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#1) How do I purchase things from the MHB?

When making any sort of hardware transaction, including MHB purchases or sales, BM purchases or inter-unit trades, you will send an email to the MRBC Staff Military Hardware Broker at mbroker ( at ) stating the items you want to purchase or sell, your units location, reputation percentage with the affiliated faction, and their prices. Remember only a mercenary units MUCO or MUXO are authorized to purchase military hardware.

#2) Do I have to be at a depot to buy Black Market (BM) items?

Black Market items are available from any world within the specified Realm, allowing you to role-play their acquisition in any manner you wish.

#3) My Military Hardware (MH) TO&E list is wrong for my unit. What gives?

Sometimes records are are misplaced or lost, or have disastrous typos. MUCO's are required to keep their own records as a check against errors in the official TO&E listings. The MH list is the official record, but we will fully research any inquiry and make corrections if necessary. Email the Military Hardware Broker if you spot an error or discrepancy in your official records.

#4) i R & spoil-D planetsary n0Blez princ3 w/ l0t of da MONeyZ$$$. I can haz 'Mechburger now?

You are not a lolcat, clear communications are essential, as is accurately identifying yourself. Please include your signature with mercenary unit name, your rank, and any other details you deem necessary in all correspondence, and try to format your orders legibly.

#5) Why are orders taking forever to process?

Orders may take up to a maximum of four to five days to process, however I usually get them completed in two or less whenever possible. Sometimes if there is a high volume of requests it will take longer, or if I have to confirm your identity, permission to perform a transaction, C-Bill account total, or any other information. The MHB strives to fulfil them timely, but sometimes orders come in when I am busy in my personal life. Please take that into consideration.

#6) Can you convert cargo space on a DropShip into cubicles for Military Hardware (MH)?

No. Cargo space can be used to store MH for twice its weight. (50 tons of MH needs 100 tons of cargo space to store.) Please visit the MHB Rules - DropShips for more information.

#7) ProtoMechs: Do they operate as single units or in groups? How are they sold?

ProtoMechs tend to operate in points of five warriors just like Elementals or other Clan Battle Armor formations. However here on BTM they are sold in groups of one (1) ProtoMech ONLY. Elementals, Gnomes, Undine's and other similar Battle Armor units are sold in squad formations. For example a five warrior Salamander point.