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This information was last updated on the: 20th of March, 2017
Core Information:

     Capital: Terra
     Faction Leader: Primus Jacob Karlton
     Military Leader: Precentor Martial Lisa Koenigs-Cober
     Intelligence Leader: Precentor ROM Dylan Hunter
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: 24 Divisions
     Mercenaries Currently Under Employ: Edens Guard

Major Sub Regions Core Information:

     Region Name: Terra
     Capital: Terra
     Commander: Precentor XXX Regis Grandi
     Sub-Commander: Precentor XXV Lilly Lafferty
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: Unknown

System Information Pages:

Terra, Terra

BTM Timeline Events:

15th of September, 3068
Demi-Precentor Jason Meridian assigned to the DMM staff as the Quartermaster General of the CBD (ComStar BattleMech Distribution).

1st of January, 3070
Precentor Gabriel Knight is assigned to the DMM as the MRBC ComStar Overseer.

27th of August, 3071
Demi-Precentor Jason Meridian resigns and the CBD (ComStar BattleMech Distribution) is changed into the MHB (Military Hardware Brokerage)

21st of May, 3073
Precentor Gabriel Knight resigns from the DMM as the MRBC ComStar Overseer.

1st of May, 3076
The Jarnfolk jump point data is released by the ComStar Explorer Corps to the general public and the Independent Systems of Outreach and Northwind agree to become systems under the Terran Security Act.

31st of December, 3077
The ComStar Explorer Corps publicly release further information on known systems toward the Kerensky Cluster and Hanseatic League, also announces the formal discovery of the Castilian Alliance.

10th of September, 3079
It is discovered by the ComStar Explorer Corps that Clan Snow Raven have claimed the isolated deep periphery worlds of Maple, Cedar, Thur, Redwood and Hell's Gate and appear to be monitoring all space-faring traffic is the region.

8th of December, 3084 to the 31st of March, 3085
Comstar News Network- Zion The Black Wolf Ranger's wrapped up their training mission to Zion Today. Recent separatist movement attacks along with elements of the Garrison were unable to take the planet in a coup to install Col Kurst as the governor of Zion. The Black Wolf Ranger's will be staying in League space to continue bolstering the border defenses along the Capellan Confederation.

1st of June, 3085 to the 5th of July, 3085
CNN- Comstar News Network- CNN Benjamin Localized fighting outside of the capital has been discounted by the DCMS command. War games were carried out between the DCMS and the Black Wolf Rangers in conclusion of the successful trade negotiations between House Marik and our great Nation. In a surprise outcome, Lead negotiator for the Free World's League, Duke Gregory Halas proposed and married Planetary Governor Timothy Yechido's daughter Jasmine. The bond between the Halas and Yechido families will surely bring prosperity to both families and nations.

3rd of March, 3087
ComStar's Explorer Corps discovers a new massive shipyard complex over the Clan Snow Raven world of Valhalla. The amount of space traffic and energy signatures suggest that the Clan is using Valhalla as an important staging area and that a new, possibly subterranean colony has been built on the planet surface.

16th of June, 3087 to the 24th of August, 3087
Date line 8 30 3087 Press Release - ComStar has announced that their newly created 394th division The White Lions has recently finished training and is due to be rotated out to the Draconis Combine sector. Their training covered multiple areas of focus tailored to their deployment zone, specifically including pirate hunting. To achieve the level of training needed under the truncated time table the Black Stars sub unit The Bloody Marauders were brought in. Their level of knowledge and experience were an important part of the selection process. Their extremely aggressive training schedule and more importantly their ability to maintain that schedule and meet all of the key deliverables was what made this training a success.

31st of January, 3088
Comstar News Network: Brought in to bring aide and training to the Tannis Protection Force on the Chaos March world of Sheraton, The Black Wolf Rangers detached a small cadre training unit from the Storm Wolves Regiment on its way back from the Lyran / Jade Falcon border on their return back to Davion Space and back to Cimeron. Successful in all their objectives the Training Cadre is now en route back to Cimeron for much needed Refit and rest.

12th of December, 3088
***CNN BREAKING NEWS*** The Comstar News Network is re-broadcasting the following news item without cost to the subscriber as a service to the public interest: Jeannie Sherwood, Goddard Press (AFP) - [Terra] – Piracy in the Sol System! – DCS Misery, believed to be under the command of Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission rated unit Akki Tsubasa, has been confirmed to have engaged the docking collar of Chimeisho class JumpShip DCS Suzaku moments before their mutual jump to the Small World system. This reporter has learned from sources on the scene that DCS Suzaku traded her place in the jump lane with the immediately following vessel, FWLS Attila after recently attached DCS Misery activated her aft weapons systems and commandeered the JumpShip! The whereabouts of DCS Suzaku, Mago Barca, and Misery are still unknown at this Time.

11th of April, 3089
At the behest the USI MHB Lieutenant General Samuel Carter in the employ of ComStar, Veens Irregulars went through out the entire time in Draconis Combine space to the planet of Benjamin, the Major Kept his people on a short leash making sure no one did anything sketchy on any planet. Delivering the goods and heading home well gathering information on several planets of some of his old contacts. Making sure to meet new friends.

15th of August, 3089
The Bloody Marauders of the Black Stars spent months conducting exercises with the University of Proserpina cadets using a new training program conducted by Sho-sa Varus. The Marauders acted as secondary instructors and participated in the various exercises. The UoP had asked for only a company strength unit but the Marauders presented the dismal experience not only to Mechwarriors but to pilots, battle armor troopers, infantrymen, and vehicles as well. The tactics ranged from SLDF, ComStar, Free World League, and various Clans. Sho-sa Varus was disappointed with the training and the performances during exercises. The Bloody Marauders failed both primary objectives.

19th of November, 3089
The 7th Armored Legion is a reformed unit from 7th Cavalry of older veterans from the Federated Suns area. Comstar needed more units for it's Exploration Corp and thus the 7th Armored Legion was created and work from Hellespont system.(Rimward) The 7th was lucky that on being able to accrue Clan equipment at the beginning of their formation which has served well in getting new work and keeping pirates at bay. Already the unit is getting request to for contracts. A good sign for a new unit that gets to keep it's roots close to the Federated Suns. The 7th being a combine arms unit and since most had their training from Comstar, has gone to the same unit formation but call units as per an armored cavalry unit.

1st of March, 3090
The 7th Armored Legion has completed its ComStar training on the Periphery world of Hellespont and is now reported to be certified as an active unit. The 7th Armored is now listed at full battalion strength and ready for it\'s next mission. The 7th is organized as a ComGuard force but with different tactics for operation cost.

1st of May, 3090
The Black Stars continued their operations on the ConMag periphery world of Huanghuadian. The operation had two purposes: first to continue the survey of the planet, and two to determine the size, disposition and possible foreign allegiance of the pirates operating on the planet. Initially designed to protect the survey team, the Black Stars were assaulted by a large and organized force that may have ties to a foreign government. The world itself seemed depopulated, yet during their initial reconnaissance found lone and technologically backwards settlements speaking a splinter dialect of Hanyu. Despite their best efforts, it was understood that the mercenaries were unable to root out and destroy the pirates and smugglers. Beset by a larger and more supplied force, the Black Star operation was considerably limited. The main body of Black Stars remained in Ticalunas (the capital) while smaller teams were sent to survey the countryside to complete the mission of the Capellan Science Foundation. When the severity of the security situation in Ticalunas escalating beyond original parameters, the reconnaissance teams sent from the main body were order to expect no assistance from the rest of their forces. The main body was continually besieged and not only suffered casualties due to the enemy, but also the very planet itself. The very humid environment of Ticalunas corroded, rusted, and played havoc with much of their equipment. A virulent plague associated with the jungle was also taking a heavy toll on the Black Stars' personnel, leaving them constantly understrength. Eventually, the main body had to evacuate the city. Splitting into several groups, the Black Stars began solidify outposts away from the 'hot zones'. The Celestial Legionnaires began fortifying outposts, while the faster and more mobile Sharpshooters ranged from these defended locations to strike at the pirate operations as much as possible. Two groups of Black Stars were currently unaccounted for: the first was the team left to help survey the planet Untran, while the second was lost in the east of the largest continent, playfully called, "The Big One." In the interim, the Capellans collected a supply run with reinforcements once communication was also lost. As part of the reinforcements, a small team of ComStar engineers were sent to rebuild the local HyperPulse Generator in the capital. The arrival of reinforcements would be a considerable boon to the Black Stars operating on Huanghuadian. But first, the reinforcements would have to locate them. Scattered across the world and with their communication satellites targeted by formerly unseen pirate aerospace fighters, the Black Stars were under siege. The reinforcements though, prepared themselves for an invasion. Though smaller in number, they met one of the Black Stars DropShips in orbit, and prepared for a ground assault.

16th of June, 3090
Davion MIIO got wind of a meeting which occurred sometime October ‘87 on Shawnee and a lot of the malcontents from the Periphery March traveled there. My aide, Major General Cory Copeland, was among them. Now the entire Hoyleton Operations Area is embroiled in a vicious civil war. Hell the whole damn March is involved in this friggin Civil War. Brother against brother. Father against son. Its ludicrous, really. Hence, as the Combat Theater's Commanding Officer, my offer to you to take up the cause of House Davion. We need the might of BattleMechs to quell this civil war quickly before we lose too many more lives. First things first. We need to clean up our own backyard. In the Hoyleton Polymorphous Defense Zone We have lost all but one planet to this rebellion, Offerman. This will be your staging world and/or your base of operations. Your Primary objective we be the Combat Theater and PDZ Capitol world, Hoyleton itself. The remaining worlds of the PDZ, Symsonia, Des Arc, Mementau, Humansville, Neosho, and Vibrunum are all be viable hotspots of rebellion that needs quelling too. The AFFS is 'officially' neutral except in self-defense and a policing action. According to the ComStar News Network, Davion has relocated 10 Regimental Combat Teams and two WarShip Squadrons from its other two Marches in an Operation called Antipodes. House Davion, of course, will provide support to the loyal coalition but not act directly except to maybe make it hard for trade goods and other war materials to get in or out. You will have Wolf's Dragoons Spider Regiment on station in Hoyleton's Orbit. The Rebels have a most of our Periphery March Militia Regimental Combat Team . At least one full strength BattleMech Regiment, two Regiments of armored vehicles. We split the four regiment of infantry down the middle.They won't be push overs, They're all Veterans from the Clan Cloud Cobra conflict. If they get wind that I am bringing in Mercenaries they may augment their forces with some possible outside aid flowing in from the Outworlds Alliance. I figure that they will not have D-Bills to hire mercenaries since the loyalist still control the Hoyleton Recharge Station and thus the Combat Theaters’s purse strings. But that’s our only advantage . . . we can hire mercenaries. The Recharge Station is being held by the loyal naval forces WarShip Squadron, The Melissa Davion. It consist of an Avalon-Class WarShip (The Melissa Davion), two Davion III-Class WarShips (the Valkyrie and the Chippewa), six Assault-Class Dropships, and four Fightercarrier DropShips. You will be permitted to pull off a Davion III for escort duty for transit from world to world. In the chaos of this rebellion I am seeking to hire a crack mercenary unit to reinforce our loyal forces in my endeavor to subjugate the rebellion in the Anti-Spinward Combat Theater. Thje mercenary Unit neutralize the rebel forces on Hoyleton and reinstated the Davion Regime. They neutralize the rebel forces on Symsonia, Des Arc, Mementau, Humansville, Neosho, and Vibrunum. Major General Cory Copeland was capture Alive. And they were able to avoid extensive damage to each world's planetary Infrastructure

28th of July, 3090
Comstar News Network CNN Rumors have placed The Black Wolf Rangers near the Clan Jade Falcon occupation Zone. The Storm Wolf regiment has been sent to the Lyran Alliance for joint maneuvers and possibly to reinforce the Military corridor against the Falcons. We all know that the Rangers excel at reconnaissance and being near the planet of Blue Hole could lead us to surmise that possible elements are already in the Clan Zone.

1st of August, 3090
The 7th Armored Legion was successful in helping the Lyran Alliance's Lipton's military get back into operational shape with the finishing of a new base. The Mayor opens the base with a festival and two days of food and fun for everyone. Mean while, Comstar thanks the 7th Armored for their hard work in helping keeping Ultra recon raids out of the system and would like to extend their contract to help the planet build a new cadre able to fight any future forces. The newly formed 13th Donegal Guard RCT arrived in system to take over any combat operations in the area. The 7th Armored hands over the new built base and head back out to their camp in the old 143 camp. In other news, a sad note is that Precentor Mark Levins who worked with the 7th Armored died from sudden heart attack after jumping from Lipton

25th of August, 3090 to the 25th of November, 3090
Havoc Troop of the 7th Armored Legion returns to Terra after escort duties to Comstar's Diplomatic Delegation on New Home. While the Delegation was successful, sad news as the local Precentor on New Home was assassinated during the delegations stay. Havoc Troop was successful of tracking down the assassin but took his own life before being captured. Investigation found clues that the assassin could be part of Colonel Viktoriya Zakhara's Khariton Division, Ultra is either getting braver or their commander is just stupid enough to try anything for a fight.

30th of September, 3090
Razan’s Ronins had Advanced undercover Recon elements deployed ahead of their main force to make contact with Chara's planetside allies, a Mixed Battalion from the Liberty Holds 1st Royal BattleMech Regiment (Morgan’s Lions), 5th Jump Infantry Company (The Minutemen), Star League SAS Blackhearts Special Forces. The Tai-i received a mysterious communique aboard the Black Ronin from, at the time unbeknownst to her, a Mu/Delta ROM Agent. Razan’s Ronins landed on world as a Royal Corvax supply convey and use that as their cover story for a planetary approach. The four DropShips, which includes two Liberty Holds Conquistadors made an unchallenged approach to planet. Razan’s Ronins then arrived in orbit and began pre-operational prep while the mission planning cell began collecting intelligence on enemy assets and targets. Aerospace assets combined with the two Conquistadors quickly established Air Superiority. For security reasons, the Ronins hot dropped a lance into the SpacePort to ensure that their LZ was not contested. After securing the SpacePort, the remaining Ronins landed and debark. Upon leaving the DropShip the Tai-i made contact with the planetary Marquees and made arrangements to begin administering relief efforts (food, water, shelter, medicines, etc) to Chara civilians affected by ULTRA’s biological/nuclear warfare. Meanwhile, Razan’s Ronins used their Shadow infantry/battle armor platoons and uncovered a lead on Neisieen Khazaal movements from a Mildred Carson. During a routine recon patrol by Dragon’s Claw Lance, Razan’s Ronins encountered the bulk of ULTRA’s on planet 'Mech force in an ambush. The Command Lance, Dragon’s Fire, scrambled to relieve them, Heavy combat ensued and the Ronins were forced to retreat. ULTRA forces went back into hiding. The Ronins, now frustrated, increased their intel scope. The Shadow platoon Leader encountered a local partisan, Peter Starns, who had a map location of the ULTRA sea/ocean floor Stronghold. The Tai-i meets with the still unknown ComStar ROM Agent and obtained the data on a Cataclysmic Planetary Crust Shift’ from planting a tactical nuke in a fault line in the ice from the South Pole that would cause the planet’s orbit to alter. The Ronins’ advanced undercover recon elements stumbled across a white slave ring. All three crimes against humanity culminated at the same spot in the South Pole. A joint infantry operation, Shadow Platoon, 5th Jump Infantry Company, SAS Blackhearts Special Forces, and Captain Carter Nasution’s Chara Garrison’s Tornado PA-L platoon were assembled to thwart them. The BattleMechs of Morgan’s Lions and Chara Garrison were on ready standby as well as the Liberty Holds Conquistadors and Razan’s Ronins VTOLs and Aerospace fighters. The Ronins’ command staff and Chara’s Planetary Leaders coordinated these crucial attacks from the War Room in Farhaven. The cataclysm was stopped as well as the slave ring broken up but the ULTRA military hardware was not located. It was suspected to be back on the mainland somewhere. Neisieen Khazaal manages to escape to half a world away to a training facility outside of Farhaven. The Ronins use their C3 equipped Suzakus VTOL for overhead surveillance in conjunction with the Tai-i’s dual Command/Control/Communications computers and satellite uplink to tracking the the target but Chu-i Reece Kimura innocently steps in the way, sparing Khazaal’s life. Now knowing that he was the target, Khazaal led Razan’s Ronins on a wild chase through the city and surrounding countryside. The SAS Blackhearts Special Forces even take a crack at him and they fail. The Ronins track Neisieen Khazaal to a hidden training facility. They gather their entire on planet resources to capture him. Through a fluid battle he escapes yet again and his last plot to use the Teppo against civilians is foiled. Neisieen Khazaal winds up getting assassinated by a car bomb from an unconfirmed source. That source had all the earmarks of being a Razan’s Ronins DEST agent, none other than the Platoon Leader, Chu-i Kintaro 'Iceman' Tanaka himself

5th of October, 3090
Comstar News Network War games on the Lyran border rimward of Blue Hole with Clan Jade Falcon are ongoing with Lyran RCT's conducting engagements with the OPFOR the Black Wolf Ranger's. Speculation is leading to a multitude of scenarios as the Lyrans and BWR drill in anti clan tactics. Will the Lyran Alliance dive into conflict with the Falcons?

26th of November, 3090
For ComStar, the 7th Armored today was able at last to catch the ULTRA recon unit on New Earth. The results while great for the Armored Legion, the findings was anything other than good news. The Ultra unit was piloting old Word of Blake 'Mechs from a missing unit out of Liao space. Even worse was the lance commander was a partial rebuilt cyborg. The question is where is Ultra getting WOB equipment or is there a darker side here. Could the Word do something even more sinister. They didn't just disappear but evolved, why be the enemy when there are people revolting and wanting to fight. Could we all just have missed the curve ball and Blake is sitting back laughing at the whole inner sphere as the puppets do there work? If that is the case, is the FWL still with them or are they being played as well. Either way, Ultra could very well be digging in and fighting them to retake worlds could be the next great war for Terra for all sides involved. Though one thing is for sure, the 7th will be on the front lines giving them hell all the way back to where they came from.

15th of January, 3091
+++ Maskirovka Report 4506.4412.442D +++ Date: 25th February 3091 Planetary Operations: Huanghuadian SitRep: Black Stars sub-unit had eliminated over 97.8% of enemy forces. Remaining unaccounted for are strongly suspected to be remaining leadership of the pirates. 99.95% chance that these were the same who incited the Herotitus uprising. ComStar survey team and HPG restoration units were allowed to continue their work under our supervision. Necessary precautions have been put in place if their removal is required. (Refer to Contingency Option HHD/574833.567) Minimal Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) forces distributed across the planet will be monitored. Recommendation: While threat level posed by remnants of pirates are negligible, it is also an undisputed fact that according to the words of their contract, the Black Stars have failed in one of their primary objectives despite the surprising completion of all other stated ones. We have ascertained that the Black Stars have their own agendas to pursue for picking up CC-PA-08-03. Further engaging with the mercenary command might be detrimental to our own objectives. Recommend immediate Red Flagging of Black Stars. +++ Report End +++

14th of August, 3091
NR- Comstar News Network. The Black Wolf Rangers failed to complete a diversionary contract on Blue Hole for the Lyran Alliance against the Jade Falcons. Conducting a year long Diversionary raid the Mercenary unit acquitted itself poorly, creating minimal havoc amongst the Clan defenders. However, neutralizing clan air fields , communication facilities and Head quarters the BWR kept the Falcons guessing for the year they were on planet amongst the Clan defenders.

26th of December, 3091
Storm's Armored Cavalry executed a garrison contract on Halifax. Near the end of the contract period, a hostile force of superior strength landed and attacked with the aid of local militia and nobility. SAC has been forced from its encampment and presently is operating in restrictive terrain as a guerrilla force with both Comstar and loyalist Lyran forces. Storm's Armored Cavalry lands on the Lyran Alliance world of Halifax. Setups up a security perimeter around the SpacePort. Establish an off base bivouac complete with fortifications and scatterable low power, long range, high speed data communications system that emit light or smoke, or both, using a pyrotechnic to provide the flare and smoke to generate Phantom Signals and misrouted commands. The SAC will have some friends to make, hearts and minds to win. The first quarter of our contract we will be in negotiations with Baron Jacobi Horowitz, Hauptmann-Kommandant Mandel Lombroso, and the Explorer Corp. After several surveys of other sights, we will make a bid on the Lyran Alliance's behalf to acquire the Explorer Corp mothballed base. By the end of the quarter, after some back and forth, the Explorer Corp and SAC will reach an agreement that leaves the Corp with a twenty percent stake in their base, for running the HPG and other minor operations should the decide to return. While negotiations are ongoing the SAC will be assessing the preparedness and needs of the local militia forces. The second quarter will be devoted towards getting the base up and operational, with consumables, repairs, supplies, personnel, etc and preparing a presentation to convince the Archon of the need for funding. The SAC and Militia will undergo and AeroSpace Fighter strafing attack causing significant damage. After completing a thorough threat assessment the SAC will reach the conclusion that the sortie was launched from Halifax and not from orbit nor a jumppoint. At about this time the SAC will learn of the possibility of a military cache and a production facility on Halifax from a data dump from the Explorer Corp Servers to our DropShips memory core. In the third quarter the first of the updated militia equipment will begin arriving and the SAC's Coleman's Rough Riders will start training the Halifax Militia anti-mech tactic, and Chameleon will train them in spec-ops tactics while the SAC performs a recruiting drive. Delving further into the memory core data the SAC will be made aware of the following planets possibly being able to sustain life again: Wingzar, Parvan, Sidon, Janina, Rosetta, and Seven Lands. SAC and then the newly trained Milita encounter raids in lance strength who hop in to probe their defenses. They hit us where we are most vulnerable. It screams, 'MOLE'. The SAC has reason to believe that their intel has been compromised and that the enemy has found out we are here in force, and they are attacking us with more than we have to garrison Halifax. In the fourth quarter some of our Militia trainees have been baptize by fire and are moving into some leadership roles. We have the Explorer Corp Base's defenses up and functional. The SAC counter-insurgency arm of Chameleon is in full mole hunt mode to catch the Rim Collection spy. The SAC is left to fend for themselves for months while the LAAF exploits the commitment of enemy power. We are forced out of the Explorer Corp Base and our Bivouac is routed. We retreat to the jungles and conduct a holding action. We hold on by our fingernails with the locals until the LAAF can arrive to re-take Halifax.

28th of June, 3093
ComStar has requested the 7th Armored Legion participate in MRBC Registered Contract #UL-OC-04-01, an Offensive Campaign on the ULTRA held world, Epsilon Eridani, against the Covenant Militia 4th Division (Blake's Conscience IV-Lambda) Level III where the 7th SUCCESSFULLY drove off the Covenant Militia from the HPG and defend it while ComStar personnel regained control.

22nd of June, 3098
At the behest of ComStar Precentor VI Saralee Aarden, Eden's Guard Security & Logistics Corporation was contracted out on a Defensive Campaign # LA-DC-08-03 to reinforced the 83rd Com Guards Division on Draconis Combine World of La Blon in the Dieron Military District in which they SUCCESSFULLY assisted in neutralizing elements of 2nd Free Worlds Legionnaires


In June of 3085 With everyone reaching to grab whatever they could to defend their own realms or homeworlds, few noticed the full ramifications of a bill submitted by the Free Worlds League to split off ComStar from the Star League and once again recognize that organization as a separate entity from the Star League. The Free Worlds League representatives and testimonials from the Department of Communication claimed that the Star League bureaucracy had failed to keep up with budgetary needs of the Star League's Department of Communication and those testifying said that if extreme action wasn't taken immediately, the risk of an entire HPG network shutdown within three months was very high. The bill passed a simple vote with minimal senate floor discussion, and with it went the Star League's primary source of revenue. Largely without realizing it, the Senate had killed the Star League, not with assassins or Mechs, but with a simple vote.

Within days Star League control of all their worlds broke down. A mass exodus of more than 40 percent of all SLDF personnel and equipment began as the ComGuards were reformed. In addition to revenue from communication services, the Star League had also lost its most useful propaganda machine, the HPG network. The Star League was now being charged for every message they sent, a fresh expenditure on a budget that was already strained to the breaking point.

Recent Events:

When ComStar reformed in June 3085 they immediately set their sights on reforming the First Circuit, ROM, the Com Guards and HPG operations all at the same time. This was not an easy task. Many members of the new ComStar were not raised under the umbrella of ComStar. Their Star League origins and history put some unexpected twists on their perceptions of the Order’s ideals. Fanatical believers in the writings of Jerome Blake are working side by side with members who believe that Jerome Blake’s writings should be an undertone, not an overtone, in the new ComStar. The result has been several purges and the formation of two factional bends, each which substantial backing and are vying for power and authority. Ironically these factional bends bear some resemblance to the Word of Blake in the 3060s, or perhaps more accurately, the contrast between the ComStar of the 3050s and the Word of Blake in the same decade (though neither goes as far as the Word of Blake in its ideology and both are probably still regarded as heretics by the remnants of that organization). A strong sign of the times is the fact that the position of Primus has turned over 5 times in almost two years and that the members of the First Circuit have seen significant turnover as well. Only now, after nearly two years of bitter political conflict are the early signs of possible political stabilization starting to appear.

While this inner political war unfolds, ComStar is outwardly busy. The organization found itself in instant control of HPGs across the Inner Sphere (with the notable exception of the Free Worlds League). They are currently working to renegotiate contracts with all the Inner Sphere powers. In many cases the “new deals” are cheaper than the taxes that were being levied by the Star League, a luxury ComStar can afford at this time; this has pushed bargaining power in their favor. At the same time ComStar has worked feverishly to improve public perception in their favor (this is covered in more detail in the ‘Interstellar Relations’ section of this brief).

Political Factions:

The new ComStar has at least two prominent factions. Each has hundreds if not thousands of members and great influence in ComStar’s Order.

The Believers: The origin of the Believers name appears to stem from public comments Precentor Naval Yuri Simon made in 3085 which included the memorable line “I believe in the goodness of mankind, I believe we all want to create a better world”. Believers hold themselves to a future where ComStar guides the Inner Sphere to wider acceptance of Jerome Blake’s teachings. The Believers put great focus on knowledge and its fruit, technology, perceiving them to be the greatest powers known to mankind and that they should be respected and preserved, but also treated properly by all of mankind and not just the Order. To be effective in this, the Believers feel that ComStar must be powerful and a strong influence in shaping the future of the Inner Sphere and the actions of people everywhere. The Believers seem to hold true the concept that “ComStar knows best” and should be a parent to the rest of the Inner Sphere. The Believers support the idea that ComStar’s cultural mysticism should be front and center and publicly visible as proud symbols and traditions that seek to inspire mankind.

The Shepherds: The Shepherds draw their inspiration from more contemporary interpretations of Jerome Blake’s writings penned by retired Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht, and the duties of the defunct Star League. The Shepherds see themselves as protectors of the Inner Sphere against both internal and external enemies. The Shepherds seek to be equal partners with the Inner Sphere powers, to serve as peacekeepers and peacemakers. The Shepherds are more willing than the believers to trust the fate of the Inner Sphere to the Great Houses by remaining as neutral as possible. The Shepherds hold to the notion that ComStar’s cultural mysticism should be an undertone within the Order, conducted behind closed doors because projecting their breed of mysticism to outsiders could generate fear or distrust toward ComStar.


Com Guards

The Com Guards have struggled to come back into existence. Despite acquiring 40 percent of the Star League Defense Force, the Com Guards have found many of their members exhausted by recent campaigns and emotionally depressed by the Star League’s collapse. This resulted in the voluntary or involuntary expulsion of many individuals that would not accept all the changes imposed on them. The result of these purges has been a significant drop in the number of available trained soldiers, but significant improvements in morale and internal cohesion. Even then, the reintroduction of the Com Guards combined-arms organizational structure has required virtually every member to be retrained to some degree. This has tied up a lot of personnel in long training cycles, greatly curtailing the size of the Com Guards, at least in the short term.

On paper the Com Guards have just 7 operational divisions. Our intelligence assets on Terra report that as many as 10 new divisions are in various stages of being built or trained and at least two could be operational in a matter of months, though ComStar has been tight-lipped about this. It is clear that the Com Guards are reviving many of their old Division numbers and even some unit nicknames. This is not surprising, as the new Com Guards appear to be proudly embracing their history, as the victors of Tukayyid and the Com Guards exploits in Operation Bulldog and Taskforce Serpent, not to mention the campaign that seized Terra from the Word of Blake in 3068. Many of the Com Guards’ active Precentors today were low ranking Acolytes and Adepts during those campaigns and are revered within the Order’s military.

ComStar’s Fleet

ComStar once controlled one of the largest warship fleets in the Inner Sphere. A large number of vessels were lost in the campaign to retake Terra in 3068. They turned over all their remaining vessels to the Star League Defense Force after that. Today it isn’t known if ComStar retained any warships from the now defunct SLDF after the majority of the SLDF Navy was scuttled. If they did, they are not advertising their existence. However ComStar’s control of Terran System shipyard facilities gives them the capability to build new hulls. For the time being the public face of ComStar’s fleet have been several Pocket Warships and Assault Dropship designs that were heavily used by the SLDF. The Interdictor class is perhaps the most common, with as many as 18 believed to still exist in ComStar control even after the Star League Navy’s scuttling incident. A signature combat dropship of the SLDF, the Interdictor has now become the signature combat vessel of ComStar’s fleet and is commonly seen escorting ComStar jumpships and dropships across the Inner Sphere. The public flagship of the ComStar Fleet is the CSV Alain Beresick, an Interdictor class Pocket Warship.

Army Organization

The Com Guards have revived the Army system that became public knowledge in the 3050s and 3060s. The “ComStar Clock” dictates where the armies are deployed and all 12 armies have been recreated. With the Talitha Theater under Covenant control the 7th Army has been redeployed to the Yorii Theater along the edge of the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. While the 6th Army, while headquartered at Procyon, sees most of its deployments in the former Magistracy of Canopus and in positions shadowing the Fronc Reaches (now under Word of Blake control). At present the army system is purely administrative. The 7 active Com Guard Divisions are moved around as-needed and often deployed at Level III (Battalion) strength. Each Army has a commander and administrative staff and is responsible for all ComStar facilities within their jurisdiction. All of the armies have several independent Level II size commands at their disposal, but these are reserved for use as HPG garrisons or space escorts (in the case of independent aerospace units). Many HPGs have little more than a pair of Level I size units (typically infantry) at their disposal. The Com Guards have publicly stated their intent to have 3 Divisions permanently assigned to every Army (and the Terran Defense Force) by 3095. Most projections find this goal extremely ambitious.


ComStar has inherited all the military academies and training centers in the Terra system. At the moment this alone is more than sufficient to meet their needs but the intended mass expansion of the Com Guards requires more. Plans are already in motion to recreate the Focht War College in the Colorado region of Terra's North American continent. The original Focht War College on Tukayyid was seized by the Rasalhague Dominion many years ago and was renamed and converted to Clan uses as a Dominion regional military headquarters and sibko training center. An important change at all existing academies has been the reintroduction of Spiritual Enlightenment education programs centered around the writings of Jerome Blake and ComStar history. Many former Star League personnel that have joined ComStar are being circulated through these programs to ensure that their education and devotion to ComStar is complete before being formally initiated into the Order.


The fall of the Star League Defense Force gave ComStar caches of existing equipment and the Terran system factories to build more. Many traditional Com Guard designs that were in use in the 3050s are seeing heavy use, but newer designs built, adopted, imported or salvaged by the Star League in the 3070s and 3080s frequently turn up in visible parade formations. Unsurprisingly, designs built on Terra by Terran factories, which are the easiest to procure spare parts for, appear to be dominating new Com Guard formations.

Uniforms and Ranks

ComStar and the Com Guards have adopted the same uniforms and rank structure that the organization had in the 3060s just before it was merged with the Star League Defense Force. Former Star League Defense Force personnel who earned Star League awards, ribbons and medals are being permitted to wear them.


Army Administrative Sub-Divisions (Inner Sphere Clock position). *Note that the Inner Sphere clock has the 12 o'clock position pointed at the Clan Occupation Zones with the line extending from Terra out between Fatima and Buckminster.

1st Army- Dieron Theater (from 1-2 on the "Inner Sphere clock")
2nd Army- Fomalhaut Theater (from 2-3 on the "Inner Sphere clock")
3rd Army- Caph Theater (from 3-4 on the "Inner Sphere clock")
4th Army- Bryant Theater (from 4-5 on the "Inner Sphere clock")
5th Army- Keid Theater (from 5-6 on the "Inner Sphere clock")
6th Army- Procyon Theater (from 6-7 on the "Inner Sphere clock")
7th Army- Traditionally the Talitha Theater, reassigned to the Yoril Theater (from 11-12 on the "Inner Sphere clock")
8th Army- Alula Australis Theater (from 9-10 on the "Inner Sphere clock")
9th Army- New Earth Theater (from 9-10 on the "Inner Sphere clock")
10th Army- Rigil Kentares Theater (from 10-11 on the "Inner Sphere clock")
11th Army- Yorii Theater (from 11-12 on the "Inner Sphere clock")
12th Army- Asta Theater (from 12-1 on the "Inner Sphere clock")
Terran Defense Force (The Home Guard, Sol System)

Active Com Guard Divisions

2nd Division (The Falconeers IV-xi)
83rd Division (The White Cyclones-IV gamma)
91st Division (The Luk-y 91st IV-eta)
182nd Division (The Steel Cavalry IV-kappa)
321st Division (Com Guard Grenadiers IV-beta)
323rd Division (The Groundhogs of Tukayyid IV-nu)
394th Division (The White Lions IV-tau)

Com Guard Strength as of January 3095
2nd Division (The Falconeers IV-xi)
11th Division (The Wing Clippers IV-Beta)
31st Division (The Lost Boys IV-theta)
34th Division (The Black Glove Division IV-upsilon)
77th Division (The Monsters IV-theta)
79th Division (The Steel Snake Charmers IV-zeta)
82nd Division (The Web Cutters IV-pi)
83rd Division (The White Cyclones-IV gamma)
91st Division (The Luk-y 91st IV-eta)
143rd Division (The Focht Hussars IV-delta)
167th Division (The Green Mountain Boys IV-xi)
182nd Division (The Steel Cavalry IV-kappa)
198th Division (The Dinju Mountain Men IV-epsilon)
208th Division (The Racice River Raiders IV-eta)
214th Division (The Red Arrow Division IV-eta)
244th Division (The Prince's Men IV-psi)
278th Division (The Khan Killers IV-chi)
299th Division (The Battle Smokers IV-lambda)
321st Division (Com Guard Grenadiers IV-beta)
323rd Division (The Groundhogs of Tukayyid IV-nu)
366th Division (The Brzo Lancers IV-iota)
379th Division (Hawks of the High Wind IV-pi)
388th Division (The White Banshees IV-xi)
394th Division (The White Lions IV-tau)


ComStar absorbed many Star League Intelligence assets, including personnel, equipment, and it is rumored, several dedicated spy vessels. They also quickly scooped up Star League encryption and decryption equipment and other tools of the spy trade. Although brand new, ComStar’s ROM has all the resources it needs to become a top-shelf Intelligence Agency (and Intelligence Agencies across the Inner Sphere are bracing for this). To date ROM’s focus has largely been internal, helping in the removal of unbelievers and troublemakers that signed up in the aftermath of the Star League’s collapse. Explorer Corps

Explorer Corps:

The Star League absorbed ComStar’s Explorer Corps in 3085 and maintained it with a healthy budget, although many of their operations remained out of the public eye. Its distance from the Star League Administered Systems meant that many personnel that had once worn the ComStar robe or their children continued to be a majority in the Explorer Corps. When the Star League fell, the transition for the Explorer Corps was perhaps the easiest of any branch of ComStar. Explorer Corps bases at Columbus and elsewhere continue to function, falling in lock-step behind the Order. Their distance from the political infighting on Terra appears to have also been to their benefit.


Primus Jacob Karlton

Karlton appears to be a smart and sophisticated political figure. To have survived the last two years on the First Circuit with his reputation intact is a real triumph. A Shepherd by affiliation, Karlton was a long-time member of the Star League's Department of Communication and became the Star League Senator representing the world of Thorin just three years before the Star League collapsed. Even during the Star League years, Karlton was a devout reader of ComStar’s history and the writings of Jerome Blake. A Shepherd by affiliation, Karlton is a strong advocate of a “good neighbor” policy with the Great Houses.

Precentor Martial Lisa Koenigs-Cober

ComStar’s Precentor Martial has served under such personalities as Anastasius Focht and Victor Steiner-Davion in her long career. One of the most respected members of the Com Guards, Koenigs-Cober briefly attempted to return to civilian life on Terra in the mid-3070s, but rejoined the Star League Defense Force when Victor Steiner-Davion personally asked her to return to active duty. Her drive and focus has been instrumental in shaping the new Com Guards. The Precentor Martial has tried to avoid the recent political infighting and is not officially affiliated with either political faction.

Precentor ROM Dylan Hunter

Dylan Hunter’s history is clouded in mystery. He spent much of his career in Star League Intelligence. A cunning man, with a sharp distrust of the Great Houses, Hunter’s cunning appears to have played a role in his ability to remain in his post despite the musical chairs game played by theFirst Circuit in the last two years. Despite his skills at self-preservation, Hunter is surprisingly selfless and appears to donate nearly all his surplus income to ComStar-administered charities. Hunter is one of the founders of the Believer political faction.

Interstellar Relations:

ComStar has seen a surprising boon to its popularity. Largely divorced in the public mind to the mischievous and underhanded ComStar of the Succession Wars era, many Inner Sphere citizens see ComStar as the inheritors of the Star League’s ideals (a status Liberty Holds would hold in contention, but a moot point in the minds of many). ComStar has boosted its image by engaging in numerous humanitarian operations. The Order has taken control of hospitals, hospices, refugee and food distribution centers, and other locations that have been damaged by war or fallen into disuse for any reason. ComStar civilian personnel are becoming a common sight, especially on worlds in poverty or in distress. Meanwhile Com Guard personnel are invoking their “White Knight” image by defending such sites on worlds where combat is taking place, as well as engaging in disaster relief and search and rescue operations.

Compared to the 3060s, the biggest improvement to ComStar’s image has occurred in the Confederated Magistracy. The Capellans once had an almost adversarial relationship with ComStar and seemed poised in the 3050s to accept the Word of Blake as the administrator of their HPGs. But Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao worked hard to build a strong relationship with the Second Star League in the 3070s and 3080s. When the Second Star League fell, Sun-Tzu Liao strived to maintain his favorable relationship with Terra's new government. ComStar was all too happy to reciprocate. The Confederated Magistracy’s bitter struggle against the Word of Blake just a few years ago likely played a role in this as well.

Another realm that has improved its perception of ComStar is the Lyran Alliance. Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion took offense of all things ComStar while her brother, Victor Steiner-Davion, was its Precentor-Martial. With both obstacles removed the new Archon appears to have little difficulty accepting ComStar's friendship and especially the presence of Com Guard troops along the Alliance's border with the Clans.

The one realm where ComStar is not viewed favorably is the Free Worlds League. The Covenant, a derivative of the True Believer faction of the Word of Blake that was created by the Purple Reformation, administers all HPG facilities there and Covenant propaganda has been very successful at toting the new ComStar as dangerous heretics. Even the Regulans, longtime distrustful of the Word of Blake and the Covenant it gave birth to, have started to see things the Covenant’s way, after that Order successfully walked a tightrope to help the Regulan people through a terrible ordeal known as the Regulan Crisis, which left millions dead. ComStar and the Covenant appear to be paranoid toward each other. There is also some evidence of espionage and possibly even assassinations by Covenant hands on Terra, aimed at some former Star League and ComStar personnel. Throughout 3086 several ComStar HPG transmissions into the Free Worlds League were disrupted on the receiving end by Covenant HPGs, forcing ComStar personnel to resend those message packets at their expense. The cause and purpose of this cold war style conflict is unclear, but the tension appears to be building.