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Name:Markus Carns
Serial Code:128FY2K7UP761
Date Assigned to the DMM/MRBC: July 7th 3092
Hair Colour:Brown
Eye Colour:Hazel
Height:182 cm
Weight:91 kg
Date of Birth:3052-Apr-08
Interests:Reading, Firearms, Sword Fighting, Board Games, Tech Work
Place of Birth:Federated Suns
Race & Culture:German

History: Markus was born on the planet Kestrel in the Federated Commonwealth. His family had a successful farm that allowed Markus to assist his dad with repairing as well as maintaining the equipment on the farm.

Markus's joy to working on machines led him to the AFFC as a Battlemech Tech. He placed in the Top 10 of his class as well as learned another skill while studying for a Tech; he was able to assist with Supply Requests. He would dedicate most of his time to the Repair Bays but would assist in the Supply Office when needed.

Personality Profile: Markus is very self sufficient. He makes friends with little to no issues. He is easy going and friendly but likes to keep his life from the job private.

He shows leadership abilities but seems to hold back at the chance of promotions to make sure he understands the job before accepting the greater responsibility.

He also likes to joke and smile to create a more positive attitude even when stressed inside and outside of work.

He likes to spend his off hours reading the lasted tech news so that he stays on top of new equipment that he may start to see in the Tech Bays.

***Sample Post was taken from one of my current personas***

Charlie India Compound
Alshain, Rasalhague Dominion
28 November 3091

Ulrik look at the new rank insignia on his uniform. For his part of surviving and fighting with the 12th Bear Guards, he earned his command and rank as Star Commander. His only surviving sibko mates that fought with him were Martha and Viktor. He was glad that they would remain with him in the reformed Arcadia Star and they were given different Battlemechs. He would miss his Summoner Omnimech but looked forward to proving himself and that of his Star. He approached the warriors under his command with a new step in his stride for now.
“Congratulations Star Commander Ulrik. Arcadia Star is ready for inspection.” Martha offered .

Ulrik looked at the cradles housing the five Battlemechs under his command. When he was assigned the Battlemechs, he knew exactly what warrior would be assigned to what Battlemech. He approached the Conjurer Battlemech. It resembled the Wolverine Battlemech used by the surats of the Inner Sphere but sported Clan technology. It was hard to not notice the Clan Large Laser attached to the right arm as well as the pair of Streak Short Range Missile systems riding on the left shoulder of the fifty ton Battlemech. He knew that Martha would be suited to pilot this Battlemech especially as it was equipped with Jump Jets that would give her the flexibility to maneuver the battlefield. He moved on to the next Battlemech in the cradle next to the Conjurer.

The Griffin IIC was the next Battlemech in the bay. It reminded him of a barbaric looking fighter with armored shoulder guards. It was to be a support unit with quad Long Range Missile launchers and a Large Laser paired with a Small Laser in case of prolonged engagements. This forty ton machine also came equipped with Jump Jets to reinforce positions and provide needed support. He assigned this particular machine to Anthur, one of the new Mechwarriors assigned to Arcadia Star.

Ulrik continued walking and looked at the only Omnimech currently under his command. It was a Crossbow Omnimech in the Alpha configuration. It was still a missile support Battlemech but it was able to lay down long and short range barrages. The sixty-five ton Battlemech was armed with a pair of Long Range Missile systems as well as a pair of Short Range Missile systems backed up by a pair of Medium class Pulse Lasers. He left the honor to Viktor to pilot the only Omnimech as he was very intuitive in the Support role of a Star.

The fourth Battlemech in the bay was the largest machine in Arcadia Star. It was the seventy-five ton Orion IIC which was another remade design. It housed a mixed of long and short range weapons as well. Each arm housed an Extended Range Large Laser combined with a Gauss Rifle and a Long Range Missile System to reach out from range and soften targets as the rest of the Star advances. For close in combat, the Battlemech carried a Short Range Missile system just in case. This was assigned to the second new Mechwarrior, John.

The final Battlemech of Arcadia Star was Ulrik's ride. It was a seventy ton Grizzly Battlemech. It was designed by the Ghost Bears for Second Line units as it was flexible but not better at one role over another. It carried a powerful Gauss Rifle with a handful of varying size lasers a well as jump capable. He knew that the design was flawed if the armor was slagged as it had the potential to hinder the actuators. He was stubborn and thought that he would adapt and overcome the flaws and show the Star Colonel he was honored to fight in the Growling Bears.

Ulrik glances at his warriors and commanded them to climb into the cockpit of their respective Battlemechs as they would start training with them in the morning. Today would be all about getting to know the Battlemechs inside and out as it was to be an extension of the Mechwarriors in battle. They were not just Mechwarriors, they were Warriors in Clan Ghost Bear!
Ulrik start to climb the ladder leading to the cockpit of his Grizzly Battlemech. He was ascending on the right side of the seventy ton machine and stopped at the waist of the Battlemech and directly behind him getting a view the arm and the massive Gauss Rifle that was attached to that arm. He knew that the ferro-nickle slug could inflict massive amounts of damage after it was propelled down the barrel of the weapon. He smiled and looked around the torso of the Grizzly at the other arm.

The left arm of the Grizzly sported three lasers of different sizes. He thought that it was a design flaw because if the enemy were to sever the arm, he lost sixty percent of his weapons. He shook his head and continues climbing happy just to be a Mechwarrior of his Clan. He knew that on the left side of the cockpit was the final weapons system under his control. That was a Long Range Missile ten rack. It would launch ten missiles towards his target at long range. He finally reached the cockpit door and climbed inside.

It would not take him long to secure himself in the command seat of his machine and test his neural helmet. After he was secure, he initiated the start up system of the Grizzly Battlemech. He felt the hum of the fusion reactor as it powered up and came online. He went through his safety checks and readings of his systems. He knew that he was not alone as he could see Arcadia Star come online on one his screens among many inside the cockpit. For the next few hours, Ulrik and his Star would be inside their machines learning them inside and out.