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Clan Cloud Cobra
Current Ambassador: Jon Allen
This information was last updated on the: 21st of December, 2012
Core Information:

     Capital: Tortuga Prime
     Faction Leader: Khan Hollyann Kardaan
     Military Leader: saKhan Nashira Mannix
     Intelligence Leader: Loremaster Charles Spaatz
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: Unknown

BTM Timeline Events:

6th of June, 3079 to the 28th of October, 3079
Tortuga Dominions are completely conquered by Clan Star Adder and Clan Cloud Cobra forces

21st of June, 3079
Clan Cloud Cobra invades the Federated Suns.

15th of December, 3079
With Fuveau and Neosho marking their progress, the penetrations by Clan Cloud Cobra and Clan Star Adder into Federated Suns space reach their highwater mark. AFFS forces use a strategically shortened front to help bring the Clan attacks' progress to a halt, while the High Command still refuses to strip the Draconis or Capellan borders of the troops needed to retake many of the worlds lost to the invasion.

8th of October, 3080 to the 23rd of December, 3080
A massive Clan Cloud Cobra fleet engages the assembled Blakist units in and on Morven. With AFFS units launching their own attacks, the two groups finally succeed in wiping out the massive concentration of Word forces. By Christmas, the Blake presence in the Outback has been reduced to a few scattered holdouts.

1st of October, 3081
Federated Suns have repelled all Clan offensives against arrayed them. They report no Clans left in their secured territory. The Federated Suns government has reclaimed all of their systems save one, Kentwood. This system is being ceded to Clan Cloud Cobra.

1st of June, 3087
In an unusual campaign, the Alpha and Epsilon Regiments of Wolf’s Dragoons have conducted a series of raids on worlds controlled by Clans Star Adder and Cloud Cobra. In total 33 raids were launched in a fairly short amount of time. Some of these raids were no larger than lance-size engagements and none larger than a battle involving a mixed battalion of the Dragoons against a comparable Clan Star Adder force. The news coming out of the Federated Suns Department of Military Intelligence indicates that these raids were conducted in a manner akin to Clan-style “Trials of Possession”, over targets ranging from dropships to food shipments to even the official banner belonging to the Clan Cloud Cobra’s Alpha Galaxy. Wolf’s Dragoons won slightly more than fifty percent of the raids. Neither Clan has since made any overtures of aggression toward the Federated Suns. The AFFS units near the border have similarly remained surprisingly unfazed.

1st of May, 3089
Baron of Broken Wheel, Alfonso Vargas, shortly after the signing of the Outback Mutual Defense Treaty. in 3081, has exploited the loopholes in the Treaty and has been secretly skimming off funds, hording supplies, swindling out Military hardware and recruiting personnel from House Davion's Broken Wheel Periphery 3 Militia. He has been waiting for an opportunity just like this rebellion to hide his true intentions. He intendeds to elevate himself to the Duke of Broken Wheel in the aftermath of the rebellion however he is a mere puppet for the Rand-Davion faction. Not only is the ambitious Baron in over his head with the Rand-Davion's but he has invite his own viper to the snake pit in the form of a Clan Cobra Galaxy Commander Abbey with her full clan Galaxy and ambitions of her own. In the recent absence of the assassinated Duke Carrie Zetso, he has assumed leadership of the planetary capital and is 'quelling the rambunctious populace' in the name of House Davion. In the chaos of the rebellion he hires several mercenary units to achieve his clandestine goals of subjugation of Broken Wheel and his rise to the throne. We are hired by Baron von Vargas along with a Regiment of the Marikov Hussars, commanded by Peter Marikov, a Battalion of the Triple Nickels commanded by Katrina Caprice, and a Battalion of Royal Armored Lancers commanded by Hayashi Killian to fight against the nation states of Alvarez County and the Laurent Commonwealth in there ongoing feud. The enemy will be equipped with Regiments of light and medium \'Mechs, all four classes of vehicles, aerospace fighters and infantry. They will have the upper hand due to years of fighting among themselves in guerrilla style tactics on their own home planet. After some inconclusive fights where we can't pin them down it's decided to start using similar tactics to theirs and Vargas' combined Mercenaries start taking out things like communications centers, supply depots, enemy installations, etc. House Davion Loyalists forces are losing a war of attrition. In a brilliant raid, several of the combined command elements of each mercenary unit are captured by the rebels. In a shrewd Diplomatic Coup the Alvarez County Leaders present evidence that Alfonso Vargas is a genocidal maniac. Each Mercenary command is treated well within the bounds of the Ares Convention and in an uncharacteristic display of diplomacy each unit is offered separate counter contracts . A few of the units accept. Field Marshall Steele's unit is among those that accepts, and he does so without consulting his command staff. Now determined to intervene and save an entire planet's 77 million innocent civilians from extermination....The Restless Souls and the Triple Nickels join forces with Rebels in an attempt to bring our former employer to a Military Tribunal to answer for his war crimes. Dying seems to good for him. In a fitting bit of poetic justice the Mercenary 'Turncoats' are now forced to rely on the very supply chain that they had sought to destroying. Now outgunned, under supplied, and out maneuvered the Rebels have to hold on to try to win this civil-war. Unable to call in orbital bombardment on a 'Friendly' planet, the Restless Souls lead a daring charge to free their Fleet of DropShips that were attempted to be used by Vargas for blackmail and as bargaining chips. After the Restless Souls free their transports from a potential hostage situation, their New Rebel employer still feels they\'ll need more help defeating Vargas and wishes to petition the Klein Federation, a neutral nation, to join forces with them. The Restless Souls Infantry was assigned to guard the Alvarez County\'s diplomatic envoys. En-route to the Klein Federation meeting the envoys get attacked by a kill squad sent from Vargas. This knowledge will be the smoking gun that ultimately causes the Klein Federation to enter the war against the Vargas faction. After a climatic battle, inside the the capital city proper, with our clanners facing off against Clan Cloud Cobra's, right on the government house steps, the Souls finally get word out about previous employers misdeeds & the 17th Avalon Hussars Regimental Combat Team arrives on world. The Souls are battered and bruised once again, but remain a family intact despite of their differences, and their victory on Broken Wheel spark farther victories through out the Periphery 3 and just 5 have been the pivotal battle that saved the Federated Suns from splintering.

16th of June, 3090
Davion MIIO got wind of a meeting which occurred sometime October ‘87 on Shawnee and a lot of the malcontents from the Periphery March traveled there. My aide, Major General Cory Copeland, was among them. Now the entire Hoyleton Operations Area is embroiled in a vicious civil war. Hell the whole damn March is involved in this friggin Civil War. Brother against brother. Father against son. Its ludicrous, really. Hence, as the Combat Theater's Commanding Officer, my offer to you to take up the cause of House Davion. We need the might of BattleMechs to quell this civil war quickly before we lose too many more lives. First things first. We need to clean up our own backyard. In the Hoyleton Polymorphous Defense Zone We have lost all but one planet to this rebellion, Offerman. This will be your staging world and/or your base of operations. Your Primary objective we be the Combat Theater and PDZ Capitol world, Hoyleton itself. The remaining worlds of the PDZ, Symsonia, Des Arc, Mementau, Humansville, Neosho, and Vibrunum are all be viable hotspots of rebellion that needs quelling too. The AFFS is 'officially' neutral except in self-defense and a policing action. According to the ComStar News Network, Davion has relocated 10 Regimental Combat Teams and two WarShip Squadrons from its other two Marches in an Operation called Antipodes. House Davion, of course, will provide support to the loyal coalition but not act directly except to maybe make it hard for trade goods and other war materials to get in or out. You will have Wolf's Dragoons Spider Regiment on station in Hoyleton's Orbit. The Rebels have a most of our Periphery March Militia Regimental Combat Team . At least one full strength BattleMech Regiment, two Regiments of armored vehicles. We split the four regiment of infantry down the middle.They won't be push overs, They're all Veterans from the Clan Cloud Cobra conflict. If they get wind that I am bringing in Mercenaries they may augment their forces with some possible outside aid flowing in from the Outworlds Alliance. I figure that they will not have D-Bills to hire mercenaries since the loyalist still control the Hoyleton Recharge Station and thus the Combat Theaters’s purse strings. But that’s our only advantage . . . we can hire mercenaries. The Recharge Station is being held by the loyal naval forces WarShip Squadron, The Melissa Davion. It consist of an Avalon-Class WarShip (The Melissa Davion), two Davion III-Class WarShips (the Valkyrie and the Chippewa), six Assault-Class Dropships, and four Fightercarrier DropShips. You will be permitted to pull off a Davion III for escort duty for transit from world to world. In the chaos of this rebellion I am seeking to hire a crack mercenary unit to reinforce our loyal forces in my endeavor to subjugate the rebellion in the Anti-Spinward Combat Theater. Thje mercenary Unit neutralize the rebel forces on Hoyleton and reinstated the Davion Regime. They neutralize the rebel forces on Symsonia, Des Arc, Mementau, Humansville, Neosho, and Vibrunum. Major General Cory Copeland was capture Alive. And they were able to avoid extensive damage to each world's planetary Infrastructure

Brief History:
Shrouded in mysticism, parable and dogma, the history of Clan Cloud Cobra reflects the Clan's founding by Windham Katib, an SLDF chaplain. Together with his saKhan, Vice Admiral Rafe Kardaan, Katib forged the Clan into a solid unit. Although ostensibly putting cultural differences aside, Katib fostered a number of debates to encourage understanding among his troops of different religions and ethnic backgrounds. Together the Cobras forged a new philosophy, comparable to the Inner Sphere "Unfinished Book" movement, which sought the common ground between all religions. Katib called this non-denominational system "The Way," and it would form a fundamental part of the Clan's existence.

Though badly bloodied on Babylon, the Clan fulfilled its objectives during the liberation of the Pentagon. However, an ambush by rebel forces cost the Clan almost half its number, leaving aerospace forces in the ascendant. The Clan sustained further damage in the internal strife that followed Operation Klondike. The Cloud Cobras avoided the fate of the Wolverines, but their internal fighting further weakened them. This prompted many raids against them for their most valuable commodity: technological expertise. The most prominent raiders were Clan Coyote, and counter-raids and captured Coyotes eventually netted OmniMech technology for the Cobras.

When a large number of civilians and warriors belonging to Clan Burrock defected to the Bandit Cast, the Cobras accompanied the loyal Burrocks on a mission to return their wayward kin to the Clan fold. The Burrocks claimed to have punished the transgressors, a story accepted until Clan Star Adder proved it a lie in 3058.

In 2935 the Cobras were honored when their Khan, Tobias Katib, was selected as ilKhan. He ruled for more than a decade, doing much to advance the cause of the Cloud Cobras. However, Katib's indictment in 2947 tarnished the gains. Katib was found guilty of murdering his predecessor, and the Grand Council stripped him of his office and executed him. Suspicions of a wider conspiracy were never proven.

As the Clans chose sides in what would become the Crusader-Warden debate, other divisions within the Cobras came to the fore. Predominantly religious in nature, these divisions lead to a factionalization of Cobra society akin to that which consumed the Fire Mandrills. The Cobras divided into groups known as Cloisters, some of which supported the Wardens and others the Crusaders. However, The Way ensured thatc as a whole the Clan supported the protectionist policies of the Wardens. When the Outbound Light triggered a call for invasion, the Cloud Cobra Khans voted to attack, but lacking the strength to prosecute the war, the Cobras withdrew from the bidding, angering several pro-crusader Cloisters and triggering dissention.

When Clan Star Adder uncovered details of Burrock deception regarding their lost members and ongoing dealings with the Dark Caste, the Cloud Cobras were among the most vociferous in calling for the Burrocks' absorption. The venom of their call lead many to suspect a hidden cause for their actions, perhaps associated with the Burrocks' crime, but possibly the Cobra's revulsion at the treachery of their former allies.

Where the Nova Cats were the mystics of the Clans, the Cloud Cobras are its clergy. The Cobra's first Khan, Windham Khatib, was often referred to as the "Pope-in-Exile" for his deeply spiritual beliefs. It is through his efforts, both during and after his tenure as Khan, that the Cloud Cobra's built a society that is unique amongst the war-like Clans.

As Nicholas Kerensky formed the basis of the Clans, he selected Captain Windham Khatib, formerly of the 335th BattleMech Division, to be Khan of the newly formed Clan Cloud Cobra. Khatib, despite his best efforts, was not a warrior born and bred, so Nicholas assigned Vice Admiral Rafe Kardaan to be saKhan for the nascent Clan. Together, the two men forged thirty-eight others into a fighting force that was one in form and spirit. When Operation Klondike began, the Cloud Cobra's were assigned the planet Babylon.

The Clan's initial victories gave way to several near-defeats, one of which cost the Clan half its members. Only the aerospace forces, led by saKhan Kardaan, prevented the destruction of the Clan. Assisted by Clans Ice Hellion, Coyote and Sea Fox, the Cobra's were able to crush the rebels and begin building a new order. From the city of Hope, Cloud Cobra Khans strove tirelessly to integrate the people of Babylon into their new lives as Clansmen and to build up their Touman.

The Cobra's were beset, however, by rebels within the lower caste who espoused ideas that spread discontent amongst the entire Clan. The movement spread to the warrior caste, as well, and the Khans were forced to execute many hundreds of people to save the Clan from self-destructing.

Golden Century:
After several years, Khan Khatib stepped down from his post to see to the spiritual well-being of the Clans. His efforts led to the founding of the Great Cloisters that grew to several million worshippers from all the Clans' lower castes. Meanwhile, Khan Kardaan led the Cloud Cobra's to numerous developments, including perfecting the iron womb technology and improved laser weapons.

The Cloud Cobra's refinements on the iron womb led to numerous Trials against the other Clans, who strove to gain the technology. The Trials against the Coyotes proved the most brutal and set the stage for a feud which has lasted over two centuries.

It was also during this time that Clans Cloud Cobra and Burrock were sent to stop a group of Burrock warriors and civilians from defecting to the bandit caste. The mission lasted two years and, for the Cloud Cobras at least, resulted in the destruction of many dark caste bandits. The Burrocks also reported the destruction of their targets. Two centuries later, this false claim would come back to haunt the Burrocks.

By the mid 2800's, the Cloud Cobras fielded several Trinaries of OmniMech's and, shortly, the first Elementals emerged from the iron wombs. The Clan also gained a number of Mongoose Bloodrights after the Smoke Jaguars Absorbed the Clan. The Smoke Jaguars were furious over the loss of over seventies legacies, but could do nothing to stop the Cloud Cobras from adding the legacies to eleven Bloodhouses. The Cloud Cobra Touman would triple in size, while the Smoke Jaguars allowed the Mongoose Bloodlines to fall into disuse.

During the 2900's, the various Cloisters began their rise to power within the Clan. Every warrior soon belonged to one of the Cloister as did the bulk of the Cobra's lower castes. The influence of the Way is such that many lower caste members from other Clans soon joined the Cloisters. At present, there are millions of followers of the Way scattered throughout the nineteen Cloisters.

The Cloisters spread their influence another way that directly affected the Clan. As the power of each Cloister built up, they began to form their own sibkos. The warriors of these Cloisters soon took up the Crusader and Warden causes, effectively splitting the Clan. The Cloud Cobra's are rated as Warden, even though almost half the warrior caste belongs to Cloisters with Crusader beliefs.

Also, in the 2900's, the Cloud Cobra's stumbled upon three inhabited worlds founded by Star League colonists. The Tanites refused the Clan's initial offer to join the Way. What the Cloud Cobra's could not do with debate, they did with force. The Tanite worlds eventually became part of Clan Cloud Cobra, but would require that the Clan initiate a defense contract with Clan Burrock. The Tanite's rebellions forced Khan Taran Kon-Dakar to cede resource rights to the Burrocks in return for their help in securing the worlds.

As Ghost Bear Khan Nadia Winson began the Great Debate to return to the Inner Sphere, the Cloud Cobra Cloisters, now firmly in control of the Clan, were even more divided than the other Clans. The Ka'an and Josian Cloisters, two of the largest, were in favor of invasion, but the Tongo Cloister was too powerful politically to vote in favor of the invasion. The Cloud Cobra's quickly embraced Khan Kherlin Ward's Dragoon Compromise. The various Cloisters all agreed that intelligence regarding the current state of the Inner Sphere was sadly lacking. When the Dragoons departed for the Successor States, they left with the support of the Cloud Cobra's.

The Cloisters worked to build up their touman for the eventual invasion. They lacked sufficient quantities of OmniMechs and other war materiels and worked tirelessly to gain them from other Clans. The Clan was able to build another Galaxy, but it still left them short of their desired strength.

The arrival of the Outbound Light in 3048 changed everything for all the Clans. Smoke Jaguar Khan Leo Showers used the opportunity to raise the question of invasion again, this time adding damning evidence that convinced the other Clans that the Inner Sphere would soon arrive to invade the Pentagon worlds. The cry for invasion soon overwhelmed the Warden faction despite their best efforts.

Khan Steiner spoke eloquently in favor of invasion during the Grand Kurultai, forcing many of the remaining Khans who were doubtful about the enterprise to vote in favor of invasion. The Cloud Cobra's desire to participate in the invasion was abruptly shattered when Khan Din Steiner removed the Clan from the early bidding process. This provoked a great deal of anger and numerous Trials of Greivance, but the Khans stood firm in the stance. Once again, the Way proved them right.

The early advances made by the invasion force seemed to prove that the Crusaders were right about the Inner Sphere. However, several setbacks, notably the death of ilKhan Leo Showers at Radstadt, forced the Clan to reconsider its initial fervor. The Inner Sphere was rapidly adjusting to Clan tactics and the early technological gap was beginning to show signs of closing. The battle of Tukayyid and its encumbent fifteen-year truce gives the Clans time to renew themselves and ready for the next invasion.

Death of a Clan:
The setback at Tukayyid did not affect the invading Clan's desire for power. The Refusal War which devastated Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon and the Absorption of Clan Burrock by Clan Star Adder were early signs of what was to come for the remaining Clans.

The Inner Sphere operation, Operation Bulldog, was more proof that the Inner Sphere was no longer standing idly by waiting for the resumption of hostilities. The battle of Coventry in 3058 led the Great House leaders to the conclusion that the only way to stop the Clan invasion was to destroy a Clan. To do this, they agreed to reform the Star League. This show of force would make the Clans reconsider their position.

The invasion of the Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zone was led by the Draconis Combine's forces and was backed by elite regiments from all across the Inner Sphere. For the first time in over two hundred years, the Star League banner flew across the worlds of the Inner Sphere. The collusion of Clan Nova Cat was shocking but not entirely expected considering their mystical tendings.

The invasion of the Smoke Jaguar homeworld of Huntress showed the Clans the reality of their method of warfare. Insulated from the harshness of total warfare by a system that minimized losses, the Clans were totally unprepared for the "total warfare" concept that the Star League unleashed on the Smoke Jaguars. With the total destruction of the Jaguar's warrior caste, the remaining Clans quickly vied for that Clans remaining holdings. The Goliath Scorpions won the continent of Abysmal and, with it, Proto-Mech technology. Only Clans Star Adder and Coyote now have samples of this new technology.

In late 3060, the Cloud Cobra scientist caste also revealed the new Sylph battle armor. This design fits in with the Cobra's strong aerospace leanings. The new armor, which is not yet deployed in significant numbers, increases mobility at the cost of armor and firepower. The Sylph is unique in that it is capable of VTOL flight capabilities and carries a single round bomb rack.

The Cloud Cobra Touman is not as strong mechwise as other Clans, but with its strong aerospace forces and the new Sylph battle armor, it will be a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.

3087 Update:

In 3077 Clan Star Adder faced absorption after it came to light that Clan Burrock had reappeared on the Tanite Worlds and that both Clan Star Adder and clan Cloud Cobra were hiding this fact. Clan Steel Viper in particular played a key role in booting the Clan out of the Homeworlds. After that, the Adders and Cobras headed to the Inner Sphere and launched an invasion of the Davion Outback that was ultimately repelled, forcing both Clans to make the periphery their home.

Clan Cloud Cobra arrived in the Inner Sphere in bad shape, its touman shredded by fighting in the Clan Homeworlds and further damage done in the Inner Sphere. The rapid exodus had also forced them to leave many lower castemen behind. This had a real impact on the Clan's ability to function at every societal level. At the same time it severely depleted the Clan's Cloister followers. When they reached the Inner Sphere, the Cloud Cobras, led by a newly empowered Crusader movement within the Clan, pushed hard to conquer the Inner Sphere and even dreamt of reaching Terra. Despite many early victories the Clan was put down, deflected by a combination of Federated Suns troops, mercenaries, the Star League Defense Force, and even the Word of Blake, who’s shocking and terrifying Manei Domini hit the Clan with nukes and Shadow Divisions. Rocked back on its heels, the Clan sought peace soon after.

Since then Clan Cloud Cobra has been working to rebuild. The Clan's garrison and second-line galaxies came out of the conflict in the best shape and many have been redesigned as front-line Clusters to resurrect destroyed front-line units, with those experienced warriors handed the Clan’s best equipment. The Clan's gutted sibko system is only bringing a trickle of new warriors into the touman (most new sibkos are less than 10 years old). The Clan has relied heavily on its reserve system of warriors to fill out billets, but still suffers from a shortage of equipment and supporting infrastructure. The Cloud Cobras were quick to recognize the strength of the Brotherhood of Randis and adopted them into the Clan’s Warrior Caste, making the brotherhood bondsmen and then warriors in record time to fill out their depleted Clusters.

Clan Cloud Cobra has constructed several factories for building new machines within its enclaves, but most of these are small and production runs are not keeping up with demand. As a compensating factor, the Cloud Cobras have begun trading heavily with Clans Diamond Shark and Snow Raven, exporting valuable raw materials for complete machines. The Cobras also routinely Trial with the Star Adders for production runs of their factories.

Politically, the Cloud Cobras are wedged between Warden and Crusader philosophies, but these are tempered with an ongoing and fierce survival mode that resonates throughout the entire Clan. The Cloud Cobras are very conscious of the fact that their Clan nearly died in the last decade and are striving to rise above and beyond that abyss. To that end the Clan is actively working to indoctrinate the peoples it now rules to the Way of the Clans and Cloisters are actively working to boost their membership as well.

The Cloud Cobras are sharing Tortuga Prime as their new capital with Clan Star Adder, each of which has established separate enclaves on the world but in easy communication with their fellow Clan.

3087 Touman:

Touman Strength: 3 Galaxies (Approximately 11 Clusters)

Keshiks and Naval Reserve

Cobra Pharaoh Keshik
Cobra Temple Keshik
Alpha Naval Reserve (7 warships)

Alpha Galaxy
33rd Battle Cluster
149th Cobra Guards
45th Cobra Grenadiers
214th Cobra Fangs

Gamma Galaxy
73rd Cobra Guards
116th Dragoon Cluster
97th Cobra Guards

Epsilon Galaxy
57th Cobra Guards
222nd Cobra Fang
1st Cobra Coil

Note: The Cloud Cobras are making heavy use of assault dropships (including several captured from Inner Sphere forces) to compensate for the small size of their touman, these are not reflected in the Clan’s active Galaxies. In addition, each Galaxy is backed by a reserve contingent of warriors who routinely engage in Staff functions, or serve as infantry and pilot vehicles, but can be called upon to serve as replacements.

Cloud Cobra Warships: Cataclysm (Lola III-class), Brimstone (York-class), Nebulous (York-class) Wisdom of Ages (Potemkin-class), Hertzog’s Staff (Vincent Mk 42-class), Perdition’s Flame (Fredasa-class), Hell Fury (Fredasa-class)


The following is a breakdown of the worlds in “Snake Clan” space and what percentage of each world is controlled by either Clan as of 4 April, 3087.
Novo Franklin: SA (100%)
Mica I: SA (100%)
Mica V: SA (75%), CC (25%)
Mica VII: SA (55%), CC (45%)
Kentwood: CC (100%)
Abbeville: SA (80%), CC (20%)
Memphis: SA (60%), CC (40%)
Binar: SA (100%)
Jarron: SA (80%), CC (20%)
Azul: CC (90%), SA (10%)
Morgan’s Holdfast: SA (100%)
Syndac: SA (60%), CC (40%)
Gabrie: SA (100%)
New Port Royal: SA (50%), CC (50%)
Fletcher’s Feast: CC (100%)
Tortuga Prime: SA (50%), CC (50%)
Katalys: SA (80%), CC (20%)
Coloss: SA (100%)
Ludea: SA (65%), CC (35%)
K4628: CC (100%)
New Hati: SA (60%), CC (40%)
New Gascony: CC (60%), SA (40%)
Nyna: SA (55%), CC (45%)
Furon: SA (100%)
Zyphyn: CC (95%), SA (5%)
Rivers: SA (100%)
Amazon: SA (100%)
Hondell: CC (80%), SA (20%)
Breteaux: SA (75%), CC (25%)
Randis II: SA (50%), CC (50%)
Cypress: SA (100%)
Randis IV: SA (100%)
Randis I: CC (75%), SA (25%)
Miami: SA (85%), CC (15%)
Randis III: SA (60%), CC (40%)
Westwood: CC (55%), SA (45%)