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Chaos March

A New Begining

In 3085 the Second Star League came crashing down. In the months immediately following the Star League´s collapse Wolf´s Dragoons propped up the newly reformed Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission and kept it running during the turmoil. However the prominent mercenary unit struggled, weighed down by charges of conflict of interest from the mercenary community and by some of the Great Houses who already saw Wolf´s Dragoons as wielding too much influence over the mercenary trade. In his final days before passing away in his sleep in 3086, Jaime Wolf recorded an impassioned plea for cooperation and the opportunity for Wolf´s Dragoons to continue to fulfill their role of keeping the mercenary trade legitimate and law-biding. Jaime Wolf´s last battle, like much of his life, ended in victory and Wolf´s Dragoons resumed control and authority over the MRBC.

In years previous to the collapse of the Second Star League there had been rumors about increasing pressure from House and different employers that the way the Department of Mercenary Management was set up is not the good way to go. The Star League might be back, but it is not the glory days of old and grudges are still about and wars are still fought inside the Inner Sphere and as such the idea that the D.M.M. is no longer a viable option had arisen. Why is that? Many would say. Well the general consensus is that mercenary units, even though they are guns for hire still manage to garner loyalties towards different employers and what would one do when your favorite employer is cut off the list? The most obvious example would be what happened with the Draconis Combine until the D.M.M. disbanded and the M.R.B.C. came back online. The Draconis Combine got the boot or retreated, however one wants to see it, from the Star League and as such all access to the D.M.M. mercenary units, which by then would be almost all of them, was denied.

Increasing pressure from mercenary units and other factors, like the loss of neutrality that such organization should possess, determined this change in the mercenary world. Now, one would ask why a few mercenary units might hold so much sway on a Star League department. Well the reason is war or no war, deaths or no deaths, money is still money. Without economy the whole of humanity would not function in this day and age, not unless we would want to return to ancient times. Even the Clans who are geared towards honor, code, military no personal possession and such have an economy; no capitalistic market of course, but still an economy nonetheless.

For these main reasons the M.R.B.C. is back and has settled into its rightful place on Outreach. Much of the old staff of the D.M.M. except most active military personnel has been transferred to Outreach to serve in the new entity. There are many notable changes that happened in this transfer, out of which the one that stands out the best is the defection of former Lieutenant General Kristan Dagley, who has motivated his action much like when Kerensky left the Inner Sphere so long ago, but more on that later. Other notable events have been the change in leadership. Director General Dalton Cameron retired and left the seat open for Director Jmari Winson, a capable scholar that brought aboard her abilities and Wolf Dragoon legacy, in a way confirming the return of the Mercenary World under the banner of the Wolf Dragoons. An exception to the military personnel was Colonel James Griffin, the D.M.M.´s Public Relations Officer, who it seen that went on with the non-active military personnel to serve on Outreach. His reasons for his choice have not been ascertained, but apparently even though he possessed an active rank inside the S.L.D.F. his lack of battlefield activity in the years he served with the D.M.M. disillusioned him and took a chance that he might find more action on the Mercenary World of Outreach, and considering the records, which say he was going to be offered another non-active position, the reasons are probably right.

Today the MRBC is administered by Wolf´s Dragoons on Outreach using the same Hiring Halls and facilities created by the famous mercenaries in 3052 when the MRBC was first built. To date Wolf´s Dragoons has done a commendable job, especially in the post-Star League chaos that has seen the defunct Star League and some of the Chaos March employers default on some of their mercenary contracts. The quick and powerful resolution of these legal cases, often to the benefit of the mercenary commands involved, has brought many mercenary units around to the Dragoons´ side and boosted their reputation. Despite this, some competitors have attempted to step up mercenary hiring on worlds like Galatea and Arc-Royal, among many others. But Outreach has resumed its dominance over the industry.

The personnel has moved and all of the paper-work activities that is necessary for day-to-day business has been transferred to Outreach, but not the same can be said about the facilities. The first obstacle that was to be overcome is the lack of a Castle Brian on Outreach that can replicate the support that was offered towards the D.M.M. Before the complete collapse of the SLDF, it was agreed for the MRBC to keep using the Alice Springs Complex in an attempt to save face with the five great houses of the Inner Sphere and ComStar saw the wisdom in honoring that agreement. Within the upper echelon of the star spanning communications organization the realization came to its members the benefit of keeping some semblance of neutrality in keeping the Alice Spring Complexes at the center of the cradle of humanity on Terra.

And to farther safeguard the Star League's commitment to the MRBC, it seems ComStar, most likely in an effort to implicate itself in the running of the MRBC like so many years ago, made a pact with the Wolf Dragoons. The secret dealings reveal that with technological help from the Wolf Dragoons (which possess Clan technology in some measure), in ensuing years ComStar has built two MRBC Castle Brian complexes, much like the one at Alice Springs. What ComStar received in return is still unknown since there was not a lot of access with ROM Agents around. One complex was built inside the Ridge on Outreach and acts as the primary backup command complex for the MRBC and has the full capacity of all facilities currently present in Alice Springs. It was up and fully functional within a year. The second one is rumored to be located on Mars under the USI clause. No more information could be gathered on this, since all three ComStar, USI, and Wolf Dragoons hold this secret tight.

In 3086, General Maeve Wolf authorized an Outreach business license for United Sphere Incorporated which gave that company offices and access to some MRBC resources that enabled them to do business with mercenaries on Outreach as well as Mars. This fresh marketing presence on Outreach has cemented their prominent role in mercenary hardware procurement. Through their Inner Sphere-wide contacts, United Sphere Incorporated has been able to generate mechanisms for mercenary equipment procurement that bypasses some of the scrutiny and red tape put up by Great House-affiliated manufacturers that limit sales to non-government entities. These mechanisms bear a strong resemblance to what procurement was like under the Star League. This has bred an air of familiarity to the process that has mercenary ´consumer´ confidence on the rise. As a direct result United Sphere´s sales are staying high enough to ensure their place in the military hardware industry for the foreseeable future.