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Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Colonel Captain
William Draka Norstrum Mark Gerhold
Current Roster: 3 Players Overall Public Reputation: 3
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 7th of November, 3089
Unit Description
The 7th Armored Legion is a reformed unit from 7th Cavalry of older veterans from the Federation Suns area. Comstar needed more units for it's Exploration Corp and thus the 7th Armored Legion was created and work from Hellespont system.(Rimward) The 7th was lucky that on being able to accrue Clan equipment at the beginning of their formation which has served well in getting new work and keeping pirates at bay. Already the unit is getting request to for contracts. A good sign for a new unit that gets to keep it's roots close to the Federated Suns.

The 7th being a combine arms unit and since most had their training from Comstar, has gone to the same unit formation but call units as per an armored cavalry unit.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Onishi Razan Kintaro Tanaka
Current Roster: 7 Players Overall Public Reputation: 12
Current Employer: Draconis Combine Current Contract: DC-EX-04-02
Game Type: Play By Email Group List Unit Founded: 9th of May, 3090
Unit Description
A Combined Arms Regiment, loyal to House Kurita and employs all the five pillars that make the Combine what it is. Razans Ronins is a unit that focuses on it's combined arms rather than the more traditional 'Mech heavy theme for mercenaries. Under Tai-sa Onishi Razan they have maintained superiority in each campaign she has led them into, and the goal is to continue that trend. Now with over four battalions of Military Hardware, a full aerospace wing, a DropShip Fleet, a Naval Flotilla, and a WarShip ready to take on, any Regiment of enemy units had better think twice before going head to head with Razans Ronins in a battle.