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Star League
This information was last updated on the: 21st of May, 2012
Core Information:

     Capital: Terra
     Faction Leader: Presidential-Senator Mandrissa Elisha Silverburg
     Military Leader: Lisa Koenigs-Cober
     Intelligence Leader: Director General Dylan Hunter
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: 180+

Major Sub Regions Core Information:

     Region Name: Star League Administered Systems
     Capital: Terra
     Commander: Commanding General Cynthia Byrd
     Sub-Commander: Commanding General Rikardo Burketon
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 50%

     Region Name: Lyran Military Region
     Capital: Sudeten
     Commander: Commanding General Edwin Amis
     Sub-Commander: General Charles Antonescu
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 30%

     Region Name: Outback Military Region
     Capital: Broken Wheel
     Commander: Commanding General Katrina Troth
     Sub-Commander: General Lilly Lafferty
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 20%

System Information Pages:

Rigil Kentaurus

BTM Timeline Events:

5th of December, 3067
Christian Mnsdotter steps down as First Lord of the Star League but hands he gave all non-military power to bureaucrats, who were restructured into a provisional Senate led by Arthur Walker, who becomes the interim Presidential Senator.

1st of February, 3068
The position of First Lord is abolished in favor of a Star League Congress with a Senate and a Ministry with an elected 'President of the Senate', although the 'President' has no executive powers so the position holds no military clout. The Senate is based on equal population zones throughout the member nations and avoids the politics between the great houses. Arthur Walker is voted as first Presidential Senator.

24th of February, 3068 to the 8th of October, 3068
Instead of disbanding the Star League as a sham, it is further strengthened with the full inclusion of the Nova Cats and ComGuard into the SLDF. So as the renewed SLDF first order of business they launch a campaign to take back Terra from Word of Blake, pioneered by the newly formed SLDF Triumvirate: Victor Steiner-Davion, the ComGuard Lisa Koenigs-Cober and the Nova Cat Khan, Santin West. The Campaign is won before the end of the year and Terra is made the Star League capital once again.

14th of December, 3068
The advanced metropolis of Norfolk on the eastern seaboard of North America, once the Military Headquarters of the Terran Alliance (2086-2315) is decided to be home to the Star League Senate by popular vote.

11th of February, 3069
Sharilar Mori is made Director of the Star League Ministry of Communication but is still seen as the 'Primus' by many.

9th of June, 3071
Terran Security Act, approved by the Star League Senate and enacted by SLDF and Mercenary elements take the systems within one jump of Terra and fortify the jump points and planets to best of their ability.

14th of December, 3074
The MRBC is dissolved as an organization and from this date all mercenaries and employers within the Star League member states have to negotiate their contracts through the DMM on Terra, although Outreach and Galatea are still used as a mustering sites for Mercenaries, especially the larger units, as the facilites at Alice Springs to house them is not as abundant.

4th of October, 3075
Orestes, the second to last SLDF holdout in the FRR is assaulted by Clan Ghost Bear forces commanded by Khan Bjorn Jorgensson. The Khan is killed in battle against the SLDF's 11th Division, Wolf's Dragoons and Kell Hounds before the Star League can find a diplomatic end to the War.

18th of December, 3075 to the 17th of February, 3076
The Hellstorm Hussars mercenary unit reinforced the SLDF's 28th Division on Dehgolan just in time for another Ghost Bear offensive but after heavy combat over many weeks and a heavy Draconis Combine reinforcement they are able to hold the planet but are forced to surrender the system to the new Rasalhague Dominion under instruction from the Star League.

10th of July, 3077
The periphery planet of Rockwellawan becomes a protectorate of the Star League.

8th of August, 3077
Task Force Warhammer quickly conquers Koniz with over 15 Regiments of various firepower from the Star League, Lyran Alliance and Capellan Confederation.

27th of August, 3077
In high level talks between the Federated Suns and the Star League the planets of Epsilon Indi, Sheratan and Fletcher are to run under Star League Administration.

15th of September, 3077
Federated Suns contributions to Operation Lorelai are revealed, sparking protests on several worlds that saw heavy fighting in the FedCom Civil War. Other parties embrace the effort as a sign of healing wounds and the good that reformed Star League is still capable of.

19th of February, 3078
The Headquarters for the Star League Defense Force is finally completed in Stuttgart, Germany on Earth. The grand facility is be home to the Triumvirate and the Department of Administration, with satellite offices for the other 10 Departments and facilities for Star League civilian officials.

14th of May, 3078
After rhetoric from both the Capellan Confederation and the Federated Suns about annexing the TerraCap Confederation, the Star League acts to stabilize the region by including the small nation under SLDF protection. Both the Capellan Confederation and the Federated Suns are pleased with the solution as it would prevent the other house from gaining.

1st of January, 3079
The Star League General Senate voted to give the Periphery system Rockwellawan to the local inhabitants to administer, after a few years of SLDF garrisoning due to the discovery of a Cache, the Cache has been moved to a more secure location.

9th of October, 3079
Tensions between the Star League and Draconis Combine worsen when skirmishes between opposing supporters begin to battle all over the world of Yorii after SL Ministry of Trade & Resources abuses are made public.

2nd of December, 3079
Wide spread starvations and deep rooted corruption on Altair provoke a strong response from the Star League Senate and force the hand of the Ministry of Health into offering various mercenary contracts to investigate and possibly apprehend the responsible parties. Many criticize the SLDF for not acting to take Altair as it is legally a SL Territory but many in the Draconis Combine become incensed at the idea of even mercenaries interferring.

5th of June, 3080 to the 28th of September, 3080
The 12th, 41st and 44th Star League Defence Force Division are destroyed in various pitched battles along the Star Adder front, with embarrassingly high ratio of casualties.

12th of July, 3080
The Star League General Senate heavily debates the validity of the membership of the Draconis Combine within the Star League and dozens of Senators use rhetoric that incites anti-Star League sentiment within Draconis Combine.

27th of July, 3080
Coordinator Hohiro Kurita's secret proposal for the SLDF to instigate an Operation Lorelai type campaign against the Rasalhague Dominion is leaked to the media and damages relations further between the Draconis Combine and the Star League.

7th of August, 3080
Reacting violently to the presence of Star League troops, Blake Shadow Divisions turn their WMDs loose on all viable targets. This practice quickly spreads to systems without SLDF units present as well.

20th of August, 3080
The Star League dispatches the 2nd and 22nd divisions to act as peacekeepers on Marduk. This bid to end the Federated-Draconis fighting fails spectacularly as the two divisions choose sides, eventually leading to the annihilation of both. Davion forces take advantage of the confusion to re-secure their hold on the world.

25th of August, 3080 to the 30th of September, 3080
saKhan Gregor Rosse uses the recent Marduk Incident to call for the 4th Army to break away from the Star League and support Draconis Combine sovereignty. Khan Kothinur Gritas takes the 20th and 21st Divisions to Kanowit to confront Rosse's Nova Cat Lancers and destroy the defection. Once on planet the 21st Division defects to Rosse and they defeat the 20th Division and Khan Kothinur Gritas is slain in battle.

16th of October, 3080
Star League Defence Force 34th Division moved to off Vega, An Ting, Ozawa

26th of November, 3080
The Draconis Combine decides to include the SLDF 4th Army composed of Clan Nova Cat units into the defense of the realm and expels all Star League personnel from the Draconis Combine and withdrawls most of their non-essential people from Terra in protest of the anti-DC bias held within the Star League.

2nd of December, 3080
The Star League Defence Force, Major General Joseph Calhoun died heroically in the counterattack against Star Adder forces, the "Battle for Broken Wheel", his legend of turning a mass loss into a strategic win with assistance of AFFS and Mercenary forces is told throughout the IS

10th of December, 3080
Yorii and Asta are abandoned by the Star League in appeasement to the Draconis Combine to avoid conflict and promote officials to return to the Star League Accords. Many other realms believe this is a weak dangerous stance and that the Draconis Combine is deserving of their isolation.

16th of January, 3081
Commanding General Julius Rostinberger, Star League Defence Force 5th Army has been dishonourably discharged for dozens of failures in the defence of Federated Suns systems against Clan forces, resulting in the destruction of 3 Star League Defence Force Divisions

12th of February, 3081
The Star League Defence Force, Major General Daryl Burns, Department of Intelligence & Strategy has been found guilty and sentenced to execution for his role in the nuclear weapons detonation on Dompaire and inciting rebellion on Yorii, his connection to the ISF could not be proven.

18th of June, 3081
General Katrina Troth promoted due to successes on Broken Wheel, made Commander of the new Star League Defence Force 6th Army in the new Outback Military Region

20th of December, 3081
In a suprise move that spells the beginning of another major intergalactic war, ten systems of the Lyran Alliance and Federated Suns bordering the Draconis Combine have been conquered in well coordinated attacks between the traitorous SLDF 4th Army, the DCMS, Ghost Corps, Nationalist Militia's, the ISF and anti-Star League local sympathisers. So begins the next great war.

7th of March, 3082
Commanding General George Wagoner, Star League Defence Force 1st Army, has been assassinated, investigations are underway.

29th of March, 3082
General Cynthia Byrd promoted to Commanding General of the Star League Defence Force 1st Army and 'First Protector' of Terra after George Wagoner's assassination.

10th of May, 3082
In yet a second wave ten more systems of the Lyran Alliance and Federated Suns bordering the Draconis Combine have been conquered between the traitorous SLDF 4th Army, the DCMS, Ghost Corps, Nationalist Militia's, the ISF and anti-Star League local sympathisers

31st of March, 3083
The first quarter of this year saw ruthless acts of violence committed by House Kurita. There has been sabotage and terror in the very heart of the realms targeted by the Draconis Combine. In unmitigated acts, neither sanctioned by the Star League nor the Ares convention, DEST teams have been sent to the capitol worlds of Tharkad of the Lyran Alliance, New Avalon of the Federated Suns, and Alshain of the Rasalhague Dominion with the express purpose of sabotaging Fusion Plants near the Realm’s capitol’s creating rather large nuclear explosion and blankets of radiation to slowly wipe out their enemies. These atrocities have de-moralize the victims and aided in blanketing each states 4C complexes with enough radiation so as to disable their HPGs preventing them from communicating with their forces constantly engaged on the front with their aggressor the Draconis Combine. It appears that other Special Forces are taking their lead from the Dragon and are taking advantage of these three Realm’s weaknesses by launching their own attacks all along their border worlds. They have included, although not limited, to assassinations, bombings, and the sabotaging of fusion power plants to explode. Worlds of note along the Rasalhague Dominion shard border are Radstadt, Trondheim, and Tukayyid. Along the Lyran Alliance - Skye, Bolan, Cavanaugh II, Timbuktu, Coventry, and Melissia. Along the Federated Suns borders it has been the worlds of Valexa, Alcyone, Sirdar, Bromhead, Brockway, and Perdition. This is truly the beginning of the Fifth Succession War as the Inner Sphere deteriorates into terror and chaos.

30th of November, 3084
The beginning preparatory work of the CMAF’s Tikonov invasion fleet commences as SLDF peacekeepers begin leaving their posts in the Star League Administered region bound for the border along the Federated Suns and Capellan Confederation. Brief lulls in the fighting still hold elsewhere in the Inner Sphere as the SLDF bids to cease these final hostilities from growing.

20th of January, 3085 to the 31st of March, 3085
Dateline Saffel - 4 10th - Reports confirm that units of the Black Stars Mercenary Collective have left Saffel after completing what amounted to a blitz search and destroy mission. Elements of the Sharp Shooters, Winter Hunters and the newly established 'Order of Kailen' took part in operations centering on hunting down the Tracer Trackers mercenary unit. The Trackers were accused by the Star League of defaulting on a contract and theft of military equipment.*The DCMS reports the fighting was costly for both sides. In a press release, they stated the Black Stars units touched down in dense Sambi Forests on Sophrati. They engaged the Trackers in the snowy forests and destroyed them in an elaborate ambush. Tracer Tracker commander Jared Kjorn, was confirmed killed in action this morning. Denise Wojick, the units Executive officer, is still listed as missing. Experts agree however, that after more than a week in the forests, her survival is unlikely.*Though initially content to sit out the fighting, DCMS spokesman Alan Kotuora stated that the "Situation had changed and the Black Stars became a threat to the safety of Saffel." Kotoura was unwilling to comment on rumors of Draconis Combine engagements with the Black Stars. They also refuse to comment on a supposed search and rescue mission performed by the Black Stars as the mercenaries began a sudden withdrawal, seemingly in the face of Draconis forces. The Black Stars have thus far been unavailable for comment.

27th of January, 3085 to the 27th of March, 3085
News across the star league administrated zones reports that Epsilon Indi was recently infiltrated by Draconis Combine forces. The forces were supported by the mercenary unit the 8th Independent Hussars. The Hussars have been spotted in the Draconis Combine previously and should come as no surprise to see them allying themselves with the Draconis Combine forces. Star League officials were alerted to the arrival of the Dracs and their allies by an informant who the PR department refuse to name for so called legal reasons. Shortly after they discovered the infiltrators, war erupted across the capital city as the star league planetary defense force looked to tackle them before they could achieve whatever act of terrorism they intended to do. The battle ended up spreading into the nuclear waste of the planet and saw damage being done on either side. However reports are that the defense force in particular suffered crippling losses, with the Hussars having left the planet shortly after. No one knows what the hussars and Dracs have achieved in the nuclear wastelands but it has many an expert wondering.

18th of March, 3085
Finally allowing SLDF peacekeepers into the Tikonov system as well as Federated Suns reinforcements, the remaining Davion forces begin their tactical withdrawal, under the watchful eye of the SLDF peacekeepers. Some of retreating Davion ‘Mechs, vehicles and equipment are left behind to the CMAF as spoils of war. The 1st Federated Freemen regiment and the Tikonov CMM are reduce to 40% during the fighting, and the Illician Lancers take a severe thrashing as well. The remaining strengths of both the CMAF and AFFS forces remain classified, but the SLDF begrudgingly acknowledges Tikonov as a Capellan holding, setting the stage for Tancred Sandoval’s repudiation of the Star League.

6th of May, 3085
An initial emergency meeting of the Star League Senate fails to elect a new Presidential-Senator with the Federated Suns representatives walking out on the summit due to the SLDF refusing to take further action against the Draconis Combine who many believe was behind the assassinations.

7th of May, 3085
A second Star League Senate meeting again fails to elect a new Presidential-Senator with senators from the Capellan Confederation unwilling to accept the news of Tancred Sandoval as the Regent for the young Harrison Steiner-Davion. Tancred demands the return of Tikonov to the Federated Suns and the removal of all remaining SLDF peacekeeping forces from his nation’s border with the Confederation. Capellan senators walk out on the proceedings. They are joined by the senators from the Skye Province who believe Archon Adam Steiner’s new troop deployments have left them greatly undefended. In truth these reserve units are being re-shifted to the Clan front to deal with increasing Clan Wolf hostilities while upholding an earlier promise to the SLDF high command that was an attempt to ease tensions in the region by swapping them for more SLDF peacekeeping units.

10th of May, 3085
The assassination of SLDF Commanding General George Wagoner, formerly of the 1st Army, in 3082 is revealed to be a DEST attack by Senator Paul Jefferson from Kentares IV during a third emergency meeting of the Star League Senate. Tancred Sandoval threatens to withdraw the Federated Suns from the Star League if immediate action isn’t taken against the Combine by the League. This evidence leads more senators and the general public to believe the Combine was responsible for the Steiner-Davion assassinations believing that Presidential-Senator Ivan Vladimir was an intended target as well. Senator Mandrissa Elisha Silverburg of the Capellan world of Ingresoll wins the vote and is sworn in as Presidential-Senator.

11th of May, 3085
In a possible manipulation by Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao a motion to remove the SLDF peacekeepers from the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns border by Tancred Sandoval fails with the new Presidential-Senator instead pledging to send the 2nd Division as further support. A subsequent bid for more peacekeepers from the Clan front to aid the peacekeeping mission along the Draconis Combine and Federated Suns border by Tancred is likewise shot down by similar political maneuvering. As a result Tancred Sandoval formally withdraws the Federated Suns from the Star League. Parts of the 6th Army defect to the Federated Suns two weeks later.

14th of June, 3085 to the 25th of October, 3085
According to our sources, King's Lancers were deployed to world of Homestead on behalf of the Confederated Magistracy. As to the nature of their work, both the Lancers and the Capellan Ambassador declined to comment. Homestead is currently occupied by forces from the Magistracy, Suns and the Star League. The addition of a Capellan mercenary unit does not bode well for peace.

15th of June, 3085
Isis Marik and Andrew Redburn agreed to lead a relocation of the Star League Senate and some bureaucratic structures. Isis, who up to this point had been credited with very little in her life, executed a brilliantly choreographed relocation of the Star League Senate to the seats of Liberty’s now infamous Baku Opera Complex on Quantico Island. Isis broadcasted a message that was disseminated to nearly every former Star League citizen, soldier and bureaucrat. She invited them to come to the worlds of Liberty, New Home and Procyon. The message was powerful in its brevity but seemed to speak to the core needs of many who read it. Those who were touched by her message and the many more that followed, flocked to Liberty like Pilgrims, with two hopeful words on their lips: Liberty Holds.

1st of April, 3086 to the 1st of June, 3086
The Mandarin of St Ives, William Overton requested that his son be extracted from the Davion held world of Shoreham. The Restless Souls, after reading there Landhold stipulations to the letter of the law, dispatched a mixed battalion under the command of Colonel Jack ˜Night Fury" Ian, dubbed the Shoreham Expeditionary Command. The Mandarin's youngest son, Ian, had always been headstrong, and wanted to be a MechWarrior. Mandarin Overton used all of his contacts to keep Ian out of the CMAF and most major Mercenary units, but he managed to find one that would take him, the Blindsides Mercenary Unit. That unit was contracted by the government on Shoreham to help put down a rebellious element within the local militia, and has not been seen or heard from since.*Presently the planet is divided by a Civil War. The Planetary Governor, Count Lucius Benedict Fenner, is trying to impose Sun Tzu's rule with the aid of a Lyran armchair General named Sir Henry Simmerson. The head of the local Capellan 3 Militia, Colonel Chloe LaFollett has rebelled and has led the bulk of her forces to a Star League era fortification known locally as the Blasted Redoubt. They've been held out there for several months, controlling most of the countryside, while Count Fenner and his hired paramilitary forces, known affectionately as the Black Shirts, hold all the cities and major towns. The rebel government has to leave the CMM alone because they control the capital city and surrounding areas main water treatment plant and electricity sub-station.*After several weeks following up dead end leads Colonel Ian finally locates and secures the Mandarin's heir and in a stunning turn of events Ian Overton rallies the CMM forces in a decisive victory over the rebel regime. And much to the chagrin of the senior Overton, young Ian signs on with the Restless Souls.

12th of January, 3087
The collapse of the Star League depressed the regiments of the famous Northwind Highlanders. Their leaders believed that they could simply go back to the way things were and resume life as mercenaries. But some, civilian and military alike, believe the Northwind Highlanders should seize Terra and resurrect something akin to the old Terran Hegemony….or die trying. They hide their ambition under the veil of being humanitarians, stating that they can stop the infighting that grips the Chaos March. Those that stand against them believe that such a move will only bring war and death to Northwind itself once the Great Houses react to the threat that they would become. In the political arenas of Northwind, a battle of words is being fought and all sides are gathering forces to them….some in preparation for conquest…some in preparation to stop them.

15th of January, 3088
The fall of the Star League had an impact on the Draconis Combine that the Coordinator did not expect. Many former Star League warriors of Combine origin are returning home. They bring with them an entire generation’s ideals, fighting experience, and a lack of fanatical loyalty to the Coordinator. Their skills, quickly prized by a DCMS desperate to rebuild, are turned on the Dragon when a large swath of the Benjamin Military District, including the District capital and its leadership, attempt to secede from the Combine…with the assistance of many former Star League personnel, some DCMS units and several respected mercenary commands ‘loaned’ from other Great Houses that enjoy seeing the Dragon wounded from within. Bringing the errant District to heel will pit Samurai against Samurai, brother against brother, and test the true measure of loyalty for many in what is quickly dubbed the “War of Benjamin”.

7th of March, 3089
FED-NET CULTURE and HISTORY, Lu Grieg - (Avalon City, New Avalon; 07 MAR 89) A new generation has grown up in the wake of the Clan War but thirty years later here in Avalon City, the people of the Federated Suns remember the unity and courage represented by the forces of Operation Bulldog. Impromptu celebrations have sprung up all over the city with the arrival of hundreds of thousands of thank you notes, small gifts, and recordings of truly raucous celebrations in the former Clan Jade Falcon occupation zone. The outpouring of gratitude arrived earlier today from the Combine worlds of Asgard, Avon, Chupadero, Cyrenaica, Hyner, Irece, Jeanette, Kanowit, Kiamba, Port Arthur, Sawyer, Tarazed, and Teniente - all part of the first wave liberated by Star League forces, which then included the famed First Davion Guards.

30th of September, 3090
Razan’s Ronins had Advanced undercover Recon elements deployed ahead of their main force to make contact with Chara's planetside allies, a Mixed Battalion from the Liberty Holds 1st Royal BattleMech Regiment (Morgan’s Lions), 5th Jump Infantry Company (The Minutemen), Star League SAS Blackhearts Special Forces. The Tai-i received a mysterious communique aboard the Black Ronin from, at the time unbeknownst to her, a Mu/Delta ROM Agent. Razan’s Ronins landed on world as a Royal Corvax supply convey and use that as their cover story for a planetary approach. The four DropShips, which includes two Liberty Holds Conquistadors made an unchallenged approach to planet. Razan’s Ronins then arrived in orbit and began pre-operational prep while the mission planning cell began collecting intelligence on enemy assets and targets. Aerospace assets combined with the two Conquistadors quickly established Air Superiority. For security reasons, the Ronins hot dropped a lance into the SpacePort to ensure that their LZ was not contested. After securing the SpacePort, the remaining Ronins landed and debark. Upon leaving the DropShip the Tai-i made contact with the planetary Marquees and made arrangements to begin administering relief efforts (food, water, shelter, medicines, etc) to Chara civilians affected by ULTRA’s biological/nuclear warfare. Meanwhile, Razan’s Ronins used their Shadow infantry/battle armor platoons and uncovered a lead on Neisieen Khazaal movements from a Mildred Carson. During a routine recon patrol by Dragon’s Claw Lance, Razan’s Ronins encountered the bulk of ULTRA’s on planet 'Mech force in an ambush. The Command Lance, Dragon’s Fire, scrambled to relieve them, Heavy combat ensued and the Ronins were forced to retreat. ULTRA forces went back into hiding. The Ronins, now frustrated, increased their intel scope. The Shadow platoon Leader encountered a local partisan, Peter Starns, who had a map location of the ULTRA sea/ocean floor Stronghold. The Tai-i meets with the still unknown ComStar ROM Agent and obtained the data on a Cataclysmic Planetary Crust Shift’ from planting a tactical nuke in a fault line in the ice from the South Pole that would cause the planet’s orbit to alter. The Ronins’ advanced undercover recon elements stumbled across a white slave ring. All three crimes against humanity culminated at the same spot in the South Pole. A joint infantry operation, Shadow Platoon, 5th Jump Infantry Company, SAS Blackhearts Special Forces, and Captain Carter Nasution’s Chara Garrison’s Tornado PA-L platoon were assembled to thwart them. The BattleMechs of Morgan’s Lions and Chara Garrison were on ready standby as well as the Liberty Holds Conquistadors and Razan’s Ronins VTOLs and Aerospace fighters. The Ronins’ command staff and Chara’s Planetary Leaders coordinated these crucial attacks from the War Room in Farhaven. The cataclysm was stopped as well as the slave ring broken up but the ULTRA military hardware was not located. It was suspected to be back on the mainland somewhere. Neisieen Khazaal manages to escape to half a world away to a training facility outside of Farhaven. The Ronins use their C3 equipped Suzakus VTOL for overhead surveillance in conjunction with the Tai-i’s dual Command/Control/Communications computers and satellite uplink to tracking the the target but Chu-i Reece Kimura innocently steps in the way, sparing Khazaal’s life. Now knowing that he was the target, Khazaal led Razan’s Ronins on a wild chase through the city and surrounding countryside. The SAS Blackhearts Special Forces even take a crack at him and they fail. The Ronins track Neisieen Khazaal to a hidden training facility. They gather their entire on planet resources to capture him. Through a fluid battle he escapes yet again and his last plot to use the Teppo against civilians is foiled. Neisieen Khazaal winds up getting assassinated by a car bomb from an unconfirmed source. That source had all the earmarks of being a Razan’s Ronins DEST agent, none other than the Platoon Leader, Chu-i Kintaro 'Iceman' Tanaka himself

31st of October, 3090
The Restless Souls were persuaded to cut their contract of subjugating Hazelhurst short by the Federated Suns Intelligence Leader, Field Marshal Jon Davion. He requested the Restless Souls six regiments from the Periphery March clear on the opposite side of the realm, eight weeks distant, to aid Duke Nathaniel Hasek in assaulting an enemy in the Capellan March, the Unified Leadership of the Tikonov Republican Army. These urgent deployment orders to Northwind came in on the heels of Field Marshal Xavier Steele’s newest responsibility appointed to him by First Princess Yvonne Steiner-Davion as Duke of Broken Wheel and the overall ruler of a quarter of the Federated Suns Realm â€" the Periphery March. In a shrewd move, Xavier appointed Regent Tancred Sandoval's and First Princess Yvonne’s heir, Harrison Davion, as his proxy while he and his Restless Souls are providing relief to the four Northwind regiments embroiled with ULTRA. Harrison just celebrated his 21st birthday bringing him to his majority age. All ten Regimental Combat teams deployed to the Periphery March under Operation Antipodes are being recalled to rendezvous at Markesan, the Coreward Combat Theaters Capital world, as well, to participate in Operation Hornet's Nest. The Restless Souls and their WarShip fleet has the longest journey. The other nine RCTs will arrive in the region a full month before the Restless Souls Division and will subsequently be deployed long before the Restless Souls Six Regiments can get boots on the ground. The Souls Division will be deployed as the last line of defense against ULTRA for the Addicks PDZ. The Restless Souls High Command Staff, the Duke and his two Generals, will travel planetside to get an update on the state of conflict from Regent Tancred Sandoval who has relocated to Markesan to be closer to the front. It will be determined that in order to stem ULTRA’s momentum the Souls’ goal will be to keep three factory complex up and operating at full capacity. In order to achieve their triple objectives the Souls will divide Spectre Brigade up, sending Diablo regiment to Small World, Eagle Eye to Quentin, and Black Angel to Errai. Shadow Spear Brigade's 3 Regiments, their WarShip Armada and the command battalion will go on through to Northwind to attempt a relief effort of the four Northwind Highlanders Regiments, the Stirling's Fusiliers, Northwind Hussars, MacLeod's Regiment, and 1st Kearny Highlanders. When the Restless Souls Shadow Spear Brigade arrives in the Northwind system the situation is grim. The Restless Souls WarShips engage and punch through a Thera-Class Carrier, two Zechetinu-Class Corvettes and an ULTRA wall of four aerospace regiments. The Highlanders Regiments are outnumbered both in ‘Mechs, vehicles, and aerospace fighters as well. The Highlanders have fallen back to fortified positions and cities to try and regroup. It seems that there is a spy somewhere on Northwind who is funneling info back to the ULTRA Division with disastrous results for Northwind. The information leaked to ULTRA’s Khariton Division command also includes the arrival of the Souls. Shadow Spear Brigade is hit with a massive wave of aerospace fighters enroute to the planet. Through heroic efforts put forth by the Restless Souls own Aerospace Colonel, Kelli Kelly, the Colossus- Pocket Warship Class pilot Major George Anthony, accompanying assault-class DropShips and the two WarShip Drones, Shadow Spear Brigade forces their way through; however, the Brigade’s DropShips do sustain heavy damage. Fortunately that is enough to even up the air superiority battle but still leaves Northwind a little short in air power due to ULTRA's supply lines and their ability to call up reinforcements. ULTRA reinforcements are hampered by Duke Steele who remains in orbit aboard his orbital command post, a Conquistador-Class DropShip, and utilized it and its compliment of 18 AeroSpace Fighters, for their intended role with ruthless efficiency - A command post for planet-wide operations. Shadow Spear Brigade is forced to land near to Corsara Weaponries instead of their planned landing zone. Brigadier General McCray makes contact with the factories management and launches a second front to draw some of ULTRA's forces towards his Souls and away from the Highlanders to grant them a respite to regroup. The Brigadier links up with his sister who is a member of the Northwind Highlanders leading a scouting mission to Shadow Spear‘s LZ with news that their codes and combat frequencies are compromised. Due to this breach, Corsola give the Souls a very frosty reception. While in orbit above Errai, Black Angel Regiment receives a distress call from Maltex Corporation. A Rogue Bear point from Black Angel's Audacious Alpha Infantry Battalion is dispatch to investigate. They arrive too late to save the factories personnel. They have all been slain. However, the point encounters the ULTRA sabotage team in a secret underground facility. Before they can determine the purpose of the facility, charges placed by ULTRA detonate, demolishing the building and obliterating the identities of all personnel. The Duke's niece, Randi Steele is an AFFS officer stationed at the Maltex Corporation. She was AWOL from the site when ULTRA arrived and when she hears about the destruction of the research complex she flees to her estranged father back on Quentin, retired FS Rear Admiral, Vincent Steele. Distracted by a heartbreaking divorce from her husband Frank Castinelli, Xavier gives Major General Tatiana Donatella some time off and she travels to the heart of the now ULTRA held worlds, Outreach. There on the ‘Mercenaries Star’ Tatiana is called in for a clandestine debriefing of her Black Angel Regiment with the Presidential Senator in the circumstances surrounding the destruction of Maltex Corporation. She is assigned the task of covertly locating Randi Steele. After being told it was a Top Secret Research Facility performing experiments into Artificial Intelligence in direct violation of the Star League Charter which is upheld by Liberty Holds. Tatiana and Duke Steele are made acutely aware of the grievous impact it could have on the Federated Suns if this information leaked out. Xiao Hsieh is the ULTRA affiliate behind the destruction of Maltex Corporation in collusion with an AFFS Dr. Shu Qian the Inner Sphere’s foremost authority on Artificial Intelligence. Xiao Hsieh hires a Diamond Shark Elemental, turned Bounty Hunter, named Skarr, to a hunt Randi Steele down and eliminate her. A Mu/Delta ROM Agent assigned to the old Chaos March, Mika Rysanek, will catch wind of Maltex Corporation being destroyed and take an interest in it and Skarr and conduct her own investigation. Tatiana, Mika, and Skarr will all have a confrontation on Quentin and allegiances will be formed and lines drawn in the sand. The strength of these alliances will be tested when Randi is captured by Skarr and Xiao The Highlanders, reinforced by the Souls three regiments, start to win victories on the battlefield due to their greater knowledge of the landscape and the Duke’s Tactician’s acumen. The souls counterinsurgency unit discovers that it was the manager of Corsola who was spying for ULTRA. Brigadier McCray fed ULTRA some faulty intel through their spy and the combined defenders slowly turn the tide until the Highlanders defeats the General of the ULTRA Khariton Division in a final battle near the capital. The Highlanders also take control of the factory and promise Corsola Weaponries’ support in producing their Crab and Black Watch Battlemechs, and their Schiltron Omni Tank to aid in the Federated Suns war effort for the aid the Restless Souls provided in saving Northwind. Throughout the investigation into the destruction of Maltex Corporation, all the players will be uncovered and all the dots will be connected. The previous Federated Suns Ambassador elevated to the Presidential Senator, will accept full responsibility on behalf of House Davion for its role in the AI research. As the House Davion spokes person she will submit her House to the Liberty Holds sanctions, albeit not lying down. There is a reason that she was 'elected' Presidential Senator, the most powerful 'Ambassador'. It will culminate in the destruction of Earthwerks Incorporated on Tikonov with the successful rescue of Randi Steele, the deaths of Skarr and Xiao, and the revelation of a 2301 Terran Hegemony Artifact the TAS Dreadnaught a Dreadnaught-Class WarShip.

1st of May, 3091
Two Kuritan Patricians have been kidnapped by members of the Yakuza, the House Kurita criminal underworld. They are being used as leverage against mining conglomerate Shinjo Omoto to supply the Yakuza with minerals and ore. Razan's Ronins have been hired to infiltrate the planet, locate the two ladies, and return them to their homeworlds. Upon arrival to Rigil Kentarus system the Ronins have a JumpShip malfunction. All personnel hotdrop on world with the Battle Armor going in first pulling three g's to disable the Reagan system control center space defense network. The Ronin's DropShips ground at a meteorite impact crater. For the next three weeks we engage in skirmishes with the Yakuza 'Mechs and conventional forces until we finally establish a base. Dragon Sword successfully defends the base from being over run aided by Ronin's conventional forces. We free the patrician just as we get ambushed by an overwhelming ULTRA force at our base and in the field. We are dispersed and separated from ground combat forces and our DropShips in the midst of a global sandstorm. ULTRA razes a city named St Ivans. We linkup with the remnants of our ground combat forces and establish a makeshift base in a cave. We uncover information about a Star League era Castle Brian Depot from a SAFE Agent and the reason behind blind loyalty to ULTRA is a self destruct system. The Ronins mount up to make a mad dash through the raging sand storm to the meteorite impact crater and their grounded DropShips and encounter thousands of evacuees from the capitol. The Ronin's Technical Staff uncovers a way to use the ULTRA self destruct sequence in their favor. During their trek to their DropShips they run into an enemy Battalion in a climatic battle. After defeating the enemy ULTRA battalion, the Ronins encounter the remaining division. The Ronins use their Ace-in-the-Hole and cause a Regiment worth of 'Mechs to all self destruct. The remaining Ronin Battalion is beset by jump capable ULTRA 'Mechs. Razan's Ronins scramble to make it to the cover of their DropShip guns. The Ronin's vehicle's make it back to their DropShips but their 'Mechs do not. The 'Mechs stand and deliver against insurmountable odds. Their Battle armor exit a boosting DropShip to joined them. The Ronin's command is saved by an unlikely ally, Tai-shu (Warlord) Isoroku Kurita, just before all the remaining ULTRA 'Mechs self destruct.

1st of January, 3092
Captain-General Agatha Rousset-Marik and her advisors saw the creation of an independent Tikonov Free Republic as a win for them, as it would serve as the host for a spread of the Covenant, and would serve as an indirect way to weaken the other Great Houses and deny them key worlds and the support of people in that region, particularly Tikonov nationalists who have traditionally been loyal to the Capellans or Davions. Eventually ULTRA built up its own army, largely paid for by the FWL and operating alongside the FWLM but it was not part of the FWLM. ULTRA was also the primary outlet for Agatha’s ambitions for a while, using ULTRA as a pretext for overt and covert military operations. It resulted in a military campaign in which the Inner Sphere began to see what kind of leader Agatha was, the aggressive dangerous kind, full of revolutionary ideas in her head, she wasn’t content with the status quo. The very existence of ULTRA and Agatha’s support for it has become a source of political fodder between the Great Houses. This created lots of political angles to act/react to and at least a few mercenary contracts. In the final days of 3089 evidence started to pile up that ULRA existed, what it is, and that it was building a military with the Free Worlds League’s help. The Great Houses started to take stock of the situation, trying to gather intelligence and make plans. This set off alarm bells across the Inner Sphere as the former Tikonov Free Republic worlds include Chaos March worlds, Confederated Magistracy worlds, Lyran Alliance Worlds, Draconis Combine Worlds and even Federated Suns worlds. ULTRA made appearances in several merc contracts in the Old Chaos March/New ULTRA region. During the Fifth Succession War old-fashioned hatreds were reignited as traditional Great House enemies smacked each other around much like they had done for hundreds of years. There is another new militant faction in the heart of the Inner Sphere, ULTRA. The Liberty Holds government is a "Good guy" faction, white knights, inheritors of the Star League's idealism. By comparison ULTRA sought to be a power player on the Inner Sphere stage, one that was backed by an aggressive leader and all her resources. Its very existence has shaken up the dynamics of the Inner Sphere. Agatha Rousset-Marik is a villain. In the course of her career and life, she has been our Napoleon. She has gone after everybody, no one is safe. All the Great Houses find themselves a target of her ambitions, and she in turn is vilified by all and eventually attracted the wrath of all. In the shorter term, ULTRA was the first big move that she made, the first evidence that Agatha may be a big threat to the Inner Sphere. Agatha Marik is a modern day Napoleon. She is a revolutionary at heart, someone who wants to upset the status quo and not play the normal game. She is the cause of one or more wars, some small, some eventually very big. The first one of note involved ULTRA. She continues to pushes on with her agenda. For her ULTRA, and other pretexts for conquest are exactly that, a pretext, an excuse to attack while maintaining the appearance of being a good leader to her own people. The Age of Agatha is upon us.

25th of November, 3092
Reports from the Lyran world of Halifax reveal a year long struggle by Steiner loyalists and Storm's Armored Cavalry mercenary unit have restored the planet to Lyran rule decimating the occupying Rim Worlds Dragoons. Additionally, unconfirmed reports that the Dragoons were equipped with FWL weapons and equipment leave questions about a connection to Atreus and the sudden buildup of Rim Collection military forces. The Command Staff is scattered and Missing in Action somewhere in the Sundry Mountain Range on Halifax�s secondary Agricultural continent La Loutre. The Sundry Mountains are located in the country of Mustelid�s, that encompasses the center portion of the continent. Commander Ciara Storm, Captain Teso River, and Second Lieutenant Luke Shanahan. Command of the Storm�s Armored Cavalry fell to First Lieutenant Ellison Reed. The three Command Staff members went missing in an attempt to save the SAC Mercenary Unit from complete annihilation and to cover their retreating non-combatants. At a critical point after Teso River had his Purifier Suit shot up and Ciara Storm punched out of her Warhammer the weather turned extremely foul. A category four storm cell hit, with heavy rain accompanied by high winds and lightning. The torrential downpour was abundant and had a fast on-set and lasted for a long period. Longer than any previous storm cell according to the Halifax Weather Service.. Hazards associated with torrential rains included flash floods, stream flooding and landslides. It rained over the Sundry Mountains for an extended period of time causing secondary damages as the ground became saturated with precipitation. It caused problems in watersheds and building stability. In addition, the temperature dropped so low, it caused problems in the freeze-thaw cycles for other structures including roadways. Lieutenant Shanahan escaped in his captured Griffin to a cave complex and stayed held up there for two weeks before linking back up with the unit. Captain Rivers was found eighteen days later by Apollo, the SAC Search and Rescue Team, dehydrated and delirious, afflicted with some native infection. It is believed that he spent the first 72 hours, amidst the worst part of the storm, scouring the mountains for Commander Storm. He insists that Ciara Storm is still alive and he will not rest until he finds her or proof of otherwise. The SAC along with the remnants of the Halifax Garrison are hold up in a cave complex in the Sundry Mountainous region, pretty elaborate set-up for a cave. Thanks to Dread Squad, the SAC�s Combat Engineer Platoon. The enemy forces have taken up occupation on Halifax and left a garrison. They have some popular support from the locals on the main continent of Annapolis but it is not widespread beyond the planetary capital of Corpernicus. Captain River agreed to sit in as Ciara�s Proxy in negotiating their next contract only because he was the only one that the MRBC would recognize as officially having the power to conduct such transactions. Other than that, he is leaving the day-to-day operations to Lieutenant Reed. He is too obsessed with locating Ciara to be effective at anything else. He goes out and searches for her every evening for at least 10 hours sometimes 16 in a quadruped Shedu Recon Battle Armor, recovered from the secret Military Cache on Halifax. Their Employer, Hauptman Mari Laurenson, is being very sympathetic to Teso plight. She has graciously written into the contract a rescue operation objective aimed at liberating the internment camp where SAC members are being held along with Lyran loyalists. This will increase the morale of the rank and file SAC troopers tenfold. Commander Storm miraculously returns to Command with a harrowing tale of evasion and escape. There will be Recon operations to learn as much as we can about the enemy. We need to obtain hard data as to who they are, where did they come from, and why they are targeting Halifax. We have every reason to believe that the enemy is searching for the Star League Cache and production facility. The primary goal of the Recon Ops will be to set up an opportunity to �Snatch & Grab� an enemy Officer to interrogate him. There will be multiple small-scale ambushes, strategically orchestrated to favor the SAC, against isolated enemy Supply Convoys and Patrols as a means of rebuilding units and obtaining spare replacement parts and procuring expendables as well as interdicting operations of the enemy. The SAC will be refitting from the Star League Cache also. It's location is still hidden from the Lyran Alliance Government thus far, however, with the presence of Loki on world the SAC Command is almost certain that this gig is almost up. If LAAF didn't know, they will find out soon. Sabotage and Assassination operations against high value enemy targets to reduce enemy�s overall effectiveness and capabilities. Assassinations are to only be carried out against documented military personnel. All others insurgents shall be detained. The general harassment of enemy forces, the occasional pot shot or artillery shell, the use of IED, preparation of ambush sites, pre-registering targets, and the laying of mines to set up anti-�Mech leg attacks. Without access to the HPG we have no intelligence about the wider situation off world but our employer has graciously offered to provide us with intel via a manual courier, clandestine delivery, albeit it will be geared towards a Lyran Alliance spin. Our current Intel has a new unit being dropped onto the planet to bolster the Buccaneers Storm. It is predicting an 86% probability that the unit will be the 3rd Battalion of the 4th Rim Worlds Dragoons. It is a mechanized infantry force supported by both armor and rotary wing aviation. Intelligence Reports suggest that they have been formally trained to House standards, but have yet to see actual combat. Their equipment is overwhelmingly Free World's League designs and seemingly 3085 or newer.

27th of May, 3095
Atreus Free Press Reads: The source for news sources from Atreus, the Free Worlds League and the 'First Lord Agatha Marik'. Whether or not Agatha truly declared herself First Lord of the Star League at this point is subject to constant debate. It is clear that she threatened to do so, and even joked at having done so, both remarks made publicly. But the simple fact is that throne is long dead and gone and there is no one who is credible enough to bestow that title upon anyone. There is no Star League and there is no First Lord (despite the claims of some of Agatha’s most vocal supporters). So once again, Agatha has played the game and played it well. The message she sent had nothing to do with a renewed Star League, it communicated something else entirely to all the rulers of the Successor States. On her end, Agatha has grown largely silent. Appearing on both Terra and Atreus, she speaks of the great success they have achieved and the renewed prestige of the Free Worlds League. But these abstractions rarely go beyond generalities to real plans. Rumors that Agatha may be secretly negotiating to marry some newly ennobled Duchy of Terra lord or prince seem designed to calm fears and solidify the notion that the Duchy of Terra will become a permanent fixture of the League. In short, the Free Worlds League is watching with anticipation to see what the unpredictable young Captain-General will do next. Five years ago that thought brought nothing but electrified excitement, but now it brings a sense of gloom and the shadowy fears that this war will increasingly come into our homes and our lives, whether we like it or not.

1st of November, 3097
In a Federated Suns preemptive strike against the ConMag (Capellan Confederation) world of Tantara, proceeding Operation 'Horus Creance', the Ingersoll's Armored Cavalry Mercenary Battalion SUCCESSFULLY destroy the Tronstad military starport and the Cobalt and Rohini II storage facilities ability to operate efficiently and also verified the presences of a subterranean Star League repair depot on MRBC contract # CC-SA-04-01 while fending off the ConMag Homeguard Regiment station on planet.

17th of September, 3098
Due entirely to circumstances beyond their control, the Dark Sun Combat Corps FAILED their Freshman contract Offensive Campaign # CC-OC-06-03 for the Federated Suns when their Union Class DropShip suffered a catastrophic Star League V250 System Drive failure at launch. The Dark Sun Combat Corps was due to reinforce the Wolf's Dragoons, Alpha Regiment and its Commanding Officer, Colonel Kelly Yukinov on the ConMag (Capellan Confederation) world of Menke who were battling the Olson’s Rangers and Lethal Injection Units. Captain Zane is not alowing this mishap to deter him; however, his Dark Suns are right back in the saddle on the Lyran Alliance Security Duty contract # PY-SD-04-07.

The Star League Reborn:
In October of 3058, the leaders of the various Inner Sphere powers gathered on the Lyran capital of Tharkad to accomplish peacefully what they had failed to achieve during centuries of war - the rebirth of the Star League. Despite the deep divisions that remained among them, fueled by the legions of dead soldiers and civilians from all sides, the rulers of the Inner Sphere agreed to join together for a single purpose - to end the Clan threat, once and for all. To prove themselves a force to be reckoned with, the new Star League chose to destroy a single Clan: the Smoke Jaguars. Initially, the Star League intended only to drive the Jaguars out of their occupation zone. Information from a Clan traitor, however, enabled them to strike at Clan Smoke Jaguar's homeworld as well.

In 3059 and 3060, Clan Smoke Jaguar died at the hands of the combined armies of the Inner Sphere. Their occupation zone overrun, their homeworld in ruins and their warrior caste decimated, the Jaguars essentially ceased to exist. The Inner Sphere force then turned its attention toward the rest of the Clans. Lacking the might to defeat the entire Clan military, Prince Victor Steiner-Davion led his forces to Strana Mechty, the heart of Clan space and Clan culture. There, they defeated the Crusader Clans in a hard-fought Trial of Refusal. The Crusaders' defeat ended the invasion in a way none of its proponents could have envisioned. Far from taking Terra and rebuilding the Star League in the Clans' image, the Crusader Clans found themselves locked into their Inner Sphere occupation zones or driven from the Inner Sphere entirely.

Clan Nova Cat, which had sided with the Inner Sphere in obedience to the mystic visions of its leaders, was given its own fiefdom in the Draconis Combine. For what their fellow Clans termed treason, the Nova Cats were Abjured and their holdings in Clan space found forfeit. Clan Ghost Bear, which chose not to fight in the Trial for a cause it no longer believed in, also became a permanent presence in the Inner Sphere, claiming the majority of the Free Rasalhague Republic as their Dominion.

Clan Steel Viper suffered the most humiliating fate of all the Invading Clans, next to the shattered Smoke Jaguars. Thinking to take advantage of Jade Falcon weakness in the aftermath of the Refusal War, the Vipers challenged Falcon dominance of the two Clans' shared occupation zone. They failed, and left the Inner Sphere rather than be destroyed by their Falcon antagonists.

As the man who ended the most fearsome threat the Inner Sphere had ever known, Victor Steiner-Davion should have been the hero of the hour. In the eyes of many, he was - but his own people were not among them. The Prince had left his youngest sister, Yvonne Steiner-Davion, as regent on New Avalon in his absence. He returned to the Inner Sphere to find Yvonne deposed and the Federated Commonwealth in the hands of a deceitful and ambitious Katrina Steiner-Davion, herself looking to become the next First Lord of the Star League. Even without a realm, however, Prince Victor remained a political force to be reckoned with. At the Second Star League Conference, Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht of ComStar announced his retirement and named Victor as his successor. The new Precentor Martial used his position to vote Coordinator Theodore Kurita into the post of First Lord. In 3064 Theodore Kurita step down as First Lord and Christian Månsdöttar of the Free Rasalhague Republic was voted in as the next First Lord.

Many knew that the idea of a 'First Lord' was an outdated idea that was created for the Cameron line to maintain their hold over humanity or good or ill many years ago. But in today's political environment giving one House Lord the First Lordship permanently would probably lead to war, so the Whitting Conference decided on a 3 year term First Lordship, which was only a short term solution so the Inner Sphere could deal with the clans without any nation feeling neglected.

The Star League Senate:
When Christian Månsdöttar First Lord term ran out in 3067 he gave all non-military power to bureaucrats, who were restructured into a provisional Senate led by Arthur Walker, who became the interim Presidential Senator. There is no argument that the SLDF is the true power of the Star League, so Christian Månsdöttar along with the provisional Senate put forward the idea of a SLDF Triumvirate of three Commanding Generals that would have to agree on important decisions for the future actions of the SLDF.

That was a few years ago, now the new Senate Forum is located in Norfolk on the East Coast of North America, the Senators and Senate President are now elected officials of divisional regions divided up by population among Star League member nations. For a new SLDF Triumvirate member to be selected, the Senate makes a secret ballot on candidates selected by the remaining Triumvirate members, this allows for very limited corruption and some satisfaction for the general populous that the SLDF is under civilian control but without crippling the Triumvirate from making decisive decisions when needed and also preventing political puppets from rising up into the Triumvirate.

Presidential Senator (In charge of the Ministerial Cabinet and General Senate House)
Executive Senator (In charge of a single Ministry)
Oversight Senator (Sits on a panel that observes the performance of an Executive Senator)
Senator (Regular Senator that sits in the General Senate House)

Star League Ministries:

Headed by Executive Senator's who together make up the Ministerial Cabinet

Ministry of Administration (Bureau of Star League Affairs), headed by Executive-Senator Michael Hegel
Ministry of Public Development, headed by Executive-Senator Ludwig Tarik-Khan
Ministry of Inter-State Relations, headed by Executive-Senator Alexander Karpovici
Ministry of Education, headed by Executive-Senator Kara Emmett
Ministry of Justice, headed by Executive-Senator Yao Yuri
Ministry of Finance & Revenue, headed by Executive-Senator Rafael Sanderman
Ministry of Health, headed by Executive-Senator Silvio Ricasoli
Ministry of Trade & Resources, headed by Executive-Senator Kiri Yamamoto
Ministry of Foreign Relations, headed by Executive-Senator Friedrich Tosca
Ministry of Planetary Review, headed by Executive-Senator Pierre de Marivaux
Comstar (Autonomous replacement for the Ministries for Communication, Information & Exploration), headed by Primus Sharilar Mori

The Terran Security Act:
The first major military action enacted by SL policy was the Terran Security Act, the Act passed the Senate in 3071. In short, this gave the SLDF the mandate to control all systems within 1 jump of Terra to ensure the security of the Senate and seat of power of the Star League from any ambitious factions.

Crisis with the Draconis Combine:
After years of tension, diplomatic slip-ups and SLDF defections the crisis with the Draconis Combine has come to war. The shock vote of no confidence in the ex-Presidential-Senator and the election of the savvy politcal neo-con Ivan Vladimir expectations are that the SL will support the FS and LA over the DC even at the threat of breaking up the Star League as he has mentioned many times in speeches "If we let members bully other members for their own partisan gain, we must hold on to our values and oppose this, as who are we, if not an institution of ideals, our beloved Star League"

The Reformation of the Star League Defense Force from 3068:

The Star League Defense Force is commanded by 3 Triumvirate members, each member is a 'Triumvirate Commanding General' or TCG.

Triumvirate Commanding General Victor Steiner-Davion
Triumvirate Commanding General Lisa Koenigs-Cober
Triumvirate Commanding General Archer Christofori

At present there are 4 Armies each led by a 'Commanding General' that divide into 12 Corps each led by a 'General' which then divides into 36 Divisions each led by a 'Major General' which then divides into 108 Brigades each led by a 'Lieutenant General' which divides into 324 Regiments each led by a 'Colonel' then further divides into Battalions, Companies and Lances. Though most Regiments are not wholy BattleMech Regiments.

Terran Military Region (First Army) = Commanding General Cynthia Byrd , on Terra
I Corps: General Karl Carter , on Terra
1st Division: Major General Rachal Drake (DA Deputy Director) , on Terra
2nd Division: Major General Tao Hosking , on Fletcher
3rd Division: Major General Marvin Daeuble (DJAG Deputy Director) , on Saffel
II Corps: General Ralph Marchino , on Terra
4th Division: Major General Sharron Tang (DCR Deputy Director) , on New Home
5th Division: Major General Louisa Draga (DME Deputy Director) , on Procyon
6th Division: Major General Tammiko Maudlin (DMM Deputy Director) , on Terra
IX Corps: General Sonic Owens , on Chara
31st Division: Major General Harry J. Aldrin , on Fomalhaut
32nd Division: Major General Constance Kavazashvili (DIS Deputy Director) , on Alula Australis
33rd Division: Major General Carlos Bielicki , on New Earth
Independent Unit: Black Watch Regiment: Colonel Neil Campbell , on Terra
Independent Unit: 1st Royal Battlemech Regiment: Colonel Andrew Redburn , on Terra

Terran Military Region (Second Army) = Commanding General Rikardo Burketon , on Terra
III Corps: General Alexander Cocus , on Thorin
7th Division: Major General Kristine Reardon , on Lipton
8th Division: Major General Bryce McCaan , on New Home
9th Division: Major General Carson Aston , on Thorin
VIII Corps: General Karina Vista , on Capolla
28th Division: Major General Hart Kraig (DP&R Deputy Director) , on Capolla
29th Division: Major General Winston Quiller , on Epsilon Eridani
43rd Division: Major General Alexi Bäumer , on Terra Firma

Lyran Military Region (Third Army) = Commanding General Edwin Amis , on Sudeten
XI Corps: General Charles Antonescu , on Kikuyu
37th Division: Major General Jürgen Kurbjuhn , on Black Earth
38th Division: Major General Takeshi Sakai , on Chahar
39th Division: Major General Charles Henderson , on Kikuyu
XII Corps: General Sandra Barclay , on Antares
13th Division: Major General Li Xiangting (DM Deputy Director) , on Antares
14th Division: Major General Jacques Revaux , on Sudeten
45th Division: Major General Leonardo Dintaro , on Melissia
XIII Corps: General Eveline Eicher , on Pandora
16th Division: Major General John Ward (DPR Deputy Director) , on Koniz
17th Division: Major General Seamus Malin , on Pandora
40th Division: Major General Newton Fawcett , on Morges
Independent Unit: 19th Heavy Cavalry Regiment: Colonel Paul Calvin , on Koniz

Outback Military Region (Sixth Army) = Commanding General Katrina Troth , on Broken Wheel
V Corps: General Beeshor Yekel , on Anjin Muerto
34th Division: Major General Harriet Ackland (DTL Deputy Director) , on Hivrannee
35th Division: Major General James M. Wallace , on Anjin Muerto
42nd Division: Major General Pablo Álvarez , on Sherwood
IV Corps: General Lilly Lafferty , on Broken Wheel
10th Division: Major General William Crane , on Broken Wheel
11th Division: Major General Nathaniel Steiner-Beltran , on Filtvet
36th Division: Major General John Graff , on Great Gorge

Departments of the SLDF:
The SLDF also has 11 departments to run all the support services for the Armies and SLDF as a whole.

Department of Administration
under command of Director General Carradoc Trevena
Location: Stuttgart, Germany, Earth

Department of Personnel & Reserves
under command of Director General Kurt Schindler
Location: Bangkok, Thailand, Earth

Department of Medicine
under command of Director General Alfred Keller
Location: Atlanta, America, Earth

Department of Military Education
under command of Director General Benjamin Wolf
Location: Sandhurst, Britain, Earth

Department of the Judge Advocate General
under command of Director General Li Xiannian (Pro: Hsien-nien)
Location: Brussels, Belgium, Earth

Department of Public Relation
under command of Director General Maria Cortez
Location: Melbourne, Australia, Earth

Department of Intelligence & Strategy
under command of Director General Dylan Hunter
Location: Hong Kong, China, Earth

Department of Transportation & Logistics
under command of Director General Beverly Jana
Location: Singapore, Earth

Department of the Quartermaster
under command of Director General Yohan Lacroix
Location: Harbin, China, Earth

Department of Mercenary Management
under command of Director General Dalton Cameron
Location: Alice Springs, Australia, Earth

Department of Communications & Research
under command of Director General Sofia Dagley
Location: Seoul, South Korea, Earth


The SLDF is vesting a lot of money and firepower in Space Warfare, the current SLDF Grand Fleet of 3076 stands like this:

Grand Fleet Commanding Officer: Fleet Admiral Jan Jorgensson

1 Black Lion Class Battle Cruiser
1 Cameron Class Battle Crusier
2 Mjolnir Class Battle Cruisers
9 Aegis Class Heavy Cruisers
2 Sovetskii Soyuz Heavy Cruisers
1 Lola III Class Destroyer
17 Suffren Class Destroyers
2 Congress Class Frigates
7 Dante Class Frigates
1 Eagle Class Frigate
2 Kyushu Class Frigate
2 Fox Class Corvette
2 Fredasa Class Corvettes
5 Vincent Mk42 Class Corvettes
1 Thera Class Carrier
1 Potempkin Class Troop Crusier