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1. This type of unit in BTM will be known as a Clan Mod unit for official purposes. Any unit created in BTM that chooses Clan Mod play must announce this to the Director at the time of unit creation. In any place where the unit´s name appears in official BTM capacity, (C) must be added next to it. An example unit name would be: " The White Wolves (C) " Designations such as Binary/Trinary/Cluster or Galaxy names should not be used for official BTM naming purposes as these represent internal unit organization only. Clan Mod units should not replicate existing canon Clan units.

2.The following Clan factions are available to Clan Mod units: Jade Falcon, Wolf, Rasalhague Dominion, Diamond Shark, Snow Raven, Cloud Cobra, Diamond Shark, Rift Tiger and Star Adder. For reasons pertaining to BTM functionality and available Clan Mod support no other Clan Factions are allowed.

3. The desired Clan faction is made available as an employer in the contract system for Clan Mod units only. No BTM mercenary unit contracts can be created with a Clan Faction employer. The BTM contract system is utilized without any further modifications by Clan Mod units. For the sole exception, see Clan Mod Rule 17.

4. New Clan Mod units are given $100,000,000K with which to purchase Military Hardware. Upon creation, the unit is granted the Star Captain's choice of a Union-C KR or Carrier KR class DropShip. As many as three (3) additional Union-C KR for $50,000,000K or Carrier KR for $40,000,000K DropShips may be purchased by the Star Captain or his or her Executive Officer for up to a grand total of four (4). A MUCO or a MUXO may mix and match these four DropShips in any combination. In addition to the above mentioned KR purchase a Clan Mod Unit will have access to purchase a maximum of two (2) Odyssey KR JumpShips at $200,000,000K.

5. A Clan MOD unit may purchase items with the following Faction Availability: a.) All Clan items of every faction (except items exclusively produced by Wolf-in-Exile or Nova Cats' materiel manufactured after 3060), b.) 2750 and SLDF items, and c.) Equipment known to have been part of the Clans as of the Exodus or Operation Klondike. d.) A Clan MOD unit may purchase all non-combat support equipment regardless of Faction Availability (i.e. satellites, loader 'Mechs, shuttles, factories, mobile repair units, DropShips, etc.) The final discretion of whether or not an item is combat or support will be left up to the Military Hardware Broker. Any items not available for purchase may instead be salvaged as per standard BTM salvage rules. Exceptions to this rule include are dictated by Clan Mod Rules 13, 14, and 15.

6.Clan Currency by any name (Kerenskies) holds the same value as the C-Bill and is treated as such by the MHB.

7. Currency Exchange Rates are not factored into the purchase price of MH items for Clan Mod units.

8. Clan Mod units cannot purchase items on the Black Market, nor can they sell/trade/buy items with BTM mercenary units. C-Bill transfers between Mercenary Units and Clan Units are not permitted.

9.The Clan Mod unit´s Military Hardware Brokerage needs will be handled through the central MHB on Mars (See Part #1, Military Hardware Brokerage Basics). Unless one or more landholds is awarded (see Clan Mod Rule 17). Delivery time is zero for all Clan Mod unit MHB purchases.

10. Clan Mod units do not have to pay shipping/trade/sale insurance fees (See Part #4 and Part #5, Military Hardware Brokerage Basics).

11. Purchase discounts are determined by the Clan Mod unit´s overall reputation score (in accordance with Part #1, Military Hardware Brokerage Basics).

12. Type A Clan Salvage will be handled the same way as it is for Mercenary Units.

13.Combat equipment of Inner Sphere manufacture is not available for purchase; this includes Clan Wolf-in-Exile and Clan Nova Cat (post-3060) equipment. But any contract salvage may be retained. Exceptions are dictated by Clan Mod Rules 14 and 15.

14.Inner Sphere items considered to be support equipment, such as non-combat vehicles and items with no suitable Clan equivalent are available for purchase at the discretion of the Military Hardware Broker.

15. Inner Sphere combat equipment of the First Star League (2750) era and equipment known to have been part of the Clans as of the Exodus or Operation Klondike can be purchased.

16.Contracts available for bidding to mercenaries are not available to any Clan Mod unit and any bid will be rejected (the reverse is also true). Instead the unit must work with the Staff to generate their next contract. Clan Mod unit contracts are not available to BTM mercenary units.

17. For Clan Mod units, landholds are awarded with the Clan Faction filling the same role as a Great House. All awarded landholds represent a unit headquarters, base or Clan military governance and not land ownership. Landhold Rule #3 does not apply to Clan Mod units. No noble titles are awarded.

18. An existing Mercenary Unit cannot be converted to a Clan Mod unit or vice versa. This distinction must be made at unit creation.

19. A Clan Mod unit cannot engage in sub-contracting with Mercenary Units.

20. Mergers between mercenary units and Clan Mod units are not permitted. (See Member Conduct Rule #18).

21.In-Character; Clan Mod unit characters may not hold the title of IlKhan, Khan, saKhan, or Clan Loremaster. The highest " rank " is Galaxy Commander and that is reserved for units that have achieved a corresponding unit size.

22.It is the responsibility of the Clan Mod unit´s members to maintain the desired degree of " Clan culture " through the unit´s In-Character inner workings. It is not the responsibility of BTM´s Staff to enforce The Way of the Clans on a daily basis. The Staff will only intervene in extreme cases.

23. All submitted Clan Characters that aspire to a bloodname someday (whether they are currently a Bloodname holder or not) should be submitted with that Bloodname on the character application. This is to avoid the " paperwork" of editing the character in BTM´s system later.

24. Any issue not covered in these Rules should be conducted per BTM´s procedures, rules and regulations for all BTM mercenary units. Any cultural, organizational or rank system differences are reflected by In-Character writing only. On BTM´s website and automated systems, standard Inner Sphere nomenclature for character rank and unit size is used.