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Free Worlds League
Current Ambassador: John Smith
This information was last updated on the: 24th of April, 2017
Core Information:

     Capital: Atreus
     Faction Leader: Captain-General Agatha Marik
     Military Leader: Captain-General Agatha Marik/Minister of Defense: General Adam Constantine
     Intelligence Leader: General Corrine Marik
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: 104
     Mercenaries Currently Under Employ: Barrett's Fusiliers, Legion of the Rising Sun, Lindon's Battalion, O'Gordon's Rifles, Ramille's Raiders, Redfield Renegades, Romanov's Crusaders, Smithson's Chinese Bandits, The Bad Dream, The Blackhearts, The Fist of Mokal, The Furies, Vandelay's Valkyries

Major Sub Regions Core Information:

     Region Name: Dieudonné Military District
     Capital: Dieudonné
     Commander: Marshall Abhilasha Khanal
     Sub-Commander: General Aibo Choksal
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 20%

     Region Name: Oriente Military District
     Capital: Oriente
     Commander: Marshall Artur Jorge
     Sub-Commander: General Taurean Depp
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 20%

     Region Name: Ryerson Military District
     Capital: Ryerson
     Commander: Marshall Nisa Geller
     Sub-Commander: General Lynn Swann
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 10%

     Region Name: Tamarind Military District
     Capital: Gibson
     Commander: Marshall Photon Brett-Marik
     Sub-Commander: General Thomas Keep
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 20%

     Region Name: Terra Military District
     Capital: Terra
     Commander: Marshall Jeremiah Gierke
     Sub-Commander: General Mikhail Chigorin
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 30%

System Information Pages:

Aitutaki, Alula Borealis, Amity, Asellus Australis, Asuncion, Atreus, Atsugi, Augustine, Bella I, Berenson, Callison, Calloway VI, Camlann, Campoleone, Cerillos, Connaught, Conquista, Dalton, Dieudonne, Dubhe, El Giza, Fujidera, Galisteo, Gibson, Ionus, Irian, Kalidasa, Kendall, Kilarney, Kosciusko, Kyeinnisan, Landfall, Ling, Loongana, Lopez, Maderas, Marcus, Marik, McKenna, Menkalinan, Merton, Millungera, Mosiro, New Olympia, Niihau, Nockatunga, Norfolk, Nova Roma, Ohrensen, Oliver, Oriente, Paradise, Pilpala, Pollux, Preston, Promised Land, Regulus, Sabik, Sackville, San Nicolas, Savannah, Shiloh, Sierra, Simpson Desert, Stewart, Suzano, Talitha, Tamarind, Telos IV, Vakarel, Wasat, Wisconsin, Zion, Zortman, Zosma

BTM Timeline Events:

3rd of April, 3074
Ambassador Michael Hobbs is assigned to the DMM from the Free Worlds League.

18th of December, 3076
Captain-General Thomas Marik of the Free Worlds League died at the age of 87 of natural causes.

19th of December, 3076 to the 25th of February, 3077
The Free Worlds League plunges into civil strife, with the parliment squabbling to support the candidate that would best suit their ambitions. After a couple of months it is clear that two strong sides were forming under Alys Rousset-Marik and Janos Marik II with opposing idealogy's. Alys being provincial and Janos being national.

5th of May, 3077
Alys Rousset-Marik takes control of Ionus; a major shipyard near Atreus. With it, she now controls a significant amount of the Free Worlds League Navy.

7th of July, 3077 to the 27th of September, 3077
In the Free Worlds League, Janos Marik II conducts a major operation to subdue Andurien; primary supporters of Alys Rousset-Marik. A few planets manage to slip through.

27th of December, 3077
A nuclear device is detonated in a densley populated city on Asellus Australis, Free Worlds League. Cause is currently unknown.

22nd of April, 3079
Vakarel conquered from the Free Worlds League by the Magistracy of Canopus mercenaries, the Antarian Lancers

4th of July, 3079
Michael Hobbs resigns as Ambassador to the DMM from the Free Worlds League.

22nd of August, 3079
Ambassador Bryan Halas is assigned to the DMM from the Free Worlds League.

8th of October, 3080
Bryan Halas resigns as Ambassador to the DMM from the Free Worlds League.

11th of October, 3080
Ambassador John Smith is assigned to the DMM from the Free Worlds League.

1st of July, 3081
Within the Free Worlds League, Janos II has taken the planet of Tamarind as his home capital, then two days later invaded Promised Land, Epsilon and Nockatunga and warned the traitors who did not back him up would pay.

21st of October, 3082
The Free Worlds League Ambassador, John Smith, has returned to active duty.

1st of March, 3083
Throughout the year, forces of Janos Marik II's faction clash with the Free Worlds League military on numerous worlds surrounding the Duchy of Tamarind as Janos tries to expand his influence. The clashes erode Janos's military strength and eventually pave the way for assaults into the Duchy.

20th of October, 3083
Free Worlds League Ambassador, John Smith, was last seen wandering the hallowed halls of the MRBC on Outreach. No one has seen or heard from him since.

15th of December, 3083
A splinter group from the Word of Blake calling itself the Covenant forms in the Free Worlds League. The League adopts this organization as a Province of the League, with control of Enclaves of Covenant citizens on several League worlds and a contract to operate all HPGs in the realm. The Covenant is given Hanover City on Gibson as a capital and a seat on Parliament. The Covenant Militia, consisting of 9 Divisions and 4 warships, joins the FWLM as a Provincial force. The Word of Blake is declared an enemy of the realm, subject to arrest and prosecution on sight. The Word of Blake in turn declares the Covenant to be heretics and traitors.

26th of December, 3083
The Free Worlds League begins Operation Duchess Beacon, the plan to contain Janos Marik II in the Duchy of Tamarind and then liberate those worlds from his grasp.

26th of December, 3083
Mahendra Thapa becomes the new Ambassador of the Free Worlds League.

1st of May, 3084
Janos Marik II is reported killed during an assault in the Promised Land System. Although a few worlds hold out from rejoining the Free Worlds League, most of the worlds and many rebel units choose to stand down.

1st of April, 3086
The Free Worlds League launches an invasion of the Lyran Alliance, targeting the key worlds of Hesperus II and Bolan. The former invasion fails miserably, though the Free Worlds League succeeds in seizing several Lyran worlds. The Lyran Alliance counterattacks into the Free Worlds League, attacking several key worlds such as Dieudonne and Connaught. The mixed success of the campaign becomes a source of embarrassment for Captain-General Alys Rousset-Marik, even as hawks within the FWL advocate continuing hostilities.

20th of May, 3086
The Free Worlds League launched Operation Holy Grail, a 2 pronged assault on the Lyran Alliance. The operation was organized with great secrecy. Two High profile targets, Bolan and Hesperus II, were attacked first in surprise assaults, their respective assault forces having jumped through uninhabited systems to reach their targets. The Free Worlds League followed up by assaults on the border worlds in two cordons that connected FWL territory to their high profile target objectives.

1st of October, 3086
The Heir-Apparent to the Captain-Generalship of the Free Worlds League, Calvin Marik, nephew of Captain-General Alys Rousset-Marik, marries Tanya Korcinksi, the sister of the Duke of Camlann in a large and highly publicized wedding on Atreus. The bride becomes Tanya Marik.

10th of March, 3087
Today a senior officer in the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces confirmed reports that three new BattleMech regiments and a number of supporting units have been activated. The Tenth and Twelfth Donegal Guard RCTs and the 1st Lyran Regulars have officially returned to active duty. All three units were destroyed in the 3050 Clan Invasion prior to the Battle of Tukayyid The restoration of these units appears to be part of a large build-up and rebuilding of the LAAF following years of war on the Draconis Combine front, as well as on and off hostilities on the Clan front. Most recently, the Free Worlds League has launched a new offensive that the LAAF was hard-pressed to counter. The simultaneous unveiling of all three units, which had been formed and training in secret, came as little shock to many LAAF observers both inside the Lyran Alliance and beyond.

10th of May, 3087
In retaliation for Free Worlds League assaults in Lyran Alliance space, including the loss of Bolan, the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces dusted off and activate a contingency plan called Operation Switchblade. The objective of Operation Switchblade was to detour further adventurism by the Free Worlds League by seizing several worlds and destroying several units. The threat presented by a deep strike would then force the Free Worlds League to adopt a defensive posture. The Lyran Alliance sought to keep whatever it gained, but stemming any momentum of the Free Worlds League Military was the primary objective. The worlds of Shiloh, Wing and Dubhe were the Wave One assaults. Dieudonne, Bordon, Connaught and Van Diemen IV were assaulted in Wave Two. The LAAF took those worlds and held them long enough to achieve the Operation’s strategic directive. The loss of Dieudonne in particular, headquarters for the FWLM’s entire Dieudonne Military District, served as a shock factor to the FWLM. In addition, these assaults put worlds like Irian, Marik and Augustine under the potential threat of an attack.

12th of June, 3087
After intense fighting on the planet between the Free Worlds League and the Lyran Alliance and in space that lasted several months, the part of Holy Grail assault on Hesperus II failed, which included the destruction of the Thera-class Supercarrier Thomas Marik in space and the destruction of the Haematite Guard regiment on the surface, the remaining FWL forces withdrew from Hesperus II. The Bolan thrust will succeed, leading to the FWL conquest of Cavannaugh II, Bolan, Dixie and Loric. The assault on Giausar failed. The Hesperus II thrust was suspended after the failure to seize Hesperus II. By the time news of the failure got out, the worlds of Rahne and New Kyoto were already seized, assaults on Solaris VII and Algorab (then in-progress) were aborted and the Hesperus II thrust was cancelled. The Bolan assault was successful. Though now the world is exposed to counterattack.

12th of July, 3087 to the 18th of October, 3087
After fighting a large Pro-Cappelan force on Fletcher, Major Veens took the Veens Irregulars to Terra Firma, While on planet he attended a handful of dinner party's hosted by leaders of both the Federated Suns and the Free Worlds League. Before hinting an out post before leaving the world. The Major is still as unpredictable as ever, some think he was working for one house or another well others think he only really hit the out post to keep his troops sharp or just because it was run by House Liao.

20th of July, 3087
Under heavy political pressure from throughout the federal and provincial governments, Alys Rousset-Marik reaches a deal to step down and go into exile along with her nephew Calvin Marik and his wife Tanya. On the 21st Captain-General Agatha Rousset-Marik was instated. Fears of an impending civil war quickly fall apart as the Free Worlds League, including many former supporters of Janos Marik II and supporters of the Covenant, rally to the new Captain-General. The new exiles disappear from sight.

12th of December, 3088
Sovereign Wisdom, the Voice of Mars; Jeannie Sherwood reporting - [Terra] - Mercenaries for Peace? - A highly placed source at the Fleet Yards in Elysium in the Free Worlds League indicates that at least one of the DropShips being transferred aboard Chimeisho class JumpShip DCS Suzaku was Condor class DropShip Mago Barca. A vessel belonging to the Akki Tsubasa Mercenary Company based out of Galtor III, Mago Barca had recently been in for a refit and recertification before allegedly being transferred to active duty on the Clan Front. This reporter chooses not to speculate as to the destination of the Mago Barca or Akki Tsubasa's present employers, considering the nature of the vessel she was transporting under.

9th of January, 3089
With the incoming New Year the following changes have occurred around the Inner Sphere. The recognition of the Official Holdings of Clan Rift Tiger and Clan Diamond Shark. The Draconis Combine gained Sabik, Dalkeit, and Skondia from the Lyran Alliance The Confederated Magistry gained Bell, Safe Port, and Hadnall from the Federated Suns. The Free Worlds League gained Connaught, Bordon, Dieudonne, and Dubhe from the Lyran Alliance The Lyran Alliance gained Marfik, Ryde, Alphecca, and Lyons from the Draconis Combine. Wyatt, Rahne, and New Kyoto from the Free Worlds League The Federated Suns gained Woodstock and Yangtze from the Confederated Magistry. Hazelhurst, Inner End, Sevon, and Mitchella from the Outworlds Alliance. The Taurian Concordant gained Caldwell from the Federated Suns

1st of March, 3089
Karyn Minnick, Reporting for Outreach Outlook's Evening Edition. "While most attention was focused on the confusion over the missing DCS Suzako, and all the rumor, counter rumor, and still unclear accounts that have filtered through in recent weeks. One bit of news that seemingly flew under the radar, was the reactivation of Lt. General Timothy Joshua Reid to the post of Deputy Director. Lt. General Reid had been appointed to the post some time ago, but after barely a year serving in the office, the General suddenly 'disappeared' from service. The official word had been, that the Deputy Director had retired for undisclosed personal reasons. The Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission had been expected to appoint another officer to that post, but in stead the position stood vacant until the MRBC quietly announced they had filled the post with Timothy Joshua Reid, who had been reactivated out of semi-retirement. When asked, where the Deputy Director had been for so many months, the response was simply that Deputy Director Reid had left to take care of undisclosed personal issues. Further detail had not been provided. Now while this may have seemed a very honest answer to some the question remains, what were these personal issues? Scuttlebutt around Harlech has ranged far and wide. One speculation was that the Deputy Director had left to take care of health issue involving secret surgery at a facility in Liberty Holds. Another was speculation that he had been sent to the Free Worlds League to act as part of an MRBC commission evaluating charges against one of the lesser known merc units involved in the recent fighting with the Lyran Alliance on New Kyoto. As you can see some of these speculations range from the highly plausible, to some really far fetched whoppers. One DropShip Captain speculated that the Deputy had been on a secret scouting mission in the Chaos March with actions investigating the involvement of Clan Diamond Shark JumpShips in the vicinity of Lipton. One rather salty technician recently retired from 12th Vegan Rangers suggested that the Deputy Director Reid had disappeared into the Davion Outback to adjudicate a dispute between another mercenary command and the Dechavilier Enclave. One things for sure, whatever the truth may be, Deputy Director Reid has only re-resumed some of his former duties, most importantly, the current logistical bottleneck of dispositioning salvage for the various Commands as they report in on their contract statuses. Time will tell whether the Deputy Director's duties will continue to be limited to this role, or if he may begin to reassert the responsibilities that have previously been exerted by his office.

7th of May, 3089
On the Free Worlds League’s planet of Pollux there are discrepancies on the successful completion of a Security Duty Operation undertaken by the Akki Tsubasa. The primary objective called for the safety of Kallisto Brett-Marik, grand-daughter of Photon Brett-Marik and daughter of Samantha Brett-Marik, during her two month long rite of transudation. It’s been alleged that although her physical well being is intact, she has suffered severe psychological and emotional trauma while on the Akki Tsubasa watch. It is rumored to be a devious ploy to discredit the Silver Knights’ Sir Marcellus Antonius LeFleur. The case is currently under arbitration by the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission review board.

2nd of November, 3089
The Black Stars sub-units on the Free Worlds League of Mosiro were contracted by Precentor Mohammad Golzar to slow the two Shadow Level IIIs down giving SAFE time to extract critical items from the cache. The sub-units possessing mechs were deployed outside the city of Al-Ilb and attempted to slow down the Shadow forces. Multiple hit and runs against the Shadow forces did cause them to be slowed down. The sub-units suffered some causualties and numerous disable mechs. The Shadow forces reached Al-Ilb and progressed toward the Grand Mosque. Black Stars infantry and battle armor troopers engaged the Shadow forces in hit and run tactics, plus extensively used boobytraps. The Shadow forces reached the cache and plundered specific items. The Shadow forces then withdrew without further harrassment. Mosiro Police were assisted by the Black Stars in identifying the murders of the Yadmin and Zameraev. The murders were killed during a raid on their hideout. The Black Stars were unable to identify the person or person that provided the Mosque/Cache access codes.

17th of December, 3089
The Free Worlds League Ambassador, John Smith, has been called to office

1st of January, 3090
As we begin a new year please take note of the following changes around the Inner Sphere. Lyran Alliance Gained from the old Chaos March Lipton. Gained from Free Worlds League: New Kyoto, Rahne, Wyatt. Loss to Free Worlds League: Connaught, Bordon, Dieudonne, Dubhe. Loss to ULTRA Zollikofen, Denebola. Draconis Combine Loss to ULTRA Rigil Kentarus, Fomalhaut, Yorii. Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) Loss to ULTRA Acamar, Slocum, Azha, Alrescha, Tikonov. Federated Suns Loss to ULTRA Woodstock, Yangtze, Hamal, Bharat, Nopah, Kawich, Ruchbah, Ingress. Loss to Outworlds Alliance Mitchella, Sevon. Gained from the Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) New Hessen.

30th of July, 3090
Fighting still continues to rage across the Liao Commonality, the Chaos March, and other worlds near Terra. The terrorist group ULTRA, the United Leadership of the Tikonov Republican Armies, continues to kill and imprison whoever stands in there way in a bid to take control of the region. Recently, ULTRA forces attacked a local school on Fletcher, a world formerly controlled by the Federated Suns, and killed at least 40 children. On Woodstock, fighting is fierce as the major cities are burning after a large scale aerial bombardment unleashed by ULTRA's Thera Battle Groups. The Battle Groups are ostensibly "on-loan" from the Free Worlds League. This has drawn strong condemnation from the other states of the Inner Sphere. Chancellor Sun-tzu Liao had this to say, Quote QuoteEven if you don't pull the trigger, if you know someone is a murderer and you hand him a gun, when he kills someone, you are an accessory to that murder. The fact that Agatha has yet to recall the Thera Battle Groups to League space is a sign of her complicity in these acts. She continues to allow death to take place. This blood is on her hands. Her hands and ULTRA's. As of now, the Confederated Magistracy's forces are fighting on Azha, Slocum, Alrescha and Tikonov. We will update you as soon as more news arrives.

16th of August, 3090
Hello and welcome to another report from INI, Today's top stories from around the Free Worlds League. Coming from the Duchy of Andurien, Duchess Humpreys has announced that they will no longer support the Captain-General and has recalled all units homeward. This comes just after rumors that the the Duchy has created several brigades Andurien Rangers. To make matters worse is the peace summit being held on Andurien with the Magistracy of Canopus. Andurien AeroTech announced that it was separating from their parent company, Free Worlds Defense Industries and begin selling it's products to outside vendors. Here from Irian Technologies, the CEO announced that a new battle mech was in testing. The Project is being called the Prefect and will soon plan on showing the new mech by years end. In other news, ULTRA has made several gains and stress with other nations is starting to cause concern among the other Houses as even Terra is harder to get to and from without ULTRA interfering. Ambassador John Smith was quoted saying "What was a offering to help a few worlds has gone beyond and is a great concern even though the Captain-General seems to be aloft about it all and has removed herself from the public eye." Could this events be the reason why the Duchy of Andurien has removed itself from parliament and could succeed from the League?

16th of February, 3091
Back in the Free Worlds League After a lengthy time away from contracts with the Free Worlds League, the Black Wolf Rangers once again ventured into contract with House Marik on Pollux. Reputation lapse has caused the BWR to start almost from the bottom rung with a garrison contract. Deploying the 2nd REF (Rapid Expeditionary Unit) the BWR has successfully completed another contract.

15th of March, 3091
The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command, after having a successful rebirth on the Planet Antares, against Clan Jade Falcon, had been contracted to proceed to the Free Worlds League, there to raid Talitha, with the intent of extracting several VIP Prisoners of War, for the Lyran Alliance. A quick early morning raid, and the unit achieved their mission, linking up with a Lyran task force, and turning over the liberated Lyran military personnel.

15th of March, 3091
The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command, now at regimental strength, continues to move forward, their rebirth appearing to be complete, as they rack up one victory after another. They are quickly adding on to their reputation, and are once again sought after for missions requiring speial handling. The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command, after having a successful rebirth on the Planet Antares, against Clan Jade Falcon, had been contracted to proceed to the Free Worlds League, there to raid Talitha, with the intent of extracting several VIP Prisoners of War, for the Lyran Alliance. A quick early morning raid, and the unit achieved their mission, linking up with a Lyran task force, and turning over the liberated Lyran military personnel.

1st of January, 3092
Captain-General Agatha Rousset-Marik and her advisors saw the creation of an independent Tikonov Free Republic as a win for them, as it would serve as the host for a spread of the Covenant, and would serve as an indirect way to weaken the other Great Houses and deny them key worlds and the support of people in that region, particularly Tikonov nationalists who have traditionally been loyal to the Capellans or Davions. Eventually ULTRA built up its own army, largely paid for by the FWL and operating alongside the FWLM but it was not part of the FWLM. ULTRA was also the primary outlet for Agatha’s ambitions for a while, using ULTRA as a pretext for overt and covert military operations. It resulted in a military campaign in which the Inner Sphere began to see what kind of leader Agatha was, the aggressive dangerous kind, full of revolutionary ideas in her head, she wasn’t content with the status quo. The very existence of ULTRA and Agatha’s support for it has become a source of political fodder between the Great Houses. This created lots of political angles to act/react to and at least a few mercenary contracts. In the final days of 3089 evidence started to pile up that ULRA existed, what it is, and that it was building a military with the Free Worlds League’s help. The Great Houses started to take stock of the situation, trying to gather intelligence and make plans. This set off alarm bells across the Inner Sphere as the former Tikonov Free Republic worlds include Chaos March worlds, Confederated Magistracy worlds, Lyran Alliance Worlds, Draconis Combine Worlds and even Federated Suns worlds. ULTRA made appearances in several merc contracts in the Old Chaos March/New ULTRA region. During the Fifth Succession War old-fashioned hatreds were reignited as traditional Great House enemies smacked each other around much like they had done for hundreds of years. There is another new militant faction in the heart of the Inner Sphere, ULTRA. The Liberty Holds government is a "Good guy" faction, white knights, inheritors of the Star League's idealism. By comparison ULTRA sought to be a power player on the Inner Sphere stage, one that was backed by an aggressive leader and all her resources. Its very existence has shaken up the dynamics of the Inner Sphere. Agatha Rousset-Marik is a villain. In the course of her career and life, she has been our Napoleon. She has gone after everybody, no one is safe. All the Great Houses find themselves a target of her ambitions, and she in turn is vilified by all and eventually attracted the wrath of all. In the shorter term, ULTRA was the first big move that she made, the first evidence that Agatha may be a big threat to the Inner Sphere. Agatha Marik is a modern day Napoleon. She is a revolutionary at heart, someone who wants to upset the status quo and not play the normal game. She is the cause of one or more wars, some small, some eventually very big. The first one of note involved ULTRA. She continues to pushes on with her agenda. For her ULTRA, and other pretexts for conquest are exactly that, a pretext, an excuse to attack while maintaining the appearance of being a good leader to her own people. The Age of Agatha is upon us.

24th of November, 3092
On Diversionary Raid #DC-DR-06-01 for the Draconis Combine on Styx against ULTRA and/or Free Worlds League Military the Aura Wings FAILED to fool the enemy into thinking that the invasion was real and only caused minimal damage. DCPS Liaison Tomoe Katsuie was disappointed with their performance.

1st of March, 3093
Clan Snow Raven completed an expansion of their Valhalla Shipyard, allowing for the construction of new Lola III Destroyers. The Ravens' first customers were Clan Diamond Shark, which immediately ordered six hulls for their war with the Free Worlds League. The success of this expansion carried with it the probability that Clan Snow Raven would continue expanding their warship construction capabilities in the future in an effort to reassert their dominance over Clan naval construction.

29th of March, 3093
In a Kurultai (war council) on Tukayyid. Clan Diamond Shark votes to go to war with the Free Worlds League after being forced to abandon Alula Australis, Graham IV and Sirius under the threat of a nuclear attack by an armada of League warships.

25th of July, 3093
Clan Diamond Shark attempted their first offensive action in their war against the Free Worlds League at Summer. But the Free Worlds League's SAFE and Covenant managed to penetrate the Chatterweb and learned of the assault. They had enough advance warning to put a naval force in position and to stiffen the ground defenses. In July 3093 Beta Galaxy supported by a fleet attempted to invade the system and were badly damaged, both on the ground and in space. Beta Galaxy's Clusters were all but crippled and the Potemkin-class Titanic and Essex-class Tracy were destroyed.

28th of August, 3093
The 7th Armored Legion FAILED to protect the Corporate Sector's Power Plant on Landfall from the Marian Raiders on Garrison Duty contract FW-GD-02-02 drawn up by Mr Humphreys CEO in the Free Worlds League.

1st of June, 3094
The Draconis Combine launched a preemptive strike on the Free Worlds League held planet of Telos IV aimed at disabling the orbital defense system until the invasion force, Tai-sa Elizabeth Carrols and the 15th Dieron Regulars, had reached the planet's surface. Objective Raid # FW-OR-02-04 was SUCCESSFULLY pulled off by Razan's Ronins and to boot the unit was able to collect valuable intel and destroy targets of opportunity in advance of the 15th Dieron Regulars invasion of an ULTRA held world.

1st of August, 3094
The Razan's Ronins SUCCESSFULLY snatch Telos IV from the Free Worlds League and ULTRA'S iron hold, returning it back to the Draconis Combine fold on MRBC Planetary Assault contract # FW-PA-02-01 by aiding Tai-sa Elizabeth Carrols and her 15th Dieron Regulars.

27th of May, 3095
Atreus Free Press Reads: The source for news sources from Atreus, the Free Worlds League and the 'First Lord Agatha Marik'. Whether or not Agatha truly declared herself First Lord of the Star League at this point is subject to constant debate. It is clear that she threatened to do so, and even joked at having done so, both remarks made publicly. But the simple fact is that throne is long dead and gone and there is no one who is credible enough to bestow that title upon anyone. There is no Star League and there is no First Lord (despite the claims of some of Agatha’s most vocal supporters). So once again, Agatha has played the game and played it well. The message she sent had nothing to do with a renewed Star League, it communicated something else entirely to all the rulers of the Successor States. On her end, Agatha has grown largely silent. Appearing on both Terra and Atreus, she speaks of the great success they have achieved and the renewed prestige of the Free Worlds League. But these abstractions rarely go beyond generalities to real plans. Rumors that Agatha may be secretly negotiating to marry some newly ennobled Duchy of Terra lord or prince seem designed to calm fears and solidify the notion that the Duchy of Terra will become a permanent fixture of the League. In short, the Free Worlds League is watching with anticipation to see what the unpredictable young Captain-General will do next. Five years ago that thought brought nothing but electrified excitement, but now it brings a sense of gloom and the shadowy fears that this war will increasingly come into our homes and our lives, whether we like it or not.

15th of June, 3095
The 7th Armored Legion FAILED on contract # CC-CD-02-05 in the timely rehearsal of the FWLM Calloway VI raid with the Confederated Magistracy (Capellan Confederation) Janissaries, in developing a plan Work with the Janissaries for a raid from the Free Worlds League, in aiding the Second St. Ives Janissaries in training up their academy graduates and green recruits, and in prepare for the Calloway VI raid in all respects for the Regional capital of the Sarna Commonality, Sarna.

15th of September, 3095
The Restless Souls accepted this Pirate Hunting contract # FW-PH-12-01 to Campoleone on the opposite side of the Free Worlds League on the Periphery Border with an ulterior motive in mind to drop spies across a huge swath of the League's most important worlds, unbeknownst to their Nobility employer, Factor Jerome Hudd. The Souls SUCCESSFULLY discovered that the pirates were Calypso's Damned, destroyed 77% of the pirates equipment which prevented them from any more ground attacks at the Spaceport. The Restless Souls also obtain intelligence as to where the pirates were based as well as established a Restless Souls Spy Network across the Free Worlds League.

25th of September, 3095
The Black Stars Mercenary Command SUCCESSFULLY assisted the Free Worlds League, Tamarind Military District world of Merton's local garrison defense against Black Warriors raiders and other Circinus Federation rogues against Cadre Duty contract # FW-CD-02-08 reporting to Force Commander Alexander Teague

15th of March, 3096
After the Restless Souls established an extensive covert intelligence network last year while traveling to the Rim Commonality’s Lesnovo on the Anti Spinward Periphery Border between the Free Worlds League and the Marian Hegemony, Periphery March Minister, Field Marshal Xavier Steele, has taken up a slightly different posture in his defense of the Federated Suns. The first Quarter of 3096 finds four of his six regiments positioned in ‘Hot Spots’ around the newly minted Confederated Systems of Tikonov. His Bravo Sledgehammer Assault Galaxy, has been dispatched to Demeter in the Federated Suns Capellan March; Echo Manticore Strike Regiment is garrisoning Edwards in the Crucis March; Delta Heaven’s Fist Hunter-Killer Regiment is stationed on Addicks in the Draconis March; and the Field Marshal along with his command Smilodon battalion, the Restless Souls entire Warship Armada, and his Alpha Honor Guard Regiment are at the Fort on his fiefdom world, Quentin. He has sent his Charlie Eagle Eye Reconnaissance Regiment on up to Baxter in the Lyran Alliance and his Foxtrot Diablo Defense Regiment back to the capital of his Ruling Periphery March Region, Broken Wheel.

15th of March, 3096
While in the employ of the Free Worlds League on Defense Campaign contract # FW-DC-04-09 the Black Stars Collective SUCCESSFULLY ensure the safety of Consortium property and personnel on the Tamarind Military District World of Galisteo, under Force Commander Jose Vera Cruz Planetary Militia, from being overran by the Pirate Band of the Black Warriors.

15th of July, 3096
Per the Lyran Alliance Liaison Officer, Hauptmann Maria Peake, the Black Talon Phoenixes unsuccessfully performed an Objective Raid on MRBC contract # FW-OR-08-01 on the Free Worlds League's, Silver Hawks Coalition world of Kalidasa. They did not demolish the Hepburn Base, defeat Hepburn Base’s garrison, nor were they able to destroy the replacement depot troops and equipment against elements of the 31st Marik Militia & Kalidasa Armored Corps.

5th of September, 3096
The Great White Fleet arrived on the Free Worlds League world of Elgin in the Terra Military District on Defensive Campaign contract # CC-DC-12-01 in time to SUCCESSFULLY aid Force Commander Archibald Chattum in the retaking of Buala Atoll from Capellan rebels led by a former Capellan government employee named Pierre Neuval.

1st of August, 3097
In a Capellan Maskirovka orchestrated coupe of the Free Worlds League planet Ohrensen in their Oriente Military District, the Eden's Guard Security & Logistics Corporation has SUCCESSFULLY contacted the Triads, gathered intelligence on enemy troops & strength, and have determine Director Shoga Leow’s allegiance on Security Duty contract # FW-SD-04-08. They have taken up the supplemental contract an Offensive Campaign.

1st of August, 3097
In a Capellan Maskirovka orchestrated coupe of the Free Worlds League planet Ohrensen in their Oriente Military District, the Rabid Wolves has SUCCESSFULLY Assisted the Eden's Guard in contacting the Ohrensen Triads, provided the Eden's Guard with fire support, gathered intelligence on enemy troops & strength, and have determine Director Shoga Leow’s allegiance on Defensive Campaign contract # FW-DC-02-02. They have taken up the supplemental contract an Offensive Campaign.

29th of September, 3097
The Free Worlds League planet of Ohrensen uncovers its dark past as a Mercenary force hired by a rogue ConMag (Capellan Confederation) Maskirovka Operative, Sang-wei (Captain) Song Yongjia, protecting a conglomerate of investors is embroiled in a vicious planetary civil war. The Eden’s Guard and Rabid Wolves Mercenary Companies battled with a terrorist Triad force. However, the conspiracy backfired as the terrorists went rogue, killing the Director and forcing the other Triads to band together. Under the leadership of the new Director, Mary Berkwotiz, and with the help of the Eden’s Guard and Rabid Wolves, a second attempt to reinforce the Triad by the Free Worlds League was thwarted, and the hapless Company of the 4th Oriente Hussars were SUCCESSFULLY destroyed or captured on MRBC Offensive Campaign contract # FW-OC-04-03.

1st of October, 3097
Hired by a rogue ConMag (Capellan Confederation) Maskirovka Operative, Sang-wei (Captain) Song Yongjia, to assist the Eden’s Guard Security & Logistics Corporation in maintaining Government cohesion on Ohrensen, ensuring a ConMag takeover of the planet, preventing any farther damage to the infrastructure, and ensuring planetary development can continue uninterrupted on MRBC Offensive Campaign contract # FW-OC-04-04 in Free Worlds League Duchy of Oriente, the Rabid Wolves were SUCCESSFULLY in achieving these objects against the 4th Oriente Hussars

11th of March, 3098
The Confederated Magistry's (Capellan Confederation) Sao-shao Khiong Jiāng, Gan Singh's planetary ruler, reached out to Colonel Newton Ramilie II of the Ramilie's Hussars for Espionage contract #FW-ES-06-01 to engage in Low Intensity Conflict Operations on Zion, located in the Zion Province of the Free Worlds League's Oriente Military District. Ramilie's Hussars successfully gathered intelligence on the unit defending Zion, the 6th Free Worlds Legionnaires. They also inserted a Covert Operative into the Zion government to feed intel back to the ConMag.

3rd of October, 3098
The Dioscuri in conjunction with the Lyran Alliance LIC, SUCCESSFULLY Extracted Carlos Marik and his family from the Free Worlds League's, Terra Military District world of Mizar on MRBC contract # LA-EX-04-03 and completed their defection by bringing them to Steiner space as reported by Hauptmann Alexis Bratton.

Origin and History:
The Free Worlds League was formed in 2271 by the Treaty of Marik, which united the Marik Commonwealth, the Grand Duchy of Oriente, and the Principality of Regulus. This was a loose organization of states, and they began to expand into the surrounding systems. In 2293, Juliano Marik annexed the Stewart Commonality, and was designated Captain-General. Since then, House Marik has held the post of Captain-General until the present day. Beginning in 2398, the Capellan Confederation declared war on the League in an attempt to annex Andurien and it's surrounding systems. This began the 150-year period known as the Age of War. During the Age of War, the Terran Hegemony developed the first BattleMechs. In 2556, Ian Cameron, leader of the Terran Hegemony, negotiated the Andurien Peace Treaty, ending the Age of War, and setting the foundations for the creation of the Star League. The Star League lasted for roughly 200 years, of which 150 were a time of unprecedented growth and discovery for all of mankind. After the Civil War against Stefan Amaris, the Usurper, Aleksandr Kerensky left the Inner Sphere with approximately 80 percent of the Star League Armed Forces.

Minoru Kurita and John Davion both seized the opportunity and declared themselves First Lord of the Star League shortly after, and Kenyon Marik followed suit in 2786, and the First Succession War began. The First, Second, and Third Succession Wars saw little change in the Inner Sphere, except for the tremendous loss of life and technology. Soon, the Ares Conventions were established, governing the conduct of warfare, and war became a way of life in the Inner Sphere. Each successive Captain-General since Kenyon Marik has invoked Resolution 288 upon taking office, which allows the Captain-General certain powers in time of war or crisis. The Fourth Succession War began with the wedding of Hanse Davion to Melissa Steiner. The Capellan Confederation lost a large portion of their territory, and the Free Rasalhague Republic was created, along with the St. Ives Compact. The Free Worlds League remained out of most of the conflict, losing several worlds near Terra to a Tikonov offensive towards the end of the war. While the other Inner Sphere Houses were exhausted from the war, the Free Worlds League remained completely intact, ready to exploit the economic boom after the peace was signed. League Traders began to do business with all the major Houses, and the Free Worlds League soon had one of the strongest economies in history. In 3030, the Duchy of Andurien seceded from the League, and allied itself to the Magistracy of Canopus, precipitating the War of Andurien Secession. The war dragged on for years, and Captain-General Janos Marik was killed in a bomb blast in 3035 that also severely injured his son Thomas. Thomas was taken to Terra and rehabilitated by ComStar in secret, until his return in 3036. He assumed the post of Captain-General and League forces quickly forced Andurien into submission. Thomas has since been instituting reforms in the League to break some of the diplomatic gridlock that paralyzed it for so long, keeping it from being an effective and unified force.

MHB Depot Locations :





FWL 3087 Update:


Since Alys’s removal and your rise to power, the Free Worlds League has finally removed the last reminders of the bloody FWL Civil War. All of us are optimistic that the future is bright for us. This review of our realm’s military is a testament to some of our recent successes in rebuilding shattered units and improving our overall security.

Adam Constantine
LCCC Minister of Defense

As the Vakarel Peace Accords and a new Covenant of Blake become cemented in League space, the Free Worlds League is seeing light at the end of a dark tunnel. As Janos Marik II lies dead, the rebels have begun to loose cohesion, but fighting still continues around the Duchy of Tamarind.

Many have tried to compare the Free Worlds League Civil War to the FedCom Civil war of the 3060s. While some parallels exist it’s impossible to ignore the sheer variety of dimensions involved in the League’s conflict. Each provincial government was in it for their own ends, and this sometimes split houses and military forces apart. When the fighting ultimately reached a climax, it became a “Janos vs Alys” affair, with the latter achieving victory. But in the middle, a large number of Free Worlders were fighting for other things, such as the matter of Resolution 288, or to settle old scores with ancient enemies. At the same new friends and enemies were made and other wounds will take years to heal. The Free Worlds League Civil War will not go down in history as being as bloody as the FedCom Civil War, but it was no less heartfelt and lacking in its own scenes of horror and courage.

With the repeal of several key provisions of Resolution 288, the provincial and planetary governments have seen a new boost in power and authority in the League. What they do with that power is a popular question these days.

The Great Debate and the Sirius Debacle (3066)
The ignition switches that would help start the FWL Civil War were flipped years before, when the Sirius Concordance was annexed into the Star League Administered Systems. Efforts by Captain-General Thomas Marik to recover the military personnel and equipment lost in that move caused a newfound rift between Parliament and the Captain-General. While Thomas Marik sought to reclaim that equipment, many members of Parliament saw it as new rightful owners of the Sirius worlds. This seemingly minor issue was a sticking point on the Great Debate over whether the Captain-General’s powers should be reduced and Resolution 288 revoked by Parliament.

The debate would go unresolved and the tension and animosity it created within the political structures of the Free Worlds League continued to build.

Loss of Cabin Pressure
When Thomas Marik died in 3076 not even the most jaded Protectionist could have predicted what would happen next. The Parliament and provincial governments became so divided over the choice of successor that government became entirely gridlocked.

Both Janos Marik II and Alys Rousset-Marik competed for the throne. Janos was supported by the leadership of the Marik Commonwealth but also by Federalists in Parliament. By comparison Alys attracted the Provincial vote for her role in bringing the Great Debate to the forefront in 3067.

Through much of 3076 and 3077, civil strife erupted across the Free Worlds League. The total number of protests and riots are estimated to have numbered in the thousands. Many historians have recorded Janice Reynolds, a citizen of Atreus as the first casualty of the conflict. During a large scale protest on Atreus, a beseeched riot control vehicle tried to back away from the crowd and ran over the woman with its treads. Janice’s husband David and many of the protestors then took up arms and engaged in a running battle with local law enforcement it resulted in further bloodshed. Today on Atreus we call this day, the 30th of December “Reynolds ‘Rising”.

The circumstances on Atreus were by no means unique or limited purely to civil strife. On Sadurni the 2nd Free Worlds Legionnaires involved in a training exercise with a militia brigade when news arrived that the Duchess of Sadurni had been assassinated. The training exercise turned into the real thing when a few off-hand comments made by junior mechwarriors were interpreted as a slight against the beloved late Duchess. The result was a large scale skirmish when several militia soldiers, disobeying even the orders of their own commanding officers, switched out their practice ammunition for live rounds. Seven Legionnaires were killed and several more wounded. When the Legionnaires retaliated, even more lives were loss.

On May 5th 3077, Alys Rousset-Marik’s supporters took control of the Ionus Shipyards in the Atreus System. Overnight, Alys had the support of this key asset and the declared support of much of the FWLM’s Fleet Command.

This action truly brought the conflict out of the realm of the amateur protestor and into the fold of the professional armies on both sides. In a series of events that mimicked the FedCom Civil War, it became nearly impossible for military units not to take sides in the growing conflict. This was particularly true for provincial units, who typically sided with their home regions and whichever party they supported or faced prosecution by them.

In addition, individual units and ship crews were split apart. Units that declared openly for Janos or Alys often took it upon themselves to transfer out, or forcibly remove or even imprison supporters of the opposition. A number of officers and enlisted personnel of the FWLM would spend the next few years in a cell or assigned to non-combat duty stations on the Lyran or Capellan borders where those external enemies would remain a more pressing issue in their minds for the duration. Some of Janos’s supporters abandoned their old units and flocked to his banner, forming the core of three new Marik Guard regiments that he constructed out of some of his most fanatical supporters.

Andurien In Sight
Starting in July 3077, Janos took his loyal units to Andurien, a bastion of support for Alys Roussett-Marik. The tactics and strategy involved were to invoke memories of the Andurien War of the 3030s. While Janos claimed many military successes and captured several key officers and units, it inflamed the hatred of Janos that many other Alys allied and neutral units felt.

Janos sought to put what he saw as a rebellion firmly down, but instead he fueled the fire even more.

On September 15th, 3077 Janos suffered a major defeat. While trying to secure Conquista, his forces ran afoul of the Delphi Battle Group. Janos’s own Thera Class Supercarrier was out of position securing the Andurien System and unable to prevent the destruction of eleven of Janos’s dropships and the capture of a large jumpship flotilla. Many of the vessels that had Lithium Fusion batteries did jump away, but ended up in systems patrolled by Alys attack dropships and warships.

While the loss of troops at Conquista was relatively minimal (many of the dropships were empty or carrying munitions and supplies), the loss of transportation assets was severe and greatly restricted Janos’s ability to reposition units. Janos’s military commanders would complain about this loss for the rest of the conflict.

Janos got some small measure of satisfaction on Tamarind, when he learned that Alys’s 18th Infantry Division had surrendered to the cobbled together 1st Marik Guards Janos had patched together just months before.

Blinding Light and Maddening Rage
On December 27th 3077 a nuclear detonation on Asellus Australis shocked the entire Free Worlds League and both sides accused the other of the crime. Cries of “Remember Asellus!” began to fill the individual battles of each conflict, ironically on both sides.

A hundred battles broke out on more than 15 worlds. Far too many to document here, but needless to say, they ranged from skirmishes to some of the most brutal fighting ever seen in the Free Worlds League. In addition to the battles themselves, growing accounts of torture and execution were heard as both sides resorted to increasingly ugly strategies to win.

In many cases, Janos was forced to rely on a combination of line units and militias raised to support him. By comparison Alys relied heavily on the Fleet, which gave her an edge in mobility and jump point control that seemed to constantly shift the tide in her favor by disrupting Janos’s supply chain. In some cases, worlds would have warehouses full of vehicles and ammunition ready for him, while Janos’ aligned units desperately needed both and had no means to transfer it to them. Many of Janos’s best units surrendered when their supplies of ammunition and even basics like food and water were depleted.

Among all of this, few beyond that region noticed that Vakarel was seized by the Antarian Lancers, in the employ of the Magistracy of Canopus in 3079. That incident cost Janos a valuable unit that he would miss later.

Political By Force
On May 5th, 3079 a true shift seemed to finally occur when Janos Marik II seized control of Parliament and put the MPs under house arrest. With great urgency Janos to declare himself Captain-General and begin to extort the Parliament for their immediate support.

Alys Rousset-Marik’s forces moved quickly. Bound for Andurien, they quickly liberated many of those worlds from the garrisons that Janos had left in place.

She then took a large taskforce to Atreus and liberated Parliament from Janos’s grasp. This, the Battle of Atreus was a defining moment in the entire war. It was the largest single world battle that had been fought in the Free Worlds League since at least the Andurien rebellion, and its fierceness likely exceeded that conflict. It was fought both in space and on the ground right up to the spot where Janos’s supporters made a last stand. Alys Rousset-Marik’s units included the Antarian Lancers, the Romanov Crusaders, Kristen’s Crushers, the 1st Free Worlds League Guards, the 4th Regulan Hussars and the Falcon Regiment of the Silver Hawk Irregulars.

Janos had an impressive arrangement of forces as well. They included the First Knights of the Inner Sphere, the 8th Free Worlds Legionnaires, the 1st Atrean Dragoons, the 1st Brigade of the Oriente Fusiliars and the Ducal Guard.

When it was over, Janos’s forces stood down or withdrew from the system and the Parliament was freed. Amongst the carnage and destruction that had devastated some parts of the capital city, Alys was then appointed Captain-General by a thankful Parliament.

This large single battle was toted in propaganda as a turning point in the war and many idle watchers and Alys supporters believed it. Some of Janos’s commanders defied Janos by bowing to the wishes of Parliament and surrendering their swords.

After Atreus City fell, many believed that Janos was dead, which caused even more of his supporters to surrender to Alys’s forces. However it was soon learned in 3079 that he had withdrawn from the system secretly.

Maginot Line Tamarind
Janos reappeared in the Duchy of Tamarind and wasted no time in securing it. His remaining supporters flocked to him. It is also widely believed that shipments of additional supplies and equipment soon arrived from outside sources.

As the rest of the Free Worlds League celebrated their victory and the war’s end, Janos quickly resurrected a defense around the Duchy of Tamarind and the planets he could quickly seize with what forces he had available. Janos went on the offensive, attacking neighboring systems with every unit at his disposal. Among his most prized units however, he saw the seeds of betrayal. He replaced the members of the 2nd Knights of the Inner Sphere, a magic trick intended to maintain the illusion of their presence while removing potential traitors from his midst. Eventually a few of those would-be traitors escaped and reported Janos’s presence in the Promised Land system.

The League reacted quickly to the news that Janos wasn’t on fortified Tamarind. A massive taskforce of FWLM units led by the elite Antarian Lancers and Hellstorm Hussars swept into Promised Land in a bloody assault that left Janos Marik II among the dead. Although not all of his supporters or the Duchy of Tamarind has submitted to Captain-General Alys Rousset-Marik, the heart was torn out of the rebels.

The final death blow to the faction Janos Marik had created occurred on Tamarind. A massive assault was fiercely contested in space and on the ground, but eventually all of Janos Marik’s units capitulated after days of heavy fighting, officially ending the final legacy of the once-Captain-General.

The Covenant of Blake
In early 3084 a segment of the Word of Blake within the Free Worlds League moved to distance itself from the rest of that organization. Fed up with a never-ending string of public failures and concerned about the sanity and conscience of their brethren, the Covenant of Blake, as they called themselves, went public. The Captain-General took the Covenant’s proposal to a closed-door session of Parliament in December 3083. The Parliament ratified the proposal, popularly known as the “Purple Reformation”. As part of the agreement, the Covenant was given the Word of Blake’s HPG contract for the entire realm and the Covenant became a recognized province of the League, even though they controlled only enclaves and HPG sites across the League. The Covenant’s military forces became a provincial unit in the FWLM and the Word of Blake was declared an enemy of the state.

The Vakarel Peace Accord
In the waning days of 3083, secret negotiations were ongoing between the Free Worlds League and the Confederated Magistracy. The largely informal peace agreement was the point of concern and as negotiators worked, they found each side to be surprisingly amiable to a long-term peace agreement. What they devised became known as the Vakarel Peace Accord, a statement of long-term peace and co-legitimacy between the Free Worlds League and the Confederated Magistracy. As part of the peace, the League reacquired the world of Vakarel, while it loaned the CM the Blackhearts mercenary unit and the Covenant’s 3rd Division to fight the Word of Blake in CM space.

The Great Repeal
In 3084, Captain-General Alys Rousset-Marik kept her promises by repealing several component parts of Resolution 288. The move restored many powers to the provincial and planetary governments of the Free Worlds League. She did not go as far as to repeal the entire Resolution, citing the need for a federal military with strong centralized leadership. At any rate, the move left the leaders of individual worlds and provinces rubbing their hands together and relishing in the abolition of many of the reforms Thomas Marik had created decades before.

Regulus’s Curtain of Secrecy and Fear
As early as 3081, there have been indicators that things are not well with the Principality of Regulus. Diminished in wealth and power during the war, the Counts of Harmony, led by Prince Kirc Cameron-Jones, moved to regain much of what was lost by taking it off the backs of the Roma people in his realm. Those who opposed him, within his own government and beyond, were quietly or violently removed using a secret police force called the Regulan Constable Service. In 3085 Prince Kirc Cameron-Jones was finally removed when he was confronted with a coalition led by his son, Titus. Kirc Cameron-Jones committed suicide and Titus was installed as the new leader of Regulus. Titus quickly aligned himself closely with the Covenant, a provincial power that had been working quietly to assist the people of Regulus in their time of sorrow.

The Terra Corps
In 3086 the Free Worlds League received an unusual invitation from the newly reformed ComStar. As ComStar attempted to reconstruct its Com Guards, it needed a safe incubator in which to train and mold its forces. To provide security for that operation, the FWLM sent 3 division-strength units to Terra’s European continent. At the same time it came to light that in payment for this service, the FWLM troops would be pointed at opportunities to pick Terra’s bones and to secure its secrets. The presence of the FWLM Terra Corps on the cradle of humanity earned the FWL the ire of the Federated Suns, which dispatched several units. After a few pitched battles near Egypt and in Eastern Europe, a truce was declared and the Terra Corps departed the world.

Rekindling an old flame: Operation Holy Grail
In 3086 the Free Worlds League launched a major military invasion against the Lyran Alliance. Targeting Bolan and Hesperus II, the two-pronged invasion was carried out with great hope and ambition by FWLM leaders. However the myth of Hesperus invulnerability was not broken, as the large invasion force was thrown back with horrifying casualties. The attack on Bolan was more successful, as was the near simultaneous invasion of several Lyran worlds along the border. Almost immediately, the Lyran Alliance retaliated with Operation Switchblade, successfully conquering a line of worlds across League space in a move that shocked military planners and forced the League’s military to go on the defensive. Already facing criticism for the Regulan Crisis, Captain-General Alys Rousset-Marik faced a fresh wave of criticism over the military quagmire.

A quick rise and an even quicker fall
On July 20, 3087, Captain-General Alys Rousset-Marik surprised many by suddenly resigning. Alys was facing pressure from all sides and a contender in the form of her daughter. The 18-year-old Agatha Rousset-Marik, a Covenant Adept, had positioned herself to become the spokesperson and leader of a broad coalition of individuals opposed to Alys Rousset-Marik. Facing a potential war, Alys stepped down and named Agatha her successor. She has sent gone into exile with Calvin Marik and his wife Tanya. The sudden installment of Captain-General Agatha Rousset-Marik appears to have turned the Free Worlds League into a Blakist state.

Free Worlds League 3095 Update:

Primus Viktor Tanner

The exploits of the realm continue to stun the Inner Sphere. One might say we bet on the right horse. However we must be vigilant, the Inner Sphere will not stand idly by and there are signs of trouble back home. I hope we have not played our hand too strongly. As you know I am preparing to retire from public life and so I submit this report on the realm as one of my final acts in this office. With Blake’s wisdom, my successor in Parliament and your Will shall carry us through our endeavors and see the Covenant, and indeed, the entire Free Worlds League, through the days ahead.


Lane Brandenburg-Curi
Precentor Parliament

Recent Events in the Free Worlds League
With the backing of the Covenant, several notable ministers, including retired Minister of Intelligence Paul Marik, and a number of members of Parliament, the young fiery Agatha Rousset-Marik swept into power. By that time, her mother Alys Rousset-Marik had made several damaging decisions and judgment calls. But even more than that, the simple fact was that many in the Free Worlds League had fought against her in the Civil War during the 3070s. So there was a significant body of men and women in the realm who were quietly opposed to her rule and jumped at the chance to remove her from power.

Even then however, Agatha Marik (she dropped the Rousset part of her surname, in part due to a severe estrangement with the Rousset family), was largely underestimated. Due to her young age (she was born in April 3069, which makes me feel quite old) and revolutionary spirit, which struck many as being naive, many, including the Covenant Primus Viktor Tanner, and some of the Houses who had favored Thomas Marik, such as House Halas, thought they could in some ways mold her to their liking through their influence in the royal court.

In reality Agatha Marik quickly charted her own path. No sooner had the exiled Alys Rousset-Marik fled the realm into the unknown with the previous heir, Calvin Marik, that Agatha set to work. Calling in the nation’s debts, which brought trillions of C-Bills into the realm, as well as a quick influx of military equipment. Some of the money went to provincial lords and members of Parliament. It is hard, even for her supporters, to oppose the expression that “Parliament was bought and paid for” in those early years of her reign.

With the rapid buildup, both of the FWLM and the new military of ULTRA, she gave the LCCC the seemingly impossible task of taking the Chaos March, Terra and all the surrounding worlds. They proved themselves up to the task, in particular, Minister of Defense Adam Constantine and Marshall Jeremiah Gierke, both of whom received a lot of the credit for the military successes of the FWLM.

As you know, they succeeded. With the help of HPG communication interference from Covenant expertise, the FWLM blasted through the Terran corridor, sweeping aside war-weary defenders, bypassing and interdicting strongly defended worlds. The invasion even stunned ComStar on Terra and forced them to stead aside and forfeit humanity’s birthplace to us. If such results had appeared in simulations, we would have assumed we were working with bad data. But we had underestimated the power of the FWL Fleet Command, and the unpreparedness of ComStar and the other Great Houses for a new war so soon after the collapse of the Second Star League and the long and bloody Fifth Succession War. Not to mention the Chaos March worlds were a mess, and were easier to secure than we dared imagine. Though revitalizing some of them into functional members of the League has proven more difficult than expected.

Of course a lot of credit also goes to you Primus. You saw the potential in Agatha Marik, and through your influence with her, the opportunity to bring the Covenant further than the traditional borders of the Free Worlds League.

Political Situation in the Free Worlds League
The Free Worlds League is at war with virtually everyone. With so many external enemies, it is fortunate that the realm’s internal structure remains largely supportive of the Captain-General. However there are signs of stress as more power is centralized to Atreus, and the realm has had to cope with the stresses of a long lasting conflict. In addition, trade has been greatly affected, which has affected some of the worlds and provinces accustomed to interstellar trade with our neighbors.

The Captain-General’s strongest supporters remain in the provincial families who have generally favored centralizing power and authority. Many of them, like House Halas and Stewart, the same families who supported Thomas Marik for so many years. The traditional opponents to centralized power, most notably House Humphreys and Cameron-Jones, former strong supporters of Alys Rousset-Marik, have resumed their seemingly traditional roles as “loyal opposition.” However, the desire to avoid another civil war, plus the bonuses and financial incentives that Agatha delivered to those provinces, has to date largely persuaded them to remain more loyal than opposition, at least to date.

Notable exceptions exist can be found. For example, House Graham-Marik has begun to turn against the Captain-General, largely of their support of her mother and a real sense there that she has hijacked the throne.

Among House Marik itself there are strong divisions, though no coalition or leading figure has risen to oppose Agatha. With Alys Rousset-Marik and Calvin Marik disappeared, the Mariks have largely been forced into Agatha’s pocket whether they like it or not. Some of the Mariks, such as Photon Brett-Marik, who supported Janos Marik II during the civil war, has shown Agatha nothing but loud and public support. Others, such as Corrine Marik, have begrudgingly supported Agatha. Corrine Marik’s support at any level has surprised many observers because she was the Minister of Intelligence for Alys Rousset-Marik. Remaining at that post appears to be a stabilizing influence and perhaps a strategic political move by Agatha Marik. Some have speculated that family influences, such as the sway of her father, Paul Marik, and the need to protect her daughters Giselle and Laura, have contributed to her decision not to take a vocal position. But there is little doubt in the minds of many that if anyone in House Marik was to break with Agatha and become a force of opposition, Corrine Marik would be the most likely candidate and certainly the most credible threat to the sitting Captain-General.

The other noteworthy bastion of opposition to Agatha Marik is found in her sister, Alycia Rousset-Marik. Born in 3074, Agatha’s younger sister is just 21-years-old but has made it known that she does not approve of her older sister’s removal of their mother from power. But the brown-haired girl who looks more like their father than her mother, is largely seen as an outsider among the Mariks. She has bonded more closely to her father, Christian Hampton, who has been allowed to quietly retire to Augustine alongside most of the Rousset family, who have become a bastion of quiet opposition to Agatha Marik. But Alycia seems unwilling to truly oppose her sister and is serving as a fleet officer on warships in the FWLM Fleet, and the Rousset family has always been a group of outsiders, whose wealth primarily came from selling control of Kristin’s Krushers mercenary unit into the FWLM. With some wealth but little political power, the Rousset family and Christian Hampton seem to be keeping their heads down, and relying on Alycia’s influence on her sister to ensure that no harm comes to them.

Introducing House Masters of the Duchy of Terra
In 3092, Captain-General Agatha Marik officially recognized Samuel Masters as the Duke and leader of the Duchy of Terra. Samuel Masters is the son of Sir Paul Masters, Count of Gibson, former commanding officer of the Knights of the Inner Sphere, and the Star League’s first Ambassador to the Clans. During his time on Huntress he married a member of the Star League staff named Margaret Marcosi, a Terran native. Their only child, Samuel, was born on Huntress in 3068 but raised on Terra when Paul Masters found a new position in the Star League’s immense bureaucracy.

Samuel Masters attended Sandhurst and served in the SLDF as a mechwarrior, rising to the rank of Major quickly. He was in the SLDF when he received word that his father, now SLDF General Sir Paul Masters, who have volunteered to serve in an SLDF Division on the Draconis Combine front, was killed in action. When the Star League collapsed, Samuel Masters formed a small group of fellow former SLDF soldiers, medical staff and quartermasters and ship owners who began to provide aid and security on the Chaos March worlds. His little-known band of humanitarians caught the attention of Marshall Jeremiah Gierke during the invasion of Sirius when they crossed paths. Marshall Gierke recruited Samuel Masters into the fold of his FWLM command staff after convincing him that the League’s invasion of the Terran corridor was a necessary liberation.

Samuel Masters first came to the attention of Agatha Marik during the game of brinksmanship with ComStar over Terra. Samuel Masters ended up at Agatha’s side during the standoff and yielded great insight into the mindset of some of the key players on Terra. Agatha herself congratulated him on helping to bring Terra into the fold while avoiding it turning into a monstrous bloodbath of an invasion. Just months later he was confirmed his father’s former title of Count and assigned to the task of administering Terra itself. After proving both his worth as a leader, and his loyalty to the Free Worlds League, he was named Duke and awarded the Duchy of Terra.

In recent weeks, there have been hints in the royal court of a possible marriage between Agatha Marik and Samuel Masters. The possibility of such a dynastic wedding has served to cement the idea that Agatha intends to keep the Duchy of Terra as a permanent province in the Free Worlds League.

Social Situation in the Free Worlds League
With the overwhelming military successes in around Terra, there is strong public support for the Captain-General and her policies. Only recently has there been any real sign of opposition. As more is demanded (and expected) of the League’s citizens and nobility to carry on the effort, mutterings of discontent have grown into the occasional protest. The truth is that the League is unaccustomed to long drawn out wars abroad. The citizens of the other Great Houses are more accustomed to the suffering that comes from long drawn out bloody wars with their neighbors. The average citizen of the League knows little of such suffering for a faraway conflict (ironically more familiar to conflict closer to home). As they learn of it now, it is beginning to turn the sugar of support into the sour of concern and frustration.

The newly liberated worlds in and around Terra are another matter entirely. Although some of the Chaos March worlds have reacted well to their induction into the Free Worlds League, the worlds belonging to the other Great Houses have been hotbeds of discontent and open rebellion in many cases. Worst yet are the worlds that were bypassed and interdicted because of their strong defenses. Securing those worlds, both militarily and politically, has been a prolonged and sometimes painful affair.

Senior Leadership
Though Agatha Marik serves as supreme military commander of the FWLM, she works closely with her military planning administrative staff, the League Central Coordination Command (LCCC), headquartered on the planet Marik. Colloquially known as the “Seven Sons of Solon” or “The Dark Circle.”

Minister of Defense: General Adam Constantine
Director of Military Intelligence: General Corrine Marik
Quartermaster General: Admiral Heth Nash
Chief Armorer: General Pierre Branellec
Occupation Liason Officer: General Rigal Chandler
Government Liason Officer: Admiral Guillane Pugh

Military District Commands
Dieudonne Military District: Marshall Abhilasha Khanal
Oriente Military District: Marshall Artur Jorge
Ryerson Military District: Marshall Nisa Geller
Tamarind Military District: Marshall Photon Brett-Marik
Terra Military District: Marshall Jeremiah Gierke
Fleet Command: Fleet Admiral Annabella Shier

The FWLM continues to administer its traditional military academies. The newest addition is the Hannover City Military Academy on Gibson, operated by the Covenant, it trains personnel specifically for the Covenant Militia. Though a number of its graduates have gone on to higher postings in other brigades or in the FWLM bureaucracy. Many of these graduates have excelled in the role of ambassadors, easing tensions between the Covenant and the rest of the FWLM through direct interaction.

Academies on received liberated worlds, most notably Terra, are only beginning to resume normal operations. They remain under careful SAFE supervision but have received excellent funding and support. Lesser basic and advanced training camps across the Duchy of Terra have also turned out many military personnel in nearly every field.

FWLM Fleet Command (76 active warships)
During the FWL Civil War, the fleet was put to great use as a strategic asset and force multiplier by both sides, but particularly by Alys Rousset-Marik’s victorious forces. Those hard-lessons were shaped into doctrine. It wasn’t long before the FWLM was counting on its fleet to do a lot. Warship crews were trained in everything from ship-to-ship combat, to system interdiction to limited pinpoint orbital fire support. At the same time select FWLM officers on the ground were trained on how to call in that kind of fire support.

If the fleet has any deficiency at all it’s in the deployment of pocket warships. Commonplace in most of the other Great House navies, the FWLM Fleet invested heavily in warship production and was reluctant to devote any portion of that to pocket warships because Admirals feared that it would mean fewer warships. As a result the fleet has little answer to vessels like the Interdictor Pocket Warship, or the Taihou Assault Dropship. It has accumulated a few hulls from various sources but rely on traditional combat dropships like the Kuan Ti, Avenger and Merlin classes, supported heavily by aerospace fighters, to achieve the same results.

Direct combat with those kinds of assets has begun to turn the heads of a few naval officers. But the emphasis on warships over pocket warships seems unlikely to change.

Warship Naming Conventions
The FWLM Fleet Command as early as the 3050s cultivated a set of naming conventions for each class or type of warship. Examples include the FWLS Thessaly and FWLS Santorini.

Thera II-class Supercarriers are named after parts of Terran Greece, including islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Agamemnon II-class Heavy Cruisers are given names tied to historic and mythological stories associated with ancient Greece’s war with the city of Troy. Though other Greece mythological figures have also begun to appear as names within this class. Among the class’s new additions are the FWLS Priam and FWLS Odysseus.

Eagle II-class Frigates use names associated with the legends of King Arthur, with recently launched hulls including the FWLS Tiberius, FWLS Iseult and FWLS Uther. But Fleet Command recently decided to begin naming new Eagle-class Frigates after celebrated heroes of the FWLM. These vessels use the surname only but honor individuals, typically those who have earned the FWLM’s highest honors or particular notoriety. Among them names like the FWLS Masters (for Sir Paul Masters), FWLS Garibaldi (for General Samuel Garibaldi) and FWLS Langsdorf (for General Julian Langsdorf) have joined the fleet.

The Impavido III-class Destroyers focus on members of House Marik, using both given name and surname. To avoid angering anyone, the Admiralty has avoided using recent members, instead focusing on historical Mariks. Examples include the FWLS Juliano Marik and FWLS Peter Marik. There are proponents among the FWL nobility who would like to see some of the non-Marik Captain-Generals (such as Joseph Stewart) be awarded such an honor as well. If Impavido-class hulls continue to be built, this seems increasingly likely to happen eventually.

The Zechetinu III-class Corvettes are named after orders or species of insect, such as arachnids, bees, wasps and scorpions. Although Terran insects remain most common, some of the predatory insects found on worlds in the League and even throughout the Inner Sphere have begun to be used as names. A few vessels have deviated from this to focus on species of predatory animal found only in the League, such as the FWLS Chalice Hunter, named after a predatory saurian found on Camlann.

Warship Organizational Structure
The strong arm of the FWLM Fleet Command is the Battle Group. These are very flexible organizations, usually centered around a powerful vessel such as a Thera-class Supercarrier or some other flagship and as many as 6 other warships. Battle Groups are structured based on their assignment and so vary considerably in size and mission. The largest are the Thera-class Supercarrier Battle Groups. But many smaller specialized or defensive battle groups also exist. Further complicating the reality is that some Battle Groups, particularly in home territory, are administrative units only. Assigned to the League’s large military district on patrol and border security duties.

The supporting dropship, jumpship and aerospace fighter assets assigned to each warship depend a great deal on the unit’s assignment. But the FWLM Fleet Command makes heavy use of fighter carriers such as the Gorgon and Vengeance class, so anywhere from a wing to a full regiment can be found in support of any particular warship.

FWLM doctrine dictates that, in addition to their organic fighter and marine complements, a naval fighter wing and at least 2 combat dropships be assigned to each individual warship as support units.

The FWLM Fleet Command can provide the logistical support and infrastructure for a fleet of 60 warships within their traditional borders. The addition of the naval facilities inside the Duchy of Terra’s space, including some former Star League and ComStar fleet bases, has dramatically increased that capacity to a mindboggling 180 vessels. This miraculous number however requires more of everything. More trained crews, more fighter wings, more combat and support dropships. It would likely take the League decades to bring such a fleet to full operational strength. That doesn’t even begin to factor in the enormous price tag, which the League can ill-afford to pay because it lacks the tax base that the Star League had. So that “180 hull fleet” has become more of a magic fictional number than a realistic projection, but it does speak to the enormous new naval facility capacity now at Fleet Command’s disposal.

The FWLM’s Fleet Command currently stands at 76 vessels, reflecting a buildup just prior to the start of the war, as well as warship production in the last several years that quickly made up for wartime losses thus far. Nearly all of them built inside the League’s traditional borders away from the combat zone and the threat of counterattack. The naval facilities inside the Duchy of Terra are almost solely for repair and maintenance by Fleet Command’s warships.

The FWLM Fleet Command currently consists of the following warships by class and number:

Thera II-class Supercarrier: 6
Agamemnon II-class Heavy Cruiser: 12
Impavido-class Detroyer: 2
Impavido III-class Destroyer: 5
Eagle II-class Frigate: 19
Zechetinu III-class Corvette: 16
Vincent-class Corvette: 1
Essex-class Destroyer: 2
Aegis-class Cruiser: 2
Black Lion-class Battlecruiser: 1
Carson-class Destroyer: 1
Riga-class Destroyer: 1
Lola III-class Destroyer: 1
Newgrange-class Yardship: 1

The following is the list of active Battle Groups (whether functional combat fleets, or administrative units) in the FWLM Fleet Command.

Menelaus Battle Group
Commanding Officer: Fleet Admiral Annabella Shier (Admiral Saffrin Wheeler)
Rating: Regular
Composition: 3 Agamemnon II-Heavy Cruiser, 1 Impavido-class Destroyer, 1 Eagle II-class Frigate, 4 Zechitinu III-class Corvettes
Fleet’s Combat Dropship/Fighter Strength: 100%
Homeport: Atreus
Notes and recent activity:
The FWLS Menelaus is the flagship of Fleet Command and under the nominal command of the Fleet Admiral herself. In reality, day-to-day command lies with Admiral Wheeler. The Menelaus and her escorts often engage in “show the flag” operations by traveling through the interior of the Free Worlds League when not patrolling the Atreus system. The Impavido-class Janos Marik is stationed at New Olympia, where it serves as a permanent training ship for the Lloyd Marik-Stanley Aerospace School. Many members of Fleet Command have spent at least some time on the Janos Marik over the years and the ship has acquired a fond nostalgic quality in the minds of naval officers throughout the fleet.

Santorini Battle Group
Commanding Officer: Admiral Ron de Sica
Rating: Elite
Composition: 1 Thera II-class Supercarrier, 1 Agamemnon II-class Heavy Cruiser, 2 Essex-class Destroyers, 3 Eagle II-class Frigates
Fleet’s Combat Dropship/Fighter Strength: 90%
Homeport: Terra
Notes and recent activity:
The Santorini Battle Group is the most combat decorated naval force in the FWLM. From rescuing Kristen’s Krushers in Arcadia during the FedCom Civil War, to fighting in the FWL Civil War, to a string of victories in Operation Bullwhip, culminating in their successes in the New Earth, Terra and Dieron systems. Admiral de Sica is considered one of the leading naval strategists and tacticians in the League. The Santorini Battle Group’s current mission is to hold Terra, a fact that Admiral de Sica has protested, given the hostilities at worlds like Summer and Dieron on the border.

Sardis Battle Group
Commanding Officer: Admiral Beverly Pasteur
Rating: Veteran
Composition: 1 Thera II-class Supercarrier, 1 Agamemnon II-class Heavy Cruiser, 2 Impavido III-class Destroyers, 2 Eagle II-class Frigates, 1 Zechetinu III-class Corvette
Fleet’s Combat Dropship/Fighter Strength: 96%
Homeport: Summer
Notes and recent activity:
Part of the Sardis Battle Group was at Summer and blunted the Clan Diamond Shark invasion there. The bulk of the Battle Group remains close to Summer but has been rotating vessels back to the Luyten 68-28 and Ross 248 systems, which host naval bases, for repairs.

Delphi Battle Group
Commanding Officer: Admiral Lars Chegwidden
Rating: Veteran
Composition: 1 Thera-class Supercarrier, 1 Agamemnon II-class Heavy Cruiser, 3 Eagle II-class Frigates, 2 Zechetinu III-class Corvettes
Fleet’s Combat Dropship/Fighter Strength: 70%
Homeport: Altair
Notes and recent activity:
The Delphi Battle Group has been operating opposite of the Draconis Combine and has traded blows with Combine counterattacks on several occasions. Casualties to the Battle Group, particularly its dropship and fighter force, have begun to reach critical levels. Admiral Chegwidden has been criticized for falling back and rumors persist that he may be replaced soon.

Corinth Battle Group
Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Sergio Messina
Rating: Veteran
Composition: 1 Thera-class Supercarrier, 1 Agamemnon II-class Heavy Cruiser, 3 Eagle II-class Frigates, 2 Zechetinu III-class Corvettes
Fleet’s Combat Dropship/Fighter Strength: 90%
Homeport: Ross 248/ Tikonov
Notes and recent activity:
The Delphi Battle Group fought heavily against the Federated Suns Naval Service, winning a dramatic victory over the First Assault Squadron of the AFFS Naval Service over Ingress early in the war. That victory did come at a cost, the McKenna-class Battleship Endeavor, the only battleship in Fleet Command, and flagship of Admiral Peter Logan, was so badly savaged that she had to be scuttled and Admiral Logan was killed in the fighting. Vice Admiral Messina has filled his shoes well and most expect his promotion to become permanent. The Corinth Battle Group is primarily facing the Federated Suns and the Confederated Magistracy. A big priority for the Corinth Battle Group’s is providing naval coverage for Tikonov and ULTRA in general.

Delos Battle Group
Commanding Officer: Admiral Kala Jankowski
Rating: Green
Composition: 1 Thera-class Supercarrier, 1 Aegis-class Cruiser, 3 Eagle II-class Frigates, 2 Zechetinu III-class Corvettes
Fleet’s Combat Dropship/Fighter Strength: 100%
Homeport: Oriente
Notes and recent activity:
The only Thera-class Battle Group not currently operating in the Duchy of Terra. The Delos Battle Group was held in reserve in case of a counterattack. They continue to do so, having spent more than a year near Tamarind and recently redeployed to Oriente to make their presence known along the Capellan border. In the event of a large counterattack into League space, the Delos Battle Group would likely be among the first formations to receive redeployment orders.

Thessaly Battle Group
Commanding Officer: Admiral Collin Harvey
Rating: Regular
Composition: 1 Thera II-class Supercarrier, 2 Agamemnon II-class Heavy Cruisers, 4 Eagle II-class Frigates
Fleet’s Combat Dropship/Fighter Strength: 110%
Homeport: Addicks
Notes and recent activity:
Currently forward deployed to Addicks, the Thessaly Battle Group is expecting a counterattack at any moment. The biggest fear of its commanders is that the Combine and Federated Suns may put aside their differences for a joint operation. If they did so, the Thessaly Battle Group might be outmatched. Most of the Battle Group feels that this is an unlikely outcome, but it does keep Admiral Harvey up at nights. To date however the Thessaly Battle Group has proven itself very effective at blunting the few counterattacks and naval raids that have come its way. However, the orbital bombardment of Woodstock, undertaken by three of his warships, and the backlash that action has had back home, has hurt morale across the Battle Group.

Xanthos Battle Group
Commanding Officer: Admiral Zander Rocha
Rating: Green
Composition: 1 Black Lion-class Battlecruiser, 1 Agamemnon II-class Heavy Cruiser, 1 Aegis-class Cruiser
Fleet’s Combat Dropship/Fighter Strength: 100%
Homeport: Regulus
Notes and recent activity:
Considered to be a strategic reserve formation in the League’s interior, there is little doubt in anyone’s minds that the true role of the Xanthos Battle Group is to maintain control over the Principality of Regulus. House Cameron-Jones is accustomed to this, having typically had a Thera-class Battle Group over their heads on a regular basis over the years. Compared to that threat, the Xanthos is actually seen as something of a downgrade.

Prime Battle Group
Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Mason Rozman
Rating: Regular
Composition: 2 Agamemnon II-class Heavy Cruiser, 3 Impavido III-class Destroyers, 1 Vincent class Corvette
Fleet’s Combat Dropship/Fighter Strength: 80%
Homeport: Ionus
Notes and recent activity:
The Priam Battle Group operates from the Ionus Shipyards but patrols coreward, particularly near the Stewart Commonality and the worlds of the Silver Hawks Coalition. The Battle Group has recently lost some of its fighter and dropship support to fighting against the LAAF and is awaiting replacements.

Sparta Battle Group
Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Garnet Holders
Rating: Green
Composition: 6 Zechetinu III-class Corvettes
Fleet’s Combat Dropship/Fighter Strength: 130%
Homeport: Andurien
Notes and recent activity:
“Supervising” Andurien and patrolling the border are the Sparta Battle Group’s biggest responsibilities. The Battle Group somewhat compensates for the light weight of its Corvettes by possessing a large dropship and fighter force. The individual warships and several smaller dropship flotillas tend to deploy separately for patrols.

Tiberius Battle Group
Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Walter Higgins
Rating: Regular
Composition: 3 Eagle II-class Frigates, 1 Impavido-class Destroyer, 3 Zechetinu III-class Corvettes
Fleet’s Combat Dropship/Fighter Strength: 100%
Homeport: Tamarind
Notes and recent activity:
Deployed at Tamarind and along the border against the Lyran Alliance, the Tiberius Battle Group is considered surprisingly lightweight for its role. But rather than defeat any LAAF attack, the Battle Group is designed to provide more of a deterrence. Since the start of the war, the Battle Group has seen combat, often trading blows with LAAF warships in single combat as they escort raids in and out of League space. Somewhat in defiance of standard procedure, Admiral Higgins carries his flag aboard the Eagle II-class Frigate FWLS Tiberius rather than the heavier Impavido-class Destroyer Impavido. The Impavido, the first warship constructed by the Free Worlds League in since the technological renaissance, has been experiencing some technical problems and has spent most of the last year in a shipyard undergoing a major overhaul of its maneuvering drive.

Mercy Battle Group
Commanding Officer: Precentor Abdelrahman Mohammad
Rating: Green
Composition: Newgrange-class Yardship, 1 Lola III-class Destroyer, 1 Riga-class Destroyer, 1 Carson-class Destroyer
Fleet’s Combat Dropship/Fighter Strength: 200%
Homeport: Sirius
Notes and recent activity:
The Mercy Battle Group is unusual in that its vessels are entirely provincial forces under Covenant control. All of its ships are former Word of Blake vessels, most notably the Newgrange-class Yardship Mercy. The entire Battle Group is manned by Covenant personnel and relies on Covenant support for all its needs. Fleet Command appreciates the services that the Mercy is able to provide, particularly in conducting “field repairs” on damaged Fleet Command warships, but they would prefer that these ships were transferred to federal control. That remains unlikely, especially given Captain-General Agatha Marik’s pro-Covenant leanings. The Mercy Battle Group is not designed for front line combat. Its attending destroyers serve purely as escorts for the massive vessel. The combat arm of the Battle Group lies in its dropship and fighter contingent, which includes a large number of pocket warships. These assets are often dispatched to support Covenant Militia divisions.

“The Groundpounders” (FWLM regiments)
The Free Worlds League continues to use a doctrine of relying on BattleMech regiments with a permanently attached aerospace wing, which are supported, as needed, by conventional battalions and regiments of infantry, battle armored infantry and armor forces. The FWLM is going against the grain on this, as many other realms have jumped onboard the Regimental Combat Team bandwagon by supporting permanent combinations of up to 9 regiments of force assigned to work together on a permanent basis.

The FWLM has struggled to break with tradition here. Also the FWLM appreciates that smaller units are easier to move around quickly and that mixing and matching forces for the assignment provides some additional flexibility as well. The FWLM deploys roughly the same percentage of infantry and armor regiments to their BattleMech regiments as the other realms do, they just deploy them separately.

The exceptions to this are the Free Worlds Legionnaires, the first brigade to pioneer combined-arms brigades with infantry and armor (and later battle armor) permanently attached. The Commonwealth Strikers brigade took the same approach. The Covenant Guards and Militia have adopted their own organizational pattern based on the “ComStar style” Division and the new Royal Protectors brigade is using a close approximation of the SLDF Division as its primary independent unit, with the biggest change being that each brigade exists of 1 BattleMech regiment supported by 2 infantry regiments, allowing for brigade-size operations.