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Region: Lyran Alliance
Ambassador: Damad Sandaker
X:-387.55 Y:145.49
Planetary Capital: Stuttgart
Primary Climate: Alpine
Approximate Population: 1.680 Billion People
Days to Jump Point:7 days
Planet Details:

Kaumberg was settled for it's vast mountain ranges and forest lands. Though mining would seem to be a logical industry for the world, most of Kaumberg's economy is based on the timber trade. The original settlers arrived in the 24th century and were a mix of Germans and Austrians. These colonists were impressed by the terrain that reminded them of the Alps and other mountain ranges that were near their traditional homesteads.

Over time Kaumberg's families set up a semi-democratic process that elected one of the families to power. Since the initial colonization, most political power has been concentrated in the hands of two families: The Hasseldorfs and the LeSats. During the FedCom Civil War the tensions between these two families boiled over into armed conflict and the resulting battles razed much of the planet and decimated the planetary defense forces as well as both houses. Even after spending several years in recovery, the lumber exports had only reached 75% of their pre-Civil War levels.

Star Type (Recharge Time): G5V (186 hours)
Position in System: 4th
Time to Jump Point: 7.47 days
Number of Satellites: 1 (Grobrot)
Surface Gravity: 1.01
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Equatorial Temperature: 36°C (Warm-Temperate)
Surface Water: 81%
Recharging Station: None
HPG Class Type: B
Highest Native Life: Mammals
Landmasses (Capital City): Regenwald (Stuttgart), Eingeschneit, Kuhlschrank

Technological Development:

World of moderate advancement; average educational systems and medical care; microelectronics can not be manufactured.

Industrial Level:

Some industrialization at level of mid-20th century; fusion reactors imported.

Raw Material Dependence:

World/system produces some of the raw materials needed and imports the rest.

Industrial Output:

World has a moderate industrial base that produces a few different categories of products, exporting some of the output.

Agricultural Development:

World has a rich environment producing a great excess of food in relation to population needs, with planet’s agricultural regions augmented by agricultural technologies; exports some portion of its resources.