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Fronc Reaches
This information was last updated on the: 24th of June, 2018
Core Information:

     Capital: Fronc
     Faction Leader: President Elaine Handley
     Military Leader: General Keith James
     Intelligence Leader: Director Shah Manzoor
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: 4

Major Sub Regions Core Information:

     Region Name: New Colony
     Capital: Fronc
     Commander: Major General Zilong Randalman
     Sub-Commander: Colonel Anthony Shiner
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 100

System Information Pages:

Cygnus, Rockwellawan

BTM Timeline Events:

1st of January, 3098
On Joint supplemental contract # FR-OR-06-02 an Objective Raid, in the employ of Interstellar Agricultural Concerns, a Fronc Reaches Military Contractor on Rockwellawan, the Rabid Wolves and the Great White Fleet and SUCCESSFULLY tracked down and destroy the band of Pirates known in the region as Stansill's Bastards according to official records obtained from Cray Milesine.

1st of May, 3098
The Rabid Wolves and the Great White Fleet took up a joint contract offer from Interstellar Agricultural Concerns and came to Rockwellawan in the New Colony Region of the Fronc Reaches to help put down the pirate band known as Stansill's Bastards on MRBC Defensive Campaign Contract # PY-DC-06-08. They SUCCESSFULLY supplemented the security of the IAC construction sites on Corundum, located and eliminate any hidden pirate forces living on the planet, and uncovered the pirates ties and allies among Rockwellawanians while the GWF combated pirate attacks against the solar system’s spaceborne traffic.

3rd of August, 3098
The Great White Fleet and the Rabid Wolves took up a joint contract offer from Interstellar Agricultural Concerns and came to Rockwellawan in the New Colony Region of the Fronc Reaches to help put down the pirate band known as Stansill's Bastards on MRBC Defensive Campaign Contract # PY-DC-06-07. They SUCCESSFULLY supplemented the security of the IAC construction sites on Corundum and combated pirate attacks against the solar system’s spaceborne traffic. While the RW located and eliminate any hidden pirate forces living on the planet and uncovered the pirates ties and allies among Rockwellawanians.

24th of December, 3098
On Joint supplemental contract # FR-OR-06-01 an Objective Raid, in the employ of Interstellar Agricultural Concerns, a Fronc Reaches Military Contractor on Rockwellawan, The Great White Fleet and the Rabid Wolves SUCCESSFULLY tracked down and destroy the band of Pirates known in the region as Stansill's Bastards according to official records obtained from Cray Milesine.

31st of December, 3098
On Joint supplemental contract # FR-OR-06-02 an Objective Raid, in the employ of Interstellar Agricultural Concerns, a Fronc Reaches Military Contractor on Rockwellawan, the Rabid Wolves and the Great White Fleet and SUCCESSFULLY tracked down and destroy the band of Pirates known in the region as Stansill's Bastards according to official records obtained from Cray Milesine. On said contract, the Rabid Wolves also salvaged a Stansill's Bastard, derelict, Liberty Class JumpShip.

Origin and History:

The Fronc Reaches is a small Periphery state located in the Capellan Marches rimward of the Capellan Confederation, spinward of the Magistracy of Canopus, and anti-spinward of the Taurian Concordat. The Fronc Reaches formed from worlds jointly colonized by the Magistracy of Canopus and the Taurian Concordat, formerly known as the New Colony Region.

Though some settlements within the Capellan Marches predate the New Colony Region, several worlds within the Capellan Marches were jointly settled by Canopian and Taurian interests following the renewal of their political alliance. However, all worlds within the New Colony Region were being heavily taxed, and not sufficiently compensated. Although the area was settled by the two powers, the settlers did not feel much of a connection to either side and began itching for full independence from both of the realms. Even the Canopian and Taurian-backed peacekeepers, the Colonial Marshals, ultimately renounced their loyalties to their parent nations and pledged their service to the Reaches.

This sentiment came to a head in 3060 when Sherman Maltin, the self-proclaimed leader of the New Colony Region, took Emma Centrella, Magestrix of the Magistracy of Canopus, and Jeffrey Calderon, Protector of the Concord, hostage on the planet of Detroit. Maltin then asked the Federated Commonwealth for recognition and assistance, an action the Federated Commonwealth was not inclined to take given the looming prospect of civil war.

The standoff ended when Capellan and Canopian military forces sent by Sun-Tzu Liao and commanded by Naomi Centrella quickly landed on the planet and crushed the revolt, resulting in the deaths of Calderon and Maltin. Despite planted rumors that the death of Calderon may have been a Davion plot, Capellan forces may have in fact permitted or even aided the death of Protector Calderon through their actions, as a political power-play by the Capellan Chancellor[1]. Calderon was be succeeded by Grover Shraplen, who immediately anounced a new alliance with the Capellan Confederation.

Following the Detroit tragedy, the New Colony Region redoubled its calls for a peaceful settlement to their issues, primarily self-governance and taxes; these requests were ignored. In 3066, under unclear circumstances, the President Carver Trondel of the Fronc Reaches asked for official recognition from every Successor State. The Fronc Reaches was recognized as an independent nation by both ComStar and the Free Rasalhague Republic, and shortly thereafter by the Free Worlds League and the Draconis Combine. However, Detroit did not become a member of the Reaches; instead, Detroit was annexed by the Magistracy of Canopus.

By 3067, the Fronc Reaches consists of 8 worlds.

Fronc Reaches Sentinels:

The Fronc Reaches Sentinels were founded by the Fronc Reaches during 3078 for the purpose of defending the small Periphery nation from external threats - internal threats being the province of the Colonial Marshals at the time. Land-rich, the Reaches government attempted to boost recruitment for the Sentinels by offering land-grants to freelance mercenaries and dispossessed MechWarriors alike in exchange for loyalty and service.

By 3079 the Sentinels were working hard to integrate new arrivals with fighting experience into their ranks and to reach a point where the Sentinels could be considered a professional combat command. While the Sentinels were considered to be a brigade, their numbers were still small at this point, consisting of slightly more than a battalion of BattleMechs augmented by locally produced Vedette and Hetzer Combat Vehicles.

Hampering the efforts of the Sentinels was a continuing shortfall in the number of volunteers needed; while the aspiration was to use the Sentinels' armor formations to defend important objectives such as industrial sites while the 'Mech forces acted as a mobile reaction force, the reality was that without the numbers needed the Sentinels remained sorely under strength.

Despite the lack of numbers, the first unit of the Sentinels to form up, the First Fronc Cuirassiers, was considered to be a reliable unit - a reflection of the loyalty engendered by the land grants each was offered, although there was a danger that the loyalty expressed was tied more to the euphoria of being effectively appointed to the rank of minor nobility and would decline accordingly with time.

During the 5th Succession War
The Sentinels began to expand in 3082 with the founding of the second regiment within the brigade, the Second Fronc Cuirassiers. The Second were established as a result of petitioning by Force Marshal Dirk McEvans, leader of the Colonial Marshals and aide to President Carver Trondel, after the First Fronc Cuirassiers had reached half-strength, and was founded to honor the victims of the Bloody Tricentennial attacks launched by the Word of Blake which killed thousands of civilians on the Reaches world of Spencer.

The Sentinels were drawing on the benefits of the exchange program between the Fronc Reaches and the Filtvelt Coalition, with graduates of the Filtvelt Academy taking up commands within the Second Cuirassiers, bringing the benefits of their seasoning in the coalition. By 3085 both units were demonstrating more skill and experience and were focussed on fighting off the small-unit raids by pirates that were typical to the region.

The Fronc Reaches Sentinels expanded during the Age of Agatha, adding a third regiment of Cuirassiers to the brigade roll in 3095; the additional forces were needed as a result of the expansion of the Fronc Reaches through colonization efforts. Despite the addition of a third regiment the Sentinels actually grew relatively slowly during the Age of Agatha, certainly far more slowly than the military-industrial sectors of the Reaches economy, and the sale of surplus production provided a substantial boost to the economy of the reaches. The military academies within the Fronc Reaches continued to grow during the Age of Agatha, and while the Marshalry Academy on Fronc was apparently the most successful and well-funded the Sentinelry Academy on Rockwellawan responsible for supporting the Sentinels presumably expanded as well.

In 3085 the Fronc Reaches Sentinels had no brigade-level commanding officer; instead, the brigade appears to have reported directly to Major General Zilong Randalman and his military aide, Colonel Anthony Shiner. This appears to still have been the case in 3097, with the Fronc Reaches Sentinels reporting to President Elaine Handley and her military leader, General Keith James - although General Keith James wasn't double-hatted as commander of the Colonial Marshals, unlike Force Marshal McEvans.

Units of the Fronc Colonial Military

    Fronc Reaches Sentinels
  • .....--First Fronc Cuirassiers

  • .....--Second Fronc Cruiassiers

  • .....--Third Fronc Cuirassiers

  • Colonial Marshals

Colonial Marshals:
Nickname: Lone Stars
Parent Formation: Fronc Colonial Military

The Marshals were initially created as a part of the Treaty of Taurus which set forth a plan for the joint colonization of the star systems which lay between the Canopian and Taurian realms. As a provision of this treaty the Colonial Marshals were formed to protect their joint investments. This force was tasked to patrol and protect the property and people of the New Colony Region.

The agreement between the two realms set forth the responsibilities of each. The Taurian Concordat was to equip the new force, while the Magestrix saw to their training at the new Canopian Institute of War. Citizens of both realms were welcome and encouraged to join this force and it attracted the best and brightest from both nations. Initially this experiment was an unconditional success and caused a moral boost to both parent realms and to the worlds of the New Colony region.

This all changed in 3060. On this Christmas eve the New Colony President Sherman Maltin led a contingent of Colonial Marshals and took hostage the visiting Magestrix Emma Centrella and Protector Jeffrey Calderon, demanding independence of the New Colony region as the ransom for their release. This lead to a standoff between the rogue Marshals and the forces of the other two realms. Finally in February of 3061 Naomi Centrella led a Capellan force to free the hostages, in the process killing Maltin and the rogue Colonial Marshals. This raid was a partial success as they rescued the Magestrix but were unable to prevent the death of the Taurian Protector.

Due to the action of the rogue Marshals the Taurian Concordat radically reduced support of the program, reducing the volume of supplies, repair parts and training to the now disgraced force. The Canopians, unwilling to abandon the project, continued to support them and new Marshal candidates were trained under the watchful eyes of the Magistracy Intelligence Ministry (MIM).

As time passed new mutterings of independence surfaced in the region. Despite the angry mutterings from their allies in the Concordat the Magistrix has given tacit support the current Colonial Marshals, and specifically the Marshals leader Force Marshal McEvans, as they call for independence for the New Colony region. This seems a marked change for the Magistracy after their recent occupation of the BattleMech construction facilities on Detroit. The public face and commander of the Marshals, Force Marshal Dirk McEvans, was the leader of the faction of Colonial Marshals that did not support the actions of then President Maltin. Though McEvans does want independence from both parent realms, he and the Marshals he leads follow a more peaceful means to this end rather than rebelling against their sponsor realms.

Independence for the region was finally achieved in 3066 when the newly named Fronc Reaches was recognized by both the Free Rasalhague Republic and Comstar. In support of their declared freedom the new Fronc Reaches government hired Mercenary units to bolster the Colony Marshals forces. It is not known at this time if the hired Mercenaries are folded into the deployment and command structure of the Marshals or if they are kept as a separate supporting force.

The Marshals are intensely loyal to the people they protect, regardless of national origin. They demonstrate a remarkable willingness to lay down their lives to protect their people. During the 5th Succession War, their even handed rulings and adjudications earned them the respect of the people they protected, and their skill in driving off pirates and other raiders led those same people to support the Marshals.

By 3081 the Marshals had managed to rebuild their regiment up to full strength again for the first time in some years; this was in part due to the recruitment of new Marshals but also because of the general reduction in pirate activity in the region during the Jihad. The Marshals had also been able to increase their ability to respond to threats rapidly by adding large quantities of non-'Mech forces to their table of organization. These non-Mech forces were generally tanks locally produced within the Reaches and charged with static defense; being able to leave the defense of particular areas to these conventional forces allowed the Marshals to redeploy their 'Mechs in a more responsive and aggressive manner when an incoming threat was detected.

Age of Agatha
During the Age of Agatha the Marshals remained the most high-profile of the Fronc Reaches military units, despite being less involved in day-to-day matters of law enforcement. Local authorities within the Reaches became stronger as time passed, and by the middle of the thirty-second century the Marshals were generally only deploying to deal with major crises on a Reaches world or to battle large pirate forces that the units of the Fronc Reaches Sentinels couldn't handle alone. The Marshals were also responsible for protecting the Colonial Tractors factory complex located in Paradiso on Fronc, the primary source of BattleMechs manufactured in the Reaches at the time.

3064 to at least 3090, the commanding officer is Force Marshal Dirk McEvans.

The individual nature of the Marshals assignments leads to their preferred method of fighting. The Marshals will use probing attacks and guerrilla tactics to keep their opponents off balance. They prefer to use sniping tactics to weaken stronger foes rather than face their opponents in an upright battle, wanting to weaken their foes and force them to retreat rather than trying to outright destroy them.

3098 Update:

From late 3067 to around 3076, the Fronc Reaches was occupied by a large splinter faction of the Word of Blake. Shocked by the loss of Terra, and the revelation of the Manei Domini, the Blakists had begun to back into their own corners. Although the internal politics of the Blakists are not completely known to us, what is known is that a large contingent settled in the Fronc Reaches.

This occupation happened almost bloodlessly, as these worlds with their sparse colonies had little defense. Colonies once surrounded by pristine wilderness discovered newly constructed Word of Blake bases, enclaves and even factories built next to them.

The experience of this occupation was a strange one for the New Colony Region’s citizens. Some individuals and colonies saw their lives dramatically upended as they were forcibly co-oped into working for or with the Blakists. Yet other colonies were untouched and scarcely saw a single Blakist.

The Fronc Reaches central government was preserved, and so were certain institutions such as the Colonial Marshals. But “Minders” such as administrators and ROM personnel kept a close watch and a number of individuals simply disappeared for showing rebellious tendencies. Rumors of prison camps were rampant.

During those years, a number of citizens who simply would not abide living under occupation simply fled into the wilderness or used smugglers to get off-world. Most citizens simply kept their eyes down and tried to avoid attracting attention. The closest thing to an organized resistance were a smattering of individuals and groups taking potshots at Word of Blake troops from the wilderness. Some of the wayward rebels are known to have joined pirate bands.

There were strange upsides to the occupation. Including a general upgrading of local technologies such as power plants and medical tools. The threat of pirate attacks also utterly disappeared.

Between 3075 and 3077, the Word of Blake withdrew from the Fronc Reaches. They never explained why or where they were going, but it was common knowledge that their military had been badly smashed fighting the Confederated Magistracy. Word of Blake bases once filled with divisions had stood empty for months and years like silent memorials to the Blakists’ fallen.

The Word of Blake dismantled their enclaves and factories. Or they leveled them, leaving little behind and killing a few Reach citizens in the process of covering their tracks. In the wake of the occupation’s end, several collaborators met violent ends at the hands of their neighbors. Eventually the Colonial Marshals were tasked to see to the exile of the remaining collaborators before their neighbors could get to them.

Today the “Decade of Occupation” or the “Lost Decade” is rarely spoken of. Little has been written about it and it’s practically a taboo subject within the Fronc Reaches. The fear of the Word of Blake remains high here, especially among the generation that lived through the occupation. There is a persistent, almost superstitious belief that simply talking about the Word of Blake will trigger their return.

As of 3098 normalcy has returned to the Fronc Reaches. The younger generations and new immigrants know nothing of those occupation years. A strong hope for a bright future is found in many places, where younger generations are constructing new farms and villages and starting up new cottage industries. Massive tracks of land remain untouched by human hands, and the Fronc Reaches maintains a policy of selling or rewarding land to people willing to immigrate here.

True cities are an unusual sight. Most colonies are small towns or villages, some are extremely clustered together with high walls for defense. Others are little more than farm sprawl with kilometers separating homesteads or mining camps while prospectors and cartographers walk, drive or sail across the uninhabited regions. Most day-to-day affairs are managed by colony and planetary leaders.

The central government handles interstellar relationships with neighbors, sets certain immigration and trade policies, and maintains the small Fronc Reaches Military. The Fronc Sentinels Brigade (two combined-arms Fronc Cuirsassiers regiments), the Colonial Marshals and a tiny space fleet are the only standing forces national military. All of the individual worlds and colonies maintain some form of militia, which vary widely in composition, from farmers with rifles to well-trained small standing militia units with modern military technology, manned by academy-trained veterans of other realms who immigrated here with the promise of free land in exchange for their expertise. Small mercenary bands are also a common sight among the Fronc worlds. Nearly all are focused on the persistent threat of piracy.