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Circinus Federation
This information was last updated on the: 6th of August, 2011
Core Information:

     Capital: Circinus
     Faction Leader: President Beatrice McIntyre
     Military Leader: Colonel Michael Cirion
     Intelligence Leader: Colonel Fritz Donner
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: 4
     Mercenaries Currently Under Employ: Bullard's Armored Cavalry

BTM Timeline Events:

5th of July, 3068
Beatrice McIntyre becomes President of the Circinus Federation.

1st of June, 3083
The War between the Word of Blake and the FWL heat up to an all time high. Forces from the Circinus Federation come flooding in with the Black Warriors leading the way. The Black Warriors are at bridge strength and have Blake equipment.

25th of September, 3095
The Black Stars Mercenary Command SUCCESSFULLY assisted the Free Worlds League, Tamarind Military District world of Merton's local garrison defense against Black Warriors raiders and other Circinus Federation rogues against Cadre Duty contract # FW-CD-02-08 reporting to Force Commander Alexander Teague

Origins and History:
After being accused of contract violation against the Free Worlds League in 2770, the Black Warriors mercenary unit abandoned Marik space, narrowly escaping capture by the Free Worlds navy. Vowing eternal vengeance on House Marik for their outlawed status, the Black Warriors settled on the planet Circinus and joined the pirates already operating there. Colonel Zachariah Cirion, leader of the Black Warriors, began to support his people through a series of sneak attacks against outlying Marik agricultural worlds. Both the Star League and the Marik House forces had their hands full with the Amaris Crisis, and so the Circinus pirates flourished in the absence of reprisals. In 2785, a small convoy of settlers fleeing the destruction in the Lyran Commonwealth landed on the planet to make a new start. Warrior and farmer combined their forces to establish a viable economy and culture.

The Lyran farmers apparently were never fully aware of the nature of their new allies. The pirates were involved in what remained "covert operations," but the farmers asked no questions as long as their allies provided the tools and consumer goods the farmers needed. The pirates, for their part, welcomed the farmers for two reasons. First, they provided stability and the possibility of internal law and order (without the brutal punishments and intimidation that mark pirate societies elsewhere), that would keep the band of cutthroats from turning on one another. Second, they helped the pirates present the illusion of a respectable, agrarian society to the neighboring worlds who were their victims.

Despite the fact that the Free Worlds military occupied Circinus during a lull in the Second Succession War, it is still the most successful of the Bandit Kingdoms, having long since adopted a presidential system of government. Piracy is a major governmental function, with covert "agencies" responsible both for the raids themselves and for covering them up. Lyran pundits often note that the Circinian president's chief duty is to look the other way so that he will not have to acknowledge the crimes his government is constantly committing.

In recent decades, the inhabitants of Circinus have been cautiously settling neighboring star systems, claiming eight planets between 2990 and 3020. From this new empire, President C. J. "Bob" McIntyre has entered into a series of joint reconciliation talks with leaders of both Inner Sphere governments. Through skillful diplomacy and judicious return of prisoners, and without once admitting to any wrongdoing on the part of his people, McIntyre has managed to avert a wholesale counterattack against his Federation while playing on the mutual suspicions of his Marik and Steiner counterparts.

McIntyre's position has lately improved with the arrival of numerous mercenary recruits who see him as a Napoleon of the Periphery. Moreover, by convincing both House Marik and House Steiner that his support could be invaluable, he has managed to acquire shipments of badly needed BattleMech spare parts and a small contingent of AeroSpace Fighters.

Nevertheless, several of McIntyre's lieutenants, yearning for more wealth and power, have challenged his position. Because of the continued infighting between McIntyre and his subordinates, it is uncertain whether the Federation will commit itself to either House. The chief of the officially nonexistent pirates is Adam Cirion, a descendant of Zachariah Cirion, founder of the Federation.

During the Fourth Succession War the Circinian raids grew increasingly profitable. At this time Circinian raiders could strike their targets with virtual impunity, as Lyran forces fought off the Kurita offensives and Marik armies deteriorated. President McIntyre used much of the profits gained from these raids to increase the size of the Black Warriors, who remained the primary Circinian military force. McIntyre bolstered the Warriors by supplying them with new BattleMechs, personnel, training and members of several mercenary units left penniless after the Fourth Succession War. By 3032 the Black Warriors had added two full regiments to its numbers and the Circinus Federation stood poised to embark on a period of interstellar conquest.

The Black Warriors currently serve as the entire Circinian military. Never a truly unified force, the Black Warriors constantly test the loyalties of the various factions within their ranks. The largest faction, led by Major Fritz Donner, consists of units loyal to President McIntyre. A faction of near-equal strength, however, supports company commander Michael Cirion, heir to the Black Warriors' command. Because of the fierce rivalry of these two factions, most of the mercenaries employed in the Circinian military studiously avoid taking sides.

Circinian military leaders have never made any real effort to regulate or standardize uniforms, and so each Circinian military unit has its own uniform. This system was established when the Black Warriors began attracting other units to join them, under the belief that unique uniforms help each unit maintain a strong sense of individuality and morale. Detractors of the practice criticize it as yet another source of division between military units in the Federation.

However, Circinian military leaders require that all unit uniforms include the emblem of the Federation - and that all military personnel wear the emblem somewhere above the waist. This stipulation was added after the Fighting Shamrocks were spotted wearing large Federation emblems on their rear ends. Although all Federation units use the same progression of rank, rank insignia varies widely among units. Shown below are the most common insignia, used by the Black Warriors.

Succession of Power:
President C. J. McIntyre's dream of a Circinian empire received an unforeseen setback when the president died of a heart attack in August of 3032. The president's son, H. R. "Little Bob" McIntyre assumed the presidency immediately after his father's death and quickly consolidated his power with the help of Adam Cirion, commander of the Black Warriors and "Director of Covert Operations," namely piracy.

After securing his position, the new president announced that he would carry out his father's dream of making the Circinus Federation a true interstellar power. As a first step toward achieving that dream, he planned to conquer the mineral-rich worlds of the Illyrian Palatinate and ordered Circinian military leaders to prepare an invasion plan. Within weeks, Circinian manufacturers were busy producing materiel for the invasion, and the Circinian military had completed a campaign strategy.

In November 3032, only days before the invasion was scheduled to commence, a second tragedy delayed the conquest of the Illyrian Palatinate. Black Warriors commander Adam Cirion died as the result of injuries he suffered during a tavern brawl on Circinus. The Black Warriors, which served as the command staff and core of the Circinian forces, were thrown into disarray. Like the government of the Circinus federation itself, the Black Warriors had no system to provide an accepted order of succession.

Traditionally, the Black Warriors had been led by a member of the Cirion family, but many military leaders considered the late commander's only son, Michael Cirion, too young and inexperienced to lead the Federation's forces. Eager to avoid any infighting that might threaten morale and unit cohesion and weaken the Federation military, McIntyre announced that he would assume command of the Black Warriors until Michael Cirion was able an old enough to lead. Many individuals in the Black Warriors questioned McIntyre's ability to command the military, as the president possessed only marginal skill as a MechWarrior and virtually no battlefield experience. However, McIntyre pre-empted these concerns by announcing that the invasion would be postponed for one year while he trained with the Black Warriors to ensure a quick victory for the Federation.

During the subsequent months, McIntyre attempted to consolidate his support within the Circinian military forces and eliminate any opposition. His efforts proved only partially successful. Even as the revised invasion date neared, many members of the Black Warriors viewed McIntyre with suspicion and hostility for his violation of the traditional, unspoken agreement between Circinian politicians and military leaders to refrain from visibly encroaching on one anothers' areas of influence. In addition, "Little Bob" soon proved himself incapable of continuing the political balancing act of hiding the true nature of the Black Warriors from the public. Though over the years most Circinians had become aware of the nature of their planet's income, they gladly turned a blind eye in favor of the Federations's continued prosperity. McIntyre's ineptitude stood to ruin decades of clever diplomacy in a matter of months. Michael Cirion emerged as an unofficial leader of this silent opposition but the Cirion surname continued to elicit respect and even reverence among the Black Warriors and McIntyre could do little to counter the rising fortunes of the young MechWarrior.

Palatinate Invasion:
In 3034, McIntyre announced to the Circinian people that their time had come. He vowed that by quickly conquering the Palatinate, the Circinus Federation would become a respected Periphery power, immune from Inner Sphere aggression forever. Shortly after that announcement, McIntyre ordered the invasion to begin.

Unfortunately, McIntyre's prediction of a quick victory for the Federation proved wrong. Apparently, the Federation's ineffective intelligence service failed to detect the military preparations taken by the Illyrians during the long delays that plagued the launch of the invasion, and it seems probably that McIntyre's desire for a quick victory caused him to discount any reports that did come through. As a result, the invading Circinian forces were completely surprised when they encountered seasoned mercenary troops defending the Palatinate worlds. As Circinian losses quickly began to mount, McIntyre ordered a full-scale retreat to preserve his forces.

Fearful of the popular disdain the failed invasion might engender, as well as any advantage his failure might provide his opponents in the military, McIntyre immediately ordered his loyal commanders to identify a suitable, vulnerable target for another invasion. Within days those commanders had identified a target: the Lothian world of Dersidatz.

Once the site of a Federation colony, the small agricultural world had been a protectorate of the Lothian League since 3003, Dersidatz's complete lack of strategic value and its scant resources had enabled the planet's population to live free of outside aggression during the intervening years, and it had virtually no defensive forces when Circinian forces landed. Within days the Dersidatzans had surrendered to the Circinian invaders, who established several small garrisons and settlements on the planet. Despite the quick victory, pockets of Dersidatzan resistance fighters remained on the world, but reports of these fighters were lost in the flood of news accounts of the Federation's victory and the government's proclamations of a dawning Circinian empire. Although Dersidatz held no real strategic or economic value and the victory was not a particularly impressive military feat, it did improve McIntyre's popularity and silence his opponents.

On the Defensive:
In the years following the conquest of Dersidatz, a number of events occurred that threatened McIntyre's rule as well as the future of the Federation itself. First, an uprising on Dersidatz in 3036 interrupted the president's plan to mount a second invasion of the Illyrian Palatinate. At the time of the uprising, the Circinian presence on the planet had been reduced to a single, company, which was easily overwhelmed by a well-armed rebel strike force. The action enraged McIntyre, who ordered the rest of the Black Warriors to Dersidatz to crush the rebellion.

However, McIntyre quickly withdrew that order when he received reports of massive Marik and Steiner troop movements near the Federation borders. Fearing a war that might spill over into the Federation, McIntyre ordered that all Circinian worlds along those borders be garrisoned with troops to counter any incursions. At the same time, he ordered that Circinian military forces cease all raiding activities directed against Marik and Steiner worlds and return to the realm. For several tense months, Circinian military leaders waited for the attacks they considered inevitable. When a year had passed without any foreign aggression, McIntyre canceled the alert and, confident that the threat had passed, returned his attention to the rebellion on Dersidatz.

The Dersidatzan rebels spent the passing months digging in and preparing sturdier defenses. When the Black Warriors returned to the world, they faced a better-armed and better-prepared opponent. The reconquest of Dersidatz quickly degenerated into a guerrilla war, in which the Circinian forces were forced to track small rebel bands through the planet's numerous mountain ranges. Inevitably, the campaign grew far more costly than the Circinian planners had anticipated, and though the protracted war provided further fuel to the simmering discontent within the Circinian military, McIntyre refused to abandon the planet.

By the end of 3040, the Circinians had subdued most of the rebels on Dersidatz. Despite continued, scattered guerrilla activity, McIntyre declared victory for the Federation and withdrew nearly all the Circinian forces from the planet. Then he began preparations for the delayed second invasion of the Illyrian Palatinate. Those plans were again interrupted in the opening days of 3041 when a group of Black Warriors, secretly backed by Michael Cirion, attempted to seize power in a coup d'etat. The president escaped the initial attack, and soon the rebels and troops loyal to McIntyre were embroiled in a fierce, running battle that lasted a full year and spanned every Circinian world. Eventually, the loyalist forces prevailed, but more than two-thirds of the Circinian military was destroyed in the brutal civil war.

McIntyre immediately instituted a brutal purge to eradicate any surviving opposition within his military forces. Michael Cirion was arrested but later found innocent of the charges of treason. Apparently, Cirion had carefully avoided any discernible involvement in the rebellion. That fact, along with the prestige of his family and influence in the Circinian judicial system, saved him from the executioner's chopping block.

The battered and demoralized Federation received yet another blow in 3042, when a young Black Warriors company commander on a deep raiding mission into Lyran space allegedly discovered a Star League cache on an uncharted Periphery world. Rather than return with this find to the Federation, Captain Hopper Morrison and his unit deserted. The Federation made several failed attempts to hunt down the renegade unit.

Despite all these misfortunes, McIntyre managed to retain the presidency and hold the Circinus Federation together. Slowly the realm began to rebuild itself, resorting to its traditional means of gathering capital -- raiding. The Clans' invasion of the Inner Sphere in 3050 actually aided this rebuilding effort by drawing Inner Sphere attention away from the worlds along the Circinian border.

Circinus Federation 3058 Update:
Though the Circinian government remains firmly under the reins held by President McIntyre, opponents of the president's regime have become increasingly vocal in recent months. Renewed unrest on Dersidatz, the increasing power of the Marian Hegemony, and the growing threat of Lyran and Marik military action against the Federation have provided ample ammunition for critics of the president.

The MechWarrior followers of Michael Cirion constitute the most dangerous opposition faction, because without loyal military backing the president would soon fall. At the present time, Cirion appears to be waiting for an opportune moment to strike at McIntyre. Unlike the president's military opposition, his civilian opponents criticize him publicly. The strongest of these civilian opposition groups are the Federation's farmers unions, which criticize McIntyre for doing little to open new channels of trade for the agricultural surplus of Federation farmers.

In the past few years, McIntyre has begin to deteriorate physically. He has gained weight and developed high blood pressure, no doubt from stress associated with the dangers currently threatening his position and his realm. Not nearly the fighter he once was, the president increasingly resorts to cruelty and threats to enforce his will.

ComStar and Word of Blake:
ComStar enjoyed good relations with the Federation until the schism that created the Word of Blake group occurred. The redefinition of the ComStar mission confused many citizens of the Federation, and when Word of Blake followers began showing up in the Periphery shortly afterward, Federation natives made no objection to their seizing control of the few HPG facilities ComStar maintained in Circinus space. Blakists maintain control of interstellar communications in the Federation, though we have managed to maintain a small ROM presence among their ranks.

Federated Commonwealth and Lyran Alliance:
Relations between the Circinus Federation and the Federated Commonwealth and Lyran Alliance remain strained, largely due to the long history of Circinian raids against Davion and Lyran worlds. Recent raids against Lyran possessions have left Circinian-Lyran relations particularly poor at this time, and many planetary rulers within the Lyran Alliance have called on the Archon to authorize punitive retaliatory strikes against the Federation. More than a few observers have speculated that the Archon may find such actions an attractive means of bolstering public support for her young Alliance and unity among its peoples.

Free Worlds League:
The Federation maintains no diplomatic relations with the Free Worlds League. A history of Circinian raids against Marik worlds and Marik occupation of the Federation have left the populations and governments of both realms suspicious of one another. In recent years, the Free Worlds League has attempted to improve relations by providing economic assistance to several impoverished Circinian worlds, but these programs have done little to alter the deep-seated Circinian hostility toward the Free Worlds League.

Periphery States:
The Circinus Federation's relations with its Periphery neighbors are mixed. The Illyrian Palatinate, for example, maintains no diplomatic relations with the Circinians and forbids Illyrian merchants from trading with Federation worlds. Circinian relations with the Marian Hegemony, however, have improved in recent months, and trade ties between the two realms are beginning to form. However, many observers speculate that the Federation's friendly overtures toward the Hegemony result entirely from the strategic implications of the Hegemony's conquest of the Lothian League. Those same observers point out that Circinian leaders remain suspicious and wary of the Marian Caesar. Rising factionalism within the Federation has largely stymied Circinian attempts to improve relations with the Magistracy of Canopus, and Circinian relations with the Rim Collection remain strained as well, due to President McIntyre's reluctance to deal with the still-unstable government of the recently founded state. McIntyre's reluctance to deal with the Collection, however, has not prevented Collection merchants from establishing profitable trade arrangements with their Circinian counterparts.