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Mica Majority
This information was last updated on the: 25th of February, 2010
Core Information:

     Capital: Mica V
     Faction Leader: Various Dome Directors
     Military Leader: Major Jesse Larsen
     Intelligence Leader: Unknown
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: 0.22

Origins and History:

The Mica Majority consists of three mineral-rich worlds located near the Delos IV star system between the Federated Suns and the Outworlds Alliance. Known for their extensive deposits of gold, uranium, and other precious minerals, Mica II, V, and VII each have a harsh arctic climate that makes mining operations costly. With only the thinnest of atmospheres, the Micanites must live in pressurized dome-towns, similar to the raucous Yukon-Klondike towns of Terran North America. Miners, drifters, bartenders, and assorted ne'er-do-wells vie with one another to cash in on newfound wealth (or at least live long enough to spend some of it).

Ore from the mining fields is collected at central distribution points and shipped out to the system's Jump Point every summer when scores of merchants from the Federated Suns and the Outworlds Alliance arrive to trade with the Micanites. For several weeks and even months, thousands of miners compete against, barter with, steal from, drink with, lie to, wench with, gamble with, win from, and lose to merchants and other miners aboard the Micanite Space Center (built in the waning days of the Star League). Thus do the neighboring systems of the Federated Suns and the Outworlds Alliance gain badly needed resources at one tenth the price asked by Inner Sphere mining concerns. For their part, the miners receive machinery and modern conveniences, clothing and chemicals, brandies and brides, all of which they need to continue their precarious existence. Given time, a more stabilized form of economic exchange may develop. For the time being, however, both sides are satisfied with the present arrangement.

Located near the system's zenith jump point is a huge orbital complex constructed in the late 2600s when the vast resources of the system became known. With only brief interruptions during the Succession Wars, large-scale barter and trade between the descendants of the original Micanite laborers and the Inner Sphere have remained intact.

For most of its history, the Mica Majority has remained free of any foreign influence, mainly because the Mican worlds provide little incentive for any potential invader. The main Mican ore deposits were already depleted when the Kurita government abandoned its claim to the worlds, and the punishing climates of the Mican worlds prevented the formation of any major cities in the system. Though the life-support domes on Mica II, V, and VII were quite impressive engineering feats when they were first constructed, they remain mere curiosities today.

The only recorded invasion of the Mica Majority occurred in 3035, when a Tortuga pirate force commanded by Paula "Lady Death" Trevaline entered the system. Within days the pirates realized that the Mican domes contained only a fraction of the wealth they had expected to find. Frustrated by the lack of plunder and unaccustomed to the frigid temperatures of the polar worlds, the pirate force abandoned the Mica Majority after a few weeks.


The Mican military consists of a small mercenary unit, Larsen's Loners, which once formed part of Bullard's Armored Cavalry. Though all Mican citizens contribute a token tax to pay the mercenary unit, the Majority's tour operators contribute most of the unit's pay. The small unit primarily serves to deter pirate attacks against the Mican planets, and it rotates between garrison facilities located on each of the major Mican worlds.

3058 Update:

Today, the Mican worlds are home to a small number of self-sufficient miners. The total population of all three worlds is less than half a million. Most of their food is grown within the life-support domes of the Mican worlds, and other goods are supplied by small trading vessels en route to other, larger Periphery realms. The Mican government exerts very little authority over the Majority residents, who enforce their own brand of frontier justice.

In recent years, the Mican worlds have also become a destination for small numbers of wealthy, thrill-seeking Inner Sphere eccentrics who wish to temporarily substitute the hardships of the Mican mining life for the luxuries of civilization. A tiny industry has sprung up to arrange lodging, supplies, and any other assistance required for these tourists to enjoy (and survive) their stay in the Mica Majority.

(Deployment as of 3058):

Unit Name Experience Regiments Homeworld
Larsen's Loners Regular 0.22 Mica Majority
(CO: Major Jesse Larsen)