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Name:Randee Mishel Le roux
Serial Code:494EF3X3XZM96
Date Assigned to the DMM/MRBC: 11th May, 3082
Hair Colour:Silver Grey
Eye Colour:Green
Height:165 cm
Weight:60 kg
Date of Birth:3012-Mar-03
Languages:English, French, Russian, and German
Interests:Literature (Poetry and Fiction), History, Politics, Fencing, Gardening and Philosophy
Place of Birth:Federated Suns
Race & Culture:Black

History: The period known as "the Good Years" to the public from 3067 for the next 11 years until 3078 was probably remembered similarly by the Privy Council. With no need for any war or wider effort to subvert and control the Davion populace, all the Privy Council had to do was keep a low profile and continue to ensure that their puppets remained in power. For the time being, the universe was their oyster.

As a reward, the Privy Council allowed House Davion to publicly research and produce technology at record rates. They even released the secret of the hyperpulse generator, which they allegedly had kept to themselves for fifty years or more. The Privy Council permitted other technological developments as well, and soon the Davions were advancing at its fastest pace since the Industrial Revolution The Good Years came to an end at the onset of 3078. To the then-current members of the Privy Council Council, their "Star League" had always been around and always would be. They no longer saw it as an objective of universal rule to reach and hold, but rather as their birthright. This outlook, fiercely resented by Jackson Q Davion, would prove the Privy Council's undoing.

A lover of books, Jackson Davion was raised amid his family's extensive library, in particular the writings and diary entries of the original Privy Council. As he watched the current members, he compared them with his romantic visions of how it once had been, and found them vastly wanting. He had no trouble with the Council running things, but he abhorred the orgy of power abuse in which so many of them were indulging. Jackson wanted to go back to the quiet efficiency of the velvet glove. From the information we have managed to gather, the civil war sentiment that raged beneath the surface during the Federated Commonwealth era stemmed from several Privy Council members playing power games among themselves. Jackson could not bear the waste of it all, and began to give aid not only to anti-Davion groups, but also to those who suspected the Privy Council's involvement.

In January of 3082, the Privy Council learned that their most powerful Ally was working against them. As punishment, they imprisoned and tortured Jackson Davion in the most painful way possible, by making him witness the destruction of everything he held dear before his own death . . . sacrificing, in their minds temporarily, the unity of the Star League for bitter vengeance. Afterward, the Privy Council met to decide the fate of the now-vacant Ambassadorship. Where the people had once looked to Davions, a seat of power was empty, awaiting a ruler for the people to celebrate and adore . . . the heroic General Randee Le roux, who fought and seemingly deposed a Shadow Division Precentor in one of the greatest "show" wars of all time.

Now the Privy Council needed a public leader, but none wished to step up. Le roux looked like the obvious choice. The Privy Council planned to have their puppet march lords bicker and argue and pretend a vote of no-confidence to disband the Star League Department of Mercenary Management. Then, as an apparent last resort, Le roux would assemble the remaining High Council Members on New Avalon. She was to issue one last objection to the Council, demanding that they repeal the disbanding of the Star League DMM and support her bid to be the next Ambassador. Pretending to be cowed by her forcefulness, the Privy Council would agree to her demands and the DMM would rise once more.

Part of the Privy Council plan did indeed come to pass, but ultimately General Le roux proved an unreliable minion. Whether because she wanted power for herself, or because she felt guilty over the Davion affair, the General no longer wished to be merely a puppet of the Privy Council. After knowing the Privy Council for most of her life, Randee Le roux felt she could do a better job representing House Davion . . . not as a figurehead, as she had done during George Le roux's ducal reign, but as the real thing. Quietly gathering support from other aides and puppets of the High Council, she promised them more power than the Privy Council would ever be willing to give them.

Surprisingly, the Privy Council did not realize what was happening until too late. The Council members were busy calming the chaos they had created and hunting down surviving supporters of the Davions. Others went back to their old ways of abusing power. After destroying Jackson Davion, the members of the Privy Council were confident that no one else would be foolish enough to challenge their rule.

When it came time to issue the final omen to the members of the High Council, however, Le roux instead sent a warning to the Privy Council. She made her plans abundantly clear and very similar to what she would publicly say. She had taken out an 'insurance' policy in the form of more than 100 verigraph trivid-disc scattered through out the Federated Suns Media of what they had done to Jackson. One day, Le roux vowed, she or her children would return to the Privy Council. Their judgment day would come.

Personality Profile: Randee is the second of Morgan Le roux's three children. Born a year after her brother George, and little more than a year before her brother Cyrus, Randee and her two siblings grew up a close-knit group. All three entered the AFFC . . . George via the Warrior's Hall, Randee via the NAIS, and Cyrus via the Albion Military Academy. After each serving initial separate assignments, they all returned to the Draconis March, Randee serving within the Department of the Quartermaster on Robinson from the days following the Clan Invasion right up to the time her brother assumed their father's ducal title. At the new duke's behest, Randee left the AFFC and became his closest advisor, concentrating on keeping the March's massive bureaucracy and political machine running efficiently while George focused on matters of military and national import. And now with the vacancy of Ambassador of he beloved Federated Suns, its nigh time Randee Mishel Le roux stepped from beneath her brother's wing to shine.