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Representing Faction: Free Worlds League
Name:John Smith
Serial Code:FWLA
Date Assigned to the DMM/MRBC: 11th October, 3080
Hair Colour:Brownish Red
Eye Colour:Green
Height:196 cm
Weight:131 kg
Date of Birth:3038-Oct-04
Languages:English, Chinese & German
Interests:Culture, Education & Charity
Place of Birth:Free Worlds League
Race & Culture:Celtic (Welsh)

History: John was married into the House of Smith since it was arranged from his childhood time.Though not born of noble blood, John had grow up in higher education of school due to his level of learning and in part was John was always eager to go that extra step. Once of age, John was recruited into the Silver Hawks Milita and was part of the Falcons regiment where he was promted to Lieutenant due to rank and soon to be marrage to the House of Smith at age 20. Though John has no real hated for anyone per say, he does take it to heart thoughs that would defile man or planet that is not meant to be. Pirates or Lyrans, if they destroy beauty, they will pay, one way or another if John has a say about it. Today, working on his Celtic heritage, John seems calm, well thought and mannered. His military training has served him well over the years though he now prefers the business side of things and let the military due the dirty work.

Personality Profile: John Smith is a quiet person who thinks before acting as he seems to look at the big picture of all issues. Many think this is a weakness but John has caught many off guard because how he thinks things through. Even his wife now of 22 years is amazed sometimes about how he does things both at home and work. Though not one to use military force, there is the need of such use of force when others just don't want to see the bigger picture. The civil war that the FWL has shown John that the enemies within are worse than thoughs outside the FWL. He has taken it on himself to rid the FWL of the Word of Blake by use of mercenaries. The use of house militaries can't be trusted or give up protection of much needed resources. John was Honored when asked to take over the position as Ambassador since it was the only part of the FWL not fighting with someone else in the League. It also gives him room to deal with the Blakes as the need arises.