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Clan Jade Falcon
Current Ambassador: Jon Allen
This information was last updated on the: 13th of August, 2017
Core Information:

     Capital: Twycross
     Faction Leader: Khan Teresa Von Jankmon
     Military Leader: saKhan Madeline Von Jankmon
     Intelligence Leader: Loremaster Rotheran Icaza
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: Unknown

BTM Timeline Events:

25th of January, 3071
Clan Jade Falcon incursions in the Lyran Alliance space.

8th of May, 3073 to the 11th of September, 3074
Jabuka system in Clan Jade Falcon held territory assaulted and eventually conquered by the Restless Souls mercenary unit under employ of the Lyran Alliance.

26th of May, 3073 to the 19th of December, 3073
Lyran Alliance forces commences invasions of several Clan Jade Falcon worlds, the war continues for months ending is successes for the Lyran Alliance with the planets of Kooken's Pleasure Pit, Kikuyu and Pandora reclaimed.

27th of June, 3076 to the 20th of January, 3078
Operation Lorelai begins; a dual effort by the SLDF and Lyran Alliance to retake Clan Jade Falcon occupied worlds.

27th of February, 3077
Clan Jade Falcon withdraws from Blair Atholl after false intel informed them that Koniz was under attack and needed reinforcement.

25th of July, 3077 to the 20th of January, 3078
The final wave of Operation Lorelai under 6 Task Forces begin their plan to break the back of Clan Jade Falcon in the Inner Sphere, their target; Sudeten.

28th of October, 3077
Major Timothy Maddox of the Hellstorm Hussars Mercenary Unit engaged and defeated Galaxy Commander Rard Hoyt of Clan Jade Falcon, crippling the Falcon units on Dompaire long enough for an ordered withdrawl before Falcon reinforcements could deploy.

3rd of January, 3079 to the 8th of March, 3079
Clan Wolf takes the worlds of Blackstone, Bensinger, Apollo and Toland from the weakened Clan Jade Falcon.

14th of September, 3081 to the 17th of September, 3081
The Lyran Alliance system of A place was lost to an assault by the 12th Talon Cluster of Clan Jade Falcon.

15th of September, 3081
Elements of Clan Jade Falcon's Iota Galaxy struck the defending 3rd Lyran Regulars RCT on the planet of Antares and annihilated the LAAF unit in a lightning attack within a single day. The Lyran Alliance planet of Antares was lost to the Jade Falcons within that single day.

9th of October, 3081
The Clan Jade Falcon worlds of Winfield and Trell I have fallen to Clan Wolf while Clan Jade Falcon forces fight along the Lyran Alliance border.

7th of March, 3089
FED-NET CULTURE and HISTORY, Lu Grieg - (Avalon City, New Avalon; 07 MAR 89) A new generation has grown up in the wake of the Clan War but thirty years later here in Avalon City, the people of the Federated Suns remember the unity and courage represented by the forces of Operation Bulldog. Impromptu celebrations have sprung up all over the city with the arrival of hundreds of thousands of thank you notes, small gifts, and recordings of truly raucous celebrations in the former Clan Jade Falcon occupation zone. The outpouring of gratitude arrived earlier today from the Combine worlds of Asgard, Avon, Chupadero, Cyrenaica, Hyner, Irece, Jeanette, Kanowit, Kiamba, Port Arthur, Sawyer, Tarazed, and Teniente - all part of the first wave liberated by Star League forces, which then included the famed First Davion Guards.

28th of July, 3090
Comstar News Network CNN Rumors have placed The Black Wolf Rangers near the Clan Jade Falcon occupation Zone. The Storm Wolf regiment has been sent to the Lyran Alliance for joint maneuvers and possibly to reinforce the Military corridor against the Falcons. We all know that the Rangers excel at reconnaissance and being near the planet of Blue Hole could lead us to surmise that possible elements are already in the Clan Zone.

5th of October, 3090
Comstar News Network War games on the Lyran border rimward of Blue Hole with Clan Jade Falcon are ongoing with Lyran RCT's conducting engagements with the OPFOR the Black Wolf Ranger's. Speculation is leading to a multitude of scenarios as the Lyrans and BWR drill in anti clan tactics. Will the Lyran Alliance dive into conflict with the Falcons?

15th of November, 3090
The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command was successful in distracting the Clan Jade Falcon Forces on Antares, by harassment and interdiction of their command and control assets. The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command traveled from the Lyran Alliance's world of Solaris VII to Antares, in the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. Upon arrival, the Black Talon Phoenix separate companies participated in a series of lightning raids, designed to draw the Jade Falcon Cluster out, and cause them to spend their combat assets to counter act the attacks taking place on planet, in an attempt to keep Clan Jade Falcon from crossing the Clan Truce line, and exploit the border worlds, in reaction to ULTRA's attacks on the Inner Sphere.

15th of March, 3091
The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command, after having a successful rebirth on the Planet Antares, against Clan Jade Falcon, had been contracted to proceed to the Free Worlds League, there to raid Talitha, with the intent of extracting several VIP Prisoners of War, for the Lyran Alliance. A quick early morning raid, and the unit achieved their mission, linking up with a Lyran task force, and turning over the liberated Lyran military personnel.

15th of March, 3091
The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command, now at regimental strength, continues to move forward, their rebirth appearing to be complete, as they rack up one victory after another. They are quickly adding on to their reputation, and are once again sought after for missions requiring speial handling. The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command, after having a successful rebirth on the Planet Antares, against Clan Jade Falcon, had been contracted to proceed to the Free Worlds League, there to raid Talitha, with the intent of extracting several VIP Prisoners of War, for the Lyran Alliance. A quick early morning raid, and the unit achieved their mission, linking up with a Lyran task force, and turning over the liberated Lyran military personnel.

9th of May, 3096
The mighty Black Wolf Rangers FAILED in Defensive Campaign # LA-DC-06-06 against Clan Jade Falcon on the Lyran Alliance planet Kikuyu when their entire command was wiped out by a Naval Bombardment from Jade Falcon Rho Galaxy's, Cameron-class WarShip, Turkina’s Pride. Their Employer Contact, Colonel Timothe Adler, expressed his deepest regret and vowed the House Steiner would avenge their loss.

11th of July, 3096
Clan Jade Falcon elects Teresa Von Jankmon to the post of Khan, and her sibmate, Madeline Von Jankmon to the post of saKhan. The pair promises to refocus the Clan's energies on its external enemies.

15th of July, 3096
Clan Jade Falcon falsely announced the destruction of the Black Wolf Rangers Mercenary Unit on Kikuyu, in the Lyran Alliance earlier this year, 3096, on the 9th of May. This propaganda was revealed shortly after their election of Teresa Von Jankmon to the position of Khan, on 11 July 3096. The Black Wolf Rangers reported to the MRBC that they had survived, and escaped off world, but needed to stay off the radar until their injured and surviving units could return to a safe starport.

19th of September, 3096
The Restless Souls Mercenary Brigade SUCCESSFULLY completed Diversionary Raid # LA-DR-06-01 against Clan Jade Falcons in the Clermont Gap on the Lyran Alliance planet Kikuyu. Under orders from Colonel Timothe Adler, the Souls gained control of the Nadir JumpPoint, resupplied the 15th Lyran Regulars, uncovered the Jade Falcons intentions and contacted the BWR Command, however; they were able to get them off of Kikuyu.

22nd of February, 3100
A New Clan Offensive? Rumors of pirates entering deeper into Lyran space has fueled speculation that Clan Jade Falcon is blooding its warriors in the Lyran periphery, or even possibly aiming for a campaign of expansion. Few of those fleeing into Lyran space have been identified as being civilians, and many have brought improvised military equipment with them, most of which has been confiscated by Lyran authorities. Speculation about the conflict is ongoing, with few answers but an escalating situation.

Origins and History:
The Jade Falcons, one of the mightiest of the Crusader Clans, draw much of their philosophy and prowess from the teaching of four of its founding members. Elizabeth Hazen, Daniel Mattlov, Carl Icaza and Lisa Buhallin each contributed in their respective branch of service. This combined attitude towards life and combat has created, over the centuries, a fearsome assemblage of warriors dedicated to preserving their way of life.

During the Second Exodus War, the Jade Falcons established one of the best combat records of all the Clans. Only the Wolves were as successful. The Falcon Khans were optimistic that ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky would choose their Clan to host his BloodHeritage. ilKhan Kerensky's decision to join his future with the Wolves shocked the entire Falcon community. Many warriors bitterly complained to the Khans about this turn of events. The Falcons had proved themselves to be at least the equals of the Wolves during the war - was the sentiment commonly expressed. The situation bordered on outright mutiny until word came that the ilKhan was preparing to make an inspection tour of the Falcons' holdings. The Falcon Khans response was characteristically brutal and abrupt. In what is now referred to as "the Culling," the leaders of the rebellious movement were rounded up and executed.

During the Golden Century following the death of ilKhan Kerensky, the Falcon leaders withdrew from interacting from the other Clans, a result of intercaste conflict. The Khans sold much of their civilian fleet to other Clans, an act which would come back to haunt them in the future. Only the quick thinking of a few merchants prevented the collapse of Jade Falcon commerce. By establishing themselves as middlemen and bankers, the Falcon merchants were able to enrich the Clan despite their many restrictions.

The Falcons became one of the most conservative Clans, banning the lower castes from having any voice in Clan affairs. Their strict adherence to conformity and strength through unity is one of their greatest assets.

Call to Crusaders:
When the call went out to reclaim the Inner Sphere, the Jade Falcons were amongst the strongest proponents for invasion. Many warriors traveled throughout the Pentagon worlds preaching the Crusader cause. Only the dominance of Clans Wolf and Coyote in the Grand Council forestalled any invasion votes. The tide turned in the year 3000 when Khan Nadia Winson of Clan Ghost Bear proposed invasion once more. The Crusader Clans had the advantage vote-wise, but only the clever plan proposed by Khan Kherlin Ward of Clan Wolf prevented invasion.

Ward's plan to send an expeditionary force to learn the status of the Successor States proved resourceful enough that enough Clans agreed to the proposal. Many contended, however, that the force should be led and manned by trueborn warriors claiming that freeborns would be unsuitable and untrustworthy of such a mission, but that motion was swiftly defeated. In 3005, Wolf's Dragoons entered the service of House Davion.

Over the next thirty years, the reports from the Dragoons were received further and further apart until they finally stopped in the early 3030's. The Crusaders used this to prove their point that the freeborn force was as untrustworthy as predicted. The Crusaders, particularly Falcon ristar Elias Crichell, argued eloquently that the time had come for invasion. It took another fifteen years and the accidental arrival of the Comstar vessel Outbound Light to bring matters to a head.

In 3047, Smoke Jaguar Khan Leo Showers presented evidence, gained from the interrogation of the Outbound Light's crew, to the Grand Council that showed that their worst fears were coming true. Far from what they had believed, the Successor States were on the road to recovery and rapidly gaining back their technological edge. Technology which had long been denied the Inner Sphere was being rediscovered and rebuilt at a tremendous rates. Scientific advances in all areas, especially military, were given highest priorities and the Federated Commonwealth appeared as though it would emerge victorious over its rivals.

The invasion of the Inner Sphere brought both great honor and shame to the Jade Falcons. The incursion into the Periphery showed just how bad and, in several notable cases, how good the Inner Sphere militaries were. since many outlying worlds were too poor to defend themselves properly, many of the Jade Falcon conquests in the Periphery revolved around Falcon MechWarriors battle lone errant Inner Sphere warriors. To the surprise of some within the Falcon community, a number of these battles were not as one-sided as they expected.

The battle for the planet Strang, however, nearly proved a disaster for the Falcons. The planet Strang is long-reviled in Clan history as the homeworld of one of Stefan Amaris' most sadistic commanders, Baron Gunthar Von Strang. Khan Crichell personally led the Turkina Keshik in an assault on the planet, confident that his forces would quickly destroy the defenders. Fortune favored the defenders and Strang's forces managed to slow the approaching Falcon forces. The Falcons continued their approach, this time sending a flight of recon fighters ahead to scout the terrain. The Falcons advanced, fighting into the rain-filled night, and smashed their way into Von Strang's citadel. The tide nearly turned when a Falcon fighter, returning to refuel, spotted the remainder of Strang's military positioned to ambush the Keshik from behind. This warning save the Turkina Keshik. The Falcons wheeled around and fought Von Strang's forces at pointblank ranges. The battle raged on until finally Von Strang's forces crumbled under the assault. Victorious, the Falcons renamed the capital city and then moved on to the next phase of the invasion.

The first wave of attacks on the unsuspecting Federated Commonwealth highlighted the differences between the two societies. The hard hitting Falcon Clusters, led by the Turkina Keshik and the Falcon Guards, mercilessly crushed every FedCom unit it opposed. The Falcon's frontal assault strategy was effective in a number of instances, primarily because FedCom troops were trained in every strategy except that. The concept of mounting a full frontal assault was unheard of by most Inner Sphere strategists, because of the logistics and high attrition rates assigned to that method of battle. The Falcons strings of success's shattered that concept entirely and planetary defenders found themselves resorting to small scale hit and run tactics to survive. These efforts rarely worked, but did allow the defenders to evacuate many elements to safety.

The Falcons suffered their first defeat on Twycross in 3051, when Prince Victor Steiner-Davion led an elite force to retake the world. The plan nearly collapsed entirely when it was discovered that the elite Falcon Guards Cluster was still on Twycross. Caught between a Falcon PGC and the Falcon Guards, the FedCom forces attempted to blast their way through the PGC. Only the efforts of Kai Allard-Liao prevented the Falcon Guards from smashing through the FedCom rear.

The death of ilKhan Leo Showers sent the invading Clans home for a years conferring and to elect a new ilKhan. Khans Crichell and Chistu conspired with other Crusader Clans to elect a new ilKhan who would have to do their bidding. Together, they nominated Clan Wolf Khan Ulric Kerensky to the post of ilKhan. Their plan was to force the Wolf Khan to bend to their desires, thus slowing the Wolves while their own Clans caught up. To the surprise of many, ilKhan Ulric refused to play their game. Instead, he brought forth the Steel Vipers and Nova Cats into the invasion force. The Nova Cats were teamed with their longtime rival the Smoke Jaguars. Being teamed with the hated Steel Vipers galled the Falcon Khans, but ilKhan Ulric's requirement that the Jaguars and Falcons cede worlds for their new "partners" made things even worse. Although the Smoke Jaguars and Nova Cats quickly reached an accommodation regarding the exchange of worlds, the Jade Falcons made the Vipers fight Trials of Possession for every world. Even so, in 3052, the invasion resumed as the trueborn of six Clans returned to begin the conflict anew.

The resumption of hostilities brought many more new battles for the Jade Falcons. However, the Falcons felt the sting of defeat again in November 3051 on Alyina when Prince Victor Steiner-Davion barely escaped a trap laid by the Second Falcon Jaegers. This minor setback was more than compensated by an impressive string of victories over Federated Commonwealth forces.

When ilKhan Ulric Kerensky announced that there would be a proxy battle for Terra on the planet Tukayyid, the Falcon Khans were as enthusiastic about the battle as any others. The battle for Tukayyid was perhaps one of the most intense battles fought by the Clans. Although the Jade Falcons fought with valor and skill, in the end, the superior numbers and sheer guile of the Com Guards prevailed and the Falcons were awarded a draw.

ilKhan Ulric Kerensky accepted ComStar's terms to fight a proxy battle for Terra on Tukayyid, but met some resistance when he presented the plan to the other Khans. Most of the Khans, however, were enthusiastic about what they felt sure would be an easy victory, and when the kurultai convened on the Dire Wolf to bid for Tukayyid, all the Clans bid fiercely. Khan Chistu and Khan Crichell won a good position on the assault schedule, and considered themselves well revenged against Clan Wolf for the ilKhan's many decisions humiliating Clan Jade Falcon. The Falcons were scheduled to assault the cities of Olalla and Humptulips.

The following excerpt is from Jade Falcon Galaxy Commander Mar Helmer's report on the battle for Tukayyid.

"My Khan, this is my report. Gamma, Delta, and Vau Galaxy DropShips entered the atmosphere of Tukayyid without incident and landed unopposed on the Prezno Plain. Star Colonel Aidan Pryde led the Falcon Guards to cover the right flank of our advance, the Second Falcon Jaegers of Delta Galaxy covered the left flank, and the First Falcon Jaegers and Twelfth Falcon Regulars attempted to seize Robyn's Crossing and Plough Bridge, the two vital spans crossing the Prezno River..."

The First Falcon Jaegers encountered a series of heavily fortified positions two kilometers out from Robyn's Crossing. Star Colonel Rard Hoyt sent his Cluster's faster 'Mechs out to enfilade the ComGuard's 403rd Division, while his heavy OmniMechs launched a direct attack on the enemy positions. The battle was long and fierce, but the 403rd held its positions, even in the face of fighter strafing and Arrow IV bombardment. The Falcons' first break came when a Star of Elementals managed to slip behind the ComGuard lines and attack the 403rd's HQ. This "headhunter" attack killed Precentor Robert Maigatter, commander of the 403rd, and destroyed vital supplies and communication equipment. The ComGuard troops broke, allowing the Jade Falcon galaxy to penetrate their lines and annihilate more than 70 percent of the 403rd Division. In a simultaneous attack, the 305th Assault Cluster, backed by the 124th Striker Cluster, smashed through the troops of the 214th Division guarding the approaches to Plough Bridge. The 214th broke and scattered under the heavy Jade Falcon fire.

Meanwhile, Star Colonel Senza Oriega began her assault on the Robyn's Crossing bridge approaches. The ComGuards 388th Division (the White Banshees) dropped back to pick up the remnants of the 403rd Division and occupy preset artillery and heavy concrete emplacements for tanks and infantry, and the Twelfth Falcon Regulars could make no headway against this determined defense. Star Colonel Aidan Pryde of the Falcon Guards broke the stalemate by leading several stars of jump-capable OmniMechs and Elementals on an unexpected flanking attack. The ComGuards, now under fire from multiple directions, fought hard, but to no avail. The Falcon Guards' Star Captain Joanna seemed to take particular pleasure in blasting ComGuard units out of their pillboxes and then ruthlessly destroying them. Twenty minutes after the tide of the battle turned, Clan Jade Falcon controlled Robyn's Crossing. With the 124th Striker Cluster and the 305th Assault Cluster in command of Plough Bridge, Clan Jade Falcon prepared to cross the Prezno River.

Khan Chistu awarded the honor of crossing first to Star Colonel Senza Oriega and the Twelfth Falcon Regulars, a decision the Falcon Guards protested, as it was their assault that allowed the Clan warriors to seize the bridge. Their protests had no effect. The Falcon Guard warriors knew that the Khan's decision added further shame to their unit's tainted history and reflected badly on their unorthodox commander, but there was no time for bidding or Trials of Refusal. Clans Wolf and Ghost Bear were already making rapid advances in their operational areas, and every Falcon warrior wanted to beat the Wolves. Star Colonel Senza Oriega, in her Executioner, led the Twelfth across the bridge. Just as she reached the center of the span, explosions ripped the bridge as hidden ComGuard demolition charges detonated. With a sickening screech of tearing metal, the bridge collapsed into the Prezno River, carrying two full Trinaries of the Twelfth Cluster with it and killing Senza Oriega, among others. Almost immediately, ComGuard fighters and artillery began to pound the Falcon positions, with 'Mechs and tanks from the 111th and 201st ComGuard Divisions taking up positions on the opposite side of the river.

The Fifth and Fourteenth Fighter Trinaries swept the ComGuard fighters from the sky and followed up with ground attacks against the 201st Division artillery positions and ground forces. Meanwhile, the Falcon Guards and Second Falcon Regulars used jump-capable OmniMechs to leap across a narrow part of the swift-moving Prezno, losing eleven 'Mechs and a Star of Elementals in the process. Once across, the units split up, the Falcon Guards moving to secure Robyn's Crossing and the Second Falcon Regulars taking Plough Bridge. The 111th and 201st Divisions fought a brave delaying action, but the damage suffered in the massed fighter attacks combined with the unexpected speed of the two-pronged Falcon attack forced them to retreat toward Olalla. When both sides of the wrecked bridges were secure, engineers brought construction equipment to build pontoon bridges and allow the bulk of the Clan forces to advance across the Prezno.

The Falcon Guards and Second Falcon Regulars, meanwhile, moved closer to Olalla. Weak resistance by the tanks and light 'Mechs of the 77th Division resulted only in ComGuard deaths. Star Colonels Aidan Pryde and Marthe Pryde led their troops into the outskirts of Olalla before realizing that the city did not match intelligence information gathered during the bidding for Tukayyid. Suspecting a trap, Star Colonel Aidan Pryde ordered his units back out of the fake city, but even as he gave the order, the survivors of the 111th and 201st Divisions, along with the main part of the 77th Division, charged from concealed positions and engaged the Falcon forces.

Alpha Trinary's Heavy Star bore the brunt of the fierce fighting, but the ComGuards lost many 'Mechs in the initial skirmish, the Crockett piloted by the commander of the Second Battalion of the ComGuard 201st Division being the first to fall when struck in the head by an ER PPC from Star Commander Jula Huddock's Executioner. The ComGuards retaliated by destroying a Mad Dog with a massed laser barrage, executing the pilot as he ejected. The remainder of Alpha Heavy, now surrounded and cut off from the rest of the Falcon guards, annihilated an entire company of ComGuard 'Mechs before being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of their opponents. Star Commander Huddock's Executioner fell last, toppling to the ground surrounded by the wreckage of ComGuard 'Mechs. Aerospace support allowed the Falcon Guards to break out of the ComGuard trap, in the process wiping out the last of the 201st and 77th Divisions in return for the ruthless executions of the brave warriors of Alpha Heavy.

The 89th and 94th Falcon Clusters and the First Falcon Velites crossed the pontoon bridges as soon as they were completed and joined the Falcon Guards and Second Falcon Regulars. The combined Clan force moved relentlessly though the city of Olalla, driving the ComGuards before them. Just as it seemed that the Falcons controlled the city, the entire uncommitted reserves of the ComGuard Third and Eleventh Armies, six divisions strong, arrived from Humptulips by DropShip. These fresh units immediately assaulted the Falcon advance forces while the ComGuard Fourth Army, reinforced by the remnants of the 388th and 214th Divisions, began an all-out attack on the Falcon bridgeheads. Khan Chistu committed Peregrine Galaxy to support Robyn's Crossing, and Gyrfalcon Galaxy to Plough Bridge, leaving no reinforcements available for Star Colonel Aidan Pryde.

With the bulk of the Jade Falcon forces pinned down at the bridges, a second DropShip assault, bringing the forces of the First ComGuard Army led by Precentor Katherine Luarca, began on Olalla. A lucky air strike by ComGuard fighters destroyed the Jade Falcon Galaxy's ammunition depot at Robyn's Crossing, and later analysis showed this to be the turning point of the campaign. The 89th and 94th Falcon Striker Clusters and the Second Falcon Regulars had begun to run low on ammunition, The Falcon Guards barely noticed the loss, as Star Colonel Pryde had outfitted most of the Guard 'Mechs with energy weapons. Khans Crichell and Chistu realized even if they defeated the current assault, their troops carried insufficient ammunition and supplies to take both their objectives. They reluctantly ordered a withdrawal.

Supported by the Fifth Fighter Trinary, the Falcon Guards, Second and Seventh Regulars, and First Falcon Velites began to withdraw towards the bridgeheads. Clan orbital surveillance vessels showed the ComGuard 309th Division in position to cut off the Falcon retreat, and Star Colonel Marthe Pryde moved her Second Falcon Regulars in an intercept course. This battle ranks among the bloodiest on Tukayyid, exceeded only by the ComGuard Seventh Army's annihilation of Clan Nova Cat's Alpha Galaxy. The Second Falcon Regulars suffered nearly 70 percent casualties, but obliterated the 309th Division so completely that it never re-formed. Marthe Pryde alone destroyed nine ComGuard 'Mechs, including the Atlas piloted by Precentor Rennard Thordarson, commander of the 309th.

The four withdrawing Jade Falcon Clusters crossed the bridge at Robyn's Crossing, smashing through the ComGuard 90th Division to reach their DropShips, which landed at the Falcon's original LZ. The ComGuards managed to land two Overlord Class DropShips carrying the 104th Division behind Jade Falcon lines, with orders to stop the Falcons from leaving Tukayyid. This operation was timed to coincide with an all-out rear assault on the retreating Falcons. The ComGuards' plan to crush the Jade Falcon between the two forces failed when a Trinary of Jade Falcon Elementals led by Elemental Star Commander Selima attacked the ComGuard landing zone before the Overlords deployed their 'Mechs. Star Commander Selima damaged a ComGuard Highlander in such a way that it fell back into the 'Mech bay of the DropShip and exploded, causing a chain reaction of blasts which reduced the massive ship to a blazing ruin. The Elementals withdrew before the forces in the second DropShip could recover from the shock of this loss, and the Elemental counterstrike, in addition to fighter strafing and massive Arrow-IV missile attacks, allowed most of the Jade Falcons to safely board their DropShips and leave the planet. Star Colonel Aidan Pryde almost single-handedly foiled the final, desperate attempt by ComStar to interdict the evacuation by destroying more than a company of ComGuard 'Mechs before he himself was killed.

Refusal War & Coventry:
After the Truce of Tukayyid was signed, Khan Elias Crichell and saKhan Vandervahn Chistu initiated a number of plans aimed at repudiating the peace. The first of these was the so-called "Red Corsair Incident." The Red Corsair, a pirate with access to advanced weapons, launched a series of raids against both Inner Sphere and Clan targets. Although the Khans involvement was never proved, Wolf Watch leaders believe that the Jade Falcons contributed heavily to the formation of the Red Corsair's pirate band and kept the unit supplied. It is also alleged that the Falcon Khans conspired with Conal Ward, a disgraced Wolf Crusader, to rekindle the war with the Inner Sphere. Only the efforts of Khan Phelan Kell and the mercenary Kell Hounds prevented the war from renewing. Unfortunately, the Khans' role in this matter will never be known.

The next and most devastating ploy the Khans involved themselves in resulted in the bloody Refusal War. When Wolf Supremists put Ulric Kerensky on trial for genocide, the Grand Kurultai forced him out of office. The Crusader element in the Kurultai attempted to repudiate the peace treaty, but Ulric declared a Trial of Refusal. The Jade Falcons won the right to battle the Wolves, but, in a surprise move, Ulric declared his intent on striking at every Jade Falcon world in the Inner Sphere. The ensuing battles resulted in the deaths of Ulric Kerensky and Wolf Khan Natasha Kerensky. Khan Phelan Kell led the best of the Wolf Clan Wardens to the world of Morges where his forces, along with the Kell Hounds, defeated two Jade Falcon Galaxies. The Wolf forces then retreated to Arc-Royal, Phelan Kell's homeworld, to rest and rebuild their forces.

In a blatant power play, saKhan Chistu declared that the Wolves had been absorbed by the victorious Jade Falcons. This plan fell apart when Wolf warrior Vlad denied Chistu's version of Ulric Kerensky's death. The two warriors battled and Chistu fell to Vlad. Vlad, in a deal he made with Khan Crichell, then arranged for all the surviving Wolf Supremist and Crusader warriors to form the core of a new Clan, the Jade Wolves. Shortly afterward, Khan Elias Crichell was elected ilKhan by a narrow margin. Crichell's tenure as ilKhan was probably the shortest in Clan history. Khan Vlad Ward of the then Jade Wolves declared a Trial of Grievance, claiming that Crichell was not qualified for the position. Brutally killing the aging Khan in hand-to-hand combat, Khan Ward declared Clan Wolf lived again and it was decided to postpone another ilKhan vote for six months. Marthe Pryde then stepped forward and assumed the position of senior Jade Falcon Khan.

Though damaged by the Trial of Refusal, Clan Jade Falcon may yet gain the pinnacle of power that both its Khans so coveted. It will take at least five years to build the Falcon military to the strength it possessed before the Trial of Refusal, and so during that time the Jade Falcons must maneuver to keep the other Clans from declaring Trials of Possession to gain control of Falcon holdings. In addition, the Refusal War so depleted the Jade Falcons' military resources that any further losses could well make them easy targets for a Trial of Grievance over their place in the invasion force, or even a Trial of Absorption. Like the Wolves, the same weakness that makes them possible targets for absorption also gives them every incentive to launch daring strikes against the Inner Sphere or the exiled Wolves, to prove that they are not to be trifled with.

To restore their lost prestige, the Jade Falcons are likely to conduct as many military operations as possible with the limited troops at their disposal. To keep casualties low, however, they likely will avoid engaging better-armed Inner Sphere forces and target the formerly Falcon-occupied worlds "liberated" by Khan Natasha Kerensky during the Refusal War. On many of these planets, the citizens have protested violently against the Jade Falcons' attempts to bring them back under control and will likely resist such attempts with any means at their disposal. But perhaps the gravest threat Clan Jade Falcon may face comes from within the Clan itself, for the Falcon lower castes are bearing the brunt of the hardships the Clan now must endure, and their growing resentment may produce widespread unrest at any time.

Eager to prove themselves strong despite their weakened condition and convince the other Clans not to attack them, Khan Pryde recruited warriors from the ranks of the freebirths and transferred aging solahma warriors, promising sibcadets, and sib trainers to the front-line units. Jade Falcon Khan Marthe Pryde and saKhan Samantha Clees then initiated a short-lived invasion of the Inner Sphere with Cluster-sized forces against Lyran Alliance forces. Driving a path toward Tharkad to draw out the best possible units out for battle, Khan Pryde assured the inexperienced new Jade Falcons receive their trial by fire, blooding them sufficiently to prepare them for true front-line duty. The invasion culminated in one of the most violent battles in Inner Sphere history on the planet Coventry, a vital planet only one jump above the treaty line. The Falcon forces initially overwhelmed the defending Lyran forces, but the battle turned into a stalemate as two regiments of the elite Wolf Dragoons, the entire Eridani Light Horse and the Waco Rangers arrived to relieve the besieged defenders, the 10th Skye Rangers. A cunning flanking maneuver by the Jade Falcons destroyed the Waco Rangers not long into the campaign. The remaining Inner Sphere forces settled into a long, grinding campaign of attrition.

Meanwhile, Prince Victor Davion brought together a coalition force of elite forces from across the Inner Sphere to stop the Jade Falcon advance. Prince Victor consulted with Wolf Khan Phelan to enlist the Clansman's aid, but was rebuffed. Instead, Khan Phelan sent Wolf warrior, Ragnar, to provide strategic and tactical advise to the Inner Sphere forces.

Ten of the most elite regiments from the Successor States, led by Precentor Martial Focht and Prince Davion, landed on Coventry. Working on the advise of Ragnar, the Precentor Martial and Prince Davion arranged a meeting with Falcon Khan Marthe Pryde at the small town of Whitting. There, the leaders of both forces met to conclude the batchall. In a surprise move, the Inner Sphere coalition offered Khan Pryde the custom of hegira. Such a move would allow the Jade Falcons to withdraw from battle with their honor intact. To the relief of the coalition leaders, she accepted and the Jade Falcons withdrew from Coventry.

Unknown to the Inner Sphere leaders, Khan Pryde's position was badly compromised. She had received earlier in the day a message from Khan Vlad Ward of the Wolves a message stating that he was preparing to conquer a number of worlds in the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. Trapped between losing worlds to the Wolves and a evenly matched battle with an elite Inner Sphere force, Khan Pryde took the only option which would allow her to maintain her grip on the Falcon worlds and quit the battlefield with much of her force intact.

Operation Bulldog:
Khan Marthe Pryde sided with Wolf Khan Vladimir Ward to prevent the other non-invading Clans from electing one of their own as ilKhan. Instead, the duo successfully managed to elect Smoke Jaguar Khan Lincoln Osis as the new ilKhan. In the process, they blocked Osis's plan to repudiate the Treaty of Tukayyid by mandating that all Clans wishing to participate would have nine months to engage in Trials of Position and then prepare for the next invasion.

In May 3059, the resurrected Star League Defense launched a major campaign into Smoke Jaguar/Nova Cat space. None could imagine that the Successor States could muster the unity and manpower to launch a full-scale counter invasion. Even as the SLDF regiments ripped through the Smoke Jaguar/Nova Cat occupation zones, Khan Marthe Pryde increased surveillance along her borders with the Lyran Alliance. Though no activity was detected, Khan Marthe ordered her forces to maintain an higher state of preparedness in case of a Lyran sneak attack on her flank.

Death of a Clan:
With the defeat of the Smoke Jaguars in the Inner Sphere and on Huntress, the Clans found themselves with the unprecedented prospect of an Inner Sphere invasion of Strana Mechty. The Star League Defense Force soon challenged the Clans to a Trial of Refusal over the invasion. If the Inner Sphere won, the invasion was over and the invading Clans would retain the worlds they had conquered. If the Clans won, the invasion would resume. The Warden Clans refused to participate in the Trial, leaving the eight Crusader Clans to face the SLDF. As the Smoke Jaguars had only two Binaries of troops left, it was decided that each Crusader Clan would only commit two Binaries to the battle.

The Jade Falcons were pitted against the ComGuards in the mountains of Strana Mechty. Khan Marthe Pryde planned a masterful battle. She committed one Star of assault 'Mechs against the ComGuards. The heavy ComGuard force reeled under the Falcon's furious attack. The ComGuards managed to inflict significant damage upon the Clan force but failed to dislodge it. The Falcons crippled several ComGuard mechs before the second Falcon Star led by Khans Marthe Pryde and Samantha Clees swooped in. Within minutes, the remaining ComGuards surrendered to Khan Pryde.

However elated she was over avenging the Falcon's performance against the ComGuards, Khan Marthe was soon notified of the results of the other battles. The SLDF companies had won five of the eight battles. The SLDF had won the Trial of Refusal. The invasion was over.

3087 Update:

The past ten years have not been overly kind to Clan Jade Falcon. Operation Lorelai (June 3076-January 3078) was a concentrated assault that cost the Falcons valuable worlds like Sudeten, forcing the Clan to relocate their capital and crippling several Galaxies. On-and-off hostilities since have been anything but conclusive. The Jade Falcons have lost several worlds to Clan Wolf in the aftermath of that campaign. They then had to contend with some rogue Clan Warriors in the Dompaire Reaches, even some of their former Clansmen calling themselves the Black Falcons. The fighting in the Clan Homeworlds wrought more damage, destroying Sigma and Zeta Galaxies and costing the Clan three warships (the Gauntlet, Ironhold Provider, and Blue Aerie). The Clan lost all of its Homeworld holdings in assaults by the Homeworld Clans, and a slow trickle of final evacuees continue to arrive in the Inner Sphere. At the same time Clan Ice Hellion and Hell’s Horses briefly showed up in the Inner Sphere, forcing the Falcons to fight the former and eventually try to cut a deal with the latter. But the Falcon Khans were concerned that the Horses would eventually become a threat to them as well and backed off their deal, which put the Horses in an untenable position that would force them to return to the Homeworlds. Although the Falcons came away from the conflict with many bondsmen and salvage from those conflicts they ultimately saw a net loss in equipment and warriors, including the CJF Janis Hazen. Some units, notably Alpha Galaxy, were disbanded to help rebuild other Clusters. Many warriors who would normally be deemed Solahma due to age or lack of a Bloodname have found themselves retained in the Clan’s Touman. Some Provisional Garrison Clusters have also been assigned contingents of conventional infantry and combat vehicles. Both decisions have been met with scorn by Falcon traditionalists.

The Jade Falcons’ troubles haven’t ended there, the efforts of Jade Falcon scientists to seize control in 3084 sent the entire Warrior Caste into a frenzy, and although they put the rebellion down, they lost more warriors and the warship Hawk Eye. Within the Clan’s Occupation Zone, discontent continues and the Jade Falcons have greatly bolstered their Clan Watch, effectively turning it into an armed police force that regularly cracks down on dissenters. Each Jade Falcon world has also been allowed to create a planetary militia, armed with nothing heavier than small arms, the expressed purpose of this force is to enforce law and order. This brute strength approach appears to be keeping the Clan’s lower-castemen in line but there is no denying that a great tension exists within the Clan’s territory. The one upside for the Falcons has been the invigoration of their Merchant Caste. Jade Falcon bankers have worked hard to make Jade Falcon bonds a good long term investment and the other Clans have been eagerly snapping them up. Additionally the Merchant Caste has been selling permits to Inner Sphere traders to allow them access to the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. The influx of funds has been put to good use, as the Jade Falcons have been able to rebuild their Touman faster than expected and even improve their infrastructure within the Occupation Zone.

Clan Jade Falcon Touman (3087):

Clan Jade Falcon Touman (3087)
Strength: Approximately 9 Galaxies (45 Clusters)

Command Assets
Turkina Keshik

Falcon Stoop Naval Attack Star (6 warships)
Emerald Talon Assault Star (6 warships)
Naval Reserve (3 warships)

Gamma Galaxy
Jade Falcon Guards
1st Falcon Hussars
3rd Falcon Talon Cluster
9th Talon Cluster
1st Falcon Swoop Cluster
3rd Falcon Swoop Cluster (Second Line)
Jade Solahma Cluster (Second Line)

Delta Galaxy
1st Falcon Striker Cluster
7th Talon Cluster
8th Talon Cluster
4th Falcon Dragoons Cluster
Gyrfalcon Solahma Cluster (Second Line)

Kappa Galaxy (Second Line)
4th Falcon Striker Cluster (Front Line)
8th PGC
10th PGC
75th Striker Cluster (Front Line)

Omega Galaxy (Second Line)
7th PGC
11th PGC
Omega Solahma Cluster
Turkina Eyrie Cluster
Pryde Eyrie Cluster

Rho Galaxy (Second Line
124th Striker Cluster (Front Line)
7th Falcon Regulars
12th Falcon Regulars
Jade Falcon Eyrie Cluster

Iota Galaxy (Second Line)
2nd Falcon Jaegers (Front Line)
5th Talon (Front Line)
305th Assault Cluster (Front Line)
51st Garrison Cluster
Gyrfalcon Eyrie Cluster

Epsilon Galaxy (Second Line)
1st Falcon Jaegers (Front Line)
5th Battle Cluster (Front Line)
18th Falcon Regulars
10th Talon Cluster
8th Falcon Regulars
6th PGC

Mu Galaxy (Second Line)
1st Falcon Velites (Front Line)
5th Falcon Regulars (Front Line)
5th PGC
9th PGC

Lambda Galaxy (Second Line)
22nd PGC
24th PGC
2nd Falcon Swoop Cluster
Lambda Solahma

Warships: The fleet consists of the Congress-class Green Lantern and Kerensky’s Pride; the Cameron-class Turkina’s pride; the Nightlord-class Emerald Talon; the Black Lion-class Jade Aerie and White Aerie; the Aegis-class Jade Talon, Frost Falcon, Gold Talon, Red Talon and Blue Talon; the Whirlwind-class Emerald Tornado; the Vincent Mk 42-class Lightning Strike; the Sovetskii Soyuz-class Hawker; the Texas-class Falcon’s Nest.

Note: The Jade Falcons now allow each planet to establish a militia, primarily infantry and vehicle transports focused on maintaining law-and-order. In addition the Clan Watch’s ‘law enforcement’ arm has become surprisingly powerful.

Current Leadership:

Khan Teresa Von Jankmon

Khan Teresa Von Jankmon has been a ristar her entire career. Her successes during the Clermont Gap Offensive gave her additional notoriety. She has built stable political alliances with many other Bloodname Houses and was elected to the Khanship in 3096 in a landslide vote.

Although an excellent pilot, Teresa von Jankmon has proven her worth on the ground most of all. She has commanded some of the Jade Falcons’ best clusters and led them into major Trials against Clan Wolf for genetic material and resources. She eagerly orchestrated the Clermont Gap Offensive and took to the field at the head of Delta Galaxy. She possesses the Jade Falcon arrogance, but the skills as both a warrior and a leader to match it.

Teresa is also well known for her flashy speeches and flamboyant style. She has addressed the Clan Council many times. She held little respect for the previous Khans, deeming them to have been too timid in the face of adversity and too concerned with internal security at the sake of exploiting weaknesses in the Jade Falcons usual foes. A talented orator, Teresa was elected on the promise that Clan Jade Falcon would stop focusing on interior problems and would focus on keeping the initiative against its enemies. Clan Wolf holds a special place of hatred in Teresa von Jankmon’s heart. She despises them for abandoning the Crusader Philosophy that she wholeheartedly embraces.

saKhan Madeline Von Jankmon

Madeline Von Jankmon and Teresa Von Jankmon were born of the same sibko and the same geneparents. The physical similarity between then has invoked the words “twins” many times. Madeline has often been considered the lesser skilled of the two. But the LIC believes she simply has different strengths which have complemented Teresa well. Compared to her flashy and flamboyant sibmate, Madeline is more reserved and less expressive. She prefers actions to words and has led her warriors by example for many years. It’s been observed that she sets a high bar, for herself and her warriors, and makes it clear that she respects only those warriors who can match that standard. Those who do earn a valued trothkin for life. In this way she has built a circle of valued warriors, both peers and subordinates, who have a tremendous amount of respect for her.

Most who know them would agree that Madeline would follow her sibmate into any battle, no matter how suicidal it appeared. The unshakable bond between them and her own separate political alliances and extended circle of loyal trothkin helped Teresa Von Jankmon become Khan and her sibmate reciprocated by nominating her sibmate for the posting of saKhan.