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Fiefdom of Randis
This information was last updated on the: 22nd of December, 2012
Core Information:

     Capital: Randis I
     Faction Leader: Grand Knight Galahad Frews
     Military Leader: Grand Knight Galahad Frews
     Intelligence Leader: Unknown
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: 1

Origin and History:

A nondescript world boasting few natural resources, Randis is the home of a band of Knights-Templars, MechWarriors who have joined a pseudo-religious order, the Brotherhood of Randis, dedicated to the perpetuation of the art of war. To members of this order, the MechWarrior is the culmination of the history of armed combat. They avoid all other forms of combat as contemptible and "unchivalrous." Indeed, the members of the Brotherhood have dedicated their lives, their fortunes, and their families to this code.

Although the Brotherhood consists largely of individuals who have rejected all other social systems, it also contains many burned-out and washed-up MechWarriors with nowhere else to go. Thus, though the Brotherhood's ideals may hold some merit, its military competence is questionable. At present, less than three thousand individuals occupy Randis, and best estimates place the number of serviceable BattleMechs on the planet at less than twelve, mostly lighter types of dubious quality.

In 3037, Galahad Frews assumed control of the Brotherhood after challenging and defeating its former leader. Within a few months of his accession, Grand Night Frews announced an ambitious series of programs aimed at transforming both the Brotherhood and the world of Randis. Ten years later, Frew's reforms had begun to bear fruit. The small towns of Randis were linked with modern rail lines, and each boasted new storage and trading facilities. Several new spaceports had been constructed to accommodate trading vessels, and the citizens of the world worked the fields of their farms with enthusiasm.

In addition to broadening the planet's economy, Frews reformed the Brotherhood itself. The organization became more regimented, streamlined, and professional. In 3051, the Brotherhood provided a convincing display of its new competency by defeating a larger force of Fuchida's Fusiliers in order to claim a cache of BattleMechs on the world of Antallos.

3058 Update:

The current Grand Knight of the Brotherhood of Randis, Galahad Frews, is an extraordinary man. Almost single-handedly, Frews instituted a training program that transformed the Brotherhood from a group of second-rate MechWarriors with a taste for Terran medieval culture into a group of competent, professional soldiers. As a result, the Fiefdom of Randis has earned a new respect from their Periphery neighbors.

Powerfully built, the fifty-year-old Frews keeps himself in top form with a rigorous regimen of martial arts and strenuous exercise. A master of nearly all forms of combat, Frews also exhibits impressive knowledge of history, philosophy, economics, and literature.

Continuing to train and drill to improving their skills, the Knights of Randis continue their primary mission of perpetuating the art of MechWarrior combat. Nobody knows what the future holds for the Knights and their small state, but they have made it a point to be ready for whatever comes across the path they follow in the upcoming years.

Fiefdom of Randis Force Listing (Deployment as of 3058:

Unit Name Experience Regiments Homeworld
Brotherhood of Randis Veteran 1 Randis IV
(CO: Grand Knight Galahad Frews)

3087 Update:

The Fiefdom of Randis is conquered by Clans Cloud Cobra and Star Adder. Many of the Brotherhood's members are made bondsman to these Clans and some even become Clan warriors.