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Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Major TBA
Alexander Yao Jackson Tallman
Current Roster: 5 Players Overall Public Reputation: 4
Current Employer: Draconis Combine Current Contract: CZ-DR-06-02
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 15th of July, 3093
Unit Description
Chaos Incorporated is a medium-heavy BattleMech unit with integrated battle armor and Aerospace fighter support with no unit specialty beyond being able to fight and do it well enough to bust more than a few heads when they do. The MechWarriors and other soldiers that make up the unit are experienced fighters, but may be a bit down on their luck or perhaps a tad too unsavory for the more famous or conventional mercenary units in the Inner Sphere.

Despite evidence to the contrary, Chaos Incorporated is certain they will give you the biggest bang for your C-bill and let no one get in the way of a successfully completed contract. Banded together through fate and a last minute jail break; the men and women of Chaos Incorporated believe that no job is too small and no paycheck too big for them to make whatever they are paid to do happen. Even they are not entirely sure what exactly will happen in that process, but everyone involved is certain that it will be something for the evening news to report on.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Cade MacKenzie Aldus Vong
Current Roster: 8 Players Overall Public Reputation: 17
Current Employer: Rasalhague Dominion Current Contract: DC-PA-04-05
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 6th of June, 3087
Unit Description
The Growling Bears is a new unit from the Rasalhague Dominion. It is an experimental force comprised of both Trueborn Warriors and Kungsarm Second line troops. It was envisioned as a flexible 'response team' to be deployed as needed across the Dominion as a direct result of the trouble the Dominion has faced in recent years.
The Khan had the unit, a Trinary in strength initially but without that designation, staffed entirely by unblooded warriors hand-picked by Star Captain Cade, the unit's commanding officer. Cade is an unusual Ristar among the Ghost Bears. An aggressive but open minded warrior and a staunch Warden, Cade seems custom made to take the reigns of the new unit.