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Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Colonel TBA
Cathryn Whitley TBA
Current Roster: 1 Player Overall Public Reputation: 7
Current Employer: Lyran Alliance Current Contract: LA-DC-06-08
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 19th of March, 3097
Unit Description
The Rabid Wolves stem from the Periphery Nation, Outworlds Alliance's Intelligence Arm, so we will be avid infiltrators, assassins, saboteurs, terrorist, cryptographers, demolition experts, and even murders.

We are a Battle Armor eccentric Battalion based on Stealth, Espionage, and Infiltration Tactics. We have only two lances of 'Mechs; one light, one medium, all geared to supporting our Battle Armor. We are a full platoon of Mechanized Battle Armor strong and two Special Forces Platoons of jump infantry supported by two points of ProtoMechs, ferried to and from target world aboard six modified Caerleons. We do however, have a four DropShips; 2 Unions, that have been modified to carry four Small Crafts, four AeroSpace Fighters, four 'Mechs; and 2 Auroras, and our standard operating procedure will be to station one Union in the target world's orbit to bounce communications off of for communicating with our own sneak satellites, as well, we have our very own Liberty Class JumpShip.

In September of 3100 the Rabid Wolves 'acquired' an Eagle Class Frigate WarShip and enough AeroSpace Fighters to field an entire battalion of aerial combat units and salvaged a full company 'Mechs and thus are being acknowledged as an MRBC Regiment. Now boasting a DropShip complement totaling eight, they have a Leopard dedicated to carrying their four loader 'Mechs, their MFB, and the entire Technical staff and a Nekohono'o HQ that the Rabid Wolves can station in Orbit or on planet to conduct planet wide command and control operations. The Wolves have truly become a force to reckon with.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Tai-sa Tai-i
Onishi Razan Kintaro Tanaka
Current Roster: 7 Players Overall Public Reputation: 15
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Email Group List Unit Founded: 9th of May, 3090
Unit Description
A Combined Arms Regiment, loyal to House Kurita and employs all the five pillars that make the Combine what it is. Razans Ronins is a unit that focuses on it's combined arms rather than the more traditional 'Mech heavy theme for mercenaries. Under Tai-sa Onishi Razan they have maintained superiority in each campaign she has led them into, and the goal is to continue that trend. Now with over four battalions of Military Hardware, a full aerospace wing, a DropShip Fleet, a Naval Flotilla, and a WarShip ready to take on, any Regiment of enemy units had better think twice before going head to head with Razans Ronins in a battle.