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Representing Faction: Star League
Name:Remington von Wolffe
Serial Code:SLPS
Date Assigned to the DMM/MRBC: 16th of August, 3095
Hair Colour:Salt & Pepper
Eye Colour:Chestnut
Height:185 cm
Weight:91 kg
Date of Birth:05-10-3014
Languages:English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese
Interests:History & Politics
Place of Birth:Star League Administered Systems
Race & Culture:Wolf Dragoon

History: Professor Remington von Wolffe is a scholar, a gentleman, and an oddity: as a member of the MRBC staff born on Outreach, he has a peculiarly balanced outlook on the rest of the Inner Sphere. A millennium baby, he left his hometown of Harlech, Romulus, to seek his fame and fortune off-world with a mercenary unit. Serving as a coolant truck operator in Team Banzai gave him a unique view of battle: coolant trucks were generally considered neutral, and so Remington would sit and analyse battles raging around but not involving him and his crew. Near the end of the Fourth Succession War, when Kuritan forces were apparently about to crush the mercenary unit, an enemy Grand Dragon slowly shambled up to the coolant truck. It stopped moving once it was within the truck’s “sphere of influence.” Figuring something was wrong, Remington clambered up the ’Mech to find a severely injured MechWarrior passed out at the controls. Remington performed first aid on the pilot, and marched the ’Mech off the battlefield to the Battalion MASH. For his courage in “capturing” the Kuritian mech, Remington was promoted to MechWarrior and allowed to keep his prize.

Within weeks of the battle, Remington had the PPC stripped off and the LRM system downgraded in order to install a much cooler-running Autocannon. Claiming that high heat would make his Romulian brain “melt,” he also replaced the forward-firing lasers with a SRM rack. Though these modifications severely downgraded his long-range capabilities, Remington was much more effective fighting in his “comfortably chilly” ’Mech. But it was his actions after the war that got Remington noticed outside the unit. Serving as an intern when he wrote his well-received Fourth Succession War series paper, Remington became known as a researcher with an astute grasp of both battlefield tactics and logistics. He quickly rose in prominence within the both the DMM and the academic community, and his proudest moment was when, after releasing a critically praised thesis, investigating the logistical reasons for the failure of Captain-General Agatha Rousset-Marik's revolt, he was asked to join the staff at the MRBC during the Star Bridge War of 3095.

Personality Profile: