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Representing Faction: Lyran Alliance
Name:Damad Sandaker
Serial Code:LAA
Date Assigned to the DMM/MRBC: December 17th 3089
Hair Colour:dark brown with touches of white
Eye Colour:Green
Height:180 cm
Weight:71 kg
Date of Birth:3049-Dec-07
Languages:German, Scottish, English, Japanese, and Scandianavian
Interests:BattleMechs, Special Operations, and ancient tactics
Place of Birth:Federated Commonwealth (now Lyran Alliance)
Race & Culture:Caucasian

History: Damad Sandaker was born and raised on Tamar by his parents, Lucien and Ashley Sandaker. Lucien Sandaker was a mech battalion commander in the Tamar March Militia with the rank of Kommandant (Major). Ashley Olsen Sandaker was a infantry battalion commander in the Tamar March Militia with the rank of Kommandant (Major). Damad had an identical twin brother named Dylan Sandaker. Then the unknown invaders from the periphery taking world after world using advanced weaponry and mechs. This now known as the Clan Invasion of 3050. Clan Wolf during their penetration of the Inner Sphere finally arrived at Tamar and conquered the planet. Before Clan Wolf arrived, Damadís parents boarded a refugee dropship with Damad and Dylan. They escaped to Pandora at the last moment.

At school age, Damad and Dylan were entered into the Pandora College of Military Sciences. Damad selected battlemechs as his primary study while Dylan selected aerospace fighters as his primary study. Damad picked up a secondary study of intelligence gathering. At 16, the twins were accepted into the First Tamar Cavaliers. The officers and commanders were solid military leaders using tactics and strategies to confound even the Clans and DCMS. The twins quickly adapted and gained combat experience. They worked on their skills until they were honed to a razor edge.

The Tamar Cavaliers have constantly been fighting off Clan Jade Falcon, Clan Wolf, and the Draconis Combine during their incursions into the Lyran Alliance. The Cavaliers have stemmed the flow and sometimes pushed them back. Damad killed a Clan Battlemaster in one skirmish and claimed the mech as his. His Warhammer was badly damaged and required more repair time than the Clan Battlemaster.

Damad and Dylan were in the group suggesting to the LAAF high command to create a second Tamar unit. The LAAF high command scoffed at the Tamar officers. Damad informed them that he was going over their heads. They laughed at him. Damad filed a petion for an audience with Archon Peter Steiner. He was granted his audience. Damad briefed the Archon about creating the 2nd Tamar Cavaliers. With his organized skills, Damad informed the Archon the source to recruit warriors and training cadets, technician pool, and requested the mechs and vees from other units being upgraded. Archon Peter Steiner granted the creation of the 2nd Tamar Cavaliers.

For this the Archon requested Damad to fill the vacant slot of Lyran Ambassador for the MHB. Damad was granted to select some key officers for his staff and a small force as his personal guard with forces as Damad saw fit. Damad accepted the posting given to him by his Archon.

The Archon is briefed him on the future plans of the Lyran Alliance.

Personality Profile: Damad has worked on his command image. He often performs task that should be assigned to Privates. He leads from the front and engages in combat frequently. Soldiers of his command have found him even sometimes in the mess tent serving hot edible food to his warriors. Damad knows how to play the political game but he despises how low those fools are on willing to go. Damad has learned not to trust the LAAF high command to a certain extent. He has established a special attached unit to his command that provides him with accurate intelligence information on assigned targets. Damad has also adapted his tactics to incorporate mixed combined arms whenever practical. In combat, Damad almost is one with his battlemech and he goes after weaknesses of enemy battlemechs. Damad demonstrates bravery, compassion for civilians, mercy for wounded soldiers, hates those that freeze in combat especially commanders, and will kill cowards on sight. His knowledge, use of politics, military skills, and dedication to the Lyran Allaince has brought him up the ranks quite rapidly.