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Region: Lyran Alliance
Ambassador: Damad Sandaker
X:-170.26 Y:228.2
Planetary Capital: Old Connaught
Primary Climate: Continental
Approximate Population: 2.098 Billion People
Days to Jump Point:9 days
Planet Details:

Arc-Royal is a pleasant, beautiful, pastoral world with mild weather. It is also home to the Kell Hounds, one of the most legendary mercenary forces in existence, and Clan Wolf Clan-in-exile, renegade warriors of the clans. Arc-Royal is also the capital of the Lyran Alliance’s Arc-Royal Theater.

The capital of Arc-Royal is Old Connaught, a homey small town appearing city that reminds one of nineteenth-century Germany. Most of the city’s inhabitants are proud of their Lyran heritage and their link to the Kell Hounds, who are stewards for the planet. Kell Hound troops, often backed by Lyran military or local police, are a common sight on the streets, but few find their presence intimidating.

Mercenaries arriving on Arc-Royal must register with the Old Connaught’s Visitors Center at the nearby spaceport, where they can also stow their machines and leave all but one sidearm before venturing into the city. This keeps the atmosphere in the capital peaceful, even with local clansmen visiting the city.
[edit]Red Corsair Campaign
In September of 3055, the Kell Hounds lured the pirate band Red Corsairs their homeworld of Arc-Royal. While the Red Corsair expected only light resistance, a combination of both traps and a hidden force of Kell Hounds and Clan Wolf warriors two regiments strong shattered the attackers and ended the raiding days of the Red Corsair. In the end, only a few 'Mechs along with the Red Corsair managed to escape.

In addition to the Kell Hounds, Clan Wolf (In-Exile) claims the world as their home. The Warden Wolf enclave is called Wolf City and is an expansive mix of short-term and semi-permanent structures surrounded by military bases and factories. Traffic between Wolf City and the rest of Arc-Royal is tightly controlled, with Clan and Kell Hound units at checkpoints, and constant ‘Mech and battle armor patrols adding to the defense.

The lower castes of the clan often conduct trade and maintain their contacts in the capital city, in the interest of maintaining lines of communication and coordinating defenses of the planet. Relations between the Clans and Inner Sphere natives remain tense despite this trade. The Wolf and Kell Hound warriors do not show this type of mistrust as they often train together. It is not uncommon for Wolf Clan (In-Exile) representatives and instructors to be in the old city in the Warrior’s Hall.

Arc-Royal Combat Training Program (ARCTP)
Those mercenaries who come to Arc-Royal may choose to participate in the Arc-Royal Combat Training Program at the Warrior’s Hall. Warriors and administrators can take classes through this program, with the best being drawn into the Kell Hounds. This type of training also ensures a higher quality of standards for mercenaries.

Study consists of formal classroom studies with simulators and field exercises that may include live-fire or harness action. Instructors include off-duty personnel from the Kell Hounds as well as occasional guest instructors. The classes are a well-balanced mix of tactical theory and mercenary economics, most of it assuming a previous education in a state academy or university.

Star Type (Recharge Time): G3V (184 hours)
Position in System: 4th
Time to Jump Point: 8.53 days
Number of Satellites: 2 (Deven and Thorwald)
Surface Gravity: 1.01
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Equatorial Temperature: 32°C (Mild-Temperate)
Surface Water: 74%
Recharging Station: Zenith, Nadir
HPG Class Type: A
Highest Native Life: Mammals

Technological Development:

High-tech world with advanced research centers and universities; best medical care available; cutting-edge microelectronics industry.

Industrial Level:

Heavily industrialized world capable of manufacturing any and all complex output.

Raw Material Dependence:

World/system produces all the raw materials needed and commonly exports large quantities of surplus.

Industrial Output:

World has a wide industrial base that produces many different types of products and exports most of its output.

Agricultural Development:

World has a rich environment producing a great excess of food in relation to population needs, with planet’s agricultural regions augmented by agricultural technologies; exports some portion of its resources.