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Name:Terrance Lee Xan
Serial Code:TLX21AH3I12G5
Date Assigned to the DMM/MRBC: 2nd February, 3076
Hair Colour:Brown
Eye Colour:Green
Height:172 cm
Weight:72 kg
Date of Birth:3019-Jan-06
Languages:English, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian and German
Interests:Literature (Poetry and Fiction), History, Politics, Fencing, Gardening and Philosophy
Place of Birth:Capellan Confederation
Race & Culture:Chinese

History: Maskirovka Report:
-Education: Sian Center for Martial Disciplines
Sian University Hen gao Xiao-Lu (Officer Candidate Program)
-Advanced Studies: History (Military), International Political Science
-Early Duty: Dynasty Guard, Capellan Hussars
5th Confederation Reserve Cavalry: Apprentices of Warlock, Executive Officer.
-Selected as Ambassador: April 9th, 3072
-Assigned to SLDF's DMM: February 2nd, 3076 to replace Ambassador Benjamin Lee

Terrance Lee Xan was born in the capital city of Sian, where he excelled in most activities in school. However, he was always had a knack for doing things his own way, which more than a few times won him scolding from his teachers. His parents accepted him for who he was, and since he was the second of four children, his parents had three other children to worry about also.
However, his temperment for doing things his own way almost got him denied by the Maskirovka for entrance into the Sian Center for Martial Disciplines. His aptitude scores on his tests, and his interview with admissions officials, got him his entrance into the prestigious school on the grounds that, "Advisement: His intellect and sharp reflexes more than outweigh the potential political disturbances Xan may cause. Accept."

After serving his years in the military, Xan retired from the active service at the rank of Major and returned to school at Sian University. There, he met more than a few professors who indulged the now older man (in his middle 30s) in his quest for more knowledge. From there, he was interviewed by the foreign ministry service. After completing his work in international political science, he began his internship, and eventual promotion into the Chancellor's service as a diplomat.

Personality Profile: Terrance has taken the Chancellor's call of Xin Sheng to heart. Even almost 15 years after the Chancellor first began calling for the rebirth, Terrance still feels the burning in his heart for the return of Capellan worlds to the Confederation.

He is quick-witted and smart, but is at times known to be too trusting. So far, his trusting nature has won him more friends than enemies, especially among those friends he still has within the military (not to mention a few mercenary commanders). He also has a fetish for books, owning nearly 750 books in the east wing of his two-story house in Zi-jin Cheng. More than one lifelong friendship has started with Terrance over the gift of a rare first-edition or signed copy of a prized book.

On top of this, his wife and two daughters mean much to Terrance. Now turning 17 and 14 respectively, his eldest daughter is applying for school at the Liao Conservatory of Military Arts. His pride in his daughters almost overcomes the pride he has for his state. His two daughters are the manifestation of the rebirth of the Confederation over the last 17 years. Smart, physically fit, and resolute, he knows that if his two daughters are examples of the new generation, the Confederation will rightfully take its place in the center-stage once again.