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Name:Timothy Joshua Reid
Serial Code:158KY2F7UP661
Date Assigned to the DMM/MRBC: 30th December, 3087
Hair Colour:Blonde
Eye Colour:Blue
Height:189 cm
Weight:95 kg
Date of Birth:3052-Apr-17
Interests:Star League History
Place of Birth:FedCom/Chaos March/SLDF Administered Systems
Planet:Epsilon Eridani
Race & Culture:British

Timothy Joshua Reid is a third generation Mechwarrior descending from his grandfather Jonathan Reid who for fifteen years lead a small battalion of mercenaries known as Reid's Raiders from the cockpit of his Atlas. Unfortunately, a tragic accident on a routine live fire training mission with the Valexa CMM, resulted in the loss of the life of his Grandfather. His father, Joshua Reid, had a falling out with Jonathan five years before as a result, the Reid's Raiders was soon absorbed by another mercenary unit and disappeared from the annals of history.

His father, Joshua took a post with a Lyran Regiment that managed to survive the initial Clan Invasion, but not the Jade Falcon Incursion. His father died, sometime in 3058, when he was six. That left his mother, Andrea to raise him.

Upon sufficient age, Timothy followed in the footsteps of his father, and grandfather and earned a scholarship at the Northwind Military Academy. As it happened, Timothy's Grandfather had been born on Northwind, and had served in one of the Highlander Regiments before scrounging together the funds to start a small Mercenary company of his own. By the time he graduated from Northwind, the Word of Blake had been driven from Terra, and most of what had been the Blake Protectorate, and the SLDF had been turned over to the 'bureuacrats', along with them, his home world of Epsilon Eridani.

While graduating near the top of his class, Timothy, turned down an offer to join one of the HIghlander Regiments and signed on board with the SLDF 28th Division. He would be involved in fighting on Dehgolan, where the Division was cut off and forced to fight a Guerilla Campaign until relief forces from the Hellstorm Hussars Mercenary Unit, and nearby Draconis Combine units could relieve the world. When the world was ceded to the Rasalhague Dominion, Timothy demanded a transfer, and ended up with an SLDF unit on the Lyran border just in time to participate in Operation Lorelai's Task Force Warhammer in retaking Koniz.

To many the fall of the Star League was no surprise, but to Timothy it was the loss of something dear to his heart. After his mother passed away before graduating from Northwind Military Academy, it was the ideals of the Star League that gave him the opportunity to live for something bigger than himself.

Later after Operation Lorelai, he accepted a position with the Department of Mercenary Management on Terra at Alice Springs, working to help train some of the aspiring mercenaries, and to at times serve as a liaison. When the DMM went belly up, and the MRBC on Outreach came back into existence, Timothy followed the path there to work in an administrative role.

Personality Profile: Timothy is a calm and calculating individual. He is careful to weigh out his options before committing to a plan of attack. His experience on the front lines of some of the decades fiercest fighting has given him a seasoned wisdom when commanding from a battlemech. Although recent years have seen him serving more as a Desk Jockey than a commander, he takes time once a month to put his personal Battlemech, an upgraded Shootist through the training fields of Outreach just to keep his form in shape.

In the vacuum left behind by the fall of the Star League, Timothy clings to the only home he has left, that of the brotherhood of the mercenaries and mechwarriors he has served and fought beside in the past. While he is a capable mechwarrior, without a cause, he has to date avoided the many overtures to join up and run after Glory again. Time will tell, how long he can avoid saddling up his battlemech and fighting again on the field of battle.