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Name:Raymond Freeman MacCreary
Serial Code:354SSD-ES54AS
Date Assigned to the DMM/MRBC: November 1st, 3094
Hair Colour:Blond / Grey
Eye Colour:Blue
Height:178 cm
Weight:83 kg
Date of Birth:2-Mar-46
Languages:English, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Korean, Hebrew,
Interests:Puzzles, Languages, Reading, Movies
Place of Birth:Federated Commonwealth
Race & Culture:Other

History: "Raymond was the son of a pair of mercenaries, members of the famed Northwind Highlanders.
His father was a sergeant in the infantry and his mother with the signals devision, dealing with communications
and electronic intelligence gathering. As they were both very active members of the Highlanders, Raymond spent
much of his time on his own and with other members of the Highlander community and spent much of his time
reading as much as he could. Raymond learned languages as easily as other children learned their letters and
shapes so was put into an advanced school.

After completing secondary school, Raymond was admitted to the University of Saso on New Syrtis in the
Federated Suns in 3064. He paid for school by enlisting in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, promising
six years of his life after his studies were completed. He graduated in 3067, a year early, with a bachelor's
degree in linguistics. He signed up for master's degree level studies to be taken while abroad while serving in
the AFFS. After basic training, Raymond was assigned to the 1st Kestrel Mounted Grenadiers as a leftenant.
By 3070, Raymond had been promoted to captain and was running a company in Second Battalion.

His fluent grasp of Cantonese plus his knowledge of local customs brought Raymond to the attention a Davion
intelligence group looking to break a local guerilla cell. His assistance was invaluable over the several months
it took for the guerillas to be broken and left him high in the mind of the Department of Military Intelligence
apparatus. His actions brought him a commendation and promotion to major plus a transfer to military
intelligence as a signals analyst and translator in MI2.

In 3071, Raymond finished his master's studies and re-upped with the AFFS for another four year tour in 3073,
continuing to work in the intelligence field. In his position as an analyst, Raymond worked on a number of
projects, many of which continued to be classified operations. The continued warfare, both overt and covert,
in the Inner Sphere and especially those involving the Federated Suns, gave Raymond much to work with and lots
of opportunities for both commendations and promotion within the ranks.

In late 3076, Raymond was approached by the Davion Ministry of Information, Intelligence, and Operations, the
civilian counterpart to the DMI. Raymond accepted the position, but wanted to finish out the last year of his
service with the DMI. The directors of the DMI and MIIO worked out a position for Raymond as a liaison between
the two agencies that he would hold until the end of his tour with DMI. Satisfied with this, Raymond buried
himself in work and cared about little else but dealing with the information that crossed his desk.

By the middle of 3077, Raymond found himself going back and forth between the two agencies almost daily, doing
his best to keep as much information analyzed and flowing between them as possible. His world turned upside
down in 3079 while on Lee, where he was caught up in a terrorist bombing. Raymond sustained multiple injuries
and lost his left leg in the blast then was fitted with a myomer prosthetic leg.

Raymond recovered and returned to work in late 3081, after a lengthy stay in the hospital due to issues with
the prosthetic. He'd started work on his doctorate in 3080 while recovering from his injuries, continuing his
studies after returning to work with MIIO. He finished his doctorate in 3083. Raymond stayed working with MIIO
until mid-3087 when he married the woman that had been assisting him with physical rehabilitation, Dinah
Williams, and settled down on Rosamond in the Federated Suns.

By 3089, Raymond had completed every puzzle he could find and was starting to become very bored. He had taken
up jogging and physical fitness, doing his best to keep fit and trim despite his ""retirement"", to keep busy
and was driving his wife insane. So when he was contacted by the Department of Mercenary Management to assist
with contract reviews and intelligence, Raymond jumped at the chance.

When the DMM faced a major challenge due to a cyber assault on their systems, Raymond stepped up to assist in
putting things back together. When approached by Director Reid to fill a vacancy in the upper hierarchy of the
DMM, Raymond moved into the position with an eye towards making the organization work smoother than ever before"

Personality Profile: "Raymond flipped the page on the noteputer absently with a flick of his left index finger. The right hand was
busy plucking dried cranberries from the bowl beside him, placing each one in his mouth singly before a second
was fed in. The information on the noteputer was a briefing of actions on Liberty with the Black Talon
Phoenixes. He clucked his tongue at the various misfortunes that seemed to be visited on the unit while they
were stationed on Liberty... the loss of their commander and his First Company to a misjump was bad enough
but to compound that with the political misfortunes that ended up with a very contested end of contract on top
of that would have brought any number of lesser units down. However, it looked like the new commanding officer,
one Bronagh Gallagher would be up to the challenge of keeping the storied unit operational.

He flicked through the reports from both sides of the contract, mentally comparing the accounts of everything
from both sides, and making various notes. Raymond clucked his tongue at the accounts made by Liberty Hold's
military command, accusing the Black Talons of numerous offenses and actions unbecoming an accredited
mercenary unit. Raymond frowned at the charges. They could be very damning to many mercenary units, especially
as they could ruin the unit's reputation and limit the number of entities that would contract with them.

With a sigh, Raymond began his normal process for dealing with such things and brought up his electronic wipe
board. He began transfering the information concerning the complaints between the noteputer to the wipe board,
arranging them in columns and keeping the accusations on one side with the response from both the CO and XO of
the Black Talon Phoenixes on the other. After transferring all of the information over, Raymond went back over
both columns and comparing the accounts with information from other parties; civilians, other members of the
Liberty Holds military, and observers from the DMM.

Muttering to himself in soft Italian, Raymond began making more notes and then bringing those into an outline
and organizing his thoughts. So they would make more sense to his brain, Raymond mentally swapped languages
between bullet points, that way he would not begin mixing points and information while organizing all of it. The
overall effect of this would be odd and complicated to an outside observer, but it worked well for Raymond and
that was all that he cared about.

When he was finished with his outline, Raymond began dictating a message to the Director, explaining his
findings and why he believed the charges being leveled against the unit were overblown and certainly not
something that should concern the DMM or negatively affect the Black Talons. When he was finished with the
dictation, Raymond played it back, correcting some of his language to make sure it was clear and otherwise
cleaning up any issues that might have arisen during the dictation.

When that was done, he sent it off to his admin for typing, which he hated, into a document or something that
looked official. Ms. Bielski was excellent at her job and Raymond made sure she was well compensated for it.
Besides she was well organized, almost seemed to read his mind at times, and either enjoyed doing the typing
that he hated or at least played along with it well enough to make it look like she did.

With that all done, Raymond shut down his office and secured it before heading towards his treadmill. He glanced
at the chronometer on the wall and mentally calculated how long he had until Dinah returned from her job at the
local hospital. He figured there was enough time for at least one episode, if not two, of ""Creative Killing"",
a mystery series that he enjoyed but creeped her the hell out after seeing an episode dealing with serial
killers. Whistling to himself, Raymond headed towards the treadmill with the trivid screen across from it,
looking forward to a good run and maybe a good mystery in the process."