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Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Captain TBA
Alain Thibaul-McFadden TBA
Current Roster: 4 Players Overall Public Reputation: 0
Current Employer: Magistracy Of Canopus Current Contract: PY-GD-04-03
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 10th of April, 3100
Unit Description
The Aurigan Irregulars were once a house unit of the Aurigan Coalition, under the direct control of House Decimis until being commandeered by the Aurigan Directorate during the Restoration War.

Following the fall of the Directorate in 3026, one officer among the Directorate forces fled during the final battle on Coromodir V when defeat became obvious. Following the war, with no place for them among the new Coalition Military, Captain Noah Decimis-McFadden founded the Aurigan Irregulars as mercenaries.

Today the Irregulars are comprised of little more than a lance of aging BattleMechs and support personnel, having seen a tumultuous history of ups and downs since their founding. Now with the death of Commander Nikolai McFadden and his son Alain Thibault-McFadden taking over the reigns, the Irregulars are seeking to rebuild their strength.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Captain TBA
Huo Qubing TBA
Current Roster: 1 Player Overall Public Reputation: 4
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 1st of March, 3104
Unit Description
When the least radical elements of the Blakists formed the Covenant of Blake and were accepted as one of the Free Worlds League provinces in 3083, it was seen by many as a huge step forward towards legitimacy. Hundreds of thousands of former Word of Blake soldiers in what was renamed and reorganized as the Covenant Militia that participated in the massive military operation to carve out of what was to eventually form the Confederated Systems of Tikonov in 3089.

Despite the stunning success of their operations, a substantial number amongst them grew increasingly disillusioned as the Covenant seemed to be nothing like the saviour of human kind as extolled by their leaders. Rather than being the beacon of light for the teachings of Blake, they wer instead ordered to fight and die on the battlefields across tens of worlds and systems to help another political faction take control of the cradle of humankind.

A small number quietly left the Covenant military in the aftermath of the chaos as the other Succession States tried to wrestle back worlds lost to the FWL backed CSoT. The only surprising fact was that a huge number of those that absconded with them were non-combatants. In hindsight, it should not have been that remarkable given that most of them were either native Terrans, or flocked to the Word of Blake and subsequent Covenant banners drawn by the ideology and pacifist nature of the secular factions, only to be disappointed by the Covenant's actions. Over time, the small group would run into and merge with other Word of Blake and Covenant Militia rogue forces.

The unit’s combat arm had retained the Word of Blake military organizational structure of basing their combined armed forces on multiples of six. As an acknowledgement to their military command structure, reflect their preference for operating in urban and night time settings, being noted for skills in close combat, ambushes, and a final tongue-in-cheek jibe to the hollow proclamations of their former origins, the unit had elected to name themselves the Dirty Half Dozens.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Captain Lieutenant Senior Grade
Akihiko Tanaka Quan Abbas
Current Roster: 1 Player Overall Public Reputation: 2
Current Employer: Taurian Concordat Current Contract: PY-GD-02-02
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 7th of March, 3104
Unit Description
Last Resort is a combined-arms mercenary unit specializing in coordinated firepower, asymmetrical warfare, and close-air support. It was pulled together at the hiring hall on the Periphery world of Herotitus by Akihiko Tanaka, a man of honor placed in a most dishonorable situation. All of the original members of the unit are warriors in their own right, but somehow ending up on the fringe of known space, running away from things unspoken for now. Memories. Nightmares. Persecution. Obligation. The stories will come out, but for now, survival is its own bittersweet reward, and moving forward is the only course of action.