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Rim Collection
This information was last updated on the: 28th of August, 2009
Core Information:

     Capital: Gillfilan's Gold
     Faction Leader: Chairman Arcturas Launtis
     Military Leader: Colonel Jerry Able
     Intelligence Leader: Mr Elias Targa, RC Security Committee
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: 2

BTM Timeline Events:

19th of January, 3076
The Rim Collection opens the resort safari world of Hunter's Paradise to the public after years of restoration.

30th of April, 3076
To secure passage to Hunter's Paradise, the Rim Collection annexes the system of Hunts End and Hunts Jump.

26th of December, 3091
Storm's Armored Cavalry executed a garrison contract on Halifax. Near the end of the contract period, a hostile force of superior strength landed and attacked with the aid of local militia and nobility. SAC has been forced from its encampment and presently is operating in restrictive terrain as a guerrilla force with both Comstar and loyalist Lyran forces. Storm's Armored Cavalry lands on the Lyran Alliance world of Halifax. Setups up a security perimeter around the SpacePort. Establish an off base bivouac complete with fortifications and scatterable low power, long range, high speed data communications system that emit light or smoke, or both, using a pyrotechnic to provide the flare and smoke to generate Phantom Signals and misrouted commands. The SAC will have some friends to make, hearts and minds to win. The first quarter of our contract we will be in negotiations with Baron Jacobi Horowitz, Hauptmann-Kommandant Mandel Lombroso, and the Explorer Corp. After several surveys of other sights, we will make a bid on the Lyran Alliance's behalf to acquire the Explorer Corp mothballed base. By the end of the quarter, after some back and forth, the Explorer Corp and SAC will reach an agreement that leaves the Corp with a twenty percent stake in their base, for running the HPG and other minor operations should the decide to return. While negotiations are ongoing the SAC will be assessing the preparedness and needs of the local militia forces. The second quarter will be devoted towards getting the base up and operational, with consumables, repairs, supplies, personnel, etc and preparing a presentation to convince the Archon of the need for funding. The SAC and Militia will undergo and AeroSpace Fighter strafing attack causing significant damage. After completing a thorough threat assessment the SAC will reach the conclusion that the sortie was launched from Halifax and not from orbit nor a jumppoint. At about this time the SAC will learn of the possibility of a military cache and a production facility on Halifax from a data dump from the Explorer Corp Servers to our DropShips memory core. In the third quarter the first of the updated militia equipment will begin arriving and the SAC's Coleman's Rough Riders will start training the Halifax Militia anti-mech tactic, and Chameleon will train them in spec-ops tactics while the SAC performs a recruiting drive. Delving further into the memory core data the SAC will be made aware of the following planets possibly being able to sustain life again: Wingzar, Parvan, Sidon, Janina, Rosetta, and Seven Lands. SAC and then the newly trained Milita encounter raids in lance strength who hop in to probe their defenses. They hit us where we are most vulnerable. It screams, 'MOLE'. The SAC has reason to believe that their intel has been compromised and that the enemy has found out we are here in force, and they are attacking us with more than we have to garrison Halifax. In the fourth quarter some of our Militia trainees have been baptize by fire and are moving into some leadership roles. We have the Explorer Corp Base's defenses up and functional. The SAC counter-insurgency arm of Chameleon is in full mole hunt mode to catch the Rim Collection spy. The SAC is left to fend for themselves for months while the LAAF exploits the commitment of enemy power. We are forced out of the Explorer Corp Base and our Bivouac is routed. We retreat to the jungles and conduct a holding action. We hold on by our fingernails with the locals until the LAAF can arrive to re-take Halifax.

25th of November, 3092
Reports from the Lyran world of Halifax reveal a year long struggle by Steiner loyalists and Storm's Armored Cavalry mercenary unit have restored the planet to Lyran rule decimating the occupying Rim Worlds Dragoons. Additionally, unconfirmed reports that the Dragoons were equipped with FWL weapons and equipment leave questions about a connection to Atreus and the sudden buildup of Rim Collection military forces. The Command Staff is scattered and Missing in Action somewhere in the Sundry Mountain Range on Halifax�s secondary Agricultural continent La Loutre. The Sundry Mountains are located in the country of Mustelid�s, that encompasses the center portion of the continent. Commander Ciara Storm, Captain Teso River, and Second Lieutenant Luke Shanahan. Command of the Storm�s Armored Cavalry fell to First Lieutenant Ellison Reed. The three Command Staff members went missing in an attempt to save the SAC Mercenary Unit from complete annihilation and to cover their retreating non-combatants. At a critical point after Teso River had his Purifier Suit shot up and Ciara Storm punched out of her Warhammer the weather turned extremely foul. A category four storm cell hit, with heavy rain accompanied by high winds and lightning. The torrential downpour was abundant and had a fast on-set and lasted for a long period. Longer than any previous storm cell according to the Halifax Weather Service.. Hazards associated with torrential rains included flash floods, stream flooding and landslides. It rained over the Sundry Mountains for an extended period of time causing secondary damages as the ground became saturated with precipitation. It caused problems in watersheds and building stability. In addition, the temperature dropped so low, it caused problems in the freeze-thaw cycles for other structures including roadways. Lieutenant Shanahan escaped in his captured Griffin to a cave complex and stayed held up there for two weeks before linking back up with the unit. Captain Rivers was found eighteen days later by Apollo, the SAC Search and Rescue Team, dehydrated and delirious, afflicted with some native infection. It is believed that he spent the first 72 hours, amidst the worst part of the storm, scouring the mountains for Commander Storm. He insists that Ciara Storm is still alive and he will not rest until he finds her or proof of otherwise. The SAC along with the remnants of the Halifax Garrison are hold up in a cave complex in the Sundry Mountainous region, pretty elaborate set-up for a cave. Thanks to Dread Squad, the SAC�s Combat Engineer Platoon. The enemy forces have taken up occupation on Halifax and left a garrison. They have some popular support from the locals on the main continent of Annapolis but it is not widespread beyond the planetary capital of Corpernicus. Captain River agreed to sit in as Ciara�s Proxy in negotiating their next contract only because he was the only one that the MRBC would recognize as officially having the power to conduct such transactions. Other than that, he is leaving the day-to-day operations to Lieutenant Reed. He is too obsessed with locating Ciara to be effective at anything else. He goes out and searches for her every evening for at least 10 hours sometimes 16 in a quadruped Shedu Recon Battle Armor, recovered from the secret Military Cache on Halifax. Their Employer, Hauptman Mari Laurenson, is being very sympathetic to Teso plight. She has graciously written into the contract a rescue operation objective aimed at liberating the internment camp where SAC members are being held along with Lyran loyalists. This will increase the morale of the rank and file SAC troopers tenfold. Commander Storm miraculously returns to Command with a harrowing tale of evasion and escape. There will be Recon operations to learn as much as we can about the enemy. We need to obtain hard data as to who they are, where did they come from, and why they are targeting Halifax. We have every reason to believe that the enemy is searching for the Star League Cache and production facility. The primary goal of the Recon Ops will be to set up an opportunity to �Snatch & Grab� an enemy Officer to interrogate him. There will be multiple small-scale ambushes, strategically orchestrated to favor the SAC, against isolated enemy Supply Convoys and Patrols as a means of rebuilding units and obtaining spare replacement parts and procuring expendables as well as interdicting operations of the enemy. The SAC will be refitting from the Star League Cache also. It's location is still hidden from the Lyran Alliance Government thus far, however, with the presence of Loki on world the SAC Command is almost certain that this gig is almost up. If LAAF didn't know, they will find out soon. Sabotage and Assassination operations against high value enemy targets to reduce enemy�s overall effectiveness and capabilities. Assassinations are to only be carried out against documented military personnel. All others insurgents shall be detained. The general harassment of enemy forces, the occasional pot shot or artillery shell, the use of IED, preparation of ambush sites, pre-registering targets, and the laying of mines to set up anti-�Mech leg attacks. Without access to the HPG we have no intelligence about the wider situation off world but our employer has graciously offered to provide us with intel via a manual courier, clandestine delivery, albeit it will be geared towards a Lyran Alliance spin. Our current Intel has a new unit being dropped onto the planet to bolster the Buccaneers Storm. It is predicting an 86% probability that the unit will be the 3rd Battalion of the 4th Rim Worlds Dragoons. It is a mechanized infantry force supported by both armor and rotary wing aviation. Intelligence Reports suggest that they have been formally trained to House standards, but have yet to see actual combat. Their equipment is overwhelmingly Free World's League designs and seemingly 3085 or newer.

1st of February, 3099
In a Joint Contract with the Dark Suns Combat Core and an adhoc Spec Ops Infantry company with vehicle support from the Rabid Wolves, the Joint Task Force SUCCESSFULLY escorted the Lyran Alliance Ambassador Karl Liensdorf to all scheduled affairs on the Rim Collection world Gillfillian's Gold despite the hostilities conducted by the Rim World Consul Zealots. The contract was Security Duty bid on MRBC # PY-SD-02-03

Origins and History:
Located on the Federated Commonwealth's Steiner border with the Periphery, the Rim Collection is the newest Periphery state. Six independent worlds -- Caldarium, Slewis, Waypoint, All Dawn, Otisberg, and Gillfillan's Gold -- joined to created the Rim Collection in 3048. Before the collapse of the Star League, these six worlds had been part of the Rim Worlds Republic. Three centuries of unsought independence after the Star League's collapse brought them nothing but poverty; by the end of the Fourth Succession War, most people on the worlds of the Rim Collection were barely eking out a subsistence living. Bandit raids, against which none of the planets had any real defense, added to the misery. During the Fourth Succession War, when the Inner Sphere's attention was turned toward their own troubles, the bandit raids became incessant. The people of these six worlds, unable to see any way to change this dismal state of affairs, were eager for a savior. Their salvation arrived when James Moroney landed on Islington in 3041.

Professor James Moroney, a social sciences instructor at the University of Regulus in the Free Worlds League, felt no ambition to become a political leader. Several events during the 3030s, however, changed his mind. That decade was a troubled one in the Free Worlds League -- the perennially rebellious Duchy of Andurien seceded in 3030, and the assassination of Captain-General Janos Marik in 3035 was wrongly blamed on Andurien agents. As a native of Andurien, Professor Moroney came under suspicion from an increasingly paranoid and heavy-handed central government. In addition to his ancestry, the professor was known to espouse views on self-determination and political freedom in ways the Marik government found uncomfortable. Both in classes and outside of them, Professor Moroney spoke eloquently of humankind's unquenchable desire for freedom and the futility of any attempt to impose a destiny on any people who wished to choose their own way. Though he never explicitly advocated his native duchy's secession, he stated many times that no government could hope to keep control over a people who wished to be free of that administration. In 3036, Captain-General Duncan Marik ordered Moroney arrested for treason.

Because the League was by then engulfed in a war to reclaim its wayward duchy, Moroney's trial was not scheduled to take place until early 3037. In December 3036, Thomas Marik -- initially believed to be dead in the same explosion that killed his father Janos -- appeared and claimed the Captain-Generalship. With Thomas's accession, Duncan Marik's death in the field, the successful reconquest of Andurien, and increasing doubt that the Anduriens had actually been responsible for Janos Marik's death, the jury for the Moroney trial found the professor not guilty of treason and sedition. They pronounced him a free man, subject only to a heavy fine for what they termed "irresponsible public statements in a time of martial emergency."

The professor soon discovered, however, that his newly won freedom had its limits. When he attempted to return to work, the University of Regulus informed him that it had revoked his tenure. His subsequent attempt to earn money on the public lecture circuit ended with the League government banishing the professor and his family from Marik space as "political undesirables." In 3038 Professor Moroney relocated to the Federated Commonwealth world of Aberystwyth, where a local community college had offered him a part-time teaching job. While on Aberystwyth, Moroney began speaking out about his trial and expulsion, and also began writing a personal account of his experiences. His stirring speeches on the human right to self-determination garnered him considerable attention, not all of it positive. Members of the Skye separatist movement, the principal focus of opposition to the merging of the Lyran Commonwealth with the Federated Suns, obtained copies of Professor Moroney's speeches and circulated them around the Isle of Skye. Though he had not intended them to, Moroney's speeches and writings also influenced quite a few citizens of both realms who felt uneasy about the union. Eventually, the government of the Federated Commonwealth politely but firmly demanded that Moroney depart.

Lacking funds to go very far, Moroney took his family on a short jaunt to the independent world of Gillfillan's Gold. On this backwater planet, Moroney hoped to build a new and simpler life as a farmer. he seemed to have succeeded until 3043, when a local town councilman and friend of Moroney's ran across one of the professor's taped public speeches on a visit to the Commonwealth. Impressed by the speech's content and style, Councilman Roberts returned to Gillfillan's Gold determined to enlist his eloquent friend's aid in a cause dear to the councilman's heart -- the union of Gillfillan's Gold and five other nearby, independent worlds into a confederation that might give them some hope for a more prosperous future.

Initially reluctant to step back into the public arena, Professor Moroney was soon won over by the dedication of the Unionists and the crying need for some means of making life better in Gillfillan's Gold and its sister worlds. Within a year, he was traveling from world to world, speaking for the creation of a new state to be known as the Rim Collection. Between 3044 and 3046, the Unionists slowly grew stronger as more and more people threw their support behind the idea. In late 3046, however, a devastating pirate raid on Otisberg laid bare a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to the formation of the Rim Collection -- the lack of a military capable of fending off the Periphery's numerous predators. The six worlds had not been able to support a standing army since the time of the Star League, nor did they have the economic resources to pay for reputable mercenary units. With no means of seeing to their own defense, opponents of the union asked what good would increased prosperity do them? What could they possible become, except more tempting targets for bandits? Supporters argued that bettering their economies would enable the united worlds to buy mercenary troops eventually, but many people wondered if "eventually" was good enough.

In the midst of this debate, the mercenary unit Able's Aces arrived on Gillfillan's Gold. Still smarting from a bitter contract dispute with the Federated Commonwealth, unwilling to work for Houses Marik or Liao, and unable to obtain a contract from a Draconis Combine still inclined to be suspicious of mercenaries, the Aces had decided that their future lie in the Periphery. Major Jerry Able, the unit's leader, was a Periphery native, and many of the unit's members had come from worlds on the Periphery border. However, the unit had not yet chosen a specific course of action. Some members were arguing for a contract with one of the larger and richer Periphery states, such as the Magistracy of Canopus or the Taurian Concordat. Others were flirting with the idea of striking out toward the deep Periphery in search of alleged caches of lostech. Still others contemplated turning pirate and carving out their own bandit kingdom. Undecided, the Aces made planetfall on Gillfillan's Gold for a brief resupply stop. While there, Major Able attended a Unionist lecture given by Professor Moroney. The professor so impressed Able that the major brought his entire unit to hear Moroney the following night. Major Able then dropped a bombshell. He proposed that Able's Aces volunteer to serve as the first unit in the Rim Collection's army, and to train citizens of the six worlds as planetary militias.

Once the mercenaries got over the shock, many of them supported the major's idea. If their leader was willing to wait for a payroll until the new nation got on its feet, so were they -- particularly when Major Able offered to pay those who stayed with him out of his own pocket. A few members chose to leave the unit, but most of the Aces voted to stay. Major Able then laid his unorthodox proposition before them. They accepted with enthusiasm, and the professor lost no time publicizing the Aces' offer. By the end of 3047, opposition to the formation of the Rim Collection had virtually disappeared.

In early 3048, all six planets signed the Rim Collection Charter. It provided for a Council of Planets with one representative from each member world, presided over by a president. The councilmen were to be elected by the people of their respective planets; the president by the citizens of the entire Rim Collection. Each planet had sovereignty over its own affairs, except as necessary to preserve the well-being of the Collection as a whole. As part of the charter, Able's Aces agreed to train planetary militias and a Collection-wide defense force in exchange for a vote on the Council of Planets in military matters. In addition, the mercenary unit was granted extensive lands on Otisberg, Major Able's homeworld. By unanimous acclamation, Professor Moroney was elected the first president of the new nation.

3058 Update:
In the first decade of its existence, conditions in the Rim Collection are slowly changing for the better. The confederated planets began trading grains and iron ore with the Federated Commonwealth in 3053, and the Lyran Alliance has announced its intention to continue trade relations. Planetary Councilman Roberts has begin trade negotiations between Gillfillan's Gold and the Free Worlds League, with the promise of extending all trading rights to the rest of the Collection if he succeeds. However, the immense degree of autonomy given to member worlds by the charter often slows the pace of government to a craw. Professor Moroney, seeing more possibilities for economic expansion with more centralized government control, is currently pushing for a temporary expansion of the president's powers. Councilman Roberts has emerged as the leading voice of the opposition; he and his supporters fear that any temporary change in the balance of power would become permanent, much to the council's disadvantage.

Militarily, Able's Aces has filled its part of the bargain admirably. Lacking the funds to buy large numbers of serviceable BattleMechs, the Rim Collection still has only two BattleMech battalions; however, the Aces have trained several militia units on each of the six worlds to serve as a first line of defense against bandit raids. A few councilmen want the Collection to hire more mercenaries, but the Aces have stonewalled these efforts as unwanted encroachment on what they consider their turf. The Rim Collection is not yet rich enough to attract the attention of large numbers of pirates, but that could easily change within another decade or so. The pirate band known as Morrison's Extractors is the most dangerous of the Rim Collection's current enemies; the Extractors have raided outlying cities on Caldarium and Slewis with devastating effect.