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Is this your first visit to this website?

Good day warrior! If you are new to Battletech Mercenaries then you have come to the right place. These instructions are meant for all who desire to learn more about our operations. If you have landed here guided by our HQ then good.

First, some basic knowledge about PBEMs. They mean 'play by e-mail' and it consists of players (you) who role play their created characters. Role play at Battletech-Mercenaries means that you write how your character acts day after day (relatively) based upon a history and biography that you created for him when and if you applied to a mercenary unit. Each unit has it's own ways of writing. For example some units use a mailing lists and others post their work on the forums.

A critical point is that we are mainly a writing community so you won't see any direct play between players or units.

To end the part about the concept of it all, we are a group of dedicated Battletech fans who write inside their units short stories which put together create a very enjoyable Fan Fiction plot line.

The main timeline is based on the situation of 3068 so you won't find any Dark Age Battletech here.

When the site was constructed and the first units were created the time in Battletech Mercenaries began to flow, so don't be surprised if you find yourself ten years after '68 when you join. The key here is to know that after 3068 we have created a history of our own on the small scale. So the official post 3068 timeline will not apply to us. We are Classic Battletech.

You can join any of the current units from the HQ or by sending a PM (personal message) to the CO of that unit.

After joining a mercenary unit you will be assigned to your mech, vehicle, etc. depending on what position you have applied for.

From here on you are a warrior in a military outfit. This applies to IC (in character) and OOC (out of character) so do not go insulting anyone because you may end up being dishonorably discharged. Please read the RULES for more information.

Your unit will receive contracts from the MRBC. Your unit commander will be the GM and usually he will determine in which way the unit will carry the contract to an end. So he will set an initial plotline which with the help of the other players will develop into a beautiful story (we hope :D )

The player's job in helping the plotline is for him to write about his character and how he (the character) reacts to the new scenery, objectives, to engage in talks with other players or with NPC, to write battle engagements and so on. To have a better example read some of the post of the units on the forums or the mailing lists.

Battle engagements are done in two ways: freeform and freeform with the help of MegaMek.

Freeform: means that when your CO gives you a target, or in any other situation in which you have to fight, you write a report about the battle. The report will contain battle results that are determine by you. So you have to post from your imagination (like always), but also to make it believable. For example you are in 30 ton mech and your battle report (post) writes that you killed a 60 ton mech with minimal damage to you. That won't look to good so be careful.

MegaMek: A game will be played by the commanding staff in MegaMek. The results will then be introduced into the posts by the players which mechs, units etc. were involved in the battle and in this way you will get the battle post.

There are other things about us, but this is the most important facts about Battletech-Mercenaries. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

A more detailed document can be found in the form of Wiki style article that is located in this section. It should be enough to satisfy your desire to learn as much about us as you can. Enjoy the read!