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Name:Dalton Cameron
Serial Code:9UD773293FF2X
Date Assigned to the DMM/MRBC: 22nd December, 3067
Hair Colour:Grey
Eye Colour:Brown
Height:168 cm
Weight:79 kg
Date of Birth:3015-Feb-23
Languages:English & German
Interests:History, Politics, Bird Watching, Cricket, Golf & Viticulture
Place of Birth:Lyran Alliance
Race & Culture:Scottish Heritage

History: Born Dalton Edgar Cameron, on Skye to Kirk Cameron and Fiona Ramsay, Kirk's heritage was wealthy and respectable being a distant descendant of Margaret Cameron, the second Director-General of Terran Hegemony over six centuries beforehand. Dalton's education was of the highest quality and eventually he attended the Sanglamore Academy to study warfare and become a MechWarrior.

At the age of 22 he completed his training and was assigned to the 10th Skye Rangers in 3037 and during the war of '39, saw combat against Draconis Combine's 13th Dieron Regulars on Lambrecht. The Fighting was grueling as the 13th used a variance in combat platforms, from tanks to artillery to infantry and the 10th was a mostly a BattleMech unit. The 13th drew the conflict on for months and forced the 10th off planet.

Dalton was promoted to up to Hauptmann during this campaign and made CO of 2nd Battalion's 3rd Company. During the years after the war he spent time on garrison duties throughout the Skye region, making some important political connections and thanks to that and by 3047 he was promoted to Kommandant and CO of a battalion in the newly formed 11th Federated Commonwealth RCT under Hauptmann General Marlin Andor. Dalton stayed with the 11th during the Clan War but they did not see action as they were stationed on Skye, Dalton continued to be known by the social elite of Skye and was fortunate enough to get a transfer to the 10th Skye Rangers when Katherine Steiner-Davion changed the 11th's name to the 3rd Alliance Guards and sent them to the Clan border in 3057.

In 3058 Leftenant General Dalton Cameron commanded the 10th Skye Rangers during the Coventry Campaign against the bulk of Clan Jade Falcon's toughest warriors. Unfortunately the 10th was crippled and forced to merge with the 22nd Skye Rangers. Dalton was re-assigned by LAAF Command to Galatea as Military Governor as political punishment and to keep the local mercenary outfits under control. He maintained this position until 3063 when the Fed-Com Civil War sparked. On Galatea the various factions on the planet begun to fight on the streets, Dalton was able to quash the rioting with the assistance of the 22nd Skye Rangers. When the planet's populace realized that they were not going to make an impact on the Civil War things began to quiet down.

Dalton was officially under command of the LAAF but his loyalty was to the Free Skye Movement as the Civil War was likely going to consume his beloved homeworld. He was able to secure command of the 22nd Skye Rangers and support the initial stages of the Free Skye Movement's independence bid, although he did not support General Dundee's rough offensives. The 22nd under Dalton and later the 4th Skye Rangers under William Harrison von Frisch were sent in 3065 to Hesperus II to secure the vital planet. On July 18th the 22nd was ordered to go on the offensive against the Defiance Industries complex defended by the 15th Lyran Guards and the Gray Death Legion. Dalton's command was sacrificed and utterly crushed by the 15th but in doing so allowed the 4th, 17th Skye Rangers and 32nd Lyran Guards to succeed on another front. When victory seemed impossible William pulled the 4th off planet and returned to Skye, Dalton and the remnants of the 22nd who formed a Company joined their sister unit in transit but they were both diverted by a request from Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner to head for Tharkad.

Marshall of the Armies, Nondi Steiner assumed the 4th was in system to help repel an impending attack from Victor Steiner-Davion's forces from the ARDC but Dalton and William under Duke Roberts advice decided to support a just and swift end to the war by supporting Peter Steiner-Davion coalition. The 4th was deployed to retake Tharkad but took a backseat to the Kell Hounds, Clan-Wolf-In-Exile, Blue Star Irregulars and the 20th Arcturan Guards. Dalton was fortunate to see the inauguration of Peter Steiner-Davion to Archonship.

Soon after the end of hostilities in early 3067, Dalton met with General Trevena and SLDF Commanding General Hohiro Kurita on Dieron after an invitation was made on behalf of the SLDF. They formally asked him to join the SLDF as Director General of the newly formed Department of Mercenary Management, Dalton accepted and has kept the position since its creation. Dalton did not participate with the retaking of Terra by the SLDF Triumvirate but late in 3068 when the campaign had ended the DMM was transferred from Dieron to Alice Springs on Terra.

Personality Profile: Dalton has always known his own value, he believes in his ability to be a commander ever since he was a teenager on Skye. His upbringing was austere but people of his families stature always live under a strict social code. He had his first experience out of his social class when he attended Sanglamore Academy, the Academy had a great variance in culture, class and attitudes that were new to Dalton. Through his years at the Academy he learnt to be tolerant and open-minded and more dangerously he learnt about the dream of freedom for Skye.

His loyalties were to Skye and the movement to free it from the Lyran Commonwealth and he pursued his military career with this in mind until in 3066 when effects of the FedCom civil war became evident, peace was needed for the survival of billions of people and did not want to pursue a military option for Skye freedom and was glad that eventually Duke Robert Steiner-Kelswa thought the same.

Dalton is stern professional, perceptive more with people than tactical situations. Many commanders have used Dalton's talents of administration in their units. Dalton's failings are insensitivity to people outside of military life and even with his wisdom, is still seen as a bit of a arrogant elitist.