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Lyran Alliance
Current Ambassador: Damad Sandaker
This information was last updated on the: 13th of July, 2019
Core Information:

     Capital: Tharkad City, Tharkad
     Faction Leader: Archon Adam Steiner
     Military Leader: General des Heeres Archer Christofori
     Intelligence Leader: Wolfgang Roehmer, Director of LIC
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: 97
     Mercenaries Currently Under Employ: 1st Kell Hounds, 2nd Kell Hounds, Black Talon Phoenixes, Blackstone Highlanders, Brion's Legion: 1st Regiment, Brion's Legion: 2nd Regiment, Crimson Crusaders, Devil's Brigade, Gabhardt's Carabineers, Group W, Kirkpatrick's Invaders, Knights of St. Cameron, Longwood's Bluecoats, Mobile Fire, Periphery Star Guard, Rabid Wolves, Raging Horde, Snord's Irregulars, Storm's Metal Thunder, The Dioscuri, The Grave Walkers, Thor's Hammers

Major Sub Regions Core Information:

     Region Name: Province of Donegal
     Capital: Donegal
     Commander: Archon Peter Steiner-Davion
     Sub-Commander: Generalleutnant Richard Regis II
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 28%

     Region Name: Province of Skye
     Capital: Skye
     Commander: General Maria Esteban
     Sub-Commander: Generalhauptmann William Harrison von Frisch
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 23%

     Region Name: Province of Bolan
     Capital: Bolan
     Commander: Generalleutnant Daniel Voss-Steiner
     Sub-Commander: Oberst Jeremy donner
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 21%

     Region Name: Province of Coventry
     Capital: Coventry
     Commander: General des Heeres Adam Steiner
     Sub-Commander: Generalkommandant Alden Gray
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 18%

     Region Name: Province of Alarion
     Capital: Alarion
     Commander: Generalleutnant Helen Johannes
     Sub-Commander: Oberst Brad Engle
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 10%

System Information Pages:

Alarion, Alcor, Algorab, Alkalurops, Alphecca, Althastan, Apostica, Arc-Royal, Ballynure, Baxter, Benfled, Blair Atholl, Bolan, Borghese, Calvados, Cavanaugh II, Chaffee, Chukchi III, Cor Caroli, Crimond, Dalkeith, Denebola, Dixie, Donegal, Erdvynn, Fatima, Finsterwalde, Fort Loudon, Furillo, Gacrux, Galatea, Gibbs, Graceland, Graus, Halfway, Halifax system, Hesperus II, Hyde, Jabuka, Kaumberg, Kelenfold, Kikuyu, Koniz, Kooken's Pleasure Pit, La Blon, Laiaka, Langhorne, Lipton, Loric, Lyons, Marfik, Melissia, Menkent, Mizar, Morges, New Kyoto, Pandora, Phecda, Poulsbo, Rahne, Rasalgethi, Seginus, Shahr Kord, Skye, Solaris, Son Hoa, Storfors, Sudeten, Summer, Syrma, Tharkad, Timbiqui, Vindemiatrix, Wiltshire, Zaniah, Zollikofen

BTM Timeline Events:

30th of April, 3067
Peter Steiner made Archon of the Lyran Alliance.

25th of January, 3071
Clan Jade Falcon incursions in the Lyran Alliance space.

15th of June, 3071
The last Lyran Alliance forces withdraw from the Roadside and Blue Hole systems.

8th of May, 3073 to the 11th of September, 3074
Jabuka system in Clan Jade Falcon held territory assaulted and eventually conquered by the Restless Souls mercenary unit under employ of the Lyran Alliance.

26th of May, 3073 to the 19th of December, 3073
Lyran Alliance forces commences invasions of several Clan Jade Falcon worlds, the war continues for months ending is successes for the Lyran Alliance with the planets of Kooken's Pleasure Pit, Kikuyu and Pandora reclaimed.

6th of March, 3074
A heir to the Lyran Alliance throne is born - Melissa Steiner-Davion.

14th of October, 3074
Ambassador Angus McCleod is assigned to the DMM from the Lyran Alliance.

27th of June, 3076 to the 20th of January, 3078
Operation Lorelai begins; a dual effort by the SLDF and Lyran Alliance to retake Clan Jade Falcon occupied worlds.

1st of August, 3076 to the 26th of December, 3076
Raids and tests of the Falcon defenses begin on various worlds The Lyran Alliance Chahar Mellisia Theatre Militia, 14th Donegal Guards RCT & the SLDF 15th Division solidly conquer Chahar after a short four month campaign in the opening stages of Operation Lorelai.

30th of April, 3077
The Lyran Alliance system of New Earth is finnally under the Terran Security Act after diplomatic pressure for SLDF support of Operation Lorelai.

8th of August, 3077
Task Force Warhammer quickly conquers Koniz with over 15 Regiments of various firepower from the Star League, Lyran Alliance and Capellan Confederation.

1st of October, 3077
Rasalgethi is taken by 4 veteran Lyran Alliance units of Task Force Viking.

1st of October, 3078
Angus McCleod resigns as Ambassador to the DMM from the Lyran Alliance.

25th of November, 3078
Ambassador Alister McKeon-Steiner is assigned to the DMM from the Lyran Alliance.

7th of September, 3080
Lyran Alliance intelligence is released that indicates that Khan Vlad Ward of Clan Wolf is trying to re-establish the Clan Grand Council in the Inner Sphere, the level of his success is yet to be determined but Clan Wolf is still believed to have little influence on Kerensky Cluster clans.

3rd of January, 3081
A second heir to the throne of the Lyran Alliance is born - Marcus Steiner-Davion.

27th of May, 3081
Alister McKeon-Steiner resigns as Ambassador to the DMM from the Lyran Alliance.

3rd of July, 3081
Ambassador Elise Bradford is assigned to the DMM from the Lyran Alliance.

5th of July, 3081 to the 27th of November, 3081
The Dompaire Reaches have been annexed equally by the Lyran Alliance and Clan Wolf during a blitz of concurrent invasions.

14th of September, 3081 to the 17th of September, 3081
The Lyran Alliance system of A place was lost to an assault by the 12th Talon Cluster of Clan Jade Falcon.

15th of September, 3081
Elements of Clan Jade Falcon's Iota Galaxy struck the defending 3rd Lyran Regulars RCT on the planet of Antares and annihilated the LAAF unit in a lightning attack within a single day. The Lyran Alliance planet of Antares was lost to the Jade Falcons within that single day.

9th of October, 3081
The Clan Jade Falcon worlds of Winfield and Trell I have fallen to Clan Wolf while Clan Jade Falcon forces fight along the Lyran Alliance border.

20th of December, 3081
In a suprise move that spells the beginning of another major intergalactic war, ten systems of the Lyran Alliance and Federated Suns bordering the Draconis Combine have been conquered in well coordinated attacks between the traitorous SLDF 4th Army, the DCMS, Ghost Corps, Nationalist Militia's, the ISF and anti-Star League local sympathisers. So begins the next great war.

10th of May, 3082
In yet a second wave ten more systems of the Lyran Alliance and Federated Suns bordering the Draconis Combine have been conquered between the traitorous SLDF 4th Army, the DCMS, Ghost Corps, Nationalist Militia's, the ISF and anti-Star League local sympathisers

9th of June, 3082
Ambassador Michael Keller is assigned to the DMM from the Lyran Alliance.

5th of September, 3082
The Lyran Alliance launced Operation: Stalingrad aimed at their reconquest of worlds lost to the Draconis Combine in the first half of this year. They have launched simoultaneous Counter-Assaults at the Kuritan Forces on Marfik, Eagelsham, Phalan, and Accrington.

31st of March, 3083
The first quarter of this year saw ruthless acts of violence committed by House Kurita. There has been sabotage and terror in the very heart of the realms targeted by the Draconis Combine. In unmitigated acts, neither sanctioned by the Star League nor the Ares convention, DEST teams have been sent to the capitol worlds of Tharkad of the Lyran Alliance, New Avalon of the Federated Suns, and Alshain of the Rasalhague Dominion with the express purpose of sabotaging Fusion Plants near the Realm’s capitol’s creating rather large nuclear explosion and blankets of radiation to slowly wipe out their enemies. These atrocities have de-moralize the victims and aided in blanketing each states 4C complexes with enough radiation so as to disable their HPGs preventing them from communicating with their forces constantly engaged on the front with their aggressor the Draconis Combine. It appears that other Special Forces are taking their lead from the Dragon and are taking advantage of these three Realm’s weaknesses by launching their own attacks all along their border worlds. They have included, although not limited, to assassinations, bombings, and the sabotaging of fusion power plants to explode. Worlds of note along the Rasalhague Dominion shard border are Radstadt, Trondheim, and Tukayyid. Along the Lyran Alliance - Skye, Bolan, Cavanaugh II, Timbuktu, Coventry, and Melissia. Along the Federated Suns borders it has been the worlds of Valexa, Alcyone, Sirdar, Bromhead, Brockway, and Perdition. This is truly the beginning of the Fifth Succession War as the Inner Sphere deteriorates into terror and chaos.

18th of May, 3083
the Lyran Alliance Ambassador, Michael Keller, submitted a request for a Leave of Abscence and walked off his post to never return. No one knows what, if anything, has happened to our esteemed Lytan Ambassador.

22nd of July, 3083
The Draconis Combine continues to conquer worlds even with the entire weight of the collective Inner Sphere arrayed against it. House Kurita has captured three more worlds from the Federated Suns, Murchinson, Galatia III, Marduk. Two worlds from the Lyran Alliance Alkalurops and Accrington. And Rockland from the Rasalhague Dominion

10th of August, 3084
The Mercenary Brigade, The Restless Souls have 'acquired' full fledge Mako-Class Corvette WarShip dubbed the Hyperion. It is unclear whether it is a reconstituted previously thought to be scuttled WarShip or fresh off the assembly lines WarShip from the Bolson Shipyards in the Lyran Alliance. It will be a welcomed addition to the Federated Suns arsenal in defense of the Restless Souls' LandHold Quentin on the Draconis Combine-Federated Suns Border.

13th of August, 3084
Following a series of raids by both sides which stall large-scale offensive actions, Phalan, Sakhalin and Eaglesham are annexed as Draconis Combine forces shift focus from the Federated Suns front to the Lyran Alliance border.

9th of October, 3084
Looking to follow up on the successful and tenuous unofficial truce caused by the arrival of peacekeepers on the Federated Suns and Draconis Combine border, SLDF peacekeepers roll into camps along the Lyran Alliance and Draconis Combine front line with only initial success as cross-border raiding continues to take place by years end.

7th of January, 3085
Triumvirate Commanding General Archer Christofori recalled to Lyran Alliance to serve as General of the Armies. He is replaced by Commanding General Rikardo Burketon of the 2nd Army.

13th of January, 3085
Adam Steiner becomes Archon of Lyran Alliance and discovers the Brotherhood of Cincinnatus’s involvement in Peter Steiner-Davion’s death.

4th of January, 3086
It was one year ago that Peter Steiner-Davion and his children Melissa and Marcus, fell to an assassin in the Throne Room on Tharkad. For nearly a year the people of the Lyran Alliance have grieved with his widow, Duchess Hermione Aten of Skye. A nation in the mourning has just begun to collect itself. Adam Steiner’s ascension to the Tharkad throne soothed many who saw him as the right man at the right time, and reduced fears of some kind of internal strife or even Civil War. At the same time, the hunt for the architects of the tragedy is on-going. Although numerous experts have pointed fingers at the Draconis Combine, more recent accumulated evidence has pointed at the Brotherhood of Cincinnatus. LOKI and other LIC organizations have begun to target the organization with a sense of grim determination. Anyone found to be explicitly aware of the intended assassination, or taken part in it has become a target of an ongoing and lethal manhunt. Much of that activity has centered around Gacrux, a stronghold of the Brotherhood, and led to extensive purges of the Gacrux Freedom Theatre Militia. For much of the year, Duchess Hermione Aten remained on Tharkad, often appearing with Adam Steiner at public events and memorials. We have recently learned that after a year of mourning, she will return to her homeworld of Skye. The move appears timed with a growing sense that Skye is free from the threat of any imminent Draconis Combine invasion. The beloved Duchess’s return comes at a time of discontent in the Isle of Skye. The Duchess’s marriage and children were long perceived within the Isle of Skye as the fulfillment of Skye’s destiny to rise up and lead the Lyran Alliance. With that dream crushed and many worlds in the Isle of Skye suffering from devastation in the recent fighting with the Draconis Combine, many people in the Isle of Skye have reassumed their more rebellious spirit, finding fault with Archon Adam Steiner’s decisions at every turn and being openly critical of recent events (and the Alliance’s handling of them). As a direct result of this, LIC presence within the Isle of Skye has been intensified to levels not seen since before the FedCom Civil War.

1st of February, 3086
Angus McCleod, the Ambassador to the Lyran Alliance is ill and can no longer perform his duties. He has tendered his intent to resign from his MRBC office.

10th of February, 3086
The esteemed Elias Konrad Ritter has been sworn in as the new Lyran Alliance Ambassador

1st of April, 3086
The Free Worlds League launches an invasion of the Lyran Alliance, targeting the key worlds of Hesperus II and Bolan. The former invasion fails miserably, though the Free Worlds League succeeds in seizing several Lyran worlds. The Lyran Alliance counterattacks into the Free Worlds League, attacking several key worlds such as Dieudonne and Connaught. The mixed success of the campaign becomes a source of embarrassment for Captain-General Alys Rousset-Marik, even as hawks within the FWL advocate continuing hostilities.

20th of May, 3086
The Free Worlds League launched Operation Holy Grail, a 2 pronged assault on the Lyran Alliance. The operation was organized with great secrecy. Two High profile targets, Bolan and Hesperus II, were attacked first in surprise assaults, their respective assault forces having jumped through uninhabited systems to reach their targets. The Free Worlds League followed up by assaults on the border worlds in two cordons that connected FWL territory to their high profile target objectives.

7th of February, 3087
Lyran Alliance officials have confirmed that the Lyran Alliance is embarking on a massive civilian infrastructure and military reconstruction and build-up within the traditional boundaries of the Isle of Skye. The move comes after months of increasing hostility in Skye toward the Alliance government after many Skye worlds fell to the Draconis Combine and many others were ravaged in raids. The offensives put Skye itself within grabbing reach of the Combine, which sent the people of Skye into an uproar over the perceived failures of the Alliance government.

10th of March, 3087
Today a senior officer in the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces confirmed reports that three new BattleMech regiments and a number of supporting units have been activated. The Tenth and Twelfth Donegal Guard RCTs and the 1st Lyran Regulars have officially returned to active duty. All three units were destroyed in the 3050 Clan Invasion prior to the Battle of Tukayyid The restoration of these units appears to be part of a large build-up and rebuilding of the LAAF following years of war on the Draconis Combine front, as well as on and off hostilities on the Clan front. Most recently, the Free Worlds League has launched a new offensive that the LAAF was hard-pressed to counter. The simultaneous unveiling of all three units, which had been formed and training in secret, came as little shock to many LAAF observers both inside the Lyran Alliance and beyond.

10th of May, 3087
In retaliation for Free Worlds League assaults in Lyran Alliance space, including the loss of Bolan, the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces dusted off and activate a contingency plan called Operation Switchblade. The objective of Operation Switchblade was to detour further adventurism by the Free Worlds League by seizing several worlds and destroying several units. The threat presented by a deep strike would then force the Free Worlds League to adopt a defensive posture. The Lyran Alliance sought to keep whatever it gained, but stemming any momentum of the Free Worlds League Military was the primary objective. The worlds of Shiloh, Wing and Dubhe were the Wave One assaults. Dieudonne, Bordon, Connaught and Van Diemen IV were assaulted in Wave Two. The LAAF took those worlds and held them long enough to achieve the Operation’s strategic directive. The loss of Dieudonne in particular, headquarters for the FWLM’s entire Dieudonne Military District, served as a shock factor to the FWLM. In addition, these assaults put worlds like Irian, Marik and Augustine under the potential threat of an attack.

12th of June, 3087
After intense fighting on the planet between the Free Worlds League and the Lyran Alliance and in space that lasted several months, the part of Holy Grail assault on Hesperus II failed, which included the destruction of the Thera-class Supercarrier Thomas Marik in space and the destruction of the Haematite Guard regiment on the surface, the remaining FWL forces withdrew from Hesperus II. The Bolan thrust will succeed, leading to the FWL conquest of Cavannaugh II, Bolan, Dixie and Loric. The assault on Giausar failed. The Hesperus II thrust was suspended after the failure to seize Hesperus II. By the time news of the failure got out, the worlds of Rahne and New Kyoto were already seized, assaults on Solaris VII and Algorab (then in-progress) were aborted and the Hesperus II thrust was cancelled. The Bolan assault was successful. Though now the world is exposed to counterattack.

10th of August, 3087
The Lyran Alliance hired Mercenary Unit, Ingersoll's Armored Cavalry, failed to hold Sudeten from an unknown attacker.

23rd of January, 3088
If the rumors are to be believed, the former Commandant of the Black Jack School of Conflict General Norman Bates and Commodore Miles Kylisearn of the Thorin Flight Academy have been recalled to the Tharkad and will assume command of all Lyran Alliance units shortly.

12th of December, 3088
Jeannie Sherwood, Goddard Press (AFP) DEVELOPING STORY - [Terra] - This reporter has just learned from informed sources at the Sol Nadir Jump Point Tracking Station that Union class DropShip DCS Misery engaged in a dangerous high-speed maneuver to connect with now-missing Chimeisho class JumpShip DCS Suzaku. The Misery has been identified by our Lyran Alliance sources as a DCMS military vessel on temporary loan to the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission, based on Outreach. General Näslund of the Akki Tsubasa Mercenary Company has yet to comment on the conduct of his troops aboard Mago Barca, or aboard Misery.

9th of January, 3089
With the incoming New Year the following changes have occurred around the Inner Sphere. The recognition of the Official Holdings of Clan Rift Tiger and Clan Diamond Shark. The Draconis Combine gained Sabik, Dalkeit, and Skondia from the Lyran Alliance The Confederated Magistry gained Bell, Safe Port, and Hadnall from the Federated Suns. The Free Worlds League gained Connaught, Bordon, Dieudonne, and Dubhe from the Lyran Alliance The Lyran Alliance gained Marfik, Ryde, Alphecca, and Lyons from the Draconis Combine. Wyatt, Rahne, and New Kyoto from the Free Worlds League The Federated Suns gained Woodstock and Yangtze from the Confederated Magistry. Hazelhurst, Inner End, Sevon, and Mitchella from the Outworlds Alliance. The Taurian Concordant gained Caldwell from the Federated Suns

12th of February, 3089
ALLIANCE-NET NETFACES – The Social Network! – Who’s that girl? (Melody Harris, AFP) – When the Lyran Alliance Dame Emily-Deanna Allard, mercenary ‘nobility’ by Kell Hounds extraction, disappeared during her East Coast excursion on Terra several months ago, no one batted an eye, as Mark Allard’s rebellious daughter was well known for slipping the gaze of her guards and shipping off to somewhere more fun in her not-so-distant youth. Lately, however, we have to wonder about the company she’s keeping! Mercenary AeroJock Randall Steele (yes, faithful viewers, the Runaway Groom from our June broadcast), known for a lackluster career in the Gargoyles mercenary company before his family called it quits, has recently been involved with The Irregulars, a rag-tag bunch of deserters made good whose exploits have been very hush-hush. Oddly enough, Dame Allard’s disappearance coincided with Mr. Steele’s arrival visit to New York! Not soon afterwards, this woman, ‘Sergeant Harris’, a technician of The Irregulars appeared out of nowhere, and formed of sea foam and whole cloth. Do you think she bears a resemblance to our missing Lady? You know I do!

1st of March, 3089
Karyn Minnick, Reporting for Outreach Outlook's Evening Edition. "While most attention was focused on the confusion over the missing DCS Suzako, and all the rumor, counter rumor, and still unclear accounts that have filtered through in recent weeks. One bit of news that seemingly flew under the radar, was the reactivation of Lt. General Timothy Joshua Reid to the post of Deputy Director. Lt. General Reid had been appointed to the post some time ago, but after barely a year serving in the office, the General suddenly 'disappeared' from service. The official word had been, that the Deputy Director had retired for undisclosed personal reasons. The Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission had been expected to appoint another officer to that post, but in stead the position stood vacant until the MRBC quietly announced they had filled the post with Timothy Joshua Reid, who had been reactivated out of semi-retirement. When asked, where the Deputy Director had been for so many months, the response was simply that Deputy Director Reid had left to take care of undisclosed personal issues. Further detail had not been provided. Now while this may have seemed a very honest answer to some the question remains, what were these personal issues? Scuttlebutt around Harlech has ranged far and wide. One speculation was that the Deputy Director had left to take care of health issue involving secret surgery at a facility in Liberty Holds. Another was speculation that he had been sent to the Free Worlds League to act as part of an MRBC commission evaluating charges against one of the lesser known merc units involved in the recent fighting with the Lyran Alliance on New Kyoto. As you can see some of these speculations range from the highly plausible, to some really far fetched whoppers. One DropShip Captain speculated that the Deputy had been on a secret scouting mission in the Chaos March with actions investigating the involvement of Clan Diamond Shark JumpShips in the vicinity of Lipton. One rather salty technician recently retired from 12th Vegan Rangers suggested that the Deputy Director Reid had disappeared into the Davion Outback to adjudicate a dispute between another mercenary command and the Dechavilier Enclave. One things for sure, whatever the truth may be, Deputy Director Reid has only re-resumed some of his former duties, most importantly, the current logistical bottleneck of dispositioning salvage for the various Commands as they report in on their contract statuses. Time will tell whether the Deputy Director's duties will continue to be limited to this role, or if he may begin to reassert the responsibilities that have previously been exerted by his office.

31st of October, 3089
The Royal Corvax on Lipton repelled a Diamond Shark invasion. The main fighting seemed to center around the Space Port but the Space Port remained open and unaffected by the Diamond Shark invasion. The Royal Corvax force minimized collateral damages and no Lipton citizen was injured. During the Diamond Shark invasion, the Lipton planetary government send a message to the Lyran Alliance asking to re-join and asked for defensive forces in case the Diamond Sharks tried again. The Lyran Alliance sent a diplomatic entourage and military forces.

18th of December, 3089
The Lyran Alliance Ambassador, Baron Bennedict Steiner-Arnold, has gone missing since May 3089. House Steiner has conducted massive searches for his whereabouts in the region he was last seen in. Today they have inducted his replacement Damad Sandaker

1st of January, 3090
As we begin a new year please take note of the following changes around the Inner Sphere. Lyran Alliance Gained from the old Chaos March Lipton. Gained from Free Worlds League: New Kyoto, Rahne, Wyatt. Loss to Free Worlds League: Connaught, Bordon, Dieudonne, Dubhe. Loss to ULTRA Zollikofen, Denebola. Draconis Combine Loss to ULTRA Rigil Kentarus, Fomalhaut, Yorii. Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) Loss to ULTRA Acamar, Slocum, Azha, Alrescha, Tikonov. Federated Suns Loss to ULTRA Woodstock, Yangtze, Hamal, Bharat, Nopah, Kawich, Ruchbah, Ingress. Loss to Outworlds Alliance Mitchella, Sevon. Gained from the Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) New Hessen.

14th of February, 3090
The Bloody Marauders Battalion sub-unit of the Black Stars had been on a recon raid into Clan Wolf space on Dompaire for the Lyran Alliance. It is reported that they have completed their assigned objectives. The Marauders have determined what Clan Wolf force is on planet and what military targets are also established on Dompaire. The Marauders sneaked onto the planet and have established a temporary base. With their mission complete, the battalion now waits to find out whether they will extract or continue with future mission. The Marauders also have not created any casualties nor inflicted any damage to the Dompaire infrastructure.

15th of March, 3090
The Bloody Marauders Battalion of the Black Stars has successfully returned the planet of Dompaire back to the Lyran Alliance by defeating the Clan Wolf defenders. The Bloody Marauders eliminated the Clan Wolf garrison force plus captured many of the Wolf facilities intact. During the planetary assault, the Bloody Marauders went to extraordinary lengths not to create any civilian casualties and not damaging the planet infrastructure. So far, Clan Wolf has not retaliated. We have news that the newly formed 19th Lyran Guards RCT is now garrisoning Dompaire.

28th of July, 3090
Comstar News Network CNN Rumors have placed The Black Wolf Rangers near the Clan Jade Falcon occupation Zone. The Storm Wolf regiment has been sent to the Lyran Alliance for joint maneuvers and possibly to reinforce the Military corridor against the Falcons. We all know that the Rangers excel at reconnaissance and being near the planet of Blue Hole could lead us to surmise that possible elements are already in the Clan Zone.

1st of August, 3090
The 7th Armored Legion was successful in helping the Lyran Alliance's Lipton's military get back into operational shape with the finishing of a new base. The Mayor opens the base with a festival and two days of food and fun for everyone. Mean while, Comstar thanks the 7th Armored for their hard work in helping keeping Ultra recon raids out of the system and would like to extend their contract to help the planet build a new cadre able to fight any future forces. The newly formed 13th Donegal Guard RCT arrived in system to take over any combat operations in the area. The 7th Armored hands over the new built base and head back out to their camp in the old 143 camp. In other news, a sad note is that Precentor Mark Levins who worked with the 7th Armored died from sudden heart attack after jumping from Lipton

5th of October, 3090
Comstar News Network War games on the Lyran border rimward of Blue Hole with Clan Jade Falcon are ongoing with Lyran RCT's conducting engagements with the OPFOR the Black Wolf Ranger's. Speculation is leading to a multitude of scenarios as the Lyrans and BWR drill in anti clan tactics. Will the Lyran Alliance dive into conflict with the Falcons?

15th of November, 3090
The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command was successful in distracting the Clan Jade Falcon Forces on Antares, by harassment and interdiction of their command and control assets. The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command traveled from the Lyran Alliance's world of Solaris VII to Antares, in the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. Upon arrival, the Black Talon Phoenix separate companies participated in a series of lightning raids, designed to draw the Jade Falcon Cluster out, and cause them to spend their combat assets to counter act the attacks taking place on planet, in an attempt to keep Clan Jade Falcon from crossing the Clan Truce line, and exploit the border worlds, in reaction to ULTRA's attacks on the Inner Sphere.

15th of January, 3091
The Bloody Marauders Battalion of the Black Stars has successfully nullified the pirate menace in the Timbuktu sector and along the periphery border with the Rim Collective on the planet of Wiltshire in the Lyran Alliance. The Marauders had divided its units in the hunt for the pirates and the unknown location of their base. The Marauders' various lances scoured the areas of space. The Marauders had located the pirates and neutralized their base of operation. The Marauders maintained constant contact with the Lyran Alliance Task Force in the sector. The Marauders fulfilled the contract objectives successfully proving that the Black Stars are superb pirate hunting force in the Inner Sphere.

15th of March, 3091
The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command, after having a successful rebirth on the Planet Antares, against Clan Jade Falcon, had been contracted to proceed to the Free Worlds League, there to raid Talitha, with the intent of extracting several VIP Prisoners of War, for the Lyran Alliance. A quick early morning raid, and the unit achieved their mission, linking up with a Lyran task force, and turning over the liberated Lyran military personnel.

15th of March, 3091
The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command, now at regimental strength, continues to move forward, their rebirth appearing to be complete, as they rack up one victory after another. They are quickly adding on to their reputation, and are once again sought after for missions requiring speial handling. The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command, after having a successful rebirth on the Planet Antares, against Clan Jade Falcon, had been contracted to proceed to the Free Worlds League, there to raid Talitha, with the intent of extracting several VIP Prisoners of War, for the Lyran Alliance. A quick early morning raid, and the unit achieved their mission, linking up with a Lyran task force, and turning over the liberated Lyran military personnel.

14th of August, 3091
NR- Comstar News Network. The Black Wolf Rangers failed to complete a diversionary contract on Blue Hole for the Lyran Alliance against the Jade Falcons. Conducting a year long Diversionary raid the Mercenary unit acquitted itself poorly, creating minimal havoc amongst the Clan defenders. However, neutralizing clan air fields , communication facilities and Head quarters the BWR kept the Falcons guessing for the year they were on planet amongst the Clan defenders.

15th of November, 3091
The Bloody Marauders Battalion of the Black Stars has successfully completed the Cadre Duty contract on the Lyran Alliance world of Algorab. The Bloody Marauders completed the contract objectives but went beyond the expectations of the contract. Both the Militia Commander and the Planetary Council of Algorab provided the Bloody Marauders high marks in their professionalism and duties.

26th of December, 3091
Storm's Armored Cavalry executed a garrison contract on Halifax. Near the end of the contract period, a hostile force of superior strength landed and attacked with the aid of local militia and nobility. SAC has been forced from its encampment and presently is operating in restrictive terrain as a guerrilla force with both Comstar and loyalist Lyran forces. Storm's Armored Cavalry lands on the Lyran Alliance world of Halifax. Setups up a security perimeter around the SpacePort. Establish an off base bivouac complete with fortifications and scatterable low power, long range, high speed data communications system that emit light or smoke, or both, using a pyrotechnic to provide the flare and smoke to generate Phantom Signals and misrouted commands. The SAC will have some friends to make, hearts and minds to win. The first quarter of our contract we will be in negotiations with Baron Jacobi Horowitz, Hauptmann-Kommandant Mandel Lombroso, and the Explorer Corp. After several surveys of other sights, we will make a bid on the Lyran Alliance's behalf to acquire the Explorer Corp mothballed base. By the end of the quarter, after some back and forth, the Explorer Corp and SAC will reach an agreement that leaves the Corp with a twenty percent stake in their base, for running the HPG and other minor operations should the decide to return. While negotiations are ongoing the SAC will be assessing the preparedness and needs of the local militia forces. The second quarter will be devoted towards getting the base up and operational, with consumables, repairs, supplies, personnel, etc and preparing a presentation to convince the Archon of the need for funding. The SAC and Militia will undergo and AeroSpace Fighter strafing attack causing significant damage. After completing a thorough threat assessment the SAC will reach the conclusion that the sortie was launched from Halifax and not from orbit nor a jumppoint. At about this time the SAC will learn of the possibility of a military cache and a production facility on Halifax from a data dump from the Explorer Corp Servers to our DropShips memory core. In the third quarter the first of the updated militia equipment will begin arriving and the SAC's Coleman's Rough Riders will start training the Halifax Militia anti-mech tactic, and Chameleon will train them in spec-ops tactics while the SAC performs a recruiting drive. Delving further into the memory core data the SAC will be made aware of the following planets possibly being able to sustain life again: Wingzar, Parvan, Sidon, Janina, Rosetta, and Seven Lands. SAC and then the newly trained Milita encounter raids in lance strength who hop in to probe their defenses. They hit us where we are most vulnerable. It screams, 'MOLE'. The SAC has reason to believe that their intel has been compromised and that the enemy has found out we are here in force, and they are attacking us with more than we have to garrison Halifax. In the fourth quarter some of our Militia trainees have been baptize by fire and are moving into some leadership roles. We have the Explorer Corp Base's defenses up and functional. The SAC counter-insurgency arm of Chameleon is in full mole hunt mode to catch the Rim Collection spy. The SAC is left to fend for themselves for months while the LAAF exploits the commitment of enemy power. We are forced out of the Explorer Corp Base and our Bivouac is routed. We retreat to the jungles and conduct a holding action. We hold on by our fingernails with the locals until the LAAF can arrive to re-take Halifax.

1st of January, 3092
Captain-General Agatha Rousset-Marik and her advisors saw the creation of an independent Tikonov Free Republic as a win for them, as it would serve as the host for a spread of the Covenant, and would serve as an indirect way to weaken the other Great Houses and deny them key worlds and the support of people in that region, particularly Tikonov nationalists who have traditionally been loyal to the Capellans or Davions. Eventually ULTRA built up its own army, largely paid for by the FWL and operating alongside the FWLM but it was not part of the FWLM. ULTRA was also the primary outlet for Agatha’s ambitions for a while, using ULTRA as a pretext for overt and covert military operations. It resulted in a military campaign in which the Inner Sphere began to see what kind of leader Agatha was, the aggressive dangerous kind, full of revolutionary ideas in her head, she wasn’t content with the status quo. The very existence of ULTRA and Agatha’s support for it has become a source of political fodder between the Great Houses. This created lots of political angles to act/react to and at least a few mercenary contracts. In the final days of 3089 evidence started to pile up that ULRA existed, what it is, and that it was building a military with the Free Worlds League’s help. The Great Houses started to take stock of the situation, trying to gather intelligence and make plans. This set off alarm bells across the Inner Sphere as the former Tikonov Free Republic worlds include Chaos March worlds, Confederated Magistracy worlds, Lyran Alliance Worlds, Draconis Combine Worlds and even Federated Suns worlds. ULTRA made appearances in several merc contracts in the Old Chaos March/New ULTRA region. During the Fifth Succession War old-fashioned hatreds were reignited as traditional Great House enemies smacked each other around much like they had done for hundreds of years. There is another new militant faction in the heart of the Inner Sphere, ULTRA. The Liberty Holds government is a "Good guy" faction, white knights, inheritors of the Star League's idealism. By comparison ULTRA sought to be a power player on the Inner Sphere stage, one that was backed by an aggressive leader and all her resources. Its very existence has shaken up the dynamics of the Inner Sphere. Agatha Rousset-Marik is a villain. In the course of her career and life, she has been our Napoleon. She has gone after everybody, no one is safe. All the Great Houses find themselves a target of her ambitions, and she in turn is vilified by all and eventually attracted the wrath of all. In the shorter term, ULTRA was the first big move that she made, the first evidence that Agatha may be a big threat to the Inner Sphere. Agatha Marik is a modern day Napoleon. She is a revolutionary at heart, someone who wants to upset the status quo and not play the normal game. She is the cause of one or more wars, some small, some eventually very big. The first one of note involved ULTRA. She continues to pushes on with her agenda. For her ULTRA, and other pretexts for conquest are exactly that, a pretext, an excuse to attack while maintaining the appearance of being a good leader to her own people. The Age of Agatha is upon us.

24th of January, 3092
On an Offensive Campaign on the world of Summer under the employ of the Lyran Alliance, the Black Stars SUCCESSFUL Destroy the ULTRA 101st RCT, Secure the Starport, and capture an ULTRA Supply Depot and fortifications.

1st of February, 3092
In retaliation for last years uprisings on Orestes, sponsored by the Lyran Alliance, the 12th Bear Guards, the Growling Bears, landed on the world of Apostica. Acting on intelligence gathered from rebels captured on Orestes, the 12th moved against the two rebel training centers on the world, destroying both after savage fighting. En route back to their dropships, the Dominion forces were engaged by the Apostica planetary militia. In a short, pitched battle, the Militia fought bravely but were quickly routed with heavy loss of life. Wether this incident has shattered the fragile peace between the Lyran and Rasalhague states remains to be seen.

26th of March, 3092
The Lyran Alliance's Hauptman Mari Laurenson hired Storms Armored Cavalry to undertake MRBC registered contract LA-GW-12-01 a Guerrilla Warfare Campaign on their world of Halifax against the 3rd Battalion of the 4th Rim Worlds Dragoons. The SAC SUCCESSFULLY liberate their POWs and performed Reconnaissance operations, small-scale ambushes and general harassment of enemy forces complete with Sabotage and Assassinations.

16th of June, 3092
The 13th Donegal Guards were extracted from Lipton. Under Blockade for several months, the 13th Donegal Guards were stuck on Lipton and facing stiff opposition with the Marik 5th Dragoons. A successful break of the blockade allowed the extraction force to land on Lipton and move the 13th off world. The RCT is now heading into a new theater of operations to keep the pressure of the Lyran Alliance.

17th of August, 3092
The Lyran Alliance's Katherine Steiner brought back to justice, Khan Ward Dead In a daring extraction raid to bring Katherine Steiner to justice, Khan Ward of the Wolf Clan has been killed in fighting against the Black Wolf Rangers. Having landed on Zoetermeer to retrieve the Ex-Archon elements of the Mercenary command conducted recon operations which culminated with intense combat operations against the clan Garrison and the Visiting leader of the Wolves. In a pitched battle Lupus Primus Black killed Khan Ward in hand to hand combat after both of their mechs were ruined in combat with one another.

17th of August, 3092
The Lyran Alliance High Command has sought out the Black Wolf Rangers to assist them in a Diversionary Raid, # LA-DR-12-01 on Cor Caroli against the 57th ULTRA Dragoons in which the BWR SUCCESSFULLY broke the blockade, destroy ULTRA supply depots, and relieved beleaguered Lyran forces on planet

25th of November, 3092
Reports from the Lyran world of Halifax reveal a year long struggle by Steiner loyalists and Storm's Armored Cavalry mercenary unit have restored the planet to Lyran rule decimating the occupying Rim Worlds Dragoons. Additionally, unconfirmed reports that the Dragoons were equipped with FWL weapons and equipment leave questions about a connection to Atreus and the sudden buildup of Rim Collection military forces. The Command Staff is scattered and Missing in Action somewhere in the Sundry Mountain Range on Halifax�s secondary Agricultural continent La Loutre. The Sundry Mountains are located in the country of Mustelid�s, that encompasses the center portion of the continent. Commander Ciara Storm, Captain Teso River, and Second Lieutenant Luke Shanahan. Command of the Storm�s Armored Cavalry fell to First Lieutenant Ellison Reed. The three Command Staff members went missing in an attempt to save the SAC Mercenary Unit from complete annihilation and to cover their retreating non-combatants. At a critical point after Teso River had his Purifier Suit shot up and Ciara Storm punched out of her Warhammer the weather turned extremely foul. A category four storm cell hit, with heavy rain accompanied by high winds and lightning. The torrential downpour was abundant and had a fast on-set and lasted for a long period. Longer than any previous storm cell according to the Halifax Weather Service.. Hazards associated with torrential rains included flash floods, stream flooding and landslides. It rained over the Sundry Mountains for an extended period of time causing secondary damages as the ground became saturated with precipitation. It caused problems in watersheds and building stability. In addition, the temperature dropped so low, it caused problems in the freeze-thaw cycles for other structures including roadways. Lieutenant Shanahan escaped in his captured Griffin to a cave complex and stayed held up there for two weeks before linking back up with the unit. Captain Rivers was found eighteen days later by Apollo, the SAC Search and Rescue Team, dehydrated and delirious, afflicted with some native infection. It is believed that he spent the first 72 hours, amidst the worst part of the storm, scouring the mountains for Commander Storm. He insists that Ciara Storm is still alive and he will not rest until he finds her or proof of otherwise. The SAC along with the remnants of the Halifax Garrison are hold up in a cave complex in the Sundry Mountainous region, pretty elaborate set-up for a cave. Thanks to Dread Squad, the SAC�s Combat Engineer Platoon. The enemy forces have taken up occupation on Halifax and left a garrison. They have some popular support from the locals on the main continent of Annapolis but it is not widespread beyond the planetary capital of Corpernicus. Captain River agreed to sit in as Ciara�s Proxy in negotiating their next contract only because he was the only one that the MRBC would recognize as officially having the power to conduct such transactions. Other than that, he is leaving the day-to-day operations to Lieutenant Reed. He is too obsessed with locating Ciara to be effective at anything else. He goes out and searches for her every evening for at least 10 hours sometimes 16 in a quadruped Shedu Recon Battle Armor, recovered from the secret Military Cache on Halifax. Their Employer, Hauptman Mari Laurenson, is being very sympathetic to Teso plight. She has graciously written into the contract a rescue operation objective aimed at liberating the internment camp where SAC members are being held along with Lyran loyalists. This will increase the morale of the rank and file SAC troopers tenfold. Commander Storm miraculously returns to Command with a harrowing tale of evasion and escape. There will be Recon operations to learn as much as we can about the enemy. We need to obtain hard data as to who they are, where did they come from, and why they are targeting Halifax. We have every reason to believe that the enemy is searching for the Star League Cache and production facility. The primary goal of the Recon Ops will be to set up an opportunity to �Snatch & Grab� an enemy Officer to interrogate him. There will be multiple small-scale ambushes, strategically orchestrated to favor the SAC, against isolated enemy Supply Convoys and Patrols as a means of rebuilding units and obtaining spare replacement parts and procuring expendables as well as interdicting operations of the enemy. The SAC will be refitting from the Star League Cache also. It's location is still hidden from the Lyran Alliance Government thus far, however, with the presence of Loki on world the SAC Command is almost certain that this gig is almost up. If LAAF didn't know, they will find out soon. Sabotage and Assassination operations against high value enemy targets to reduce enemy�s overall effectiveness and capabilities. Assassinations are to only be carried out against documented military personnel. All others insurgents shall be detained. The general harassment of enemy forces, the occasional pot shot or artillery shell, the use of IED, preparation of ambush sites, pre-registering targets, and the laying of mines to set up anti-�Mech leg attacks. Without access to the HPG we have no intelligence about the wider situation off world but our employer has graciously offered to provide us with intel via a manual courier, clandestine delivery, albeit it will be geared towards a Lyran Alliance spin. Our current Intel has a new unit being dropped onto the planet to bolster the Buccaneers Storm. It is predicting an 86% probability that the unit will be the 3rd Battalion of the 4th Rim Worlds Dragoons. It is a mechanized infantry force supported by both armor and rotary wing aviation. Intelligence Reports suggest that they have been formally trained to House standards, but have yet to see actual combat. Their equipment is overwhelmingly Free World's League designs and seemingly 3085 or newer.

12th of May, 3093
The Lyran Alliance grants the recently formerly lost world of Erdvynn as a landhold to the Black Star's Mercenary Unit commander Zhao Zi Long. In addition the Archon has bestowed the title of Baron upon the Black Stars Colonel in honor of their service to the successor state. This move serves as a counter to a recent uptick in Pirate activity in the anti-spinward reaches after the Black Stars succeeded in locating and destroying a Pirate stronghold on the former Rim Worlds Republic provincial capitol of Erdvynn.

20th of June, 3093
The Black Stars SUCCESSFULLY completed contract #LA-PH-02-02 a Pirate Hunting operation by destroying the Pirate units that were raiding Althastan 1 in the Lyran Alliance.

9th of September, 3093
After months of negotiations and Trials of Refusal, the two halves of Clan Wolf achieve reunification. Clan Wolf-in-Exile rejoins their brethren on Tamar and the Exiled Wolves Khan, Tanya Radick, becomes the new saKhan. Clan Wolf-in-Exile ceases to resist. The Lyran Alliance does not try to stop this, as they can see that any move against either Clan will simply push the two even closer together.

18th of September, 3093
The Mercenary Unit the, Black Wolf Rangers, SUCCESSFULLY Identify the pirate force, Martian Invasion Company, and eliminate them from the Lyran Alliance's system of Son Hoa on MRBC Registered Pirate Hunting Contract #LA-PH-02-01 which was submitted by Hauptman Mari Laurenson

2nd of January, 3094
With the aid of Lyran Alliance LOKI intelligence, the Black Stars, SUCCESSFULLY rid Erdvynn of an unknown Band of Pirates via Planetary Assault # PY-PA-04-02 negotiated by Ambassador Damad Sandaker

27th of July, 3094
The Black Stars went into the Clan Zone and squared off against the Jade Falcons' Lambda Solahma Cluster in Recon Raid # CZ-RR-04-05 on Somerset and SUCCESSFULLY gathered intel about the population, enemy forces, bases, supply depots, and fortifications while in the employ of the Lyran Alliance's Kaptain Morice Hiltburger

27th of March, 3095
In a SUCCESSFUL Extraction on contract # LA-EX-04-02 of Mykyta Serfass from Calvados, an unclaimed System near the Lyran Alliance planet, Erdvynn, the Black Stars obtained intel for the Lyran Alliance on the pirate forces Calvados Cutthroats.

22nd of July, 3095
The planet Phecda was SUCCESSFULLY reclaimed by the Lyran Alliance, freed from the control of the 67th ULTRA Battalion on Planetary Assault LA-PA-04-06 posted to the MRBC by Hauptmann Frank Seer. The Black Talon Phoenixes Mercenary Command escorted the Mule Class drop ship of much needed supplies to the local population, thwarting the enemy Battalion's attempts to intercept the shipment and proceeded to stymie the occupying force at every turn. The remains of the 67th battalion were forced to leave the planet.

15th of March, 3096
After the Restless Souls established an extensive covert intelligence network last year while traveling to the Rim Commonality’s Lesnovo on the Anti Spinward Periphery Border between the Free Worlds League and the Marian Hegemony, Periphery March Minister, Field Marshal Xavier Steele, has taken up a slightly different posture in his defense of the Federated Suns. The first Quarter of 3096 finds four of his six regiments positioned in ‘Hot Spots’ around the newly minted Confederated Systems of Tikonov. His Bravo Sledgehammer Assault Galaxy, has been dispatched to Demeter in the Federated Suns Capellan March; Echo Manticore Strike Regiment is garrisoning Edwards in the Crucis March; Delta Heaven’s Fist Hunter-Killer Regiment is stationed on Addicks in the Draconis March; and the Field Marshal along with his command Smilodon battalion, the Restless Souls entire Warship Armada, and his Alpha Honor Guard Regiment are at the Fort on his fiefdom world, Quentin. He has sent his Charlie Eagle Eye Reconnaissance Regiment on up to Baxter in the Lyran Alliance and his Foxtrot Diablo Defense Regiment back to the capital of his Ruling Periphery March Region, Broken Wheel.

9th of May, 3096
The mighty Black Wolf Rangers FAILED in Defensive Campaign # LA-DC-06-06 against Clan Jade Falcon on the Lyran Alliance planet Kikuyu when their entire command was wiped out by a Naval Bombardment from Jade Falcon Rho Galaxy's, Cameron-class WarShip, Turkina’s Pride. Their Employer Contact, Colonel Timothe Adler, expressed his deepest regret and vowed the House Steiner would avenge their loss.

15th of July, 3096
Per the Lyran Alliance Liaison Officer, Hauptmann Maria Peake, the Black Talon Phoenixes unsuccessfully performed an Objective Raid on MRBC contract # FW-OR-08-01 on the Free Worlds League's, Silver Hawks Coalition world of Kalidasa. They did not demolish the Hepburn Base, defeat Hepburn Base’s garrison, nor were they able to destroy the replacement depot troops and equipment against elements of the 31st Marik Militia & Kalidasa Armored Corps.

1st of September, 3096
While in the employ of the Lyran Alliance on Mizar located in their Freedom Theater and reporting to Hauptmann Eric Von Patton for contract # LA-SC-08-01, Ingersoll's Armored Cavalry SUCCESSFULLY bled the 10th Marik Militia forces from the four major spaceports on the Majestica, Paradasia, Solasia, and Wunderlund continents and capture the Recharge Station.

19th of September, 3096
The Restless Souls Mercenary Brigade SUCCESSFULLY completed Diversionary Raid # LA-DR-06-01 against Clan Jade Falcons in the Clermont Gap on the Lyran Alliance planet Kikuyu. Under orders from Colonel Timothe Adler, the Souls gained control of the Nadir JumpPoint, resupplied the 15th Lyran Regulars, uncovered the Jade Falcons intentions and contacted the BWR Command, however; they were able to get them off of Kikuyu.

1st of June, 3097
While in the employ of University of Washington (U-Wash) on Donegal in the Donegal Province of the Lyran Alliance, Ingersoll's Armored Cavalry Mecernary Battalion SUCCESSFULLY defended the HPG firewall technology, protected the project’s personnel all while limiting collateral damage to U-Wash’s Main campus against a defunct unit of the Covenant on contract # LA-DC-04-06. The unit received accolades from the University President Collin Grady and Baron von Ludwigsburg.

17th of September, 3098
Due entirely to circumstances beyond their control, the Dark Sun Combat Corps FAILED their Freshman contract Offensive Campaign # CC-OC-06-03 for the Federated Suns when their Union Class DropShip suffered a catastrophic Star League V250 System Drive failure at launch. The Dark Sun Combat Corps was due to reinforce the Wolf's Dragoons, Alpha Regiment and its Commanding Officer, Colonel Kelly Yukinov on the ConMag (Capellan Confederation) world of Menke who were battling the Olson’s Rangers and Lethal Injection Units. Captain Zane is not alowing this mishap to deter him; however, his Dark Suns are right back in the saddle on the Lyran Alliance Security Duty contract # PY-SD-04-07.

3rd of October, 3098
The Dioscuri in conjunction with the Lyran Alliance LIC, SUCCESSFULLY Extracted Carlos Marik and his family from the Free Worlds League's, Terra Military District world of Mizar on MRBC contract # LA-EX-04-03 and completed their defection by bringing them to Steiner space as reported by Hauptmann Alexis Bratton.

1st of February, 3099
In a Joint Contract with the Dark Suns Combat Core and an adhoc Spec Ops Infantry company with vehicle support from the Rabid Wolves, the Joint Task Force SUCCESSFULLY escorted the Lyran Alliance Ambassador Karl Liensdorf to all scheduled affairs on the Rim Collection world Gillfillian's Gold despite the hostilities conducted by the Rim World Consul Zealots. The contract was Security Duty bid on MRBC # PY-SD-02-03

Origin and History:
Though a new realm in name, the Lyran Alliance is essentially a new incarnation of the old Lyran Commonwealth. It lies within roughly the same borders, its people share the same mercantile outlook, and it embodies many of the same strengths and weaknesses as its famous predecessor. Prominent among the former are hardheaded pragmatism, an instinct for a good deal and a genuine commitment to peace as the best guarantor of prosperity. Like the Commonwealth it replaced, however, the Lyran Alliance possesses a weak military relative to its fellow Successor States. Though sufficiently strong to defend its territory, the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces remains plagued by a persistent lack of ability among its high-level officers. Questions of loyalty have added to its military troubles; in the wake of secession from the Federated Commonwealth, unimpeachably pro-Steiner attitudes are frequently given more weight than competence among the soldiery. With a civil war now catching fire, the Alliance faces its gravest threat and starkest test. Whether and how it survives will determine the future of the Lyran people for years to come.

The Lyran Alliance is widely recognized as a nation of merchants and industrialists first, and warriors a distant second. Settled and dominated by predominantly Germanic and Scottish cultures, and ruled by the Steiner family through a combination of political intrigue and brute economic force, the Lyran state is united in the pursuit of status and wealth.

Constitutional Monarchy
(with German feudal stylings)

Germanic, with Swiss banking abilities

Dominant Language(s)
English (official)
German (official)
Scottish Gaelic

Dominant Religion(s)
Christianity (Protestant)

Founding Year


Founding Families
House Steiner, though long identified with the Commonwealth over which it ruled, played no role in its founding. That achievement fell to three other families with far greater prominence in the region at the time: the McQuistons, the Marsdens and the Tamars. The McQuiston clan presided over the Federation of Skye, an interstellar nation built on the profitable Skye Traders mercantile conglomerate. The Marsdens similarly ruled the Protectorate of Donegal, a collection of resource-rich planets held together by the merchant vessels of the Donegal Freights and Goods Company. The Tamars gave their name to the domain they created, the Tamar Pact-blessed with fertile farming worlds and protected against the scourge of bandits by the best-trained soldiers throughout that region of space.

Like other Inner Sphere nations born in the twenty-third and twenty-fourth centuries, the states that became the Lyran Commonwealth formed against a backdrop of turmoil on humanity's homeworld, Terra. Unlike most of those other nations, the people of these regions did not fear Terran military conquest; the threat they perceived was economic. The Tamar Pact came into being in 2235, just two years before the political upheaval of 2237 that drastically shrank Terra's sphere of colonial influence.

Sensitive to the ebb and flow of political tides that could make or break them economically, the merchants of the Tamar worlds saw the Terran pullback coming and took steps to insure their own survival in a suddenly chancier universe. The Federation of Skye and the Protectorate of Donegal, formed in 2299 and 2301 respectively, came into being during the twilight years of the Terran Alliance-a little more than a decade before the Alliance government's violent collapse. Having lived for years under Terra's benign neglect, the leaders of these young nations knew they could not hope for positive change while problems in the Alliance worsened. If their worlds were to prosper, they had to band together.

The rise of the Terran Hegemony in the early twenty-fourth century posed no military threat to Skye, Donegal or Tamar territory. The latter two realms were too far from Terra to make easy targets, and Skye-controlled planets near Terra lay in the opposite direction of the Hegemony's initial conquests. By the 2330s, Hegemony leader James McKenna had begun to realize the futility of attempting to forcibly reunite all human-occupied worlds, and so shifted toward diplomacy. The three Lyran realms benefited hugely from subsequent Terran attention, using monies from healthy trade to finance development and colonization efforts. The Tamar Pact and the Protectorate of Donegal vastly expanded their borders, while the Federation of Skye developed its existing worlds to become a major industrial power.

Throughout the 2330s, the three regions also deepened their ties to one another. Each had resources or capabilities the others found useful-the factories of Skye increasingly depended on the Protectorate of Donegal's abundant natural resources, and both relied on the Tamar Pact as a nearby source of foodstuffs. The Tamar Pact in turn bought finished goods from the Federation of Skye, largely made with Donegal's raw materials. Military concerns also played a role, particularly for the Tamarese. Their worlds lay nearest to the Draconis Combine, which had flexed its expansionist muscles by invading the Principality of Rasalhague in 2330. Rather than become the Combine's next victim, in 2339 Kevin Tamar proposed a merger of their three states to Robert Marsden of the Protectorate of Donegal and Thomas McQuiston of the Federation of Skye. The three leaders met on Arcturus in 2340; near the end of that year, they formally united their territories into a single realm. In early January of 2341, the Director-General of the Terran Hegemony officially recognized the Lyran Commonwealth and welcomed it into the family of interstellar nations.

A Less than Perfect Union
The founders of the Lyran Commonwealth had envisioned it as a means of securing their own and their people's future prosperity, through an elaborate plan for economic integration and a delicately balanced political system of nine co-equal ruling archons. Instead, the Commonwealth's formative decades were marked by economic chaos and political corruption. The blueprint for merging three interstellar economies that had looked eminently workable on paper proved disastrous in practice, leading to wild fluctuations in planetary economies. The archons were in a unique position to exploit these shifts for personal gain. Many of them, long accustomed to small-time graft as the price of doing business, could not resist the temptation to play on a larger scale. While they added to their fortunes, ordinary Lyran citizens suffered. The archons' reluctance to alter this status quo further extended the young Commonwealth's economic troubles. Robert Marsden, the only archon not involved in currency speculation, insider trading and other forms of corruption, could do little but watch as his nation slowly headed toward collapse. Without cooperation from his fellow archons, he was powerless to effect any change.

In the late 2360s, with the Lyran economy still lurching from boom to bust, the neighboring Draconis Combine launched a massive industrial development program. By 2373, the fruits of this activity were beginning to show in a slow but steady military build-up on the Combine-Commonwealth border. When the Lyran central government raised taxes to pay for a build-up of its own, political hell broke loose. Protesters on countless worlds took to the streets, while wildcat strikes and work stoppages threatened a new round of economic woes. Some activists in the Tamar Pact even suggested seceding from the Commonwealth and seeking a treaty with the Combine. The Commonwealth seemed about to implode, until Archon Robert Marsden took action.

Leader of the Protectorate of Donegal and a signatory to the original Commonwealth articles, Archon Robert refused to preside over the collapse of the nation he had helped found. In early 2375, he turned the resources of his office toward collecting evidence of his fellow rulers' dirty dealings. In the meantime, he embarked on an extended tour of Commonwealth worlds. Ostensibly on a fact-finding mission for the next round of economic development meetings, Marsden used the tour to seek out and consolidate political support among planetary government leaders. He also revived old contacts from his days in the Donegal military, and through them built a network of loyal units in the Commonwealth army. By August of 2375, Marsden was ready to move.

The nine archons met on Arcturus that month, as usual. The meeting accomplished little, except to confirm in Marsden's mind the rightness of his course. When the other archons left Arcturus, Marsden stayed behind. Once they were en route to their homeworlds, and therefore safely away from any private armies or boltholes, Marsden broadcast across the Commonwealth the details of their corrupt activities. He then formally stripped them of their powers and declared himself the nation's sole ruling authority. Marsden ended his extraordinary broadcast with a personal pledge that he would not play tyrant, nor continue the mismanagement and outright thievery of the past thirty-odd years. Instead, he promised the Lyran people significant local autonomy and a say in their own government, along with the prosperity so long denied them. In exchange for their support, he guaranteed them all a decent life and a brighter future.

Marsden got the mandate he wanted, fueled by outrage over the other archons' abuses of power. His own reputation for honest dealing added to his public appeal; there was little outcry when Marsden's troops arrested the other Archons and marched them off to life imprisonment. The formation of the Estates General in December of 2375 confirmed for many Lyrans the rightness of their choice to support the sole remaining archon. This parliament-like body included representatives from more than half the planets in the Commonwealth, the first time individual worlds had an official voice in their own government. Its first act was to inaugurate Robert Marsden as Archon Basileus over the entire Lyran Commonwealth.

During the first weeks of his reign, Marsden drafted a new constitution and forwarded a copy to each Commonwealth world. The Articles of Acceptance guaranteed virtually complete autonomy in local affairs for member worlds, provided that each world agreed to honor all reasonable military demands made on it for the common defense and to contribute a portion of planetary gross income for the maintenance of a standing army. The Articles also made the Archon supreme commander of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces and any private armies existing in Commonwealth territory. Most planets had no trouble with the former provisions, but the latter raised strident objections from a few. Between 2376 and early 2378, all but twenty-two planets signed the Articles. Some of the holdouts wanted independence from the Commonwealth; others feared the concentration of power in the Archon's office. Pointing to Marsden's control of the military, they argued that the Estates General were an insufficient check on the powers of what amounted to a military dictator.

Marsden's subsequent actions reinforced this view of him. Planets whose governments opposed him soon found themselves blockaded into submission by ships from the Commonwealth Navy. In the face of slow starvation, all but eight dissenting worlds swiftly caved in. The remaining planets were self-sustaining, and so could resist the blockade indefinitely. The Archon, however, did not allow them that chance. Throughout the rest of 2378, Commonwealth armed forces invaded Tamar, Skye and the six other dissident worlds. Hard fought and bloody, the campaigns ultimately unified the Lyran Commonwealth while sowing the seeds of schisms to come. The planet of Skye saw some of the bitterest fighting; its people, largely of Irish and Scottish descent, swore never to forget the violence done to their homeworld. Their descendants would hold to that pledge down the centuries, often with tragic results.

Coming of Age
The sudden transformation of the Commonwealth government set the stage for a near-miraculous economic recovery, fueled by the Archon's policies to revitalize Lyran commerce. Fifteen years after nearly collapsing, the Lyran Commonwealth was manufacturing goods for export throughout the Inner Sphere and had won lucrative contracts to equip the Terran Hegemony military. The Hegemony connection gave the LCAF access to cutting-edge Terran military technology, which it used to equip its own expanding numbers. The Lyran army's material abundance, however, masked a flaw that would cost the nation dearly time and again over the centuries to come.

Every Inner Sphere realm with a noble class has had its share of blue-blooded incompetents cluttering the higher officer ranks, but the LCAF suffered in addition from the presence of an ambiguous class known as "social generals." In the early days of the Commonwealth, the rank of general was bestowed as a courtesy on influential but untitled individuals-political power brokers, wealthy industrialists, bankers and such. Before long, these ersatz generals sought the accoutrements of their "military" station, as well as increasing contact with the genuine article. In turn, more than a few real military generals picked up a taste for the high life from their social compatriots. By the last decade of the twenty-fourth century, a Lyran general's expertise at elegant conversation and fashionable card games had become as important as his skill on the battlefield. Devotion to such un-military pursuits mattered little during the Commonwealth's first few decades, when the quality of its weapons and the availability of other targets kept its neighbors' armies busy elsewhere. In the 2390s, however, the militarization of the entire Inner Sphere took a quantum leap forward. The Age of War was about to rear its head, and the Lyran Commonwealth would pay a high price for the social graces of its upper echelons.

The Age of War reached Lyran space in 2407, when Draconis Combine units overran a Commonwealth border region between the provinces of Skye and Tamar. The Combine vanguard then struck out toward the Lyran capital of Arcturus, cutting a deadly swath through the LCAF. Though far better equipped than the invaders, the defending Lyrans lacked a coherent battle plan. Commanders more comfortable with social than military strategy ordered hopeless last stands and wild death-or-glory assaults, or stood by paralyzed while their junior officers tried to impose order on the chaos. The tide did not turn in the defenders' favor until Archon Alistair Marsden, himself a capable military officer, dismissed the commanding generals and personally took control. In late summer of 2407, Archon Alistair led his troops to a resounding victory on the world of Morningside.

Several Combine units remained on nearby planets, however, within striking distance of the capital. With the approval of the Estates General, the Archon relocated the government to his own homeworld, the wintry planet of Tharkad. Shortly after the move, in the first weeks of 2408, the LCAF struck the Combine planet Vega and crippled the massive secondary invasion force assembling there. That victory was swiftly eclipsed by the loss of the Archon, killed on the desert world of Menkent in a frontal assault on a dug-in Combine position. With the Lyran leader dead and the Combine invasion force shattered, the crisis of 2407-08 came to an abrupt end. The peace would prove fleeting, however.

Over the next three and a half decades, Draconis Combine forces steadily encroached on Commonwealth space through seemingly endless border skirmishes. The LCAF, still saddled with too many incompetent commanders, proved no more of a match for the invaders than it had in the earlier conflict. By 2445, the Combine had absorbed a fifth of the former Tamar Pact. The Commonwealth was also losing worlds to a new enemy, the Free Worlds League. To halt the slow hemorrhage of its territory, the Lyran Commonwealth needed a miracle.

In 2455, it finally got one. Twenty-odd years earlier, the Terran Hegemony had begun developing the BattleMech, a weapon destined to forever change the face of war. Even before the first 'Mech's unveiling in 2439, prominent Lyran military suppliers to the Terran Hegemony suspected the existence of a top-secret Hegemony project. As good Lyran patriots, they reported what they knew or guessed to then-Archon Katherine Steiner. The first Steiner Archon ordered the Lyran Intelligence Corps to infiltrate the nearest site believed to be manufacturing BattleMechs: Hesperus II, then a Hegemony world. (Ironically, this same planet would one day become the crown jewel of Lyran 'Mech production.) The LIC had limited success, however. Not until the reign of Katherine Steiner's son Alistair would the Lyran Commonwealth finally acquire the deadliest weapon in humankind's arsenal.

Before becoming Archon, Alistair Marsden-Steiner had led an elite LCAF commando unit. In early 2455, while Draconis Combine and Free Worlds League forces continued to gain Lyran ground, the Archon gathered a top team of Special Forces operatives and sent them to Hesperus II. Using classic Trojan Horse tactics, the LCAF commandos entered the BattleMech facility and copied virtually all the information necessary to engineer a working 'Mech. Four years later, the LCAF fielded the first results of that raid in a fierce battle for the world of Loric. The invading armies of the Free Worlds League shattered like a glass lance against the Lyrans' armored behemoths, one of which crushed the League's Captain-General to a bloody pulp. Lyran forces had won their first real victory after years of fighting-brought not by tactical acumen or strategic brilliance, but by overwhelmingly superior technology.

This battlefield edge lasted less than three years, by which time the remaining realms of the Inner Sphere had all acquired their own BattleMechs. The merchant-minded Steiners managed to profit handsomely from one such acquisition, selling their stolen data for a fat sum to Prince Simon Davion of the Federated Suns in 2457.

In one of history's ironies, the woman who shaped an enduring vision of a Commonwealth at peace and founded a dynasty committed to that vision became Archon in the midst of a war. Katherine Steiner, widow of Archon Alistair Marsden, ascended the Commonwealth throne in 2408, mere months after her husband's death in battle. She inherited a realm full of tensions between its three component states, exacerbated by ongoing Lyran military defeats. In the Tamar Pact, murmurings of secession had never entirely died out since Robert Marsden's coup. Creeping gains by the Draconis Combine gave new impetus to these sentiments, which the leaders of the Tamar region exploited in order to enhance their own power. Skye was likewise potentially rebellious, its people still seething over the assaults of thirty years earlier. Though neither of these regions was prepared to secede outright in the face of Combine and Free Worlds aggression, regional leaders eagerly used secessionist sentiment to jockey for greater power within the central government. Katherine Steiner shrewdly co-opted these potential opponents by offering them influential positions and a greater say in policy. The dukes of Tamar and Skye were among the members named to Katherine's Commonwealth Council, a body of eight advisors on whom the new Archon implied she would rely.

Having temporarily won over these two potential rivals, Katherine Steiner engaged in a deft piece of emotional manipulation that has since become a hallmark of the most politically gifted Steiner leaders-including the present ruler of the Lyran Alliance. During the very session of the Estates General that confirmed Katherine Steiner as Archon, she announced her intent to streamline or eliminate many of the trade restrictions between the Skye, Tamar and Donegal realms that continued to impede economic growth and foster regional tensions. At that point, a nurse brought Katherine's small son into the room. The boy was dressed in a soldier's uniform, a tiny replica of the one worn by his dead father. Katherine cradled young Alistair in her arms and spoke movingly of the Lyran Commonwealth she wished to help build-a strong nation at peace with itself and its neighbors, "where my son may play soldier, but need not grow up to be one."

The image of the strikingly beautiful widow holding her child and speaking of peace-an image swiftly spread throughout the Commonwealth via videotape-went far toward winning Katherine Steiner the loyalty of her citizens. Massive government programs to rebuild war-torn worlds turned that loyalty into profound personal affection, which only grew deeper over Katherine's thirty-seven-year reign. Colonial expansion, spearheaded by the creation of the Commonwealth Scout Corps in 2413, further enriched the realm while providing a safety valve for overcrowded Lyran planets. When Katherine Steiner stepped down in 2445, she left behind a richer and more unified Lyran Commonwealth. Though incursions by the Draconis Combine and the Free Worlds League continued, the Lyran people met these military setbacks with a greater sense of hope and national pride.

The belief that the tables would eventually turn proved true just fourteen years later, when the LCAF became the first army outside the Terran Hegemony to field BattleMechs. Exclusive possession of these huge war machines enabled Lyran forces to drive the invaders off most captured worlds during the 2460s. Its prewar borders largely restored, its possessions greatly expanded through colonization and its people enriched by vigorous internal trade, the Lyran Commonwealth of 2468 seemed to embody Katherine Steiner's vision. That vision of a prosperous nation dedicated to strength through peaceful trade rather than war would persist throughout centuries of conflict and political intrigue. Katherine Steiner-Davion recently invoked it in creating the Lyran Alliance, six hundred and fifty years after her namesake first attempted to make it a reality.

Unfortunately, the Commonwealth's newfound peace and prosperity proved as vulnerable as all human achievements to catastrophic events. In 2468, Archon Alistair Steiner was assassinated by pawns of a disgruntled Tamar Pact nobleman in an ultimately failed attempt to ruin a prominent Tamarese duke. Three years later, a major earthquake in Tharkad City killed the wife of Archon Michael Steiner along with sixty-seven members of the Estates General. The grief-stricken Michael abdicated in favor of his brother Steven and returned to active military service. Mere months later, he died fighting a Combine invasion force on the planet Nox. Had Steven Steiner been a less malleable ruler, he might have restored the stability the nation so desperately needed. Instead, this weak-minded Archon presided over two and a half decades of rising internal intrigue. Regional power plays, virtually moribund since early in Katherine Steiner's reign, rose to fill the vacuum left by Steven's ineffectual government. Along with them came separatist leanings that would soon plunge the Commonwealth into civil war.

A House Divided: Rebellion in Skye
Since the Lyran Commonwealth's earliest decades, when several planets in the Federation of Skye fought Robert Marsden's assumption of power, the Skye region has been a persistent source of political turmoil for the ruling Lyran dynasty. The worst outbreak of Skye secessionist fever resulted in outright civil war at the turn of the twenty-sixth century, when the dukes of Skye and Tamar backed Steven Steiner's wife Margaret as his successor in lieu of his nephew, Robert Steiner. Though Margaret's partisans ultimately lost, the conflict cost the Commonwealth dearly. Its most pernicious legacy was a renewal of bitter separatism throughout the Skye region, an undercurrent of popular resentment against the Steiners of Tharkad that future aspirants to power would exploit again and again.

Very likely schizophrenic, Margaret Olson Steiner had for years claimed to hear voices and experience mystic visions. As the consort of an indecisive and emotionally dependent Archon, she soon became the power behind the throne. After Steven's death in 2501, Margaret proclaimed herself his successor-much to the delight of many Commonwealth nobles, who had grown rich from war profiteering and also militarily powerful during Steven Steiner's lackluster reign. In a stunning example of narrow self-interest, the dukes of Tamar and Skye had convinced Steven to repeal the law-forbidding nobles to maintain personal armies larger than the LCAF garrisons on their worlds. With that statute consigned to the ash heap, the arms race was on. Before long, several nobles even owned BattleMech units. Backing Margaret promised to continue this status quo, with the Archon a figurehead while the nobles ran the realm to suit themselves.

Robert Steiner, by contrast, was apparently sane and highly intelligent. The illegitimate son of Steven's sister Tatyana, Robert had become an ace aerofighter pilot stationed on the world of Poulsbo. At first disinclined to challenge his aunt for the throne, he soon changed his mind. Two years of the nation's rapid decline while the Tharkad court degenerated into a carnival of dementia made a strong impression, as did the pleas of a contingent of LCAF officers who arrived on Poulsbo to pledge Robert their unconditional support. They begged him to claim his rightful place and save the Lyran realm before it was too late.

In 2503, Robert Steiner arrived on Tharkad with seven divisions at his back. Margaret Olson and several of her supporters had fled the planet days before, ultimately going to ground in the Federation of Skye. A relieved Estates General approved Robert's claim to the Archonship, and the battle lines were drawn. Over the next year, Robert Steiner led his loyalist forces in skirmish after skirmish against Skye troops, drawing ever closer to the regional capital where Margaret and the Duke of Skye had chosen to make their stand. Units loyal to the Duke of Tamar came to the rebels' rescue as the Steiner forces closed in; their savage attack delayed the loyalists long enough for Margaret and the Duke of Skye to escape. The rebel pair fled to Tamar, where they fought their last battle against Robert Steiner's exhausted troops. The timely intervention of soldiers from Fatima, led by that world's duke, saved the day for the battered loyalist forces. The dukes of Tamar and Skye were ultimately executed for treason, their families stripped of their titles and their worlds given to new rulers-the Kelswa and Lestrade clans, both distinguished by impeccable loyalty to the legitimate Steiner line.

Though the final battle of the civil war was fought on Tamar, the Federation of Skye suffered far greater damage. Most of the battles took place on Skye worlds, where countless families lost loved ones to the vicious fighting. Though Robert Steiner personally made reparations for war damage in the ensuing years, his generosity made little lasting impression on many Skye natives. Already primed to distrust Tharkad's government, the average citizen of Skye had little use for the Steiners after the bizarre excesses of Steven's rule and the carnage of Robert Steiner's war. In the years to come, separatist-minded denizens of Skye kept the memory of the civil war alive while conveniently forgetting who financed the peace. A little over five centuries later, this view of the conflict would serve one branch of the Steiner family in its plots against the other.

Successors to Separatism
Until almost the mid thirty-first century, the separatist movement in the Federation of Skye remained a largely unorganized, inchoate mass of anti-Commonwealth and anti-Steiner feeling. All too often, the actions of various Archons stoked the secessionist fires. Archon Viola Steiner, who led the Commonwealth into the Star League and its troops in the Reunification War, went on a crazed rampage that decimated the 25th Skye Rangers because of baseless rumors that the Duke of Skye was involved in the kidnapping of Viola's son Kevin. Nearly three centuries later, Archon Elizabeth Steiner failed to halt a Draconis Combine invasion that claimed several Skye worlds and nearly cost the region its capital. That an enemy nation could come so close to capturing the planet Skye, emotional home of billions in the Federation as well as literal home to its natives, seemed to confirm in many minds the Steiner clan's utter disregard for the Skye region and its people.

In the absence of fresh grievances, leading separatists stressed the Steiner family's German ancestry in sharply negative contrast to Skye's overwhelmingly Scots, Irish and English heritage. They also appealed to the average Skye citizen's instinctive distrust of the government on Tharkad, a light-years distant authority best known for collecting tax revenues and imposing irritating regulations. In the early years of the thirty-first century, however, several events occurred that would ultimately transform Skye separatism into a potent political force with a Steiner at its head.

The change began with Archon Alessandro Steiner, a tactically gifted but arrogant man who lived for military action. His first major victory, a deep raid on six Free Worlds League planets in 2987, cost him much of his own high command's trust because he neglected to inform them of the true extent of the mission. Ten years later, Alessandro's overconfidence in his own judgment nearly cost the Lyran Commonwealth Hesperus II, site of several major BattleMech factories. That near-debacle convinced many throughout the LCAF that their Archon was a dangerously stubborn fool whose arrogance could cost the nation dearly.

The Archon's decision in 3002 to reinforce the Free Worlds border with garrison troops stripped from interior planets deepened this rising distrust. Though no one publicly objected, several higher-ranking officers privately feared that the Archon's "concentrated weakness" strategy was a military catastrophe waiting to happen. Among these officers was Alessandro's niece Katrina, a general in the LCAF's Strategies and Tactics Division. With the threat of attack looming from the Free Worlds League and the Draconis Combine, however, no one in the high command wanted to provoke an open break.

In 3006, the concentrated weakness policy imploded under a bold assault by the Free Worlds League. League troops bypassed the heavily reinforced border worlds and struck deep into the Commonwealth interior, hitting planets whose garrisons had been moved to the border for an attack that never came. An appalled Katrina Steiner swiftly took action. Having spent the past few years quietly garnering support from various quarters, she announced her intention to depose Alessandro "for the good of the nation." The Estates General backed Katrina with a resounding vote of no confidence in the Archon; the LCAF high command likewise threw its weight behind her. Bereft of virtually all-political and military support, Alessandro Steiner prudently resigned in Katrina's favor in July of 3007. He did not, however, give up his dream of one day returning to power.

Alessandro spent the next twenty years living quietly on his homeworld of Furillo, while discreetly seeking potentially useful allies among Katrina's opposition. He found one in Aldo Lestrade, Duke of Summer in the Federation of Skye. A sleepy backwater planet, Summer was too small a canvas for Lestrade's vaulting ambition. He wanted power, and so turned to the nearest tool at hand-the separatists of Skye. By 3024, Aldo Lestrade had built fragmented pockets of secessionist agitators into a genuine, coherent movement. Just such a core of diehard supporters was exactly what Alessandro Steiner needed-provided he could convince the Skye separatists to accept a Steiner in their midst. Over the course of several visits during the 3020s, the former Archon convinced the ambitious duke that they had a common interest in power and a common enemy in Katrina. In exchange for the backing of Lestrade and his movement, he promised to grant Skye its long-cherished independence once he regained the Commonwealth throne. Though it remained unspoken, both men understood that a free Skye would belong to Aldo Lestrade.

Confident of eventually reclaiming power with Lestrade's help, the childless Alessandro sought an heir among his younger relatives. He found one in Ryan Steiner, a young LCAF fighter pilot recently given a government post. Ambitious and a fast learner, Ryan swiftly became a major player in the Skye separatist movement. The deaths of Aldo Lestrade and Alessandro Steiner soon afterward-the former murdered by his own son, the latter claimed by cancer-left Ryan in charge, a position he exploited at the earliest opportunity.

Ryan's chance came in 3034, when official recognition of the Free Republic of Rasalhague sparked widespread civil unrest throughout the Skye region. Garrison troops on troubled worlds, many of them formerly attached to the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, cracked down harshly on local dissent. Ryan Steiner successfully brokered a peaceful solution to the mini-uprising-an act of clever politicking that allowed him to regain control over his own separatist agents, reinforce his credibility with the movement and paint the largely Davion soldiery involved as the enemy of Skye and Lyran interests. For the first time in Skye's history, Ryan Steiner implicitly linked the interests of the secessionists with those of Lyrans everywhere, and presented the ruling Steiners on Tharkad as neglectful of both. This skillful tapping of general unease with the formation of the Federated Commonwealth made Ryan a formidable threat to the new nation's stability and breathed new life into the Free Skye movement.

Secessionist fever simmered in Skye throughout the next two decades, but never quite boiled over. The linkage of anti-FedCom feeling with Skye notions of independence began to work against Ryan Steiner as well as for him; it brought new recruits to his cause, but also prompted many activists to focus their ire on Hanse Davion rather than on Ryan's rival Melissa Steiner, who began her reign as Archon after Katrina Steiner stepped down in 3039. The arrival of the Clans in 3049 threw the entire Inner Sphere into turmoil, forcing Ryan to put his schemes on hold until he saw what use could be made of the invasion. Hanse Davion's fatal heart attack in 3052 left Melissa the sole ruler of the two realms, but Ryan found it difficult to erode her long-standing popularity throughout the realm. In mid-3055, Melissa fell victim to an assassin; less than a year later, so did Ryan Steiner. Bereft of its leader, the Free Skye movement floundered. The rank and file spent their furies on wild spasms of violence that prompted the FedCom's new ruler to send in the troops. Unable to calm the political firestorm, Archon Prince Victor Steiner-Davion appointed his sister Katherine as regent over the Lyran half of the FedCom and entrusted to her the settlement of the turmoil in Skye. This act would later prove to be the first step, not to Skye's independence but to the creation of the Lyran Alliance.

Recent Times
A decade has passed now since the devastating Federated Commonwealth Civil War, and the Lyran Alliance has used that time well. It has turned its energies inwards, with the first focus on rebuilding the industry that is the Alliance’s economic life blood, and with it the shattered lives of millions of Lyran citizens. Of course, the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces are not missing out either as much of that industry strives to provide them with the materials to return to its former glory.

The formative years of Peter Steiner-Davion’s reign as Archon were anything but easy. He had to deal with shattered industry, a demoralised population and increasingly fractured political viewpoints from within Alliance Noble houses. Free Skye was as vociferous as ever in its efforts to secede, and they were not the only ones.

Strangely, one of Peter’s strongest allies during these formative years was none other than Robert Kelswa-Steiner, Duke of Skye and defacto leader of the Free Skye movement. His actions in supporting Peter Steiner-Davion were not through some misguided sense of loyalty but recognition of the fact that the nation could not survive another civil war so close on the heels of that just finished. He continued to push for political reforms granting high autonomy levels to the regions within the Alliance, with the thought to eventually gaining what many Skye citizens had dreamt of for centuries: Independence.

The secessionist movements, and anti Peter Steiner-Davion sentiments started gaining momentum again in late 3070 and peaked in 3071 when the worlds of Roadside and Blue Hole were lost to Clan Jade Falcon. Accusations flew from the clan border realms that not enough effort was being given to the rebuilding the war machine and thereby the defense of the realm, while other realms agitated about the lack of resources being funneled into civilian aid projects. Peter Steiner-Davion was stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

As it turned out Peter Steiner-Davion would surprise everyone by marrying Alexandria Aten of Skye. Alexandria is cousin to Hermione Aten, Duchess of Skye and wife to Robert Kelswa-Steiner. This effectively stalled the Free Skye movement as they pondered the ramifications of an heir to the throne of the Alliance from an Isle of Skye blood line. The rest of the Alliance celebrated, their attentions turned from their own personal troubles to the grandeur of a royal wedding.

The wedding gave Peter the breathing space he needed to launch his next plan for bolstering his position as Archon. The LAAF had been slowly rebuilding its strength but had been largely untested in the years since the civil war. Launching an invasion in May 3073 against Clan Jade Falcon won back the worlds of Kooken’s Pleasure Pit, Kikuyu and most importantly Pandora, a former regional capital. Morale in the LAAF soared and Peter’s support from the general populace soared.

In the midst of the invasion came yet further good news for the Archon. His wife Alexandria was pregnant with the future heir to the throne of the Alliance. On the 6th of March 3074 Melissa Steiner-Davion was born and Peter’s position on the throne assured, at least for the near future. Melissa Steiner-Davion was still a much loved figure in the Alliance and Peter won himself the hearts of the people by honoring her name by giving it to his heir.

Shortly after the birth of Melissa a further world was repatriated from the clutches of Clan Jade Falcon. A raid on Jabuka by the mercenary company Restless Souls turned into a full blown planetary assault on the basis of what they discovered and through them the planet was returned to Alliance hands.

All is not rosy in the Alliance however. There have been sightings of Katherine Steiner-Davion within Alliance borders, and given that no-one actually knows where she is these are impossible to disprove. The border aggression with Clan Jade Falcon continues to simmer with neither side quite willing to commit to a full scale war; the Falcon’s have to watch their backs against Clan Wolf, while old enemies in the Draconis Combine and Free Worlds’ League watch the Lyran Alliance for any sign of weakness. Then there is always Free Skye, what remains of the Loyalists and the shadowy organization Heimdall that watches from within.

Historical Summary Update 3093:

The Alliance supported the renewed Star League in its push to retake Terra and in securing the Star League Administered Systems. This paid dividends later with Operation Lorelai, a Star League led invasion of the Clan Occupation Zone, particularly focused on the Jade Falcons. Several worlds were liberated and the Jade Falcons were greatly reduced as a threat. Ever since, Star League Defense Force units were deployed near the Clan border, a useful backup and reserve that the Alliance came to count on. Operation Lorelai only officially lasted from 3076 to 3078 but its achievements left a lasting impact.

The Alliance was flying high until 3081. A concentrated push by the Jade Falcons reminded everyone that they still had talons when they crushed the newly upgraded 3rd Lyran Regulars RCT on Antares and destroyed it. Other worlds also fell, signaling a change in the dynamics of the region. Old fears of the Clans were refreshed.

While the Alliance was focused on the Clan border, the Draconis Combine and several allied forces attacked in November 3081. There was little warning and the border began to recede as world after world fell. Some planets suffered catastrophic nuclear attacks or sabotage of fission reactors. Still others suffered from assassinations and terrorist-style attacks. A stunning combination of fear and military might rolled back the Lyran military, forcing it into retreat after retreat. On many worlds battles turned into true blood baths and meat grinders, the casualty reports were horrifying. A few successful counterattacks were launched, including Operation Stalingrad, which recaptured several systems.

By late 3083, help began to arrive in the form of additional Star League Defense Force units acting as peacekeepers. But their efforts seemed too limited and restrained, their efforts stymied by strict rules of engagement and a SLDF beauracracy that was slow to react to changing conditions. Before long the SLDF troopers were just trying to defend themselves and couldn’t worry about anything else. The war continued largely unfazed by their presence.

In 3085, an assassination planned by the Brotherhood of Cincinnatus was successful in killing Archon Peter Steiner-Davion. His tragic death thrust a cousin, Adam Steiner, to the Archon throne while Peter’s assassins were found by LOKI and the LAAF and brought to justice. In a show of respect for the fallen Archon, the Draconis Combine ceased their offensives and restrained themselves to raids and defending their new holdings.

In Spring 3085 the Star League collapsed. With great uncertainty heaved upon the Lyran people, the Alliance began to rebuild. They were quickly reminded that there were still battles to be fought when former Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion suddenly reappeared to become Clan Wolf’s spokesperson in a campaign aimed at Tharkad. While only a pair of worlds fell, the Seventeeth Donegal Guards sided with Clan Wolf, throwing the region into a chaotic cycle of anger and finger-pointing.

Then in 3086 the Free Worlds League launched a surprise offensive, targeting key worlds. The fall of Bolan was hard-felt but the bloodbath that was the Sixteenth Battle of Hesperus II sent shockwaves through the Alliance. Archon Adam Steiner immediately began an ambitious program of military rebuilding and committed funds to civilian concerns as well.

In 3088, the LAAF sent in the 1st Bolan Jaegers with the 7th and 8th Alliance RCTs to retake Bolan from the FWL. In support of the three Lyran units was the 2nd Tharkad Battle Group. The 2nd Tharkad Battle Group consisted of a Tharkad Battlecruiser, the LAS Defiant, two Commonwealth Light Cruisers, LAS Craiova and LAS Alistair Steiner, an Essex II Destroyer, the LAS Bayern, and six Fox Corvettes. Fearing to lose a Thera class carrier, the FWL pulled out of Bolan.

In August of 3091, the mercenary unit, the Black Wolf Rangers, had landed on Zoetermer in Clan Wolf space with orders from the Archon to extract an individual. The Black Wolf Rangers successfully extracted Katherine Steiner-Davion and returned her to Arc-Royal for trail. Katherine Steiner-Davion was convicted of high treason and executed. During the extraction, Khan Vlad Ward was killed in a duel with Lupus Primus Black of the Black Wolf Rangers. The 17th Donegal Guard RCT has secretly returned to Lyran space. The Commander of the 17th was court-martialed and committed suicide in prison.

As of May 3092, the Free Worlds League officially announced that ULTRA was part of the FWLM. But the four successor states are all looking at the ULTRA threat and considering ULTRA’s eradication. The Alliance is certain that the FWL will commence further hostilities.

Lyran Alliance Update 3093:

The Lyran people have watched as the core worlds of the Alliance have been gobbled up by the Unified Leadership of the Tikonov Republic Army. The Unified Leadership of the Tikonov Republic Army then turned out to be controlled by the Free Worlds League. Fortunately for the Lyran Alliance, they have been granted a reprieve in that the Draconis Combine has been busy with ULTRA also. The Clan front has been extremely quite except for the incursion of the Rasalhague Dominion lead by the 12th Bear Guards on Orestes. Clan Wolf has halted any offensive campaign due to the death of Khan Vlad Ward at the hands of Lupus Primus Black of the Black Wolf Rangers. The Black Wolf Rangers were under contract to the Lyran Alliance at the time.

Archon Adam Steiner has declared that the losses shall end soon and some worlds shall be returned to the Alliance sphere of influence. For the last three years, Adam Steiner has increased the moral of his people. Adam Steiner’s massive recruitment of warriors in all military fields and of non-combat fields has paid off for the Alliance. The might of the LAAF has been increased even with the heavy losses of personnel and materials. Also, the Archon has the LAAF and manufactures producing light, medium, and heavy machines. However, the Alliance still likes their assault machines. The LAAF Quartermaster has been able to increase production of machines, ammunition, food, dropships, jumpships, and warships. Thus creating a stockpile.

The Archon had ordered that technicians and engineers at manufacturing plants were to be extracted from worlds captured by ULTRA. The engineers and technicians had removed key section at the planst so that these captured plants would be useless to ULTRA. New plants had been built in the three years and manned with the extracted engineers and technicians. Adam Steiner has shown that he has the skills of tactics and strategy for the Alliance to be a winner. His popularity has risen and remains high.

With the completion of the “Homeland” project, many Alliance worlds now have fully operational and combat ready Militia units. These Militia units are permitting regular line units to be moved to front areas as combat reserves. Expecting a move by the Free Worlds League, the LAAF has beefed up forces along the border. The Archon has LOKI agents placed on captured worlds and along the border. Adam also has completed the rebuilding of disbanded or destroyed Alliance units. Plus creating a few more line units for the LAAF.

Adam Steiner is still engaged with a political war being waged between those who still believe that the Alliance needs to rest its tired military, reduce the citizen’s taxes, and seize the opportunity to strike its enemies hard. Adam Steiner is working with the Skye officials and trying to keep the Skye province from succession. The Archon is still employing the method of “Sword and Shield”. He has allowed some offensive actions (the “Sword”) while instructing most military commands to hold and defend (the “Shield”). These sudden and swift changes as to where these sword blows are aimed at has served to keep the Alliance’s enemies off-guard and cautious. When the enemy now attacks, they are finding a far superior defensive force in place (the “Shield”).

Adam remembers the two old military addages. “If a man fights for his land, country, and world, he is worth 10 regular soldiers.” Plus “The best defense is a good offense.”

The Lyran economy remains strong but also in a state of uncertainty. The attacks on the Alliance by virtually all of its neighbors has cost the Alliance some worlds and left billions feeling anxious about their future. As a result many financial institutions have moved their funds away from potential conflict zones. This has been most strongly felt on border worlds where an influx of rebuilding hasn’t been enough to overcome the exodus of banks, investors and entrepreneurs of every stripe. Only military industries seem to have thrived in this environment, maximizing both production and profit. The Isle of Skye was hit hard economically; even on Skye itself and massive government efforts are underway to boost that region through new infrastructure development. At the same time an ongoing that has been steadily growing in the Free Worlds League has become large enough to threaten Lyran economic dominance in some areas. This has led some political experts to preach a belief that the real conflict between the Lyran Alliance and the Free Worlds League isn’t military, but economic in nature.

Lyran Alliance Armed Forces 3081:
The LAAF have spent the last ten years rebuilding their line units, and helping out the regional militias when they can. It has been a slow process, not helped by the Social General syndrome that continues to plague their progress.

Other than border skirmishes and one major offensive against Clan Jade Falcon the LAAF have seen no major combat in the last decade. Experience levels amongst many key units remain at lower levels than they have been in decades due to the massive influx of new recruits. The elite units in the realm have managed to retain their status however. Somewhat offsetting the general decline in experience is a rapid increase in the level of advanced Clan and Star League technologies across all units, as these form the bulk of the replacements for equipment lost in the war.

Of the eight Lyran units that were stranded in the Federated Sun’s half of the Commonwealth, only four were able to return to active status, with the others either being absorved into the AFFS or being disbanded altogether.

In 3077 the Archon also fulfilled his promise to establish the Donegal Province Militia, though the Operation Lorelai, in conjunction with the Star League Defense Force has sapped resources that were slated for the DPM.

A rank re-organization as recent as early 3081 has seen to an increase of Lyran national price of late.

Regional Militias (3093):
The abbreviated RCTs once again proved themselves capable in a fight. If not for their efforts, other worlds would have fallen to the Draconis Combine. In recognition of this, the LAAF ensured that as rebuilding began, the regional militias would not be forgotten. In the past decade a couple new militias have been created and one, the Thorin FTM, relocated and renamed after Thorin became a Star League Administered System. A number of SLDF veterans returning home to the Alliance have joined the Militia closest to their homeworld. These veterans and the equipment they brought with them have helped the Militia exceed their timetable for rebuilding. The Archon has worked a miracle and has gotten most Militias up to modern technology.

Alarion Province Militia
Alarion APM
Carlisle APM

Timbuktu Theater Militia
Alekseyevka TTM
Florida TTM
Teyvareb TTM

Coventry Province Militia
Coventry CPM

Melissia Theater Militia
Chahar MTM
Neerabup MTM
Qanatir MTM
Melissia MTM

Bolan Province Militia
Furillo BPM
Penobscot BPM
Zwenkau BPM
Dar-es-Salaam BPM

Cavanaugh Theater Militia
Dar-es-Salaam CTM
Dixie CTM (Note: Currently stationed on Finsterwalde)
Penobscot CTM

Skye Province Militia
Nekkar SPM
Glengarry SPM
Seginus SPM
Alkaid SPM
Kochab SPM

Freedom Theater Militia
Accrington FTM
Alexandria FTM
Denebola FTM
Lyons FTM (Note: Currently stationed on Blue Diamond)
Gacruz FTM

Donegal Province Militia
Cumbres DPM

Arc-Royal Theater Militia
Kelenfold ARTM
Koniz ARTM
Pandora ARTM (Note: Formerly the Thorin FTM, AKA “Archer’s Avengers”)

Lyran Alliance Navy 3081:
The LAN has never been a strong influence on the realms defence, the focus has always been on ground troops. However the LAN has not been forgotten in the struggle to rebuild. At the end of the civil war the fleet stood at only three operational vessels, the Fox-class LAS Katherine Steiner, LAS Robert Marsden, LAS Melissa Steiner.

The Mjolnir-class LAS Yggdrasil, the pride of the LAN fleet was thought lost after the end of hostilities in the civil war whilst returning to Alarion. Searches turned up no evidence of the ship’s location and a misjump was assumed. Oddly, the Yggdrasil turned up in the Tharkad system two years later with no official explanation given, other than it was on some form of mission for the LAN.

The story of the Fox-class LAS Arthur Steiner-Davion is quite an amazing one. Lost in the early days of the civil war and listed as missing in action, the ship returned to Lyran Alliance space mere weeks after the loss of the LAS Yggdrasil with a harrowing tale of a misjump and the resultant journey home. The coincidence of the two lost events vessels was not lost on the Lyran Intelligance Corps, though no evidence has been found of a link between the two events. Regardless of the truth, the tale told by the returning crewmen is being immortalised in print and holovid.

In another bizarre twist on history, the Tharkad-class Battlecruiser LCS Invincible, lost to yet another presumed misjump during the Second Succession War after successfully repelling a Draconis Combine attack on Hesperus II, made a reappearance over Tharkad in late 3067, ostensibly as a present from the Word of Blake. In a combined Comstar ROM and Lyran Intelligence Corps operation, the Blakists plans to bombard the planet were foiled and the rebadged LAS Invincible salvaged for the Lyran Navy. Though much study has been conducted, attempts to reverse engineer the LAS Invincible to enable construction of more Tharkad-class vessels have so far failed.

Three ships under construction during the civil war, and a fourth under repair were subsequently completed in 3068, the Fox-class LAS Ian Mcquiston, LAS Katrina Steiner, LAS Robert Kelswa and the Mjolnir-class LAS Fylgia.

Since 3068 nine further vessels have been added to the fleet, being eight Fox-class corvettes and two Mjolnir-class battlecruisers. Only two vessels have been lost in this time, with LAS Melissa Steiner and LAS Robert Kelswa being destroyed in the offensive against Clan Jade Falcon. This brings the fleet to a total of sixteen active warships with three further vessels are under construction, the largest the LAN has been in decades.

LAAF Warships as of 3081:
Mjolnir-class LAS Yggdrasil
Mjolnir-class LAS Fylgia
Mjolnir-class LAS Hvergelmir
Mjolnir-class LAS Urdarbrunnr
Tharkad-class LAS Invincible
Fox-class LAS Katherine Steiner
Fox-class LAS Robert Marsden
Fox-class LAS Melissa Steiner
Fox-class LAS Arthur Steiner-Davion
Fox-class LAS Ian Mcquiston
Fox-class LAS Katrina Steiner
Fox-class LAS Robert Kelswa
Fox-class LAS Marcus Steiner
Fox-class LAS Morgan Kell
Fox-class LAS Archer Christifori
Fox-class LAS Victory
Fox-class LAS Coventry
Fox-class LAS Defiance

Navy (3093):
The Lyran Alliance Navy is stepping up with the naval developments in order to catch up with the FWLN, FSN, and DCN. The acquisition of a few vessels through the Star League and ComStar that now are being built and one incomplete vessel, an Impavido, that fled Tamarind after Janos Marik II’s death.

The Mjolnir Battlecruiser has the capacity to carry 4 dropships and 36 ASFs. The design originally did not include the Lithium Fusion Battery system. The Mjolnir is being upgraded to include the LFB system and newer control systems.

The Tharkad Battlecruiser class is being brought back to active duty. The Tharkad is being upgraded with new weapons, control systems, and a LFB system. The Tharkad transports 6 dropships and 36 ASFs.

With the Tharkad Battlecruiser being produced, the LA Navy has also returned the Commonwealth-class Light Cruiser to the production line. The Commonwealth Block II design is being upgraded with the latest weapons, control systems, engines, armor plating, and LFB system. The Commonwealth has the capacity to transport 6 dropships and 18 ASFs.

The acquisition of manufacturing rights for the Dante-class Frigate has given the Lyrans advancements in warships. The Dante is equipped to transport 2 dropships and 12 ASFs. Plus the Dante is equipped with a Lithium Fusion Battery system.

The production of the Fox-class Corvettes has continued and upgraded since acquiring the Dante Frigate designs. The Fox Corvette has the ability to transport 5 dropships and 12 ASFs). In addition, the Fox Corvette is equipped with a LFB system. The LA Navy is planning to make extensive use of the Fox in upcoming operations.

The plans to the Impavido Destroyer are being redrawn from the one that defected from the FWLN. The Impavido Destroyer carries 12 aerospace fighters, 2 dropships, and the Lithium Fusion Battery system.

The Lyran warship fleet is no longer stretched and the crews are well rested. But they are also extremely skilled and proficient. The LAAF has also worked hard to recruit former SLDF Navy personnel. The sudden influx of already trained and experienced spacers has greatly lessened the strain on the Lyran Navy. The LA Navy was surprised when a derelict warship was discovered in the Trent system. This derelict warship turned out to be an Avalon-class cruiser. The Navy is in the process of refurbishing the derelict.

The Alliance Navy currently consists of the following warships:

Mjolnir-class Battlecruisers (3) – LAS Yggdrasil, LAS Fylgia, LAS Hvergelmir, LAS Urdarbrunnr,

Avalon-class Cruiser (1) – LAS Victor Davion (being refurbished)

Tharkad-class Battlecruisers (4) – LAS Invincible, LAS Defiant, LAS Pegasus

Commonwealth-class Light Cruisers (6) – LAS Craiova, LAS Alistair Steiner, LAS Viola Steiner-Dineson, LAS Nathan Isaacson, LAS Anatoly Serfass, LAS Yvonne Parker

Impavido-class Destroyer (1) – LAS Skye

Essex II-class Destroyers (3) – LAS Bayern, LAS Carlisle, LAS Buena

Dante-class Frigates (6) – LAS Constellation, LAS Nassau, LAS Buchaneer, LAS Cumberland, LAS Monitor, LAS Meramac

Fox-class Corvettes (14) – LAS Katherine Steiner, LAS Indomitable, LAS Intrepid, LAS Robert Marsden, LAS Melissa Steiner, LAS Arthur Steiner-Davion, LAS Ian Mcquiston, LAS Katrina Steiner, LAS Robert Kelswa, LAS Marcus Steiner, LAS Morgan Kell, LAS Archer Christifori, LAS Victory, LAS Coventry

Fox Corvette hulls - LAS Defiance, LAS Illustrious, LAS Celestial, LAS Damacleus, LAS Caesar, LAS Ghangis Ghan, LAS Sparticus, LAS Spartan

Fox Corvettes planned - LAS Blitzkrieg, LAS Lancelot, LAS Pendragon, LAS Peter Steiner, LAS Excalibur, LAS Camelot, LAS Sphinx, LAS Chariot, LAS Musketeer, LAS Ballista, LAS Legionnaire, LAS Cohort, LAS Revolt, LAS Warlord

LAAF Military:

The Lyran Alliance Armed Forces feel that they have been vindicated with the capture and execution of Katherine Steiner-Davion, their former Archon. With the movement of major Alliance forces, the Alliance soldiers have a high morale and strong support of the Archon and new LAAF commanders.

The Lyran Alliance Armed Forces has been refocused by the Archon on heavy and medium-class machines for the past two years. There is still a high number of assault-class machines being produced. Today, the LAAF’s BattleMech and even many armor regiments possess Assault, Battle, and Striker formations.

This has forced the LAAF to reconsider all mechs. The LAAF has even authorized several battlemech plants to add new assembly runs for all three LAM machines and components. The LAM weapon systems being upgraded to current technology. The LAM presents a highly maneuverable and capable strike platform. The LAM machines do not expose their dropships to hostile ground fire.

The Alliance’s “Social General” problems has slowly been phased out. The politically connected but sometimes inept officers have dwindled. This could be from several reports of inept officers avoiding combat and managed to walk into the artillery barrage.

Artillery has been proving itself time and time again on the battlefield. Even when a defending Lyran force is decimated, the artillery has been able to withdraw and survive. As worlds fell, surviving artillery platoons and companies combined until it was not uncommon to see artillery battalions and regiments on any given battlefield as ad hoc commands were built around these pillars of firepower. A few officers impressed with their artillery assets, have taken up the call to make artillery battalions and regiments a more prevalent part of the LAAF. Their success has refined artillery doctrine. Today nearly every LAAF Regimental Combat Team and even many independent regiments and conventional brigades includes a battalion or regiment of artillery such as Mobile Long Toms, Snipers or Arrow IV launchers. The enemies of the Lyran Alliance are finding that artillery shells raining down on them constantly while trying to maneuver around slow Lyran Assault ‘Mechs is becoming a routine battlefield experience.

The Alliance has been able to expand its warship building capabilities. The LAAF Navy has been able to build two new Tharkad class Cruisers. Also, the Lyrans were lucky to discover a derelict warship in Aur system. The derelict warship has been transported to Tharkad shipyards.

Pounded by external threats, the LAAF has tried to rebuild using the best tools it can find. New technologies like the Improved Heavy Gauss Rifle and the Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle are highly sought after. Technologies still considered experimental and rarely found anywhere are popping up in the LAAF in surprising quantities. The Lyran Guards have seen the greatest influx of these technologies, but several other regiments with “fans” in the LAAF High Command have also had small quantities of new technology routed to them. Military analysts outside the Alliance note that the Lyran Officer Corps has become obsessed with a kind of New Toy Syndrome over the past few years.

The Human Spoils of War:

Fighting the Clans for almost three decades has slowly altered the way the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces think about captured Clan warriors. These men and women typically consider themselves bondsmen to their new “Clan”. Historically, the LAAF has always treated them like prisoners of war. But a small number of LAAF veterans have successfully made the case that these warriors are willing to trade their allegiance and fight for the Alliance. As a result several former Clan warriors have been allowed to join the LAAF. Their success and the reality of a military in desperate need of skilled soldiers has prompted the LAAF to expand the program. However, some concerns about their loyalty persist and these warriors are typically assigned to units away from the Clan border. To date no Clan warrior has risen above the rank of Kommandant and many senior officers are quietly putting regulations in place to prevent them from rising any farther.

Training Units:

Today every major Alliance Academy maintains a training cadre. Even the Alarion Naval Academy hosts a jumpship and several dropships crewed by newly graduated cadets who serve one tour of duty there before moving on. But the Training Cadres have been picked clean by a LAAF desperate to rebuild. Tours of Duty with a training cadre have been reduced to as little as six months and the best academy graduates go straight into line units. The Staff of these training cadres frequently complain that the cadets under their charge aren’t with them long enough to teach the full range of lessons they have to offer. So far these complaints seem to have fallen on deaf ears. In order to maximize their time, the training cadres remain close to home, rarely traveling across the stars, and instead engaging in exercises and maneuvers on their homeworlds.

LAAF Military ranks as of 3081:
3068 RANK...............................3081 RANK

Staff Sergeant...........................Stabsfeldwebel
Sergeant Major...........................Hauptfeldwebel
First Leutnant.............................Oberleutnant
General of the Armies......................General des Heeres

MHB Depot Locations :




Solaris VII