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Tortuga Dominions
This information was last updated on the: 25th of February, 2010
Core Information:

     Capital: Tortuga Prime
     Faction Leader: Dame Paula Trevaline
     Military Leader: Dame Paula Trevaline
     Intelligence Leader: Unknown
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: Two Companies

BTM Timeline Events:

6th of June, 3079 to the 28th of October, 3079
Tortuga Dominions are completely conquered by Clan Star Adder and Clan Cloud Cobra forces

Origins and History:

The Tortuga Dominions are a result of the Reunification War against the Taurian Concordat. During the latter stages of that conflict, the Federated Suns 237th Light Cavalry Regiment was all but destroyed in a wasteful penetration raid against the Taurian outpost of Sterope. Unable to hold their positions and unwilling to be thrown into the vicious fray somewhere else, the 237th opted to jump outward into the unknown. A generation after settling a small, pleasant world beyond the fringes of the Federated Suns, the newly formed Pirates of Tortuga began operations against their callous former comrades in the Federated Suns.

With equipment and machinery won at gun point from half a dozen Davion worlds, the Tortugans began to expand their foothold in their new world. Within a century, they were stable and self-sufficient enough to begin colonization efforts of their own. By the early 2700s, the Tortugans had settled five neighboring star systems. Abundant radioactives and raw materials on these newly claimed worlds helped the rise of what has since become known as the Tortuga Dominions.

Of all the Bandit Kingdoms in the Periphery, the Tortuga Dominions maintain the largest spacefaring navy. Estimates place the size of the Tortuga jolly rogers at about 15, though a lack of spare parts and machinery has forced the Tortugans to cannibalize several of these.

In the last two centuries, the Tortuga raiders have struck deep into the Federated Suns and the Taurian Concordat. Already known for utter depravity and ruthlessness, it appears that the Tortugans are becoming more desperate as their planets are now finally beginning to run out of resources.

Over the years, Tortuga has been stripped of almost all its ore, and it is currently nearing ecological exhaustion. An estimated sixty thousand brigands of every description inhabit Raiders Roost, the sole settlement on the planet. Most live in conditions of near destitution, as the major share of captured booty goes to Dame Trevaline's most experienced cutthroats.


[Prepared by Precentor Eliza Phereson, Research Team-chi, ComStar Archives]

In the mid-3030s, when the AFFC briefly made the Tortuga Dominions one of its major targets, Paula Trevaline shifted her operations to the Taurian Concordat and the Mica Majority. Neither Periphery state could offer much resistance to the pirates - the Mica Majority because it lacked large-scale military resources, the Taurian Concordat because its Protector refused to recognize any threat aside from a possible Federated Commonwealth invasion. When the AFFC turned its attention to preparations for the War of 3039, Lady Death and the Tortuga Pirates were free to raid with impunity. From 3033 to 3040, the bandits of the Dominions seemed unstoppable.

After the Tortugans resumed raiding Federated Commonwealth worlds in 3039 and 3040, the commanders of the AFFC decided to end the pirates' reign of terror once and for all. In 3042, the AFFC High Command sent the Ninth Regimental Combat Team to the region of space where they believed the Dominions to lie. After two months of searching for the Dominions' capital world, the Ninth RCT landed on Tortuga Prime, taking Lady Death and her troops by surprise. The Ninth overcame the pirates after several pitched battles, capturing Lady Death and decimating her forces. Upon their return to the Federated Commonwealth, the Ninth RCT delivered Paula Trevaline to a maximum-security prison on New Syrtis, where she remains to this day.

Fervently glad to see the backs of their brutal pirate kings, the remaining residents of the Dominions continued to scratch out what livings they could on their resource-depleted worlds. The once-fearsome bandit kingdom exists as a leaderless collection of subsistence-level planets.

3050 Update:

Current info shows that Fuchida's Fusiliers, a former Federated Commonwealth mercenary unit gone rogue, operates from the Tortuga Dominions.