaxy supported by a fleet attempted to invade the system and were badly damaged, both on the ground and in space. Beta Galaxy's Clusters were all but crippled and the Potemkin-class Titanic and Essex-class Tracy were destroyed.
4th of August, 3093 Caune Zvirbulis, a longtime ally of Dambis Vodopals who became Deputy Minister of the CSoT Tikonov Region following the April Revolution, received word that Zarina Rudzutaka (Osis Antropovs’s early supporter) was leading a TNM plot to overthrow the Vodopals regime. Zvirbulis took the opportunity to purge and execute many TNM and consolidate his own power.
28th of August, 3093 The 7th Armored Legion FAILED to protect the Corporate Sector's Power Plant on Landfall from the Marian Raiders on Garrison Duty contract FW-GD-02-02 drawn up by Mr Humphreys CEO in the Free Worlds League.
9th of September, 3093 After months of negotiations and Trials of Refusal, the two halves of Clan Wolf achieve reunification. Clan Wolf-in-Exile rejoins their brethren on Tamar and the Exiled Wolves Khan, Tanya Radick, becomes the new saKhan. Clan Wolf-in-Exile ceases to resist. The Lyran Alliance does not try to stop this, as they can see that any move against either Clan will simply push the two even closer together.
18th of September, 3093 The Mercenary Unit the, Black Wolf Rangers, SUCCESSFULLY Identify the pirate force, Martian Invasion Company, and eliminate them from the Lyran Alliance's system of Son Hoa on MRBC Registered Pirate Hunting Contract #LA-PH-02-01 which was submitted by Hauptman Mari Laurenson
18th of December, 3093 It is 'Rumored' that Zink Finley of the Pirate Band, Finley's Crew, and his officers were victims of a SUCCESSFUL Assassination #DC-AS-04-01 by Chaos Incorporated on orders from an officer in the Draconis Combine Professional Soldiery. This rumor has not been confirmed by the ISF.
2nd of January, 3094 With the aid of Lyran Alliance LOKI intelligence, the Black Stars, SUCCESSFULLY rid Erdvynn of an unknown Band of Pirates via Planetary Assault # PY-PA-04-02 negotiated by Ambassador Damad Sandaker
11th of February, 3094 By garrisoning the Quantico Marine Fortification, Camp Pendleton, and Parris Island's boot camp the Black Talon Phoenixes SUCCESSFULLY completed contract # LH-SD-12-01 a Security Duty Contract for Liberty Holds on Carver V (Liberty). The BTP was hired by Lieutenant General Vita J Davies to defend Liberty from FWL Baranovsky Division.
3rd of March, 3094 The Draconis Combine's fiercely loyal Razans Ronins Mercenary Command undertook a suicide mission to the planet Dieron in the form of a Guerrilla Warfare Contract MRBC # DC-GW-04-01 and SUCCESSFULLY gathered intel on the 15th ULTRA Luczenko Battalion's Assets, strengths, and positions, found and destroyed priority FWL targets, harassed the 15th's supply lines, troop movements and communications networks and assisted the local resistance cells loyal to House Kurita.
1st of June, 3094 The Draconis Combine launched a preemptive strike on the Free Worlds League held planet of Telos IV aimed at disabling the orbital defense system until the invasion force, Tai-sa Elizabeth Carrols and the 15th Dieron Regulars, had reached the planet's surface. Objective Raid # FW-OR-02-04 was SUCCESSFULLY pulled off by Razan's Ronins and to boot the unit was able to collect valuable intel and destroy targets of opportunity in advance of the 15th Dieron Regulars invasion of an ULTRA held world.
27th of July, 3094 The Black Stars went into the Clan Zone and squared off against the Jade Falcons' Lambda Solahma Cluster in Recon Raid # CZ-RR-04-05 on Somerset and SUCCESSFULLY gathered intel about the population, enemy forces, bases, supply depots, and fortifications while in the employ of the Lyran Alliance's Kaptain Morice Hiltburger
1st of August, 3094 The Razan's Ronins SUCCESSFULLY snatch Telos IV from the Free Worlds League and ULTRA'S iron hold, returning it back to the Draconis Combine fold on MRBC Planetary Assault contract # FW-PA-02-01 by aiding Tai-sa Elizabeth Carrols and her 15th Dieron Regulars.
5th of September, 3094 Rasalhague Dominion has dispatched their 14th Battle Cluster including the Growling Bears (C) who SUCCESSFULLY supported four initiatives on Santander's World; build a secondary colony site; build a rail network; the construction of a new branch of Daylam’s colony; assist Valdherre (planetary leader) in build the beginnings of a true planetary leadership; Located and destroyed the Santander Assassins on a Pirate Hunting Mission led by the Dominion Loremaster. # RD-PH-04-01
10th of September, 3094 The Rasalhague Dominion restructures its government. With Elected Prince Ragnar Magnusson taking charge and the Clan Khan serving as the Commander-in-Chief of the Dominion Defense Force. The Clan COuncil is also replaced with a Dominion Council that includes equal parts Bloodnamed Trueborns, freeborn warriors (Predominately KungsArme) and civilians. The changes create a hybrid IS-Clan realm and give greater say in government to the Rasalhagians.
10th of December, 3094 Caune Zvirbulis' purge of the TNM was met by armed revolt throughout the Tikonov Region. In response, Caune Zvirbulis and Dambis Vodopals traveled to New Avalon to sign a friendship treaty which included a provision that would allow direct Federated Suns military assistance should the insurgency threaten the regime.
27th of March, 3095 In a SUCCESSFUL Extraction on contract # LA-EX-04-02 of Mykyta Serfass from Calvados, an unclaimed System near the Lyran Alliance planet, Erdvynn, the Black Stars obtained intel for the Lyran Alliance on the pirate forces Calvados Cutthroats.
1st of April, 3095 An ad-hoc Battalion from the Razan's Ronins Regiment travel Spinward to the border of the Pehst Military District of the Draconis Combine and SUCCESSFULLY engage the Ebon Raptor Band of Pirates on Bjarred in MRBC Pirate Hunting Contract # DC-PH-04-03 with Land-Air-Mechs, LAMS, under the watchful eye of Tai-sa Bernice Johnsson, CO 7th Pesht Regulars.
19th of May, 3095 By mid-3095 New Avalon was searching to replace Dambis Vodopals and Caune Zvirbulis, and dispatched a RCT to Sonnia, Spinward of Tikonov. This move prompted the First Princess to begin supplying non-lethal aid to Tikonov Region's militia forces, or the ”insurgents”.
22nd of May, 3095 Even though the Chaos Incorporated were forced to withdraw from the Virentofta Recon Raid Contract # DC-RR-06-02 according to the Draconis Combine's PSL Officer the operation was largely a SUCCESS due to CI determining the Identity of the 'pirates', as being elements of Clan Ghost Bear.
27th of May, 3095 Atreus Free Press Reads: The source for news sources from Atreus, the Free Worlds League and the 'First Lord Agatha Marik'. Whether or not Agatha truly declared herself First Lord of the Star League at this point is subject to constant debate. It is clear that she threatened to do so, and even joked at having done so, both remarks made publicly. But the simple fact is that throne is long dead and gone and there is no one who is credible enough to bestow that title upon anyone. There is no Star League and there is no First Lord (despite the claims of some of Agatha’s most vocal supporters). So once again, Agatha has played the game and played it well. The message she sent had nothing to do with a renewed Star League, it communicated something else entirely to all the rulers of the Successor States. On her end, Agatha has grown largely silent. Appearing on both Terra and Atreus, she speaks of the great success they have achieved and the renewed prestige of the Free Worlds League. But these abstractions rarely go beyond generalities to real plans. Rumors that Agatha may be secretly negotiating to marry some newly ennobled Duchy of Terra lord or prince seem designed to calm fears and solidify the notion that the Duchy of Terra will become a permanent fixture of the League. In short, the Free Worlds League is watching with anticipation to see what the unpredictable young Captain-General will do next. Five years ago that thought brought nothing but electrified excitement, but now it brings a sense of gloom and the shadowy fears that this war will increasingly come into our homes and our lives, whether we like it or not.
29th of May, 3095 The Jackrabbits From Hell have completed contract DC-SD-02-03 for the Draconis Combine, discovering that units from the Ghost Bears were raiding the planet of Schuyler in the Draconis Combine.
15th of June, 3095 The 7th Armored Legion FAILED on contract # CC-CD-02-05 in the timely rehearsal of the FWLM Calloway VI raid with the Confederated Magistracy (Capellan Confederation) Janissaries, in developing a plan Work with the Janissaries for a raid from the Free Worlds League, in aiding the Second St. Ives Janissaries in training up their academy graduates and green recruits, and in prepare for the Calloway VI raid in all respects for the Regional capital of the Sarna Commonality, Sarna.
22nd of July, 3095 The planet Phecda was SUCCESSFULLY reclaimed by the Lyran Alliance, freed from the control of the 67th ULTRA Battalion on Planetary Assault LA-PA-04-06 posted to the MRBC by Hauptmann Frank Seer. The Black Talon Phoenixes Mercenary Command escorted the Mule Class drop ship of much needed supplies to the local population, thwarting the enemy Battalion's attempts to intercept the shipment and proceeded to stymie the occupying force at every turn. The remains of the 67th battalion were forced to leave the planet.
25th of July, 3095 The Draconis Combine Professional Soldiery has assigned Liaison Officer, Tai-i Alexei Nikiforov, from the Pesht Military District to the Jackrabbits From Hell on Security Duty Contract # DC-SD-02-03 in the Schuyler system in which the JFH SUCCESSFULLY cooperate in a joint operation with the local Planetary Defense Force and planetary government to investigate the elevated Pirate raiding activity insystem.
15th of August, 3095 Ordered by Star Colonel Erikk Tseng of the Rasalhague Dominion, Star Colonel Cade MacKenzie’s 12th Bear Guards (Growling Bears) SUCCESSFULLY engaged in Planetary Assault contract # DC-PA-04-04 against the First Schuyler Guard on the Draconis Combine world of Schuyler forcing the enemy to escape off world.
30th of August, 3095 In August, the high-ranking FWL Knight of the Inner Sphere military delegation arrived on Tikonov with a Thera battle group in tow to assess the situation. Federated Suns officials interpreted this mission as one last FWL attempt to shore up the Osis Vodopals' regime, and also an opportunity to devise a military takeover.
8th of September, 3095 The Jackrabbits from Hell MU FAILED to Damage a military target on Recon Raid Contract # RD-RR-06-02 on the Rasalhague Dominion world of Orestes while in the employ of DCPS Liaison Tai-i Alexei Nikiforov of the Draconis Combine as their unit was destroyed by waiting Dominion Forces.
15th of September, 3095 The Restless Souls accepted this Pirate Hunting contract # FW-PH-12-01 to Campoleone on the opposite side of the Free Worlds League on the Periphery Border with an ulterior motive in mind to drop spies across a huge swath of the League's most important worlds, unbeknownst to their Nobility employer, Factor Jerome Hudd. The Souls SUCCESSFULLY discovered that the pirates were Calypso's Damned, destroyed 77% of the pirates equipment which prevented them from any more ground attacks at the Spaceport. The Restless Souls also obtain intelligence as to where the pirates were based as well as established a Restless Souls Spy Network across the Free Worlds League.
25th of September, 3095 The Black Stars Mercenary Command SUCCESSFULLY assisted the Free Worlds League, Tamarind Military District world of Merton's local garrison defense against Black Warriors raiders and other Circinus Federation rogues against Cadre Duty contract # FW-CD-02-08 reporting to Force Commander Alexander Teague
13th of November, 3095 The Chaos Incorporated MU was contracted by the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery's DCPS Liaison Katsuie Tomoe, to return to the planet of Virentofta, in the Bjarred Prefecture, Pesht Military District, which had recently been seized by Clan Snow Ravens 1st Raven Phalanx, and SUCCESSFULLY recapture a flotilla of DropShips on MRBC Extraction Contract # DC-EX-06-02
25th of November, 3095 The Rasalhague Dominion's Ghost Bears landed on the Draconis Combine world of Hanover on Planetary Assault contract # DC-PA-04-05 SUCCESSFULLY securing the port city of Cologne and protecting Wexler against the 1st Genyosha.
1st of December, 3095 On Planetary Assault MRBC Contract # DC-PA-06-07 for the Draconis Combine, the Task Force (which included Razan's Ronins) assigned to wrest control of Dieron from the FWLM, were UNSUCCESSFUL. Tai-sa Evgeni Morgan's 49th Dieron Regulars were still embroiled in a bitter holding action when the Ronin's were relieved and boosted off world after losing a guerilla engagement with the Black Dragon Society
24th of December, 3095 Caune Zvirbulis sensed the FWL mission was designed to strengthen Osis Vodopals at his expense. In response, forces loyal to Zvirbulis executed Vodopals in October. The Federated Suns began amassing combat units along the CSoT and the FS shared border. Faced with mutinies and an uncertain leadership, at that point the CSoT sent in a Level IV BattleMech formation accompanied by Special Forces from its Interior Command. New Avalon demanded an explanation, which the CSoT ignored. Finally, on Christmas Eve, the invasion began. CSoT Interior Troops killed Caune Zvirbulis and installed Zarina Rudzutaka as the CSoT's Federated Suns Front/Tikonov Region's, puppet head of government.
21st of January, 3096 The Robinsion Royal Knights defaulted on contract #FS-CD-02-01 for the Colonel Danielle Viers of Federated Suns on Algot. It was for a Cadre Duty to Train with and Act as OPFOR for the First Capellan Hussars and to defend Algot against ULTRA forces or mercenaries and the Knights simply FAILED to show up.
15th of March, 3096 After the Restless Souls established an extensive covert intelligence network last year while traveling to the Rim Commonality’s Lesnovo on the Anti Spinward Periphery Border between the Free Worlds League and the Marian Hegemony, Periphery March Minister, Field Marshal Xavier Steele, has taken up a slightly different posture in his defense of the Federated Suns. The first Quarter of 3096 finds four of his six regiments positioned in ‘Hot Spots’ around the newly minted Confederated Systems of Tikonov. His Bravo Sledgehammer Assault Galaxy, has been dispatched to Demeter in the Federated Suns Capellan March; Echo Manticore Strike Regiment is garrisoning Edwards in the Crucis March; Delta Heaven’s Fist Hunter-Killer Regiment is stationed on Addicks in the Draconis March; and the Field Marshal along with his command Smilodon battalion, the Restless Souls entire Warship Armada, and his Alpha Honor Guard Regiment are at the Fort on his fiefdom world, Quentin. He has sent his Charlie Eagle Eye Reconnaissance Regiment on up to Baxter in the Lyran Alliance and his Foxtrot Diablo Defense Regiment back to the capital of his Ruling Periphery March Region, Broken Wheel.
15th of March, 3096 While in the employ of the Free Worlds League on Defense Campaign contract # FW-DC-04-09 the Black Stars Collective SUCCESSFULLY ensure the safety of Consortium property and personnel on the Tamarind Military District World of Galisteo, under Force Commander Jose Vera Cruz Planetary Militia, from being overran by the Pirate Band of the Black Warriors.
9th of May, 3096 Sometime between the beginning of the year and today, the Confederated Systems of Tikonov (CSoT) christened their new navy: Diamond Hydra Taskforce (Federated Suns Front) Homeport: Tikonov 1 Agamemnon II-class Heavy Cruisers, 1 Davion III-class Destroyer, 2 Eagle II-class Frigates. Ebon Sword Taskforce (Liberty Holds Front) Homeport: Capolla 3 Impavido III-class Destroyers, 1 Tatsumaki III-class Destroyer Steel Cobra Taskforce (Confederated Magistry Front) Homeport: Arboris 2 Agamemnon II-class Heavy Cruisers, 2 Eagle II-class Frigate
9th of May, 3096 The mighty Black Wolf Rangers FAILED in Defensive Campaign # LA-DC-06-06 against Clan Jade Falcon on the Lyran Alliance planet Kikuyu when their entire command was wiped out by a Naval Bombardment from Jade Falcon Rho Galaxy's, Cameron-class WarShip, Turkina’s Pride. Their Employer Contact, Colonel Timothe Adler, expressed his deepest regret and vowed the House Steiner would avenge their loss.
2nd of June, 3096 Working with Clan Diamond Shark's Alpha Galaxy, Clan Wolf's Delta Galaxy and a naval star participate in a raid on Irian that destroys Irian's Kirin River factories. During the return voyage a naval battle occurred over Dubhe as the FWLM's Corinth Battle Group tried to intercept the combined Clan fleet. The Clan naval forces were victories, destroying the Thera-class Corinth and three other vessels. But they lost the the Congress-class Rogue, Vincent MK-42 class-Killing Blow and the Black Lion-class Stealthy Kill.
11th of July, 3096 Clan Jade Falcon elects Teresa Von Jankmon to the post of Khan, and her sibmate, Madeline Von Jankmon to the post of saKhan. The pair promises to refocus the Clan's energies on its external enemies.
15th of July, 3096 Clan Jade Falcon falsely announced the destruction of the Black Wolf Rangers Mercenary Unit on Kikuyu, in the Lyran Alliance earlier this year, 3096, on the 9th of May. This propaganda was revealed shortly after their election of Teresa Von Jankmon to the position of Khan, on 11 July 3096. The Black Wolf Rangers reported to the MRBC that they had survived, and escaped off world, but needed to stay off the radar until their injured and surviving units could return to a safe starport.
15th of July, 3096 Per the Lyran Alliance Liaison Officer, Hauptmann Maria Peake, the Black Talon Phoenixes unsuccessfully performed an Objective Raid on MRBC contract # FW-OR-08-01 on the Free Worlds League's, Silver Hawks Coalition world of Kalidasa. They did not demolish the Hepburn Base, defeat Hepburn Base’s garrison, nor were they able to destroy the replacement depot troops and equipment against elements of the 31st Marik Militia & Kalidasa Armored Corps.
1st of September, 3096 While in the employ of the Lyran Alliance on Mizar located in their Freedom Theater and reporting to Hauptmann Eric Von Patton for contract # LA-SC-08-01, Ingersoll's Armored Cavalry SUCCESSFULLY bled the 10th Marik Militia forces from the four major spaceports on the Majestica, Paradasia, Solasia, and Wunderlund continents and capture the Recharge Station.
5th of September, 3096 The Great White Fleet arrived on the Free Worlds League world of Elgin in the Terra Military District on Defensive Campaign contract # CC-DC-12-01 in time to SUCCESSFULLY aid Force Commander Archibald Chattum in the retaking of Buala Atoll from Capellan rebels led by a former Capellan government employee named Pierre Neuval.
19th of September, 3096 The Restless Souls Mercenary Brigade SUCCESSFULLY completed Diversionary Raid # LA-DR-06-01 against Clan Jade Falcons in the Clermont Gap on the Lyran Alliance planet Kikuyu. Under orders from Colonel Timothe Adler, the Souls gained control of the Nadir JumpPoint, resupplied the 15th Lyran Regulars, uncovered the Jade Falcons intentions and contacted the BWR Command, however; they were able to get them off of Kikuyu.
1st of January, 3097 While working for their benefactor, the Draconis Combine Modern Innovative Tactics Division, Razan's Ronins SUCCESSFULLY neutralize the fighter screen at either JumpPoint on the Pesht Military District planet of Stapelfeld, created a diversion to tie up the 6th Raven Wing Cluster granting the 20th Pesht Regulars ample time to lift from planet, gathered intel on Staplefeld’s state of affairs, and determine the scope of operations of Clan Snow Raven on MRBC contract # DC-DR-06-02.
13th of January, 3097 It appears that the Confederated Systems of Tikonov under the guise of a pirate band has captured a Draconis Combine Tatsumaki-III Class WarShip, the Autumn Moon, as it limped back from the fight for Dieron to the Kuritan interior for repairs and refit to its jump sail and so its Kearny Fuchida drive core.
10th of February, 3097 Oriente Military District Sub-Commander, General Taurean Depp, authorized a small unit a sneak-and-peak across the border to gather intelligence. Tche FWL needed to gather whatever intel on the force that Liao has defending the Nadir and Zenith JumpPoints on their world of Krin.
27th of February, 3097 The Deuces Wild Mercenary Unit while in the employ of the Periphery Nation the Taurian Concordant on the Federated Suns world of Merope SUCCESSFULLY completed Security Duty on MRBC contract # FS-RD-04-02. As reported by Subaltern Jaleena Kamir the Deuces Wild assisted in recovery operations and convince the Federated Suns that the Concordat was not responsible for this attack and provided them with evidence that it was an act of terror performed by Second Regiment of the Plieadies Sabers, the Longwoods Bluecoats and rdiavowed elements of the Taurian Concordat
1st of March, 3097 The Rabid Wolves, while in the employ of the Periphery Nation the Taurian Concordant on the Federated Suns world of Merope SUCCESSFULLY completed Riot Duty on MRBC contract # FS-RD-04-02. As reported by the CO of the DWMU, Captain Jason Tain, the Rabid Wolves assisted in convincing the Federated Suns that the Concordat was not responsible for this attack and provided them with evidence that it was an act of terror performed by the Second Regiment of the Plieadies Sabers, the Longwoods Bluecoats and disavowed elements of the Taurian Concordat and the Rabid Wolves were instrumental in containing and preventing further rioting.
8th of March, 3097 The Federated Suns Field Marshal Xavier Steele offered a Recon Raid MRBC Contract # FS-RR-04-05 onto the Draconis Combine World of Helen to gather intelligence on enemy troops & strength in the military capital of Montague in preparation for House Davion to recapture the planet
9th of March, 3097 The Federated Suns Draconis March Sub-Commander, Field Marshal Mordecai Sandoval-Ito in conjuction with Field Marshal Xavier Steele has sanctioned an MRBC unit the rights to a 'Sneek & Peak' Recon Raid into Draconis Combine Space to deploy Antares AS-17 C3ISR Satellite in geostationary orbit of the planet Errai for the purpose of gathering intelligence on enemy troops & strength in the capital of New Pittsburgh and the planetary SpacePort with the intent of re-establishing contact with Quentin on contract # FS-OR-04-05
25th of May, 3097 While working for the Draconis Combine, DCPS Liaison Katsuie Tomoe had the Chaos Incorporated make a SUCCESSFUL drop onto Farstar and assisted in the rescue of civilians of the Draconis Combine from the Snow Ravens Delta Galaxy on MRBC Diversionary Raid contract # DC-DR-06-01
1st of June, 3097 While in the employ of University of Washington (U-Wash) on Donegal in the Donegal Province of the Lyran Alliance, Ingersoll's Armored Cavalry Mecernary Battalion SUCCESSFULLY defended the HPG firewall technology, protected the project’s personnel all while limiting collateral damage to U-Wash’s Main campus against a defunct unit of the Covenant on contract # LA-DC-04-06. The unit received accolades from the University President Collin Grady and Baron von Ludwigsburg.
29th of June, 3097 A band of 'Jenkins' pirates operating in the Davion Valexa PDZ in the vicinity of New Aragon were SUCCESSFULLY engaged by the Naval Escort Flotilla of the Black Wolf Rangers Mercenary Command on Defensive Campaign Contract FS-DC-08-01 at the behest of FSAF Vice Admiral Lon Nordeen and suffered devastating losses. The space lanes are now safe again for civilian traffic after 18 months of raids from the pirate menace.
1st of August, 3097 In a Capellan Maskirovka orchestrated coupe of the Free Worlds League planet Ohrensen in their Oriente Military District, the Rabid Wolves has SUCCESSFULLY Assisted the Eden's Guard in contacting the Ohrensen Triads, provided the Eden's Guard with fire support, gathered intelligence on enemy troops & strength, and have determine Director Shoga Leow’s allegiance on Defensive Campaign contract # FW-DC-02-02. They have taken up the supplemental contract an Offensive Campaign.
1st of August, 3097 In a Capellan Maskirovka orchestrated coupe of the Free Worlds League planet Ohrensen in their Oriente Military District, the Eden's Guard Security & Logistics Corporation has SUCCESSFULLY contacted the Triads, gathered intelligence on enemy troops & strength, and have determine Director Shoga Leow’s allegiance on Security Duty contract # FW-SD-04-08. They have taken up the supplemental contract an Offensive Campaign.
7th of September, 3097 Acting on intelligence provided by the Taurian Concordat's Subaltern Jaleena Kamir, the Deuces Wild recon company, the Desert Rats, SUCCESSFULLY infiltrated the ConMag world of New Vandenberg on Recon Raid contract # PY-RR-04-06. Splitting into teams and scattering across the world to recon the defense the Confederated Magistracy (Capellan Confederation) has on the planet. The special forces have officially reported the world has been stripped of defenses.
29th of September, 3097 The Free Worlds League planet of Ohrensen uncovers its dark past as a Mercenary force hired by a rogue ConMag (Capellan Confederation) Maskirovka Operative, Sang-wei (Captain) Song Yongjia, protecting a conglomerate of investors is embroiled in a vicious planetary civil war. The Eden’s Guard and Rabid Wolves Mercenary Companies battled with a terrorist Triad force. However, the conspiracy backfired as the terrorists went rogue, killing the Director and forcing the other Triads to band together. Under the leadership of the new Director, Mary Berkwotiz, and with the help of the Eden’s Guard and Rabid Wolves, a second attempt to reinforce the Triad by the Free Worlds League was thwarted, and the hapless Company of the 4th Oriente Hussars were SUCCESSFULLY destroyed or captured on MRBC Offensive Campaign contract # FW-OC-04-03.
1st of October, 3097 Hired by a rogue ConMag (Capellan Confederation) Maskirovka Operative, Sang-wei (Captain) Song Yongjia, to assist the Eden’s Guard Security & Logistics Corporation in maintaining Government cohesion on Ohrensen, ensuring a ConMag takeover of the planet, preventing any farther damage to the infrastructure, and ensuring planetary development can continue uninterrupted on MRBC Offensive Campaign contract # FW-OC-04-04 in Free Worlds League Duchy of Oriente, the Rabid Wolves were SUCCESSFULLY in achieving these objects against the 4th Oriente Hussars
15th of October, 3097 On MRBC Planetary Assault contract # PY-PA-04-03; against the ConMag world New Vandenberg in the employ of the Taurian Concordat reporting to Subaltern Jaleena Kamir, the Deuces Wild SUCCESSFULLY seized the Vincent Morris Air Base from local Confederated Magistracy Forces, capturing the majority of the pilots, technicians and support staff needed to mount air operations.
1st of November, 3097 In a Federated Suns preemptive strike against the ConMag (Capellan Confederation) world of Tantara, proceeding Operation 'Horus Creance', the Ingersoll's Armored Cavalry Mercenary Battalion SUCCESSFULLY destroy the Tronstad military starport and the Cobalt and Rohini II storage facilities ability to operate efficiently and also verified the presences of a subterranean Star League repair depot on MRBC contract # CC-SA-04-01 while fending off the ConMag Homeguard Regiment station on planet.
1st of January, 3098 On Joint supplemental contract # FR-OR-06-02 an Objective Raid, in the employ of Interstellar Agricultural Concerns, a Fronc Reaches Military Contractor on Rockwellawan, the Rabid Wolves and the Great White Fleet and SUCCESSFULLY tracked down and destroy the band of Pirates known in the region as Stansill's Bastards according to official records obtained from Cray Milesine.
24th of January, 3098 In Operation Domino, a sub-Operation of the Federated Suns Horus' Creance's I Corps diversionary raids to tie down Confederated Magistracy (Capellan Confederation) strategic reserve units, Field Marshal Ravenna Nelson-Black the I Corps Commander reported that the Black Wolf Rangers SUCCESSFULLY neutralized the ConMag's planet Hustaing's defenders, the 6th Capellan Reserve Cavalry and Warrior House Lu Sann on Diversionary Raid MRBC contract # CC-DR-04-02
25th of January, 3098 While on Operation Domino, a sub-Operation of the Federated Suns Horus' Creance's Operation, Field Marshal Ravenna Nelson-Black accepted a Black Market contract # CC-AS-02-01, an Assassination, from Field Marshal Xavier Steele, the Over All Horus' Creance Commander, and the Black Wolf Rangers SUCCESSFULLY neutralized the ConMag's (Capellan Confederation) planet Hustaing's Warrior House Lu Sann's Shiao-zhang (Lord Colonel), Ying-zhang (Lieutenant Colonel), and Lien-zhang (Major).
26th of January, 3098 The War Hounds are being attached to III Corps of Operation Horus’ Creance by General Timothy Maddox, Davion Intelligence Analyst of AFFS. The First Dismal Disinherited has run into severe setbacks on Holloway tangling with Warrior House Fujita and the ConMag's Holloway Home Guard Unit. The War Hounds were to land on Holloway to reinforce the House Davion Major Raid taking place on this world. The First Dismal Disinherited had established a landing zone but were heavily embroiled in the initial fighting. They were outgunned and running low on supplies. The War Hounds made planetfall but did not have the desired effect. They were UNSUCCESSFUL on Offensive Campaign # CC-OC-06-02 in stemming the tide of the elite Warrior House Fujita warriors and fell asunder to their tactics. The War Hounds core unit integrity was so far depleted that its MUCO made the decision to disband the unit rather than rebuild it.
3rd of February, 3098 The scores recorded by their Draconis Combine Mustard Soldiery Liaison Officer, Tai-i Akito Mashune on the Omega Group were not sufficient enough during their training on Vega to warrant their inclusion on the upcoming assault along side of the 1st Genyosha on MRBC Cadre Duty Contract # DC-CD-02-07. Hence, the Omega Group did not qualify for the follow up Objective Raid contract and subsequently has disbanded.
18th of February, 3098 Intelligence from multiple sources have identified a build up of Davion forces on the Confederated Magistry's (Capellan Confederation) St Ives Commonality border. It is expected that these forces will attempt to assault across the border at any time. The ConMag Mercenary Liaison, Mister Chen, cannot allow this to happen. He contacted the Riders Of The Damned Mercenary Unit to identify the forces being gathered across this region. Given the intelligence apparatus that house Davion have on Beid, it is assumed that any intelligence that may be available can be found on one of the facilities located on the planet. In addition, they were to disrupt or destroy any targets of opportunity protected by the Fourth Illician Lancers; that they encountered without giving themselves away. Assaulting the planet's intelligence apparatus was secondary to gathering the needed information. Riders Of The Damned made planet fall onto Bied VII against Espionage Contract # FS-ES-04-01 four months ago and have FAILED to transmit any data to one of the two JumpShips waiting for them. Per the original contract agreement, if the unit is compromised in any way, the ConMag has disavow all knowledge of their presence.
3rd of March, 3098 During Operation Horus’ Creance in the employ of the Federated Suns on Planetary Assault contract # CC-PA-06-07, the battalion of Ingersoll's Armored Cavalry SUCCESSFULLY held open a beachhead on the ConMag (Capellan Confederation) world of Tantara against the Tormasov’s Grenadiers and the Home Guard Unit long enough for the follow on Restless Souls forces to make planetfall and provide the Souls with the golden opportunity to seize the Dreadnought Class BattleShip, the Kitty Kawk in an official After Action Report submitted by the Restless Souls, Bravo Cluster, Galaxy Captain, Nina Haney.
11th of March, 3098 The Confederated Magistry's (Capellan Confederation) Sao-shao Khiong Jiāng, Gan Singh's planetary ruler, reached out to Colonel Newton Ramilie II of the Ramilie's Hussars for Espionage contract #FW-ES-06-01 to engage in Low Intensity Conflict Operations on Zion, located in the Zion Province of the Free Worlds League's Oriente Military District. Ramilie's Hussars successfully gathered intelligence on the unit defending Zion, the 6th Free Worlds Legionnaires. They also inserted a Covert Operative into the Zion government to feed intel back to the ConMag.
15th of April, 3098 Star Colonel Kato Kabrinski Beta Galaxy's Growling Bears (C) SUCCESSFULLY garrisoned the Rasalhague Dominion world of Coudoux II along the Star Bridge corridor and neutralized Draconis Combine Mercenaries, The Regal Death and the Outlaws on MRBC Garison Duty Contract # RD-GD-04-01
20th of April, 3098 Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Krivokrasov of the 1st Khorsakov's Cossacks was contacted by Nobleman Hauptmann George Scharps of Great Gorge located in the Federated Suns Jaboatao PDZ of the Sabanillas Operations Area's Spinward Combat Theater, of Field Marshal Xavier Steele's Periphery March, to provide protection for the Inter-Faith Congress and the Clan Cloister representatives on MRBC contract # FS-DC-04-09, a Defensive Campaign. It was all for naught, as the meeting went off without a hitch, but the Field Marshal approved it, under the auspices that it was better to be safe than sorry.
1st of May, 3098 The Rabid Wolves and the Great White Fleet took up a joint contract offer from Interstellar Agricultural Concerns and came to Rockwellawan in the New Colony Region of the Fronc Reaches to help put down the pirate band known as Stansill's Bastards on MRBC Defensive Campaign Contract # PY-DC-06-08. They SUCCESSFULLY supplemented the security of the IAC construction sites on Corundum, located and eliminate any hidden pirate forces living on the planet, and uncovered the pirates ties and allies among Rockwellawanians while the GWF combated pirate attacks against the solar system’s spaceborne traffic.
3rd of May, 3098 The Razins Ronins successfully landed on Benjamin in the Draconis Combine's Benjamin Military District, Benjamin Prefecture against MRBC contract # DC-EX-04-02 an Extraction and SUCCESSFULLY during a covert operation evacuated the Governor, Timothy Yechido, and his family from Rebel members of the 2nd Benjamin Regulars.
28th of May, 3098 Star Colonel Kato Kabrinski Beta Galaxy's Growling Bears (C) SUCCESSFULLY destroy military installations on Draconis Combine world of Jeanette along the Star Bridge corridor and neutralized the DCMS unit 6th Arkab Legion on MRBC Objective Raid Contract # DC-OR-02-07
14th of June, 3098 A strike occurred at the Illium Shipyards plant (a Manufacturing Center used to construct, renovate and repair FWLM WarShips) in Petersburg. Sympathy strikes in other parts of the planet's industries raised the number of strikers to 957,000 workers in 212 factories. Due to the strikes, the planet had very limited electricity, and HPG transmission distribution was halted. All public areas were declared closed. A huge workers' procession marched on the Winter Palace to deliver a petition to Prime Minister, Michael Bloomsworth. The Atrean Hussars troops guarding the Palace were ordered to tell the demonstrators not to pass a certain point and at some point, troops opened fire on the demonstrators, causing between 10,000 and 15,000 deaths. The event became known as the Petersburg Massacre, and is considered by many as the start of the active phase of the revolt. The events in Petersburg were triggered by a civilian contractor who was actually a rebel saboteur. He sabotaged a Thera-class Carrier's KF drive, the FWS Sardis, above Lyons. It miss jumped and was destroyed in front of the Sardis Battle Group. The local FWLM forces were horrified by the loss, and fearing that the rest of the fleet had been sabotaged the same way, the Atrean Hussars scrambled to an extreme reaction. SAFE Agents ran down anyone who might have been a threat. They killed thousands, interrogated (with accusations of torture methods used) and then executed a hundreds of thousands of civilian with questionable or no proof of involvement. The Atrean Hussars went to Petersburg to try and arrest the saboteur’s family. When the local militia started shooting back, someone declared it a ‘Free Fire Zone’ and FWLM troops kill everybody present, men, women and children. Footage of the whole event got leaked to all the major news vids provoking public indignation and a series of massive strikes that spread quickly throughout the industrial centers of the Lyons. Protectionism Libertarianist and both the Regulan Free States and the Abbey District, called for a general strike. By the end of January 3098, over 1,500,000 workers on Lyons were on strike. Even after the Petersburg Massacre, Prime Minister Michael Bloomsworth had been slow to offer a meaningful solution to the social and political crisis. At this point, he became more concerned with his personal affairs such as the illness of his son, whose struggle with hemophilia was overseen by doctor’s in the Federated Suns NAIS. Bloomsworth also refused to believe that the population was demanding changes in the autocratic regime, seeing "public opinion" as mainly the "intelligentsia" and believing himself to be the patronal 'father figure' to the Lyons people. The FWLM may have even de-escalated the situation by removing the on-scene commanding officer who gave the Free Fire order. But rather than being really punished, the officer was simply sidelined and sent back to FWL interior to a different position. The lack of justice made the situation that much worse. In an example of how bad things had gotten, there was a mutiny by the crew of the Zechetinu III-class Corvette WarShip of Sardis Battle Group against the ship's officers.
22nd of June, 3098 At the behest of ComStar Precentor VI Saralee Aarden, Eden's Guard Security & Logistics Corporation was contracted out on a Defensive Campaign # LA-DC-08-03 to reinforced the 83rd Com Guards Division on Draconis Combine World of La Blon in the Dieron Military District in which they SUCCESSFULLY assisted in neutralizing elements of 2nd Free Worlds Legionnaires
3rd of August, 3098 The Great White Fleet and the Rabid Wolves took up a joint contract offer from Interstellar Agricultural Concerns and came to Rockwellawan in the New Colony Region of the Fronc Reaches to help put down the pirate band known as Stansill's Bastards on MRBC Defensive Campaign Contract # PY-DC-06-07. They SUCCESSFULLY supplemented the security of the IAC construction sites on Corundum and combated pirate attacks against the solar system’s spaceborne traffic. While the RW located and eliminate any hidden pirate forces living on the planet and uncovered the pirates ties and allies among Rockwellawanians.
17th of September, 3098 Due entirely to circumstances beyond their control, the Dark Sun Combat Corps FAILED their Freshman contract Offensive Campaign # CC-OC-06-03 for the Federated Suns when their Union Class DropShip suffered a catastrophic Star League V250 System Drive failure at launch. The Dark Sun Combat Corps was due to reinforce the Wolf's Dragoons, Alpha Regiment and its Commanding Officer, Colonel Kelly Yukinov on the ConMag (Capellan Confederation) world of Menke who were battling the Olson’s Rangers and Lethal Injection Units. Captain Zane is not alowing this mishap to deter him; however, his Dark Suns are right back in the saddle on the Lyran Alliance Security Duty contract # PY-SD-04-07.
3rd of October, 3098 The Dioscuri in conjunction with the Lyran Alliance LIC, SUCCESSFULLY Extracted Carlos Marik and his family from the Free Worlds League's, Terra Military District world of Mizar on MRBC contract # LA-EX-04-03 and completed their defection by bringing them to Steiner space as reported by Hauptmann Alexis Bratton.
24th of December, 3098 On Joint supplemental contract # FR-OR-06-01 an Objective Raid, in the employ of Interstellar Agricultural Concerns, a Fronc Reaches Military Contractor on Rockwellawan, The Great White Fleet and the Rabid Wolves SUCCESSFULLY tracked down and destroy the band of Pirates known in the region as Stansill's Bastards according to official records obtained from Cray Milesine.
31st of December, 3098 On Joint supplemental contract # FR-OR-06-02 an Objective Raid, in the employ of Interstellar Agricultural Concerns, a Fronc Reaches Military Contractor on Rockwellawan, the Rabid Wolves and the Great White Fleet and SUCCESSFULLY tracked down and destroy the band of Pirates known in the region as Stansill's Bastards according to official records obtained from Cray Milesine. On said contract, the Rabid Wolves also salvaged a Stansill's Bastard, derelict, Liberty Class JumpShip.
1st of February, 3099 In a Joint Contract with the Dark Suns Combat Core and an adhoc Spec Ops Infantry company with vehicle support from the Rabid Wolves, the Joint Task Force SUCCESSFULLY escorted the Lyran Alliance Ambassador Karl Liensdorf to all scheduled affairs on the Rim Collection world Gillfillian's Gold despite the hostilities conducted by the Rim World Consul Zealots. The contract was Security Duty bid on MRBC # PY-SD-02-03
1st of June, 3099 As a instrumental part of the House Davion's Operation Horus’ Creance, Marshal Laura Zibler has reported that the Black Wolf Rangers SUCCESSFULLY executed the parameters of Planetary Assault contract # CC-PA-06-06 on St Loris in the newly minted Tantara PDZ of the Capellan March along with the 4th Crucis Lancers in defeating Little Richard’s Panzer Brigade.
1st of November, 3099 The DCMS had contracted the Aura Wings, contract registry # DC-PH-06-02, to hunt down and destroy or capture a pirate group suspected of repeatedly harassing and raiding into the Kazanka system as well as several others. The Aura Wings were SUCCESSFUL. ComStar has learned that, from a handful of pirate personnel captured during that operation, the DCMS suspects the pirates may have been operating with support from Clan Snow Raven and are investigating the situation and its implications.
1st of January, 3100 3100 UPDATE The 12th Bear Guards [the Growling Bears (C)] have been supplied with a Headquarters and also a Base of Operations by Clan Ghost Bear in the Rasalhague Dominion on the world of Coudoux.
3rd of January, 3100 Horror Vacui The fledgling mercenary unit Last Resort uncovered a plot to assassinate a Free Worlds League Military District Marshal on the independent world of Trinidad in late 3099. While the sinister plan was thwarted, meager intelligence was obtained from the alleged suspect before dying of natural causes while in custody. The only lead to surface was a reference to the Four Evils, a reference to an ancient myth originating from the long-gone Terran nation of China.
22nd of February, 3100 A New Clan Offensive? Rumors of pirates entering deeper into Lyran space has fueled speculation that Clan Jade Falcon is blooding its warriors in the Lyran periphery, or even possibly aiming for a campaign of expansion. Few of those fleeing into Lyran space have been identified as being civilians, and many have brought improvised military equipment with them, most of which has been confiscated by Lyran authorities. Speculation about the conflict is ongoing, with few answers but an escalating situation.
20th of March, 3100 New Vandenberg; 20 March 3100 Member of the Taurian Exchequer, Jason Lampione, was the victim of massive vandalism. A team of mercenaries infiltrated his security staff and while he was away sabotaged the security of his villa before turning a mech loose on the building and his collection of rare sports cars. Lampione and his spokesman have not yet commented on this. Believed to be an act of corporate sabotage, the attack on his home and personal property points to a more personal motive.
7th of May, 3100 Federated Suns Offensive Stalled by Mercenaries While Horus Creance continues to damage the Confederated Magistracy in its most essential worlds, a sister offensive attempted by the Federated Suns, launched in February, stalled when a number of Taurian-aligned mercenaries were hired by the ConMag to raid and intercept the offensive. The Taurian mercenaries began to raid worlds along the Taurian border, forcing the Suns invasion to divert resources to defend those worlds. A subsequent Canopian counterattack has ensured that the Federated Suns' offensive in the periphery has come to a complete stop.
20th of June, 3100 Contract Registry RD-GD-06-01 June 20th 3100 Coudoux: Sources indicate a force of mercenaries staged a daring raid on the world of Coudoux, aided by guerilla operations on the world. Rumors abound that the Draconis Combine was behind the strike but they have not confirmed this. What is known is a series of bombing and assassination attacks on the world kicked off a savage three-week conflict between a coalition of mercenaries and the 12th Bear Guards. Damage to the communications grid gave the mercenaries an early advantage, but the Growling Bears rallied, inflicting heavy damage. The mercenaries were pushed back to their last line of defense, and requested a cease fire. Star Colonel Cade MacKenzie allowed them to depart although sources on world indicate he nearly refused to do so. The death of his Executive Officer, Star Captain Judea Radick, has been confirmed during the fighting. It is believed the 12th Bear Guards are operating at roughly 65% of capacity at this time. Notable locations in the fighting; Steadman City, Kodiak Lookout, Joven Heights, Heaven’s View Springs, Neu Lorient
1st of July, 3100 to the 30th of July, 3100 Landing on Spica 1 July 3100 the Black Wolf Rangers, under contract to the Federated Suns, quickly debarked from their drop ships with a Brigade worth of mechs conventional armoured vehicles, battle armour and aero assets. Assaulting the 1st McCarrons Armoured Cavalry and the Capellan Irregular regiments on planet. Forcing the 1st MAC and Irregulars out of their dug in positions and back into a fortified mountain, the Rangers along with the Light Davion Guards and 5th Syrtis Fusiliers SUCCESSFULLY ground the enemy into submission claiming Spica for another planet taken for Operation Horus Creance.
1st of October, 3100 In a SUCCESSFUL Joint Contract, LA-DC-06-07, with the Rabid Wolves Mercenary Unit, The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Unit took command of a joint Lyran Alliance Task Force to oppose Free Worlds League Forces adventurism in the disputed Cavanaugh system. Securing a foothold on the Gawain Continent, at LAAF GRAIL, the MOB previously used by the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces, the task force was able to liberate all but 1 continent, Mordred. Lieutenant General McRaven was relieved by the 4th Alliance Guards. The Baron of Caledonia announced the return of the Cavanaugh System to the Lyran Alliance as operations began to remove the remaining 12th Atrean Dragoon troops.
5th of October, 3100 to the 5th of December, 3100 The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command took a Defensive Campaign Contract, LA-DC-04-07, to protect Solaris VII from an attack by the Free World's League. The 31st Marik Militia and the Silver Hawk Irregulars 1st Battalion, The Falcons, invaded Solaris VII. The Captain General of the FWL views this war as a means to an end, and LOKI is convinced that the Free World's League is only looking to take Solaris as an opportunity, not a means to an end. LOKI agents on world have hinted that the Free World's Troops seem to be searching for technology, more than they seem to be seizing objectives. The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command defended Solaris from Free Worlds League invasion, with assistance from the 32nd Lyran Guard, ensuring that Silesia was not destroyed and prevented FWL Gladiators from killing of the Solaris Champions. In a statement released earlier today, Lieutenant General McRaven said The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command stands ready to take the fight back to the Free World's League. War to the Knife!!
11th of October, 3100 to the 2nd of November, 3100 Eden’s Guard Contract Summary, reported and filed by Staff Advisor Raymond Freeman MacCreary, MRBC : Ohrensen at War Again! The Fourth Oriente Hussars found themselves in a bloody pecking fight with the Always Faithful on Ohrensen. While the Hussars had expected stiff resistance from the local Triads, they hadn't expected the Confederated Magistracy to commit to holding onto what seemed like an overcommitment by the beleaguered Successor State. When the Eden's Guard returned to Ohrensen, the tide turned against the Hussars, who lost a Battalion at the bloody Battle of Boluo, and now the ConMag seems poised to be the first to take a real bite out of Captain-General Agatha Marik!
13th of October, 3100 to the 2nd of November, 3100 Follow up to CC-DC-06-08; Ohrensen Defensive Campaign, completed successfully by the Eden's Guard Mercenary Command. During his coverage of the units fighting in the Bloody Battle of Bolou, Dustin Nguyen of the Capellan Wire Service interviewed someone who agreed to talk with him, as long as they didn’t use their name. After the interview, he released the following statement. ["Passing themselves off as part the Eden’s Guard mercenary command, the Dirty Half Dozens landed on the system of Ohrensen as part of the latter’s defensive campaign contract for the Confederated Magistracy against Free Worlds League invasion. However, their actual mission was to retrieve hidden caches of equipment stashed away by the Covenant of Blake on behalf of Liberty Holds. During the Free Worlds League Civil War, the Word of Blake’s 4th Division fought against FWLM units, some of which would eventually constitute one of several Covenant Militia Divisions. The Covenant had apparently decided on take advantage of the invasion to reclaim the considerable stash of hardware they had previously buried on Ohrensen. While the main bulk of the D6s participate in the battle as part of Eden's Guard with the defending Always Faithful and Ohrensen Militia against the 4th Oriente Hussars, a small force of Tornado suited troopers managed to locate the Covenant forces at their dig site. Stealthily boarding the Covenant's Mule class DropShip, the troopers quickly overpowered the small crew and lifted off with over several thousand tons of hardware and cargo which the Covenant had already loaded, including BattleMechs and conventional combat vehicles. Liberty Holds representatives were not immediately available for comments."] The whereabouts of the Mule Class Drop Ship could not be determined.
3rd of December, 3100 to the 31st of January, 3101 After consolidating their gains on Solaris VII, in the Lyran Alliance, and reorganizing their unit, the Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command joined with the 7th Donegal Guards, and the 32nd Lyran Guard to stop Free Worlds League aggression on New Kyoto. Working to secure the New Bolsons Ship Yards, above the moon of Wang Chiu, the Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command will need to secure the fortified base on the moon's surface, before joining in the invasion of the planet of New Kyoto.