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Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Captain TBA
Ekon Zane TBA
Current Roster: 0 Players Overall Public Reputation: -4
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 25th of September, 3097
Unit Description
The members of the Dark Sun Combat Corps are drawn from the various military, paramilitary, and intelligence units from the Periphery, namely the Magistracy of Canopus, Taurian Concordat, and Fronc Reaches. The combined-arms unit was formed by its CO, Captain Ekon Zane, a former Colonial Marshal.

The Dark Sun Combat Corps specializes in small unit operations in static defense, territorial activities, and minor raid duties, as well as being adept at criminal investigation and VIP and corporate security.

Since many of the unit’s members have ties to law enforcement, they seek to bring justice to those who deserve it, and strive to bring a measure of peace and closure to the victims.