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Part #1) Role-Playing:

If a mercenary command owns an Omni unit and one or more kits they are allowed to reconfigure their unit to any owned variant kit at any time, on or off a contract, during role-play. As a pilot you may not configure an Omni unit with a combination of armaments from two or more kits, nor may you reconfigure an Omni with any weapons load out you wish; only kit variants are acceptable. During role-play there is a time cost involved for each time an Omni is reconfigured to another kit. This time cost, in hours of in character time, is equal to one sixth of the units overall tonnage. For example a 60-ton BHKU-OA Black Hawk-KU is to be converted to the C variant for an upcoming conflict, since the 'Mech is 60 tons it will take 10 hours (60 / 6 = 10) before said 'Mech will be available again for regular duty. This is compared to the days spent in a 'Mech factory a regular BattleMech would have to endure in order to be specially reconfigured.

Part #2) Price Determination:

To determine the cost of each Omni unit on the price list each particular variant was viewed and the cost of all weapons armament, electronic warfare equipment, jump jets, defensive systems, etc (not including MASC, or CASE) was added together and multiplied by a modifier value equal to that unit's tonnage plus Omni cost of 25%. Thus for an example let us look at the Shadow Cat Prime:

Shadow Cat Prime Kit:

  • Clan Gauss Rifle = 300,000 C-Bills
  • Clan ER Medium Laser = 80,000 C-Bills
  • Clan ER Medium Laser = 80,000 C-Bills
  • Clan Active Probe = 200,000 C-Bills
  • 6 x Standard Jump Jet = 6 x (36,000) = 216,000 C-Bills
  • 10 x Double Heat Sink = 10 x (30,000) = 300,000 C-Bills
  • Total Cost of equipment: 1,176,000 C-Bills
  • Modifier: 1.25 + (tonnage/100) = 1.7
  • Total Cost (With 'Mech weight modifier) + 45% (0.45) = 1,999,200 C-Bills
  • (ie: 1,176,000 * (1.25 + (45/100)) = 1,705,200)

Part #3) Purchase & Sales:

All Omni kits found on the non-purchase tab of the Star Leagues MHB Price List are to be treated like any ordinary unit found in this section, they will not be for sale on the open market. All Omni kits found in any other section will be available for regular purchase, following the same e-mail procedures as purchasing regular units.

Whether a mercenary command has a particular Omni unit currently in their possession, or not they are allowed to purchase kits for this units base chassis type.

If a mercenary unit has two Omni units of the same base chassis type and own one Omni kit of variant 'X' they are only allowed to have one of these Omni units configured to variant 'X' at one time. (Two 'Mechs, one kit 'X', equals one functional 'Mech of variant 'X.')

Currently the only way the MHB could establish the Omni kit program is to adopt a 'buy one get one free' policy and expand the rules so that the purchase of an Omni unit from the price list comes with one Omni kit of the variant bought off the price list. There is no base chassis's available for purchase without armaments at this time. As such let us present you with an example:

The Mercenary Unit 'Klein's Crows' wishes to purchase an Avatar OmniMech with an end goal of having a functional AV1-OC Avatar in their TO&E. There are several ways their commander can go about doing this. He/She could straight out purchase an AV1-OC Avatar for 19,712,918 C-Bills, and only have an Omni that could be fitted with the C variant. Or, he/she could purchase the cheapest (or any other) Avatar chassis, the AV1-O variant for 17,100,231 and the AV1-OC Omni kit for 4,216,000. Thereby the commander of Klein's Crows will have a functional Avatar able to be configured to either the primary or C variants.

Omni kits are not re-sold in the same manner as any other item on the MHB's price lists. When an Omni unit is put up for sale the owner will receive the corresponding sale value, using the same systems for other unit sales (ie: 50% value back for sales to the MHB base on Terra, etc.), equal to the values of the cheapest variant for that base chassis design. Furthermore when said Omni is sold, all variants of that Omni unit are retained unless sold separately per the same rules as would be attributed to regular units. Let us again provide an example:

Our friends 'Klein's Crows,' would also like to sell one of their own units, a Tatsu Omnifighter. They have three of the available variants for this design, the MIK-O variant (9,889,931 C-Bills), the MIK-OC variant (10,158,244 C-Bills), and the MIK-OB variant (11,707,369 C-Bills). Since they are selling this aerospace fighter to the Terran MHB base they will receive half of the units 'purchase cost' from the sale. Since the cheapest variant they own is the primary MIK-O they will receive half of this value back for their transaction.

Part #4) Salvage:

Omni kit salvage will be awarded separately with all categories of salvage except Type B: Star League LosTech. MUCO's are asked to use their own judgment and realize that if you are fighting pirates or periphery militias they are unlikely to have any Omni units in their inventory, and that applying for omni kit salvage rights on such a contract is illogical, cause even if it is awarded accidentally by the Deputy Director on such a contract, you will be notified by the MHB that said item of salvage will be confiscated without reprisal.

Each MUCO will be allowed to salvage '1' Omni kit per 125 tons of awarded BSBT salvage points following the successful completion of a contract, and will be asked for the 'Wish List' to submit '2' different kit options for every salvage kit award so that the Deputy Director can choose from a pair of items when deciding on salvage to be received.

All Omni kits are recorded similar to any regular unit in the MHB TO&E record system.

- Military Hardware Broker: Kristan Dagley