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Part #1) The Military Hardware Brokerage

The standard and original way to purchase hardware is directly from the Military Hardware Brokerage on Mars. This method can only be used if your unit is in the Terran system, thus on Mars, or at the Alice Springs Complex on Terra. Purchasing from here, you can choose anything on the main SLDF purchase list found HERE. Benefits include:

  • No shipping fees, No need to insure, No chance of anything being lost or stolen.
  • A Discount on all purchases equal to your Overall Public Reputation in percentage (maximum 25%)
  • Guaranteed 50% of value received for any items sold to the MHB

Part #2) MHB Sponsored Depots

A purchase method available to units not in the Terran system, but are on any of the depot worlds scattered throughout the Inner Sphere. Each Great House has five depot worlds in it, which are listed on the MHB main page. For depot purchases, use the MHB Depot Price list corresponding to the Realm the Depot System you are at is in, links to which can also be found on the MHBs main page. You may purchase anything from available from the appropriate list, each one having different items depending on what is available in that nation. This method of placing a purchase is identical to Part #1 except for the following differences:

  • Guaranteed 40% of value received for any items sold to the MHB at a Depot World (instead of 50%)
  • Discount is instead calculated as your reputation with the Realm the Depot is located in (maximum 30%), plus or minus the Realm's current bill value*

*NOTE: The Realm's current bill value is how their bill compares that month to the SLDF C-bill. This value can be found at the top of the MHB main page and is randomly generated at the beginning of each month ranging between -6 and +6. The total maximum discount available from faction depots is 36% if you are very lucky.

Part #3) The Black Market Districts

The black market is a unique and non-centralized way to try to get your hands on under priced, and possibly rare hardware. At the start of each month the Military Hardware Broker will make a list of randomly selected items available for purchase in each Great House. These lists of the different items available in each Black Market district will show up in tabs under the Great House names within the Regions section of the MHB web page in the BTM site and will be updated whenever an item is purchased off the black market. As usual only a MUCO or a unit's XO, with the following approval of a CO, can purchase military equipment.

These 'wares' will be weighted such that equipment with an overall tonnage in the light to medium range will be more frequent then heavy or assault. (This reflects the difficulty that criminals would have in getting their hands on heavier equipment.) There will be an independently chosen number of units from the battlemech, aerospace, armor and battle armor categories for each district, ranging from 0-5, and furthermore the prices will be decreased for every item from the regular listed price by yet another random number. Also, rarely, anything on the non-purchase list and even dropships/warships may appear. But really the MHB officer is the only one who has to worry about doing that. Your job is to decide whether the purchases are worth it!

So to summarize, benefits and drawbacks include:

  • No discount related to reputation or region's bill value
  • Chance to purchase items at significantly lower than purchase list prices
  • Chance to purchase non-purchase and/or rare items
  • You may only purchase from the black market in the region your unit is currently in
  • 10% of purchase are fraudulent (8% other than advertised, 2% never arrive)

All purchases will still be sent to the Military Hardware Broker for processing, but in this case I would be role-playing a black market contact. In all Black Market related purchases, please include in your message the realm your unit is currently in, and what item(s) you wish to buy from that realms' black market district list.

Part #4) Purchasing from the MHB Remotely (Shipped To You!)

With interstellar travel being expensive and time consuming, the MHB is now offering shipping service for items purchased from Mars or any of it's official Depot worlds in the five Great Houses (the two above options). Note that it is still much safer to use the two above purchase options by traveling to the Terran system or an official Depot world to place a purchase (no chance of theft, no shipping charges ect). The MRBC asks only that units purchasing hardware while not in the Terran system or any Depot world pay the appropriate shipping charges, and do not hold the MRBC or MHB responsible if their order is lost or stolen. Factors such as mis-jumps, pirates raiding convoys, and other mishaps are unpredictable.

When a unit purchases hardware from a Depot world or the Terran system when they are not on that world, there will be three percentages determining how likely it is that their order will be lost:

  • 1.5% Chance in the same Realm Charge: tonnage * 60 - Insurance fee 5% (Optional)
  • 2.5% Chance across Realms Charge: tonnage * 60 plus a 7,500 C-bill Customs fee Insurance fee 6.25% (Optional)
  • 3.5% Shipped to a Unit in or beyond Periphery Insurance fee 7.5% (Optional)

To protect yourself against the chance of your purchases being lost or stolen, you can optionally insure your order, or select items in it. These fees will be percentages of the item's purchase price after discount, not including the shipping charge. In the event that an insured item is lost or stolen, it's discounted purchase price will be refunded for you in full. For returns of items sold to the MHB, the unit is not held accountable for the outcome of the shipping as long as they provide tracking information. The same shipping fees apply for returns.

Part #5) Trade Among Mercenary Commands

Your other option is to purchase from, sell to, or trade with other units. Mercenary Units can only trade or sell, or advertise for trade or sale, items already listed on their official Military Hardware Brokerage TOE. As far as the terms and prices of the hardware, or straight up trades, there are no prices set except for what the two MUCOs (or acting XOs) agree on. Both units involved must send a message to the MHB however, stating the terms of the trade so that the broker can make sure that both parties terms match. Included in both messages should be the hardware exchanging hands, any C-bills exchanging hands, insurance if applicable, and any other related information. Both units must also state what system and Realm they are in. (i.e. Wolcott in the Draconis Combine, or Kendall in the Free Worlds League). This is so shipping can be calculated, which is detailed below (if the units are in the same star system, no shipping fees will be charged).

If the trading units are not in the same star system, shipping fees will apply:

  • Units currently in the same Realm: The shipping fee will be calculated as tonnage * 60
  • Units in separate Realms: The shipping fee will be calculated as tonnage * 60 plus a 7,500 C-bill customs fee

Trade Insurance: Because all items shipped by the MHB incur a small percentage chance to be lost or stolen (1.5% to 3.5%), optional insurance can be opted by either or both of the MUCOs in a transaction. Insurance can be paid on select items only (partial insurance on multiple item trades), or on the entire order, depending on the MUCO/XO's preference. Because the MHB does not profit in any way from inter-unit trades, Trade insurance rates are slightly higher than standard shipping insurance:

  • Trade (no C-bills exchanged between units): 6.5% of the MHB value of each insured item
  • Sale (one unit sells, one unit purchases): 6.5% of the agreed upon sale price of each insured item

Each item is rolled for separately to determine the status of it's shipping. Items not insured will be lost (damn pirates). If an insured item is lost in a TRADE (exchange of hardware) the unit that would have received the lost hardware is reimbursed by it's MHB Value. If an insured item is lost in a SALE (one unit sells, one unit purchases) the purchasing unit is refunded the sale price that he had paid in that trade.

The Broker handling the trade will then message each of the parties involved, informing the receiving unit of approximate delivery time (or both units if hardware is being trade, and not bought or sold), subtracting and depositing the appropriate C-bill amounts from their respective accounts, and informing them of the status of each item shipped.

- Military Hardware Broker: Kristan Dagley