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This information was last updated on the: 25th of February, 2010
Core Information:

     Capital: Reykjavik
     Faction Leader: None. Family leaders are Mattias Essendorp, Jensen family; Elin Skjolden, Skjolden family; Hans Gudmundsson, Gudmundsson family; Jacob Hansen, Klünder family; Maiken Pedersdottir, Höeg family; Jon Jespersen, Jespersen family; Jannick Hastrup, Hastrup fa
     Military Leader: None
     Intelligence Leader: Unknown
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: Unknown (Possibly None)

BTM Timeline Events:

1st of May, 3076
The Jarnfolk jump point data is released by the ComStar Explorer Corps to the general public and the Independent Systems of Outreach and Northwind agree to become systems under the Terran Security Act.

Origins and History:

History: The JàrnFòlk count 16 July, 2504, as the birth of their “nation”— the date of the first landings on temperate Ålborg—but the forefathers of the colonists departed the Inner Sphere at least nineteen years before that, escaping Combine predations in Rasalhague. Existing for many years as itinerant explorer-traders, the colonists sought to preserve the traditions of their ancient Scandinavian homelands, creating a faux-Scandinavian culture in much the same way as House Kurita built its pseudo-Japanese hegemony.

With feuding and a rough lifestyle keeping their numbers in check, the JàrnFòlk (named for their “Jàrnskib,” or “iron ships,” the JumpShips in which they traveled to their distant homeworlds over several generations) have not expanded much beyond their four colonies, though their vessels trade far and wide. Jàrnfòlk society formed during its early spacefaring era, with the ruling families descended from the command staff of the nine vessels while the subsidiary families are descended from their crews.

The bonds and outlook fostered during this time—now more than half a millennium in the past—remain central to JàrnFòlk culture. he colonists had no substantive contact with the Star League or the Successor States, but records from Columbus suggest some dealings between the sælgeflåde and SLDF explorers stationed there. No evidence exists, however, to suggest that the JàrnFòlk were in any way responsible for the tragic events that befell the Columbus garrison. JàrnFòlk sagas speak of a highly militaristic group deeper in the Periphery, though it is unclear whether this refers to the Clans or some as-yet undiscovered entity.


The JàrnFòlk are loosely governed by a confederation-style council. As the JàrnFòlk confederation is rather weak, power within JàrnFòlk society mainly resides with nine familial clans which make up the JàrnFòlk population.

The JàrnFòlk speak a language most akin to Old Norse. It is unknown if the JàrnFòlk maintain many more Old Norse traditions, however the JàrnFòlk do decorate their space-faring vessels in Urnes-style curvilinear artwork frequently seen in Terran Old Norse ruins.


JàrnFòlk society is generally not particularly aggressive, tending to engage in hostilities only when demanded by a blood feud between families. Killings not related to pre-established blood feuds are viewed with extreme intolerance, and perpetrators are mercilessly hunted for any transgressions.

As JàrnFòlk people do not engage in large-scale combat, the JàrnFòlk maintain no standing army, nor do they field any BattleMechs or combat vehicles. However, JàrnFòlk customarily wear ornate sidearms of exquisite manufacture. These sidearms are surrendered only in the most dire of circumstances.


JàrnFòlk are explorers and deep periphery traders. Each famial clan maintains Jumpship(s) and Dropships, which can be spotted on shipping lanes within the deep periphery.

Contact with the JàrnFòlk may have occurred as early as 2755, when an unidentified JumpShip arrived in the Pegasus system only to depart without deployment of a jump sail. The JàrnFòlk also encountered the Clans prior to Operation Revival in 2981. Upon discovery, the Clans seized and boarded the JàrnFòlk vessel. After a thorough investigation, the vessel and its crew were deemed harmless and were allowed to depart. Since that time, the Clans occasionally encounter other JàrnFòlk trade vessels within the deep periphery.

Economic Status:

Principally agrarian. The Jàrnfòlk planets support some high-tech industries as well, generally limited to small-scale artisans such as jewelry-makers. Small arms—exclusively slug-throwers—are treated as works of art and status
symbols among the JàrnFòlk.

Trade exists mostly between the four worlds in the JàrnFòlk Cluster, but JumpShip crews also travel to nearby systems to trade with the locals. These family-controlled trading fleets—all highly decorated in family-specific motifs—are kept in mint condition (how remains unclear), and service with
one such “sælgeflåde” (trade fleet) is one of the highest honors in
Jàrnfòlk society.