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Magistracy of Canopus
This information was last updated on the: 5th of October, 2013
Core Information:

     Capital: Canopus IV
     Faction Leader: Magestrix Naomi Centrella-Liao
     Military Leader: Senior General Hadji Doru/Sang-Jiang-jun Talon Zahn
     Intelligence Leader: Colonel Norbert Kingelt
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: 20
     Mercenaries Currently Under Employ: Avanti's Angels, Caesar's Cohorts, Canopian Highlanders, Green Mountain Boys, Griffin's Pride, Harcourt's Destructors, Markson Marauders

Major Sub Regions Core Information:

     Region Name: Canopus District
     Capital: Canopus IV
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength:

     Region Name: Detroit District
     Capital: Detroit
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength:

     Region Name: Kossandra\'s District
     Capital: Kossandra\'s Hope
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength:

     Region Name: Thraxa District
     Capital: Thraxa
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength:

BTM Timeline Events:

29th of August, 3070
Neomi Centrella becomes the Magistrix of the Magistracy of Canopus.

13th of March, 3076
Jolla and Vixen are officially colonized by the Magistracy of Canopus.

10th of June, 3076
Ballad II, Weistheimer, Crawford's Delight and Thraxa are claimed by the Magistracy of Canopus in the wake of sweeping military reforms by Neomi Centrella.

29th of December, 3077
The Capellan Confederation and Magistracy of Canopus announce 5 new major colonies that are dual-run between their borders; Khitan, Abaoji Taizu, Cathay, Bengal and Parthia.

22nd of April, 3079
Vakarel conquered from the Free Worlds League by the Magistracy of Canopus mercenaries, the Antarian Lancers

1st of August, 3080
The Capellan Confederation and Magistracy of Canopus formally announce the Capellan-Canopian Union. For the purposes of foreign affairs, the Confederation and the Magistracy are now one nation (however, on the political map and internally, they are two distinct nations).

9th of November, 3081
The system of Bengal has been taken in the name of the Capellan Confederation / Magistracy of Canopus Alliance.

24th of February, 3090
"An aging Taurian Concordat or Magistracy of Canopus navy WarShip, that was once used to patrol Periphery space lanes as a task force command ship, was spotted hobknobbing with the Restless Souls WarShip Armada, Lethal Obsidian, as they make their way back to the interior of the Federated Suns Crucis March Coreward Combat Theater's Markesan Operations Area. From its radar signature and emergences waves it appears to be a Concordant-Class Frigate. What is still unknown is whether it is spoils of war from an encounter in the Outworlds Alliance in the Tellman IV system last August when the Restless Souls jump in to provide orbital covering fire for, a hence defunct mercenary unit, Bad Karma or if the Concordat Frigate was salvaged from some other source. Visual ID has it named Soverign Justice with a logo of Terra implaed on a House Davion broadsword. Duke Broken Wheel, Xavier Steele himself, could not be reached for comment. Now back to you Bob." -Katie Curry Federated News Service Correspondant

16th of August, 3090
Hello and welcome to another report from INI, Today's top stories from around the Free Worlds League. Coming from the Duchy of Andurien, Duchess Humpreys has announced that they will no longer support the Captain-General and has recalled all units homeward. This comes just after rumors that the the Duchy has created several brigades Andurien Rangers. To make matters worse is the peace summit being held on Andurien with the Magistracy of Canopus. Andurien AeroTech announced that it was separating from their parent company, Free Worlds Defense Industries and begin selling it's products to outside vendors. Here from Irian Technologies, the CEO announced that a new battle mech was in testing. The Project is being called the Prefect and will soon plan on showing the new mech by years end. In other news, ULTRA has made several gains and stress with other nations is starting to cause concern among the other Houses as even Terra is harder to get to and from without ULTRA interfering. Ambassador John Smith was quoted saying "What was a offering to help a few worlds has gone beyond and is a great concern even though the Captain-General seems to be aloft about it all and has removed herself from the public eye." Could this events be the reason why the Duchy of Andurien has removed itself from parliament and could succeed from the League?