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Sample Player Post

Here are some tips and guidelines on how to write a good post:
1. Try to keep good grammar for posting quality
2. Do not contradict a superior officer
3. Only Officers can introduce new opponents into the storyline.
4. Set the Scene with every post for "In Character" clarity
5. All non-storyline posts are to be titled: OOC: (Subject)
6. Try to make every post over 200 words, more words = more money
7. Leave a word count at the bottom of the post
8. Leave a tag signature with every post. For Example:

Alexi "Gunslinger" Koskov
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Strike "Red Clever" Lance - CO
SYU-2B Sha Yu
Marikov's Hussars Merc Unit

The following post is a sample post donated by a player for public viewing, it is in the correct format, although actual posting rules are slightly different under each MUCO (Mercenary Unit Commanding Officer)


Red Saga
Orbiting Nauticus
100 LY from known space

Johnathan Shade left the briefing room, and headed straight for the simulators. Once there, he plugged himself in to a five-to one match, against one Battle Cobra, a Stormcrow, one Summoner, one Timber Wolf, and a Masakari, all random loadouts. He stepped into the pod, and started the startup sequence, bringing his 75 ton (simulated) behemoth up to full combat readiness.

He brought his sensors online, and saw the five 'mechs waiting two and a half klicks distant. He was simulating a trial, in which he would fight one at a time, lightest to heaviest. He started his mech forward, and the first Battle Cobra sprinted out. He pushed the Penetrator forward to its maximum speed, and watched the distance readout counting down. The second before his mech got within the range of his enemy, Shade leaped up and over.

He yelled in excitement and adrenaline as two large pulse lasers stitched below him, coming up toward his mech. He cut in a side jet, and slid himself sideways a handful of meters, feathering his jets for a smooth landing. When he landed, he slowed slightly, and fired off a large laser.

The beam from the weapon struck the chest of the enemy, scarring a black wound into the exterior armor. Shade shot off his other arm-mounted laser, and watched it mark across an arm. The one-two punch sent the lighter mech stumbling for a pace or two, but it straightened out. Shade felt the aftereffects of his weapons fire as it rose up through the deck in waves of heat. He soon had more to worry about, however, as his enemy had recovered, and sent two more bursts of interrupted laser energy his way. He took several pulses to the chest, and one flashed just over his cockpit, burning a shadow onto his retina. Two connected with his right arm, freezing a small amount of myomer.

He jumped again, this time more sideways, and fired off his pulse lasers at the apex. He had a decent lock, and many of the shots hit. One tracked a line of dots up the right arm, ending halfway up. A second whipped up from the upper right torso, across the head, rattling the enemy mechwarrior, and into space. Yet another sent a burst into the left foot, hitting something psuedo-crucial, and slowing the faster mech a little bit. The other three bursts were of little consequence, scattering small holes on the enemy's extremities. The cabin temperature rose another couple of degrees. He wanted to end this opponent quickly, so he lined up with him, and jumped.

It was an almost perfect arc, and the Battle Cobra had almost no defense. To the enemy's credit, he did avoid a direct DFA, but the 75 ton Penetrator still crushed the left arm of the smaller mech, disabling half of its weapons, and sending it stumbling to the ground. A quick but vicious kick to the cockpit eliminated the pilot.

"One Down," Shade shouted, knowing somewhere in the back of his mind that no one could hear him, but not caring. He saw the enemy Stormcrow moving forward, and immediately heard the tone of a missile lock. Forty arrows arced from the enemy's launchers, but Shade engaged his AMS, downing a quarter. Another 50% missed other than that, but it was still enough armor loss that his mech's stride skipped a beat. He jumped diagonally, trying to avoid another lock. He got within range of his large lasers, and fired both at once. One struck the backwards facing knee of the other mech, fusing metal. The weld snapped on the next step though, and the Stormcrow continued walking with only a small hitch in its stride.

The second struck a missile launcher just as another salvo was exposed to daylight. One of the warheads cooked off, and started a devastating chain reaction. Luckily for the enemy, the CASE blowout panels in the back of his mech functioned, dumping the volatile LRM ammo safely to the ground, but rendering his main weapons useless.

However, the Stormcrow still had bite, in its arm-mounted large lasers. Both flashed out towards Shade. One ripped into his right shoulder, tearing a smoldering line, and the other zipped straight into his torso rotation ring, soldering it weakly in place. Shade was through playing now, and even with the temperature in the cockpit rising quickly, He fired off one bank of pulse lasers, then the other. The first went all over the place, due to a partial lock, but one lucky one stitched up a laser housing, making that particular weapon a little more dangerous to use.

The second band did real damage, exploring a little deeper into the ruined missile launchers. Structural material melted, and three shots scarred pristine armor right over the gyro. Shade followed up with his two large lasers, on full lock. Right on the center torso. Both ripped into the armor savagely, taking advantage of the small wounds opened up by the pulse lasers before them. "Temperature warning," a dull voice echoed through Shade's cockpit. He slapped the shutdown override switch, and fired his pulse lasers into the scars created by his large lasers. They probed in, and found the reactor housing. As the ceramic material sloughed off, extra laser energy spilt into the fusion core of the mech. The containment fields failed in their duty, and the 'mech went down in the flames of its own fusion reactor.

The temperature was now truly unbearable, and Shade fought unconsciousness. However, the temperature had soon dropped, but the first thing to happen after that was the Summoner sending a PPC into his left leg. Myomer fused, and an actuator stiffened slightly. Shade started moving again, and the Summoner took off on its jump jets. Right as it reached its apex, Shade cut loose with his large lasers. Both beams nailed center torso, drawing lines across the pristine armor. The return fire of an LB-10X autocannon sprayed damage across Shade's not-so-pristine mech. Three heat sinks had just ruptured from that shot alone. Then, five missiles streaked from the shoulder launcher of the Summoner. The AMS system engaged, but only in time to catch two of the missiles. the other three pitted Shade's mech, one hitting just below the cockpit.

Shade stumbled, and almost fell. He would have, if the Summoner had fired anything else at him. But he was spared, and righted himself. The next thing to happen was another large laser, this time ripping a gouge out of the mech right by the cockpit. It was probably Shade's imagination, but he could have sworn he saw sparks in the cockpit. Ignoring the more significant heat buildup, Shade jumped. His arc took him over the Summoner, whose pilot was still somewhat stunned by his close miss. Because of this, Shade got a clear shot at the Summoner's back. Another large laser and six medium pulse lasers chewed into the enemy, fusing CASE panels shut, but hitting no other crucial systems. The enemy turned, and another PPC flashed out.

The energy weapon caught the Penetrator in the left foot actuator, finally freezing the joint. Shade stumbled, and fought to stay on his feet. The giant gyroscope at the center of his mech did its best, but his mech still toppled forward and to the left.

He fell on his left arm, mangling it and crushing the laser barrel. The weapon was probably useless. Shade shoved himself to his feet with the bad arm, and sent another laser into the Summoner. The missile rack absorbed the damage, and several holes were plugged. Shade jumped his 'mech forward, and was soon at close range with his opponent. The autocannon barked again, and lodged Johnathan's rotator ring firmly in place, as well as taking out two pulse lasers. Shade knew that his CLG was incredibly close. He stumbled a few more steps, bringing himself to melee range, raised his 'mech's mangled arm, and brought it down on the cockpit. The enemy mech crumpled, and Shade stepped back.

As the Summoner fell, two PPC bolts tore into his right arm, and the appendage went flying off. Three seconds later, a flight of missles, undeterred by the ammo-bankrupt AMS, crashed into Shade's mech. His beast finally gave out, as ejection warnings rang throughout the cockpit. As a last gesture of defiance, he fired all of his remaining pulse lasers through the smoke at the enemy Timber Wolf. Only one hit, doing small amounts of damage across the torso. Shade reached up, and pulled the handle on the ceiling of the cockpit. The rest, after a rush of air and a blur of color, was darkness.

He cracked the pod, and moisture in the pod air immediately rushed out as steam. Shade grabbed a towel, and headed for the 'mech bay. On his way out, he grabbed his performance printout, and looked it over. He had performed at 125% of his previous efficiency. Apparently actual combat did improve performance.

He soon stepped up to the small man at the foot of John Galt, and said "Is he ready to go to war?"

"Ready as he'll ever be," the tech replied. "So, I hear you're on a near-suicidal mission. Have fun. Come back alive. And if you must die, don't screw up our boy too bad."

"How'd you know about the mission?" Shade asked, bewildered.

"You'd be amazed at what you learn as a tech," the man replied. "I'm Carl Adam, by the way," he said, offering Shade his hand.

"John Shade," came the reply, along with a clasp.

"Nice to meet you, Johnnie-boy. Best be getting some rest now. Only a little bit till you're back in the fire."

Shade nodded, and walked off, taking the time to say goodbye.

Even though he was hyped up for the mission, he was bone tired from his simulation. As soon as he reached the bunk room, he flopped down onto his cot, and was very quickly asleep.

----TIME LAPSE----

Shade woke up with twelve hours until mission time. He got a bite to eat, and went another game in the simpods. He double-checked with Carl the Tech on John Galt, and went back to sleep for another five hours. Two hours before drop, he woke up again, and visited the armory. He selected a laser rifle, as well as one gyrojet pistol. He carried them to his mechbay, and strapped them under his command couch. He buckled in, while the techs double-checked the disposable jump pods attached to his mech's arms and legs. Carl found an excuse to check the life support, and wished him good luck. Shade felt the atmosphere rubbing the Saga as she dropped back in. He heard BigDog's voice.

"Diversion team, sound off." Shade waited his turn, and said "This is Orr, locked, loaded, ready to kill." Grayfox came on, and gave them brief instructions. The cold, hard, edge of a killer came back to Johnathan's eyes as he watched the countdown timer on his secondary screen. The drop doors opened.

The counterattack had begun.


Johnathan "Orr" Shade
Strike 'Bamba' Lance
PTR-4D Penetrator

Crimson Legion Merc Unit

Word Count: 1875