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New Abilene
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Region: Periphery
Ambassador: None
X:-71.58 Y:-453.77
Planetary Capital: Pan Angelo
Primary Climate: Polar
Approximate Population: 114 Million People
Days to Jump Point:5 days
Planet Details:

The planet is very cold but does have a resilient industry based around leathers and oil mining.

Noble Ruler: Allison Mambalay
Star Type: K2V
Position in System: 5
Time to Jump Point: 4.87 days
Recharging Station: Nadir
ComStar Facility Class: None
ComStar Representative: None
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 30% Mamma

Technological Development:

Some advancement; poor educational systems; medical care at level of 21st-22nd century; microelectronics industry non-existent; some areas with higher rating possible, but privately run/held.

Industrial Level:

Moderately industrialized; may produce a limited number/quantity of specific complex products.

Raw Material Dependence:

World/system produces some of the raw materials needed and imports the rest.

Industrial Output:

World has a small industrial base that may produce a limited number of products for export.

Agricultural Development:

World is an agriculturally poor world; cannot sustain its population and must import nearly all of its food.