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Region: Periphery
Ambassador: None
X:-452.65 Y:-155.3
Planetary Capital: Latium
Primary Climate: Temperate
Approximate Population: 1 Million People
Days to Jump Point:6 days
Planet Details:

Valerius is either a previously undocumented world annexed by the Marian Hegemony or a world colonised by the Hegemony at some point between the Hegemony conquest of the Illyrian Palatinate in 3063 and the end of the Federated Commonwealth Civil War in 3067.

Most of the population has been forcibly moved from the slums on Alphard to Valerius.

Technological Development:

Minimal advancement; inhabitants live without dependence on technology; no advanced education; medical care at level of mid 20th century at best.

Industrial Level:

No industrialization.

Raw Material Dependence:

World/system must import much of its raw materials.

Industrial Output:

World must import most of its heavy industrial and high-tech needs.

Agricultural Development:

World has abundant environment producing enough to sustain the population using agriculture technologies; limited exports.