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Welcome to Battletech-Mercenaries, a free play by email/play by forum role-playing game set in the years past 3068, where our version of the Battletech Universe took a different path. You can play as a tough Mercenary within a Company, Battalion or Regiment sized unit. Mercenary Units bid for contracts and earn hard cash to buy better and stronger hardware to take up even more profitable & challenging contracts.

NOTICE: FORUMS RELOCATION, the staff have decided to set-up our own forum here on the BTM main site. They are available via the MERC-Net link beneath the Forum Menu

The Game recently rebooted based on the situation after the Battle of Tukayyid in 3052

In addition, Game Play has changed in the following ways:

The forums are still being configured and getting everyone registered and assigned to the correct groups will take time, but we think moving forward that this is the best solution for us. If there are any questions, please contact the staff.
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Battletech-Mercenaries is currently set in the year 3106 and is based on the canon information leading up to 3068 but in the almost a score of years since we have taken a different path from the 'Dark Age' story path please check out our official timeline.

The Great White Fleet Mercenary Unit are a Play By Forum Board, Battalion Sized Unit that has been active since 6th of July, 2017
Major Niobe Bey invites you to earn riches and glory for yourself and the Great White Fleet Mercenary Unit

The Star League Senate When Christian Månsdöttar's First Lord term ran out in 3067 he gave all non-military power to the bureaucrats, who were restructured into a provisional Senate led by Arthur Walker, who became the interim Presidential Senator. But there is no argument that the SLDF is the true power of the Star League, so Christian Månsdöttar along with the provisional Senate put forward the idea of a SLDF Triumvirate of three Commanding Generals that would have to agree on important decisions for the future actions of the SLDF.

That was well over 10 years ago, now the Senate forum is located in the metropolis of Norfolk on the East Coast of North America, the Senators and Presidential Senator are now elected officials of divisional regions divided up by population among Star League member nations. For a new SLDF Triumvirate member to be selected, the Senate makes a secret ballot on candidates selected by the remaining Triumvirate members, this allows for very limited corruption and some satisfaction for the general populous that the SLDF is under civilian control but without crippling the Triumvirate from making decisive decisions when needed and also preventing political puppets from rising up into the Triumvirate.

SLDF: Department of Mercenary Management The SLDF in an effort to apply control to the various Mercenary outfits across the Inner Sphere decided to set up a special department for the regulation of contracts and mercenary accountability. Thus was born the DMM, the Department of Mercenary Management.

Using the Alice Springs Castle Brian Complex constructed near the ruins of Alice Springs in Australia, the headquarters of the DMM were established. With housing for hundreds of Mercenary Units, the SLDF created a port of call for mercenaries to trade their services. The DMM handled all finance for contracts in the fashion of the defunct MRBC, thus all contracting had for a time become more secure for both mercenary and employer. In return for these services Mercenary Units that joined the DMM were given board and lodgings along with SLDF provided maintenance and huge discounts on the costs of equipment.

MRBC: Mercenary Review & Bonding Commission Into the year 3083 when the it became clear that the Inner Sphere was again under another Succession War and that the Star League could no longer function as a non-partisan entity a special meeting between the Triumvirate, Primus Sharilar Mori, Director Dalton Cameron, Director Yohan Lacroix, Director Maria Cortez and the Wolf’s Dragoon’s leadership occurred on Outreach to discuss the separation of the DMM and MHB from the SLDF and reconstituting a more independent MRBC, as pressure from almost all member states of the Star League was building rapidly in the current war.

The MRBC functions as a mercenary guild, brokering and arbitrating mercenary contracts in the endless wars in the Inner Sphere and also in the Periphery. If a mercenary unit is not registered with the MRBC then it is not usually considered to be a legitimate mercenary, and therefore not subject to POW rights, among other drawbacks. The MRBC also serves as a court of arbitration in contract disputes for both employers and mercenaries.