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Clan Diamond Shark
Current Ambassador: Jon Allen
This information was last updated on the: 8th of March, 2016
Core Information:

     Capital: Tukayyid
     Faction Leader: Khan Iglesio Hawker
     Military Leader: Galaxy Commander Karyne Nagasawa
     Intelligence Leader: D'nyel Kalasa
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: Unknown

System Information Pages:


BTM Timeline Events:

15th of July, 3083 to the 24th of July, 3083
15-24 July 3083 - Draconis Combine Admiralty recommissions captured Smoke Jaguar Warships (once believed mothballed or scrapped) with Clan Diamond Shark assistance. Fredasa-class corvettes Dragon's Triumph and Phoenix Flight complete stores and deploy to the Combine-Snow Raven border. Alkalurops, Accrington, Murchison and Galatia III fall to the Combine in its latest attack wave. The key factory world of Marduk is conquered with overwhelming Warship support.

9th of January, 3089
With the incoming New Year the following changes have occurred around the Inner Sphere. The recognition of the Official Holdings of Clan Rift Tiger and Clan Diamond Shark. The Draconis Combine gained Sabik, Dalkeit, and Skondia from the Lyran Alliance The Confederated Magistry gained Bell, Safe Port, and Hadnall from the Federated Suns. The Free Worlds League gained Connaught, Bordon, Dieudonne, and Dubhe from the Lyran Alliance The Lyran Alliance gained Marfik, Ryde, Alphecca, and Lyons from the Draconis Combine. Wyatt, Rahne, and New Kyoto from the Free Worlds League The Federated Suns gained Woodstock and Yangtze from the Confederated Magistry. Hazelhurst, Inner End, Sevon, and Mitchella from the Outworlds Alliance. The Taurian Concordant gained Caldwell from the Federated Suns

1st of March, 3089
Karyn Minnick, Reporting for Outreach Outlook's Evening Edition. "While most attention was focused on the confusion over the missing DCS Suzako, and all the rumor, counter rumor, and still unclear accounts that have filtered through in recent weeks. One bit of news that seemingly flew under the radar, was the reactivation of Lt. General Timothy Joshua Reid to the post of Deputy Director. Lt. General Reid had been appointed to the post some time ago, but after barely a year serving in the office, the General suddenly 'disappeared' from service. The official word had been, that the Deputy Director had retired for undisclosed personal reasons. The Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission had been expected to appoint another officer to that post, but in stead the position stood vacant until the MRBC quietly announced they had filled the post with Timothy Joshua Reid, who had been reactivated out of semi-retirement. When asked, where the Deputy Director had been for so many months, the response was simply that Deputy Director Reid had left to take care of undisclosed personal issues. Further detail had not been provided. Now while this may have seemed a very honest answer to some the question remains, what were these personal issues? Scuttlebutt around Harlech has ranged far and wide. One speculation was that the Deputy Director had left to take care of health issue involving secret surgery at a facility in Liberty Holds. Another was speculation that he had been sent to the Free Worlds League to act as part of an MRBC commission evaluating charges against one of the lesser known merc units involved in the recent fighting with the Lyran Alliance on New Kyoto. As you can see some of these speculations range from the highly plausible, to some really far fetched whoppers. One DropShip Captain speculated that the Deputy had been on a secret scouting mission in the Chaos March with actions investigating the involvement of Clan Diamond Shark JumpShips in the vicinity of Lipton. One rather salty technician recently retired from 12th Vegan Rangers suggested that the Deputy Director Reid had disappeared into the Davion Outback to adjudicate a dispute between another mercenary command and the Dechavilier Enclave. One things for sure, whatever the truth may be, Deputy Director Reid has only re-resumed some of his former duties, most importantly, the current logistical bottleneck of dispositioning salvage for the various Commands as they report in on their contract statuses. Time will tell whether the Deputy Director's duties will continue to be limited to this role, or if he may begin to reassert the responsibilities that have previously been exerted by his office.

25th of August, 3092
Back in the Rasalhague Dominion on Tukayyid at the behest of Khan Sarah Vishio the Growling Bears (C) SUCCESSFULLY fended off Clan Diamond Shark in a Trial of Possession (Defensive Campaign) for sibkos. RD-DC-04-02

1st of March, 3093
Clan Snow Raven completed an expansion of their Valhalla Shipyard, allowing for the construction of new Lola III Destroyers. The Ravens' first customers were Clan Diamond Shark, which immediately ordered six hulls for their war with the Free Worlds League. The success of this expansion carried with it the probability that Clan Snow Raven would continue expanding their warship construction capabilities in the future in an effort to reassert their dominance over Clan naval construction.

29th of March, 3093
In a Kurultai (war council) on Tukayyid. Clan Diamond Shark votes to go to war with the Free Worlds League after being forced to abandon Alula Australis, Graham IV and Sirius under the threat of a nuclear attack by an armada of League warships.

25th of July, 3093
Clan Diamond Shark attempted their first offensive action in their war against the Free Worlds League at Summer. But the Free Worlds League's SAFE and Covenant managed to penetrate the Chatterweb and learned of the assault. They had enough advance warning to put a naval force in position and to stiffen the ground defenses. In July 3093 Beta Galaxy supported by a fleet attempted to invade the system and were badly damaged, both on the ground and in space. Beta Galaxy's Clusters were all but crippled and the Potemkin-class Titanic and Essex-class Tracy were destroyed.

2nd of June, 3096
Working with Clan Diamond Shark's Alpha Galaxy, Clan Wolf's Delta Galaxy and a naval star participate in a raid on Irian that destroys Irian's Kirin River factories. During the return voyage a naval battle occurred over Dubhe as the FWLM's Corinth Battle Group tried to intercept the combined Clan fleet. The Clan naval forces were victories, destroying the Thera-class Corinth and three other vessels. But they lost the the Congress-class Rogue, Vincent MK-42 class-Killing Blow and the Black Lion-class Stealthy Kill.

Name change:
Khan Liam Howell of the Snow Ravens, incensed at his clan's recent defeat by the Sea Foxes, ordered his scientists to create a sea-going predator to wipe out the Sea Fox. Howell placed it in the waters of Strana Mechty and the Sea Foxes witnessed as their totem was hunted to the point of extinction.

Capturing one of these creatures, named Diamond Sharks, Khan Clarke proposed to the Grand Council that his Clan be allowed to change its name to acknowledge the greater predator.

When Khan Howell carelessly let slip his responsibility, his saKhan killed him and then led the Grand Council forces in the Trial of Refusal against Clarke's decision. The Sea Foxes triumphed and won the right to change their name.

After much agonizing, Khan Clarke decided to allow all the castes to vote on the name change. With the inclusion of the lower castes, the Clan overwhelmingly supported the change of Clan Sea Fox to Clan Diamond Shark.

Clan Sea Fox was part of the liberation force for Babylon during Operation Klondike. When the battle went against them, Star Colonel Karen Nagasawa used massed fire because she felt that the best interest of her Clan overrode what the Coyotes considered honorable. While the Coyotes on Babylon condemned her actions, the Sea Foxes would elect Nagasawa as their new Khan after the fighting ended, at the suggestion of ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky and with the blessing of standing saKhan Dianne Sennet. Nagasawa would officially replace founding Khan David Kalasa who was killed in the battle of Camlaan.

Karen Nagasawa was not a member of the Star League Defense Force and was in fact a journalist and historian. Her impassioned articles earned the attention of the Kerenskys and she is credited with writing the first lines that appear in The Remembrance. Nagasawa believed that the Star League's greatness lie in the value it placed on each individual and its material prosperity. Therefore, Nagasawa gave Clan Sea Fox an unparalleled liberal view that gave great freedoms to freeborns and to the lower castes, especially the merchants and openness between the castes.

In addition to being the greatest merchants in Clan space, the Sea Foxes also were terrific scientists, aiding the Cloud Cobras in developing the Iron Womb technology, helping the Coyotes design the OmniMech, and developing the substance known as HarJel,which became incorporated into Elemental armor and starship hulls. The Sea Foxes sent
exploration teams across the Kerensky Cluster and created the Chatterweb, a Clan-wide information network. The Foxes are also sharp bidders and great warriors, being among the first to win the OmniMech from the Coyotes.

However, the Sea Foxes later elected Khan Clarke, a conservative minded warrior, who was expected to undo most of Khan Nagasawa's acts. However, fate stepped in.

Political Century and invasion:
During the Political Century, the Diamond Sharks tended towards the Warden viewpoint, though the election of Ian Hawker swung them to the Crusader camp just in time for Operation Revival. The Diamond Sharks did not fare well enough to be included in the invasion force, but won a Trial of Refusal naming them as a reserve clan.

The Command Trinary of the Diamond Sharks, led by Khan Ian Hawker accompanied the initial invading force to the Inner Sphere. The Trinary took part in the Jade Falcon conquest of the Periphery world of Last Chance.

The Diamond Sharks were given the opportunity to win the planet Nysterta from the Ghost

Bears and participated on Tukayyid, though they were totally defeated. The only way any Diamond Sharks survived was through the noble sacrifice of the freeborn warriors, whom Khan Hawker despised. The Diamond Sharks lost Nystera soon afterwards and returned to Clan space to protect their holdings.

To rebuild their touman, the trueborn head of the Merchant's Council, Agnus Labov, took a leadership role in the Clan, much to the dismay of the Crusaders.

Khan Hawker joined with Ice Hellion Khan Asa Taney to form a Home Clans Coalition, but this ultimately failed.

The Harvest Trials saw the removal of many Diamond Shark Crusaders and their experiences swung the Clan back to the Warden viewpoint.

When the Inner Sphere invaded Huntress, Khan Hawker attempted to send a relief force to aid the Smoke Jaguars, but a challenge by Khan Vladimir Ward of the Wolves for his genetic legacy stalled him.

Bowing to the Warden sentiments in his Clan, Khan Ian Hawker voted with the Wardens in staying out of the Great Refusal and stepped down soon afterwards.

Allies and Enemies:
The Diamond Sharks have mercantile relationships with all Clans, though few real lasting friends or enemies. They are notably one of the few Clans that deals with the Blood Spirits and were close enough to the Ghost Bears and Nova Cats to be granted territory when they left Clan space. The Sharks also had historically good relations with Clan Wolf that continue with Clan Wolf-in-Exile.

The Diamond Sharks harbor a grudge against the Snow Ravens for their role in the death of the Sea Fox, but this mostly takes the form of besting them in mercantile transactions.

During the Trials of Possession for Ghost Bear, Nova Cat, and Smoke Jaguar holdings, the Ghost Bears ceded Tokasha and Paxon to the Sharks, though they withdrew from Tokasha to hold onto Paxon. They also gained Barcella through the friendship of the Nova Cats and Vinton from the late Smoke Jaguars.

Clan Diamond Shark 3087 Update:

Clan Diamond Shark has fought against the currents in recent years. The Clan fought bitter struggles to retain its hold of Jonah’s Reach, a once lifeless world on the Twycross System that is the only known Inner Sphere source of a HarJel-like material (Twycross itself fell to Jade Falcon forces years before and the Diamond Sharks have struggled ever since to keep the Falcons at bay).

Further vilified by the Homeworld Clans for rendering assistance to the Abjured Star Adders and Cloud Cobras in the 3070s the Diamond Sharks were a target and had lost much of their perception of neutrality that the Clan had often used to stay aloof of sharp political affairs. Between 3082 and 3085 the climax of that tension came, and Clan Diamond Shark warriors in the Homeworlds fought bitter struggles and battles. The true extent of the damage is hard to gauge, as the Diamond Sharks have utilized their extensive logistical support to revive many “destroyed” commands such as the 39th Strike Cluster, which was reported destroyed on Babylon previously.

Clan Diamond Shark relocated what remained to the Inner Sphere. With its Touman in surprisingly good shape, the Diamond Sharks began to set up new deals and trade agreements to cement its position as a primary conduit for trade and communication between the Inner Sphere Clans. The Diamond Sharks have recently completed construction of a shipyard over Tukayyid that appears to be turning out various classes of Clan jumpships.

Clan Diamond Shark has also quietly held or recently gained control over enclaves ranging in size from a planetary body to a small trading outpost. The Diamond Sharks control enclaves of varying sizes on Jonah’s Reach (Twycross system, Jade Falcon OZ), Sevren (Clan Wolf OZ), Tukayyid (Rasalhague Dominion), Irece (Draconis Combine), Kirklin (Federated Suns), Remulac (Free Worlds League), Antallos (Clan Snow Raven space), and Tortuga Prime (Clans Star Adder and Cloud Cobra space). In the Confederated Magistracy, for reasons known only to the Sharks, the Clan prefers a mobile presence and frequently uses a convoy of jumpships as a roving trading port.

At the same time the roving Diamond Sharks have set their eyes on securing a new home. The wandering traders needed an industrial base to work from, and the warriors have grown restless for more land to call their own. Inner Sphere Intelligence Agencies have noted a recent increase in Clan Diamond Shark presence among the Chaos March worlds.

Clan Diamond Shark Touman (3093 Update):

Clan Diamond Shark Touman Update (3093)

Strength: Approximately 7 Galaxies (28 Clusters)

Spectral Diamond Naval Star (5 warships)
Black Diamond Naval Star (5 warships)

Deathstrike Galaxy (Alpha)
The Diamond Skate
39th Strike Cluster
21st Combined Assault Cluster
27th Cruiser Cluster

Predator Galaxy (Beta)
The Pearl Skate
7th Cruiser Cluster
6th Strike Cluster
42nd Combined Strike Cluster

Snapping Jaws Galaxy (Gamma)
The Emerald Skate
8th Assault Cluster
21st Striker Cluster
28th Cruiser Cluster)

Starstrike Galaxy (Lambda Spina)
The Sapphire Skate
11st Strike Cluster
15th Cruiser Cluster

Steelsoul Galaxy (Rho Spina)
The Opa Skate
33rd Combined Strike
13th Cruiser Cluster

Bloodscent Galaxy (Omega)
The Coral Skate
101st Strike Cluster
35th Cruiser Cluster
57th Combined Assault Cluster
17th Air Assault Cluster

Fox’s Whelps Galaxy (Sigma)
The Moonstone Skate
23rd Strike Cluster
61st Air Assault Cluster
8th Cruiser Cluster
79th Strike Cluster

Warships: Clan Diamond Shark’s navy is made up of Terror of the Deep (Nightlord), Nagasawa (Sovetskii Soyuz), Bloodlust (Aegis), Tracy and Architeuthis (Essex), Swift Strike (Fredasa), and Kraken, Poseidon, Titanic and Tsunami (Potemkin).

Notes: Omega and Sigma are Second Line Galaxies. One Cluster in each Spina Galaxy is equipped with OmniMechs and OmniFighters, as are all command trinaries in the Spina Galaxies.